Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Most men think that if you touch women breasts, ass or vagina will get spectacular results. The truth is that breasts, ass and vagina contains many nerve endings women, but all women’s body is covered by sensors pleasure. Therefore there are many other parts of the body, often neglected during foreplay or the game of love that if you stimulate your partner will feel really special. Top 5 places where women like to be touched.

Top 5 places where women like to be touched

 Here are the top 5 places that women like to be touched:

1. Legs
Foot massage is one of the best ways to help you relax, especially after a full day at the office in which he stood. To properly perform a massage oil or lotion uses. Pay attention fingers and ankles.

2. Hair
Crossing fingers gently through her hair is the safest way to produce furnicatiuri spine. Let your fingers to massage the temples and circular area between the neck and will be yours forever.

3. Scruff
When you are alone, kissing or licking lover’s neck will increase your heart rate.

4. Earlobe
Touching, kissing or biting the ear lobes slightly will make her happy. These are very sensitive and delicate areas most women enjoy the sensation of lips loved lobes.

5. The inside of the thighs
Stimulate your inner thighs without venturing into the vagina is a great way to bring in a condition suitable for sex. Use your hands and gently kissing mouth and inner thighs, you maddeningly slowly approaching the most sensitive area of her body, then back off, once and again, before going to the end.




Erotic adventures you have to try up to 30 years

13 erotic adventures you have to try up to 30 years: Who said erotic adventures can get just a libertine woman? You can enjoy various sexual experiences with your partner or one you think “friend with benefits“. Rediscover the excitement you have not lived in your first game of love, forget the routine and sexuality from another perspective. Erotic Adventures of lived up to 30 years. Are you adventurous erotic or simply do not know how to break the monotony of your relationship? Test these ideas! We promise that you will have fun, intense moments and establishing special connection with your partner.

13 erotic adventures you have to try up to 30 years

Here’s what you should put into practice until 30 years:

1. Challenge your lover or best friend to have sex in a public place. For example, in the bathroom of a restaurant or in a darker corner of a club.

2. Have you ever wanted to look like someone having sex? Realize your fantasy till 30 years. Whether uninhibited call from some friends or talk to a couple willing to do this for a sum of money.

3. You and other erotic adventures? Have you tried to have sex in a dressing room? If you‘re tempted by the idea, but think it’s risky, you should start at least part of foreplay in there. Tip: Choose a store near your home.

4. Watch with your partner porn during a game of love and turn it up for a sensational atmosphere.

5. Sex in the group? Not necessarily, but in the company of another couple sharing the same bed definitely yes.

6. Make love in the car when going on a trip, on a side road, whether it is night or day.

13 erotic adventures you have to try up to 30 years 2

7. Try anal sex. If it hurts, use lubricant. Still bothering you? Then you should try something else that you’re not embarrassed. Not all women feel good during an anal sex.

8. Other places you should not ignore when you think of erotic adventures are pool or sea.

9. Do not exclude sex toys when you want to try something new, but ask your partner what he thinks about this. Some men do not tolerate any competition bed.

10. Bondajul may seem scary at first, but no one says you have to go very far. A tie, a pair of handcuffs, a rope or a bra can not possibly hurt. After all, no need to get the pain that you feel good, but to be stimulated.

11. One of you is going to go away for a period? Film your last game of love and watch it when you are away from each other.

13 erotic adventures you have to try up to 30 years 3

12. Would you like to be a sex slave for a day? If you do not enchant even all the fantasies that you have your partner should set some rules from the beginning.

13. You are a dominant thread? Then leather whip should not miss from your erotic adventures. For more suspense and unexpected pleasures, tie your partner eyes.

Each person has their preferences in Chapter eroticism. Discover the erotic adventures you want to try and put them into practice. Let your imagination fly, lives intensely, be free and you will have the best memories.





6 places where you have to have sex at least once in life

You happen to have any erotic dream somehow recurrent headaches that make you say moonlight (or in a place abandoned and mysterious) and then thought that you fly all day after you wake up? Why not make it real? Experts in relationships and sex are constantly advise us to diversify as much experience erotic couple. When the move action” outside the bedroom, you get to have a closer relationship with your partner, because you have the opportunity to teach each other what will excite, which strengthens confidence in their own sensuality, which will make you feel sexy – and it will be closer. In addition, changing the landscape manage to distance yourself from stress and things that push in everyday life. Where you put the adrenaline pumping as strong in body, increasing your sexual arousal. What prevents you try? Almost all places that go together provides opportunities for a quickie” big day, which you will remember long after.

6 places where you have to have sex at least once in life

1. In the yard
Especially if you live in a somewhat isolated area, you must try this. The idea is great because it offers all the advantages of sex outdoors, without fear of being caught by someone. If needed, you can pitch a tent in the garden, and then even going to see anyone.

2. At the hotel
A getaway “hot” at any hotel or guest house nearby will bring you many memorable memories. Accommodate you and after that your only concern is to be as creative and reckless in bed (do not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, phones and other inappropriate things that should be shortened if ramaneati home experience). In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to roleplay a little sky (you can imagine that you are two strangers who met even then, the hotel), possibly to show off to partner a suit sexy maid outfit or maybe a naughty” latex . A room with a balcony can offer some new sensations there’s nothing more exciting than to have sex on the terrace at night, when no one sees you but you can see everything that happens on the street, under your balcony.

3. Home at friends
Thin walls that you must be very careful not to remove the noise (you do not want to be found) turn into a very intense experience. Find an excuse to disappear together a few minutes and you do everything you want them to future visits.

4. At a party
When you go to a wedding, the day someone at a party or any themed barbecue with friends, why not make things a little more interesting for you two? A dance together is all the foreplay you need, then you can sneak unnoticed (it’s easy when it’s a lot of people around) in some secluded place the farthest bathroom or closet that you can find. After you return, you giggling all night thinking about your little secret.

5. In the car
Everyone says that we have to try and that and, if we go by movies (now the scene comes to mind in “Titanic”), seems to deserve. Stop the machine on any road more backstreets where no one sees you, and lower the front seats or nestling you in the backseat.

6. On the beach
If you need a little romance to enter the atmosphere, then the solution is a quickie” on the beach. When you did for foreplay, let the landscape do the work. Lay a towel on the sand (do not want to wake up with surprises) and let yourself be inspired by air holiday libertine.


Spice up your sex life! Here’s the 7 places that must necessarily sex!

If you want to try something new in your sex life, you need to consider our advice. Look hottest places is a must to have sex:

Spice up your sex life in 2015

1. On the floor. It’s basically yoga. Yoga sexy!

2. Washing machine. You know how they say if you stand on a washing machine during operation you have an orgasm? What do you think will happen if you have sex then?

3. On the kitchen table. You must not destroy mass disturbs the office or to that of living in some instances any kitchen.

4. In an armchair. Few positions can not be addressed here – the chair is made to take advantage of it in the sexiest way possible.

5. On the couch. Did it feel like a game made hot boyfriend while were following a movie? No longer must you move up in the bedroom. Take advantage of mobile at hand!

6. In the forest. A variant of trying to spring you just need a blanket and a remote.

7. At the hotel, the curtains gently pushed aside. You are not exhibitionist but you could use a little adventure? Try it!


The most common fantasies and most used places for sex

Some of the most surprising things about sex they are in polls. A study involving 500 people from New York (United States) revealed a lot of interesting information. How many of the information revealed by a survey about sex can be used, it is up to each individual.

sexy couple

Some prefer to make love in taxi
In a survey about sex, 46% of respondents said that they made love in the back seat of a taxi. While 9% of respondents said they were loved in a public toilet. 31% have told how they made love in a car and 18% admitted that they had sex in a park. “I went straight into the bathroom of a restaurant we made love and then I left. Even I ordered a drink“,  he told the New York Post a woman aged 29 years.

Others like to be tied while having sex
69% of respondents said they were bound, slapped or practiced forms of gender violence. Others 15% admitted that they have more experiences like this, but would have no objection if they would propose it.

Pippa Middleton is part of male fantasies
Many men admitted they would like an affair with Pippa Middleton no less than 55% of them having fantasies with her, while Kate was chosen by only 45% of the respondents. And last but not least, 69% of respondents believe that sex equals ironing crooked, while 30% disagree with this perception.

Group sex is becoming more followers
The survey also revealed that 43% said they come with many partners at the same time. Moreover, we really like this situation. And 55% admitted they do group sex because “it is the coolest experience that you can legally have sex.” I pulled a face super hard in town and we had dinner, then went home and made love to her. After that I returned to the restaurant and we convinced the waitress who served us dinner early to have sex. So the same night I slept with two beautiful women , revealed a man of 52 years.


7 places that maybe you have not made love yet

Men have always been great explorers. Therefore get to know everything about sex and find always new places might unfold. They do not need a wife than as devoid of inhibitions and willing to reveal everything about sex. There are also women who want an explorer nonconformist partner with whom to find interesting places where they have not done it yet and to learn all about sex. Here are some places that if you have not tried yet, must-do.

7 places that maybe you have not made love yet

Washing machine. If you know that means you know everything about sex

Washing produce more vibration than any other appliance. When your ass is on the cover movement is transmitted along the pelvis turning you into a real sex machine.

Puff chair, ideal for sex

It can be molded to your heart and help you more than you could ever imagine. The most intense sensations you try them when the man is behind partner.

Sex visiting in-laws family

Why not take advantage as the camera that laws should make it available to you with such kindness. Especially if you have children, but you want, why not make them a joy future grandparents and even conceive them in their home?

In the car. If you have experienced this, you know all about sex

Men with practicality never miss an opportunity to try new places. And where would feel better than the back seat of their cars? You still care that the car in which you want to discover everything about sex to have a seat roomy enough.

Sex on medicine ball

This ball can help to increase the penetration, if you are in the ideal position. You still care not to drift too much passion and injure yourself, especially if you are not too sporting natures.

Sex in park

If the wife likes to manifest loud is good to go in a park big enough and not too visited. Not for nothing, but you would not want to wake up with the police on the head right into the action. Or finally to receive a round of applause.

Sex in elevator

Try one of merchandise. No alarm has stopped between floors can be enough for you to enjoy pleasure. Or you could try it when you help your best friend to move. Arrange the boxes to block doors and be empty space in the middle, so that nothing will hinder.