She earns 300 thousand dollars in a year, but has given up adult films to become a pastor. Who is the actress?

An adult actress has revealed she has given up her current career to become a pastor.

New York’s 33-year-old Crystal Bassette earns $ 300,000 a year, practicing this profession for 10 years.

However, Crystal Bassette, who has three children, has re-awakened after “discovering” God and is now attending church services where her husband, David, is a pastor.

She and her husband run their own parish in New York. Crystal said: “It’s a radical change. From one extreme to another. I had to change my way of life. “

Crystal was pregnant with her first child, Justin, just 16 years old. In order to provide her with the best conditions, she moved from North Carolina to Hollywood, where she started dancing and making modeling to pay her rent.

However, when she promised to earn $ 30,000 a month, she went into the adult film industry: “I remember the first scene. I laughed in the bathroom for two hours. After the first movie I stopped, but after a month I came back. To cope with filming, we take analgesics and alcohol beam. “

After completing an unsuccessful relationship, he plunged into religion. “On the day I was saved, I felt the priest spoke through me. It seemed as if he was teaching only me and I felt God talking to me through his words. I put myself on my knees and prayed that God would release me, and my mother and sister were with me and we were crying together. Then I was saved. “

According to her, Crystal claims to have entered this industry because childhood was sexually abused. She married David in December 2014, and immediately afterwards, their son, Carter, was born.


Crystal Bassett played in over 100 porn films, then became pastor. What was the reason for the metamorphosis!

Crystal Bassett, a woman aged 33, of New York gave up her porn actress career, who earns $ 300,000 a year, to become a pastor.

Crystal Bassett played in over 100 porn films, then became pastor

Crystal Bassett has three children, she was a successful XXX actress known as Nadia Hilton, appearing in 10 years of career in over 100 films. However, it decided, three years ago, to abandon the lifestyle hedonist after she “discovered” God, she says, and now participates in the service of the church, where she met husband, David (26), who is pastor also.

Since then, she graduated from high school and was trained to become a pastor. She and David lead at present their own church in New York. “It is certainly a radical change. I went from one extreme to another. I had to change my lifestyle completely”, said the young!

She made her own church

Crystal Bassett began to have problems with alcohol and has quickly earned money squandered by buying and sports cars, a house and her own club.

“I was living for myself and my son and was not thinking about the consequences they had movies, dancing and everything I did. I had become just an object. Not going out without cleavage, tiny blouses and high heels. I was also supposed to show how consistently as a sex symbol”, she said.

After various mishaps went through, including a serious car accident in 2014 and after ended a relationship failed, Crystal Bassett realized that she must do something to change their life and has He found refuge in religion, saying that this saved her life.

“The day I was saved, I felt that the priest spoke directly to me. I felt like preaching to myself and I felt God speaking to me through his words and then I felt that everything will be fine. I put on my knees and prayed God to deliver me from all sins, and my mother and sister were with me and cried together. And that was the day I was saved
“,she said.

Thus, the young woman decided to quit the porn industry, but after will make one last film and on in the past, she argued that she entered the adult film world because she was sexually abused when he was a child.

Soon after, she met David him at her sister’s church where he was pastor. The two fell in love and were married in December 2014, quickly becoming parents to a baby boy, Carter. Then he followed the courses required to become her pastor, and now Crystal and her husband made their own church in New York, “New Beginnings Christian Life in Fulton” and hopes that her story of life to inspire and others.

“I look at my past and I can not say I regret anything that I did, because everything in the past have made me what I am today, and God changed my life completely,” he said Crystal is completed her husband: “what I want people to understand is that God forgives us regardless of our past. I hope that this will encourage others to follow suit and realize that it’s not just about money and fame. “