Mia Khalifa, sexy porn star in Lebanon that has received death threats after being voted best porn actress.

A 21-year-old Lebanese sparked a scandal in the Muslim world, having been voted best XXX actresspornhub site. Sexy Mia Khalifa in Lebanon that has received death threats after being voted best porn actress.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is 21 years old and is considered the site Pornhub, broadcasting free adult videos, best actress XXX. Mia title which prides itself on its pages socializing all was not well seen all her countrymen nor the followers of the Muslim religion. She received a lot of criticism in the media, and cyberspace, but also death threats.

“I am Palestinian, and what you do is a great shame”, wrote a user.

Countrymen are angry and feel offended by the work that Mia does, especially that boasts its origins on Twitter or Instagram, posting photos of her tattoo (which is the first verse of the national anthem of Lebanon, No)”, writes Lebanese Examiner. Publication also states that she has a tattoo that refers to Lebanon, the wrist of one hand.

When asked about her origins, Mia Khalifa replied: There I was born and where I grew up. I am entitled to an opinion politics as any of its citizens

The actress, who was named best artist after only three months since active in XXX to them, she replied: Other worries than me do you have?.


Porn Holidays! What were the most sought XXX TOPICS?

Site Pornhub, in collaboration with Vice, made a review of user preferences XXX sites during the winter holidays. Porn Holidays! What were the most sought XXX TOPICS?

Porn Holidays

It seems that porn fans were also seized by the spirit of Christmas, so that among the most searched topics in this period were the theme of the season.

However, it seems that during the holidays even regular users of XXX sites have other preferences, because, according pornhub.com traffic on websites with adult photo and video materials decreased.

The least Intersite of the genre were on Christmas Eve, when traffic was 43% lower.

Including in Romania was a decrease in traffic of 21%, while in Hungary interest in pornography decreased by 11%. Among the countries where they reported increases in search of online pornography include India, Serbia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Egypt and Turkey.

Porn Holidays 2 Porn Holidays 3 Porn Holidays 4



Bomb in the adult industry. What are they doing these two XXX actors defies logic!

A man and a woman will make the premiere, sex in outer space, but not to procreate, but for a new production of pornographic funded Pornhub, one of the most successful profile sites, writes The Independent.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind: Sexploration. Adult film will be filmed most likely in 2016, production costs are estimated at $ 3.4 million, a sum which hopes to gather online with passionate donors adult videos and novelty of the scientific aspect of the project “love for science and sex “, as it shows people from Pornhub.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins – Starring holders!

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins 2

The site offers substantial rewards co-sponsors, which would then be before the general public will follow as shooting positions use, production scenario etc.

The main roles were assigned adult film stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia who will be trained at least six months before the original space mission. “Pornhub joins’s pioneering missions Neil Armstrong and Gagarin, in a move that would defy gravity and made history. Sexploration will definitely be the first adult movie made by man in space “ writes Pornhub.

Photo Gallery:

Johnny Sins astronaut



The reaction of most popular porn site in the world after Brazil-Germany

Reaction of porn site in the world after Brazil-Germany: We ask fans to …

pornhub Brasil-Germany

Passionate of porn, game BrazilGermany saw as a real “rape” of the Germans, which is why they started to load the porn website Pornhub phase match. Site reaction came immediately.

After Germany beat Brazil 7-1, Internet fans began to load the site Pornhub sequences of gaps under the title of “Young Brazilian rape of German football team.” However, shortly website asked fans via a message on Twitter, to abandon it.

Please do not uploading site with stages of the match. Our section is full of public humiliation. # BrazilvsGermany” was written by Pornhub message posted on Twitter.



Online pornography could start next big Privacy Scandal

 In the future, online pornography could cause a huge scandal related to confidentiality. How to come to this.

Online pornography could start next big Privacy ScandalThe “private browsing” available on Chrome seems now even more useless than before. There is a risk that in future preferences of millions of people in terms of being exposed to online pornography. Given the apprehension that many people have when it comes to this subject, this could have more serious consequences than humiliation that would subject one. And it might be due to “fingerprint” online.

Every major browser has a unique configuration allowing it to monitor your sites, without regard to limiting or disabling cookies. Specifically, you will leave “fingerprints” for each site visited, and then you only need to establish a link between them, according to Motherboard site. However, the knowledge needed for such a process are not accessible to all but an expert could be associated, for example, fingerprints left on Facebook with the left on Pornhub.

More specifically, the private information of many people are at risk of security, hackers may obtain a database easily. Despite information from Pornhub deny the danger. Given the 300 million searches every day, Pornhub indicated enormous amount of storage space required if history would preserve views. For a short time, only IP and User Agent Profiles are stored on servers, according to a company official.

Sites like Xvideos does not keep its unregistered user information but transmit them to other sites. While tracking a large number of people is too difficult at the moment, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. If a hacker really wants to pursue a particular person latter it is almost impossible to hide online activity. Proof represent and work NSA spy agency to Muslim men who were watching porn to discredit radical elements of society.


Pornhub invented the ass of twerking robot


Wank Band after serving for generating electrical energy from movement is repeated every minute somewhere in the world, and after project to finance a trip into space to record porn out of Earth orbit for the first time history (and not the crowdfunding is doing just fine: they have a month and raised only take 7% of the minimum budget) now has another boost to science Pornhub porn and eroticism: the robot’s ass synthetic leather that has the touch, movement and sound of an authentic twerker ass.


Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products.

Apple beat Android. Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple products. Although the Apple tries hard to limit access to content overlooked” on its devices, iOS is the champion when it comes to accessing pornographic sites, according to The Guardian. IPad tablets bring more satisfaction than those with Android.

Apple beat Android Pornography Sites are much accessed on Apple productsOne of the biggest sites on the Internet porn clips, Pornhub, released a report showing that Safari – now only on iPhone and iPad – is used to access the site from a mobile device . In the last year we have seen a major change in types of traffic on our website. Of the 38 million daily users of Pornhub, more than half come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets , say representatives of the site. The Apple devices account for 73% of traffic from mobile devices. In second place is Google Chrome browser, which is available both on Android and iOS with 13.6%. Android default browser (the one that comes preinstalled on all devices) conducted only 7.8% of mobile traffic. Information not really that surprising when you consider that the iPad dominates tablet market is developed. In the US, Apple’s market share in the segment of tablets was 54.5% at the end of 2013 and in the UK, 59%. However, not only iPad owners are guilty” for traffic on Pornhub. And iPhone users are avid consumers of pornography, given that 38.2% of traffic from Safari is made of the smartphone and tablet no. Curiously, only 29.4% of those using the Android browser accesses the site on your phone and 18% of those using Chrome enters the cell.



What pornography wanted: Pornhub presents the detailed analysis!

What pornography wanted: Pornhub presents the detailed analysis! At the end of the year takes stock. Pornhub a little late and delivered only now, but is the most thorough analysis of the flow of people on this portal online pornography.

What pornography wanted in 2014 Pornhub presents the detailed analysis

In short, Pornhub increased. According to calculations platform have watched so many videos that returns as 11 for every person on Earth. In total, there were 18.35 billion visits a year with 2.1 million visits per hour. People just looked and enjoyed, but also have voted: 37.8 million votes were given by Pornhub videos.

The most active countries were, in order, the United States, Canada and Britain. But Romania reached the top 20.

Most popular search terms were: teen, lesbian and milf, and the largest increase was search phrase: lesbian girl seduces straigh. Beyond seeking men, the most popular day for this portal is Monday, and Friday is the lowest interest people.

The figures are interesting, but more interesting is that in 2014 people took their mobile porn. In other words, 45% of traffic was generated by smartphone and 44% through desktop.

What pornography wanted in 2014 Pornhub presents the detailed analysis 2

Also in the field of technology, 45.7% of visits were made through an Xbox, while the Playstation is second with 40%. Also, there has been a massive increase on PS Vita (57.3%). As browsers are most popular Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and Safari Mobile dominates, followed by preinstalled on Android and Chrome. In fact, Chrome has seen a huge increase of 165%, and this may be due to the fact that it started to come preinstalled on all Android phones more.

What pornography wanted in 2014 Pornhub presents the detailed analysis 3

Most popular search terms in 2014 all graphics and information Pornhub website.

What pornography wanted in 2014 Pornhub presents the detailed analysis 4




Porn star, favorite is: Lisa Ann.

According to a study published by Pornhub, one of the largest portals in the world XXX, Lisa Ann, the most beloved among the most desired movies.

Lisa Ann favorite


Two porn actresses make XXX for pandas

When pandas forget how to make babies, the all planet try to rescue them. Among the most involved people who came to the aid fluffy Panda, porn actresses include Kimmy Granger and Nicole Aniston. They were wearing panda costumes and they got to work.

On March 16 around blowing celebrated with great pomp International Day of pandas. On this occasion, adult website Pornhub launched a challenge that has enjoyed tremendous success. “Have sex style teddy Panda because they forgot how to do!”. The first who took action were Kimmy Granger and Nicole Aniston. The video made by them can be viewed surcharge Internet, viewing costing $125.

The money will be donated to a fund to support the rescue program of this species bears endangered. But Chinese researchers have made it clear to the British newspaper “The Sun” that the film will be shown including pets have big problems “inspiration” when it comes to sex.

In previous years researchers have successfully tested adult movies to inspire couples monkeys, sharks and other mammals in captivity for sex.

“I love the pandas. I was devastated to learn that are endangered because they were restricted area and have not adapted to life in captivity. I hope my film to inspire and to have many babies beautiful year “
said Kimmy Granger. Pandas living in southern China and feed on bamboo. In 2007, worldwide were living only 266 copies being declared endangered species. In 2015, the population reached 1,864 Panda researchers due to the efforts of saving the species.