Hottest movies in history have turned the porn parody! The posters presentation are inflammatory!

The best movies in history have not been able to escape XXX parodies. With modified titles, but keeping roughly the same story, films for adults have made a splash among consumers of racy material.

In the gallery above presentation of posters we present you porn charts with names inspired by successful Hollywood.


Strokémon, the porn parody of Pokémon

Porn parodies should be one of the most interesting genres in the adult movie industry. There is everything for everyone: XXX versions of Titanic, Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Exorcist, Forest Gump, Little Red Riding Hood … The list is eternal and we promise to make a special sooner rather than later.

Strokémon, the porn parody of Pokémon

But now we are going to focus on a specific parody: the company WoodRocket – the same as “Game of Bones”, has just released the trailer for Stroke, the porn version of Pokémon.

In it we will see Ash, Misty and, of course, Pikachu in a very unique adventure. Prepare your pokeballs and join the battle:


Suicide Squad XXX: Not hot enough with Margot Robbie!?

Suicide Squad is close to being released in our country, and although it has already been seen in some others, the criticism has not favored it. Typical, knowing that criticism starts from comparisons with Marvel, and that critics are fat geeks who see our Margot and lose their sense. The fact is that, while there are crushing criticism, others think of giving more flavor to the matter. Yes sirs. Suicide Squad XXX is already in the oven and comes out hot.

Suicide Squad XXX

Suicide Squad XXX could only happen to one person: Axel Braun. For those who do not know him, Mr. Braun is the director and producer of well-known porn parodies such as: Batman XXX, Star Wars XXX, Batman vs. Superman, and similar ones. Braun has already been awarded several times, we would say many, for his work as a director and producer. So much so, that man entered the porn hall of fame in 2011, a space to honor the great eminences of the industry.

The parody will be released on the same day as the official version, so you can say with all propriety that Suicide Squad is the most anticipated film of the year.

Now, you’re probably wondering who is going to be the daredevil in playing the sexy Harley Quinn. Quietly, Mr. Braun has everything under control, and has chosen Kleio Valentien, the Texas porn actress, who won Best Supporting Actress (AVN Awards) in the other Axel Braun: Batman vs. Superman XXX.

Here we leave a humble image, so that you are getting an idea:


There is only one person in the pornography industry who could do the work of Katana, the murderous samurai and is: Asa Akira. What do you think, our sexy Asian giving a turn to that all dangerous role. It should be noted that this role is the first performance of the actress in a parody. Here’s a look in case you do not know who Asa Akira is (we sure know, but you do not know his name, typical amateur fapper).


And who is going to compare to the sensuality of Cara Delevingne? For this the director has proposed the sensual porn actress Riley Steele, in her role of Enchantress.



Pokémon Go already has porn parody

In this version there are no pokémon balls but dildos and, of course, there are no pokémones but porn stars!

Pokémon Go already has porn parody

Someone posted on Youtube the trailer of what could be the strangest porn parody of recent times, dedicated to Pokémon Go.

In the short, a guy with a preteen face comes out of his house with the full pokémon teacher. Suddenly, out of his pocket draws a Poke … dildo. And the porn stars protagonists begin to appear. Each one playing a creature from the Pokémon universe.

Porn star Go is the name of the XXX parody that says in the video, will be next to launch.


This is the porn version of X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse already has its own porn version!

This is only the first part of the “parody” by Brazzers, which is composed by: X-Men: Psylocke vs Magneto and X-Men: Shagging the Shapeshifter.

This is the porn version of X-Men: Apocalypse

XXX-Men: Psylocke vs. Magneto is now available on Brazzers’s official website, while his second part will be out tomorrow, Saturday if interested.

In short, we do not know that other characters will appear, just hope that they do not forget to present to Professor XXX. Although this is not surprising, since sometimes the Animated Series of the 90’s, it seemed that from one moment to another was to become a porn series.





“Avatar” – porn movie version.

“Avatar” –  porn movie version. Hustler has announced : “This Is not Avatar XXX” parody “hot”, the heroes have sex.

The movie “Avatar” had no way to escape the attention of porn film, according to Spanish newspaper “Que”. Soon there will be a style parody of “hot” film which recorded cashes in cinemas. The film will be produced by Hustler, the renowned company in the porn industry and will be called will be called “This Is not Avatar XXX”. The title is not set in stone, website asking its readers to come up with new proposals. Hustler announced that porn version of the film “Avatar” will soon emerge on the market, yet does not specify when it will occur and if this format will be 3D. The company has not is the first attempt of its kind in the past parody and known films such as “Star Trek” or “Happy Days”, and some famous characters such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan. Movies and celebrities parodied by Hustler porn version .

Avatar XXX




Top 7 Horror Movies – porn version!

Admiring a good movie? The script, actors performance, soundtrack, stage design? Why all it represents no selection criteria and in porn movies?

If you want to stay films followers dull and predictable that we find hundreds porn sites that remain in the task cameraman creativity that often is just one of the actors it is everyone’s decision.

These charts I wanted to join those few, but decide who will talk about in terms of porno film. Because, after all, pornography is she a daughter of the seventh art. So let curiosity to wear in the wrong reasons, a land gloomy and dark horror of the seven porn.

01. The Human Centipede – The Human Sexipede

Like most films on the list, the plot here is pretty self-explanatory, especially if you saw the original. Two ladies arrive in Europe in order to continue bang-Fest global, but end up handcuffed in a cellar with an Asian domination of a mad doctor.

The Human Sexipede

2. Day of the Living Dead – Day of the Living MILF

An ambulance carrying sperm is part of an unfortunate accident and the contents of the cooler spreads and a strangely brings to life many Milf sites in search of carnal pleasure. Simple and effective.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street – A Wet Dream on Elm Street

“Do not fall asleep or you will find and you will induce a coma pleasure”. This slaher classic needs no other descriptions just to be watched.

4. The Hills Have Eyes – The Whores Have Eyes

It has a slightly bizarre tinge. A family consists of 5 members remains stuck in the desert and becomes the target of an alien race of prostitutes dressed in like 80 years.

5. The Young Frankenstein – Hung Wankenstein

We all know that the original “The Young Frankenstein” is more a comedy than a horror bad, but I could not resist the pun title.

6. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – The Texas Vibrator Massacre

Leatherface chainsaw-vibrator with a hybrid. A sort of all kinds, especially when a character reaches climax, his sister cuts off a hand, an itch, then hunt to see him die.

7. Evil Dead – Evil Head

After a walk with a threesome with boyfriend and his friends, Shelly reached a forest where trees raped possessed. Arriving at the cabin and its injughie friend with a piece of bark that out of the vagina, then castrates. That give-lesson.

Top 7 Horror Movies - porn version