People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple!

People invented a new kind of sex! How to rejuvenate the life of the couple! Karezza is a new kind of sex involving affectionate touch, not only the orgasm is not the goal, but ideally, no partner does not touch him.

People invented a new kind of sex How to rejuvenate the life of the couple

There was a new kind of sex where the orgasm is avoided. Karezza, is a type of sexual practice that emphasize the emotional connection and affection, according

“Create a sense of attachment in a relationship, which is very difficult to express. It’s much deeper than conventional sex“, said a man who practice this type of sex for ABC News.

A psychologist who uses this sexual practice to revitalize relations patients told her that despite the stereotype that men only aim to achieve orgasm, devoted most of her customers are men.

It’s a radical experience for them, but believes that emotional intimacy exceeds thrill when you were watching just to have sex“, said psychologist.


28,258 people watching now a porn video on the Internet – Sunday is the day of the summit.

An internet connection is enough imagination to run wild users. No wonder online porn industry blooms from year to year. Here are the top most interesting findings about online searches pornographic. 28,258 people watching now a porn video on the Internet – Sunday is the day of the summit.

28258 people watching now a porn video on the Internet

1. 2.5 billion emails / day are pornographic tint.

2. No less than 28,258 of users are watching a porn film online / second. On average spend is $ 3.075 / second for access to internet porn.

3. 25% of all searches on the internet are related to pornography, ie 68 million searches / day.

4. The words “sex”, “adult dating” and porn” are terms used mainly to find porn on the net. Only in the USA, the porn industry is worth 2.84 billion dollars, and the world, 4.9 billion dollars.

5.12% of all internet sites are pornographic.

6. 40 million Americans are loyal users of porn sites and one of three amateur surfers such searches are women. Men aged 18-24 are the target customers of porn sites.

7. 45% of all material downloaded from the Internet are pornographic nature.

8. 116,000 Internet users are watching daily after child pornography posted online.

9. 20% of men admit they are amateur porn online during working hours.

10. Sunday is the day with the most searches of its kind on the Internet.


Porn actresses are the happiest women in the world.

A recent scientific study found that women who play porn women are happier than usual women.

orgy“In psychological terms, porn actresses have high levels of self-confidence, positive feelings, social support, sexual and spiritual satisfaction. Porn actresses feel very good when I have sex, “according to the study. Researchers at Pennsylvania’s Shippensburg University, Texas Woman’s University and the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation conducted the study cited.

“It is said that porn actresses are drug addicts that have pets that have financial problems, they are desperate and are victims of sexual abuse. Moreover, some people claim that all the women in the porn industry were sexually abused in childhood “, says the study. The survey team argue that porn actresses have suffered more sexual abuse than other women who are not in the porn industry. The study entitled “Actresses Pornography: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis” says that stereotypes were adopted by activists who have no evidence to support the theory that porn actresses have more psychological problems than other women. The survey shows that porn stars start their sexual life between 15 and 17 years and have more partners on average 75 excluding men filming.

So far, not know a lot about porn actresses that has not been done such research. The study involved 177 women in the porn industry, aged between 18 and 50 years and women who are in this industry.


Hustler porn app launched for Android

If you want porn, buy an Android phone, recently said Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief. It seems he’s right. But who said it is not needed and so as not to provide XXX content, ok? Maybe just the Pope. People must have access to anything they want on the phone giving money.

Hustler porn app launched for Android

Hustler has just launched an XXX app, operating platform owned by Google, which costs $ 3 and provides access to magazine models in the last 36 years.

In addition, customers have access to the video content (do not think the nonsense) behind the scenes interviews with the girls in the foreground, and cartoons.


People make sex less today

People make sex less today. Sex is considered the best way to de-stress after a busy day! A study conducted by British researchers shows that nationally, the sex is shrinking by the day, couples finding another way to relax after a stressful day at work. The study of sexual attitudes of British bound shows that 65% of married people prefer to relax in bed with a book and not with sex.

People make sex less today.

Even those who have kept the habit of sex de-stress after a tiring day at work no longer stands high. It seems that the number of sexual intercourse decreased from five to three per month, write The main reason for this attitude is the hectic lifestyle of today.

“We have some very busy lives, with many requests from others and many responsibilities head on. No wonder we end up reading in bed just to get away from the tensions of the day. No wonder we love less told Susan Quill, an expert in sex.

However, gender has more benefits than a book, in terms of the degree of relaxation. To use a partner instead of a book, not just physical contact, which helps us to de-stress, but get emotional support, which helps us relax. Make love is the best way to balance the work-life, said Susan Quill.

Another factor that affects the sexual life of men lately is routine. A good opportunity to revitalize love life is the Valentine‘s Day on February 14, when people are willing to try something else in the bedroom. The most common sexual fantasies include legacy of hands or feet (32%), a sex toy (24%) and covering eyes (17%).




The first reaction of people when they are touched by porn stars!

The first reaction of people when they are touched by the stars playing adult movies!

Barcelona Erotic Fair 2013Promotional video of the event Barcelona Erotic Show presents the reactions of ordinary” when touched by the stars playing adult movies.

Values are the same: some are working and others all spectators remain. Just some 🙁



Why do people less sex? The reasons are amazing!!!

A renowned professor at Cambridge is the one that launched in public space theory that created a lot of controversy. It is confident that fewer and fewer people maintain intimate relationships because too much use Netflix and looked too much at the famous serial “Game of Thrones”.

Why do people less sex

David Spiegelhalter is the teacher who had the courage to support that many couples sexually active had sex five times a month in 1990, but as 2010 came just three monthly intimate relationships. Spiegelhalter is statistician and author of “Sex By Numbers” and estimated that “if this pace is maintained, by 2030 they will not have sex at all.”

His opinion was completed by some scientists, who argue that people become addicted to TV shows activity that drastically reduces the time allocated intimate relationships. Couple spending time away from any activity that distracts, is the recommended solution for them.

In this subject, mentions are known opinion of a futurist, which estimated that by 2050, people will do more sex with robots and other devices for sex than other people. “At first a lot of people will come up when talking about sex with robots, but as you get used to them, this will change” said the Briton January Pearson.

Netflix is a famous Internet video service, available in Romania, and that can be seen major American film productions, and successful series produced by the major TV stations in the world. Videos can be viewed on computer, tablet, smartphone and TV.

“Game of Thrones” is a famous television series produced by HBO based on the writings of George RR Martin who enjoy enormous success due to situations well thought of writers George RR Martin, David Benioff, DB Weiss, Bryan Cogman, Jane Espenson, Vanessa Taylor and Dave Hill.


Do not feel sorry for porn actresses

Do not feel sorry for porn actresses. Try love them!

Adult logo

The theory that women appear in porn movies exploited physically and mentally is kept “hot” people who do not even look at this film, much less talk to those involved in production. It’s much more convenient to keep this impression. However, moralists and anti-pornography activists forget one important thing. As the child turns the forbidden fruit, even encouraging people to look at them.

In porn actresses get involved much more physical and intimate than any other profession. I’m always stressed and in arguments with their families, because they think it’s much harder to find new jobs after they built a porn career. They can not come out in public without having to whisper about them or to be harassed. Their private life is thus subjected to numerous tests. However, the blame does not belong exclusively to the porn industry. These are secondary effects.

However, the media used increasingly in commercial porn starlets to as “selling”. The truth about porn branch is probably the most obvious even within a team working. How many would not want to visit such a movie set ?! And can even occur in a sequence, how small!


Porn, the weakness of men, according to a study

Porn LogoMen who say they have not forgotten their lives in a porn movie should reconsider words. This result suggests a study by researchers at the University of Montreal. They even tried to track down a man who has not watched a porn film, but their searches were in vain, The Telegraph informs. Canadian scientists wanted to compare the visions of 20 young people who have never watched a pornographic film with those of young people who regularly watch such movies. But this was impossible. Failed to find even one person who has not seen, even out of curiosity, such a film. I tried to find young people around the age of 20 years will not be forgotten is an erotic film. I failed, said Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse.