Did you order condoms with home delivery?

You are in the middle of a passionate love parties and realize that you have a condom handy. Now there‘s no reason to panic: you can call the guy who delivers condoms at home!

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Delivery condoms in three Swiss cities
New Swiss initiative is part of larger multimedia campaign fighting AIDS, which is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for AIDS and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. A phone call is enough for the guy who delivers condoms to climb on the bike and deliver it to the person who ordered. Distributors bikes can be found in three cities in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, Zurich and Bern, and deliver packages 3 condoms, worth eight Swiss francs (about 6 euro).

Come before the finish!
Bettina Maeschli represented Swiss Foundation for AIDS, which is the largest Swiss organization for the fight against AIDS, said the main purpose is to remind people of the rules of safe sex and the need to use condoms in the unexpected and unplanned. Cyclists deliver condoms wherever needed, without judgment or prejudice. The first statistics on the number of condoms supplied will soon be available, but the fact that more people spreading positive messages about the initiative is a result good enough for now. We wanted to spread the message in an unusual way, so that people become more aware of the problem.

Swiss AIDS campaign was a success for the past 20 years
Stop AIDS Campaign is one of the longest campaigns (started in 1987) and is one of the most influential programs on awareness and the fight against AIDS in the world. The first target was a gay men, but the disease has spread, and the campaign was extended to all segments of the population.
The main objectives of the campaign are to increase the use of condoms to reduce discrimination against people with HIV and increase solidarity among people infected and healthy.



What not to do ever during sex!!!? 14 things you should avoid during sex!

What not to do ever during sex!!!? Certainly sex offers fun moments, liberating and intense. However, parties erotic dream not always come out as being sprinkled often inappropriate gestures which, more or less manage to ruin the atmosphere. If you notice easy ones made by your partner, you should know the time and what mistakes you should not commit during sex.

Man and woman having sex14 things you should avoid during sex

Improve your sex life is not just about lasting orgasm erotic act or icing on the cake to match, but also gestures you make yourself or your partner. Here’s what you should be careful!

1. Do not answer the phone. No matter how important would call that you receive, do not assume, otherwise you will ruin the whole game.

2. Do not check the clock. And the less, it says that you have to rush to work. There are better ways that you can do to ejaculate.

3. “We can not skip this part?” Even if you do not like everything you do even your partner does not say a bad tone you’re not excited about what happens between you. Rather, I propose other spicy sexy voice.

4. Do not talk about your parents. The family is not one at all among the topics that should open them during sex. And while you’re in this chapter, you should remove and photos with relatives in the room.

5. Do not approach a critical attitude. There are methods by which you pretty much can you learn to make your lover everything you like. It is easier to guide you.

6. Do not talk about former partner. Have you remembered a funny moment or intense that you had with a former lover? Well, it is not the right time to talk about the accident. Not only will you ruin action in the bedroom, but will open a new conflict.

7. A selfie? No way! Indeed, self-sites are all the rage, but should not be to capture all of the moments of your life. You never know where it could reach the photo.

8. Do not pat your pet. No matter how much you love your dog or cat, you should ignore your pet’s boyfriend during sex. Besides, should not you keep in that room if you want to enjoy an exceptional game.

9. Do not hide the body. Even if you find that certain positions during sex not favor you should not stay away. You will not do anything else than to call attention to those areas of your partner and spoil the intimate moment. Have more confidence in yourself and enjoy the sensations you have.

10. Do not apologize. Did not seem to have managed to give all your best in you? Regardless of why you are not happy with the action of the bedroom, do not try to find excuses in front of your lover.

What not to do ever during sex 14 things you should avoid during sex 2

11. Do not eat during sex. No matter how hungry you’d be trying to abstain nightstand drawer to remove a bag of chips or a chocolate bar. However, you can turn a few tricks aphrodisiac. Eat your partner chocolate, cream or honey or give him fruit in your mouth. Do not want you to hunger, but will alleviate the unpleasant sensation least half an hour.

12. Should I go to the gym.” Maybe you’re not happy with your partner looks like, but you should not urge during sex to lose weight or to increase their muscle mass.

13. Do not take notes. Fact funny but real. There are people who feel the need to take notes when they hear or see something you do not want to forget. So if you tell how much she likes to do things, trying to remember just.

14. No says he is going to break up. If you made this decision and do not know to tell you what you can think of, in no way does this during sex.

Do not commit these mistakes during sex erotica and your life will improve significantly. During a sex party should not think about anything other than what you do in that time. Live the moment, get involved and release your worries. After you complete the erotic act, you’ll have enough time for other activities.





The bad news for users who have watched adult movies on phone

Everyone has the right to do what he wants with the phone. A security expert warns, however this.

The bad news for users who have watched adult movies on phone

IT security expert Alex Dubrovsky Dell discovered a virus that is hidden in an application that can even hang up the phone and may prevent user to delete the application.

The specialist noted that the bad guys tend to hide virus in XXX applications, and after users download them, end up infected. Devices running Android 4.4 KitKat are in danger.

Those who have studied this malware have concluded that it does not require money to unlock the phone, as they usually type ransomware viruses. That means, cybersecurity specialists believe, that hackers still have not finished the job, and now discovered virus is still in progress, the current phase is one preliminary.