7 Things You Did not Know about pornography!

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography! With a few billion annual industry, you might think that there are few things that people do not know about pornography. And yet, here are some shocking things that you might not have known about pornography and that recent studies have revealed specialty.

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography

Women are excited when they see the monkeys having sex

Do you think men can be excited by almost anything? In fact, things are slightly different. Researchers at Northwestern University have shown some men and women adult films. It was found that while men react in a positive images, women were not as receptive. They said they were excited after watching movies with monkeys having sex or images of women having sex with other women.

Utah is the most perverted state in the US

A study by Harvard University found that Utah has the most subscribers adult sites per thousand net users. (Montana is the state with the fewest such subscriptions).

Men who watch porn production focuses mainly on the face of the actresses from films

Surprisingly, eyes and lips but won the battle with tits and ass, according to a study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Researchers believe that men faces concerning actresses want to discover how excited they are in reality.

Birth control pills affect women’s desire

According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women who do not take contraceptive pills focused on genitals when they were shown films for adults. Instead, they are taking contraceptive pills Women who were more interested in contextual elements, such as scenery or actors wore. Researchers explanation: women not taking the pill had a stronger sex drive.

Absolutely all men look at porn

A researcher at the University of Montreal wanted to conduct a study to see the impact it has on child sexual life of men. For that needed a group of men between 20 and 30 years who never ate pornography, but did not find even one man to fulfill the requirement.

Most men have access to pornography before puberty

According to a study from the University of Montreal, boys begin to look at pornography 10 years.

Presidential elections are growing appetite for pornography

After George Bush won the election in 2004 increased people’s interest in sites for adults. The same thing happened in 2008 after Obama became US president. Researchers at universities Villanova and Rutgers believes that supporters of the winning team increase their testosterone levels and sex desire.


Nora Davis: The famous porn actress is from Romania!

Nora Davis The famous porn actress

Romanian women have the international reputation of being beautiful women. Some of them want to show the world that not only a handsome face, but a superb body. One of them is Nora Davis. Nora Davis, the famous porn actress, are among the Romanians, who chose to make a career with their body. Known XXX star was born in Bucharest on August 17, 1982, but chose to go abroad to become known in the adult film industry. Nora Davis began her career as a porn actress in 2006!!!

Nora Davis is recognized for her natural large breasts!

She began her career in 2006 and has since made over 50 films and pictorial pornography, has not been parted from any sexual practice oo. Initially, the Romanian has used the stage name Tina, Mora and Mora Davis, Acting eventually be known under the name of Nora Davis.

Sexy brunette with hazel eyes is 1.68 meters high and boasts its natural breasts, which has impressed male audience productions XXX “Big Rack Attack”, “Prime Cups 2”, “Golden Girls”, “The Voyeur “,” Fresh Meat 22: Ass Loaded! “or “Point of View”.

Nora Davis PICS:

Nora Davis XXX star 2 Nora Davis XXX star 5 Nora Davis XXX star Nora Davis XXX star 4 Nora Davis XXX star 3


Women on porn sites!

Women on porn sites! A famous adult movie site offered more than interesting statistics linked to XXX preferences of the fair sex.

Women on porn sites

Thus, according to the schedule, if men seek primarily material teen” or “experienced” women prefer to look at clips of lesbians or gay men

Even if people world sees men as the main consumers of pornography, experts announced that 2014 women recover land, and the difference between the sexes becomes increasingly smaller.

Women on porn sites 2


Remember? Playing cards with naked women!?

Remember? Playing cards with naked women!? You peep package of cards in your father’s desk drawer. They were the ones that you and your friends in the neighborhood, all teens are curious, you were not allowed to use them because they were with naked women.

That gives pornography! You had no internet, there were no porn magazines (at least not so stalls, that you see everywhere). Your parents and some neighbors gathered around sometimes in the evening and watching XXX movies. You were sitting in your room and eavesdrop on dirty comments and men, if they were present at most of the ladies ashamed that they could not believe what those people are doing there.

But sometimes you put the hand on something “forbidden” and that one seemed way out of exciting and amazing: playing cards with naked women. Beautiful, sexy and as dreamed to see and you live in a day.

If you believe that the world is tired of so much pornography on the Internet, in magazines, on TV and in the press, you will be amazed to learn that the hard sell Americans (and buy) on Amazon, playing cards with naked women, similar to which surreptitiously ogle in childhood.

Photo Gallery:

Playing cards with naked women (1) Playing cards with naked women (2) Playing cards with naked women (3) Playing cards with naked women (4) Playing cards with naked women (5) Playing cards with naked women (6) Playing cards with naked women (7)




How to combat the Chinese Communists, pornography!?

Just last year were destroyed in China three million pornographic files. How to combat the Chinese Communists, pornography!? Just last year the Chinese Communists destroyed 3 million pornographic files.

Struggle with pornography is an important goal of Communist China. They boast that just last year destroyed 3 million files containing porn.

This campaign, cleaning the Net, started in 2006 by arresting and sentencing to life imprisonment of those who manage the largest network of porn on the net. This network had 600,000 subscribers.

The antiporn balance, last year, Xinhua News Agency said, that also includes 10,000 pages were closed its porn sites and 16 million publications of this kind.
China is the largest consumer Internet world because 620 million people are subscribers.

How to combat the Chinese Communists pornography




Kelly Stafford apology to transgression.

10 years ago an Argentine cable channel I accidentally introduced to Kelly Stafford, after this explosive presentation which would be just the tip of the iceberg my perspective about sex, porn and what a “star” should be, would never be the same. Kelly Stafford was born on April 10, 1978. Her foray into the world of porn is produced by chance after accepting impersonate a friend in the 1997 film Rocco More Than Ever 2″. When legendary actor and Italian director Rocco Siffredi came to London for the shoot, she had not heard the name of Kelly Stafford, who until then developed a modeling career.

Kelly Stafford

Kelly Stafford became the biggest challenge of the race Siffredi, famous for her extreme behavior on camera, which often borders on sadomasochism. Kelly Stafford described as a “meeting of mindsthis union produced on the screen in just over five years some of the most intense psychosexual captured on video deployments.

Famous for her antics with elders, transsexuals, dwarves, obese and destitute, is your personality on screen that makes her memorable performance. Her pale skin and blonde hair naturally provide a stark contrast with the usual firing Latin lovers with exchanging bodily fluids, showing a surprising sense of humor in his most bizarre encounters.

Throughout her career, Kelly Stafford has become the target of anti pornography and censors all feminists, but how their films can be described as degrading to women”, when the person in command is not only women, but also intelligent, biased and with an obvious disregard for fame and money? Kelly Stafford not only spits in the faces of his costars, so does the face of convention. Her gaze facing camera eliminates any trace of doubt as to the veracity of their own pleasure and that makes it truly captivating.

Kelly Stafford porn star

After six years and more than a dozen films, Kelly Stafford decided to follow the footsteps of her mentor and turned to the direction, debuting with the film “Kelly’s Way To Love” in 2001 and continuing with the sequel Kelly’s Way To Love 2 “a year later.

In 2002, win a prize AVN Siffredi in the category of couples in the final scene of Rocco’s Way To Love”, repeating the plate this year for his scene with 10 subjects in Furious Fuckers Final Race”.

In December last year, established contact with Kelly thanks to the page for fans (fans) to administer on myspace, thus having the opportunity to learn a little closer to the woman off screen. According to Kelly Stafford herself, her long-awaited return to the world of porn be held this year. She started filming in March and now owns her own studio with his inseparable colleague Kirstyn Halborg, who also handles escort agency (escorts) and Photogirls models, which was founded by Halborg in 1998.

Kelly Stafford face

Kelly Stafford Filmography:

Rocco More Than Ever Part 2 : In London (1997), Rocco’s True Anal Stories (1998), When Kelly Met Rocco (1998), Rocco: Animal Trainer (1999), When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 : In Barcelona (1999), Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 (2000), Rocco’s Best Butt Fucks (2000), Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome (2000), Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome II (2000), Rocco’s Sexual Superstars (2001), Rocco’s Way To Love (2001), Kelly’s Way To Love (2001) como Estrella/Director, Rocco: Supermoto Hard (2002), Rocco In London aka Kelly’s Way To Love 2 (2002) como Director, Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 (2002), Perversion In Paris (2003), Rocco: Live In Prague (2003), Best Of Kelly (2004), Rocco’s Best POV (2006), Kelly’s Lost Movie (2006), Furious Fuckers Final Race (2007)


Pornography, “disease” of millions! We are surrounded by images broadside, but few know the history of XXX films!

Whether we like it or not, pornography is present in our lives every day. We talk about movies, magazines, video games or any other form of communication that reach adult content homes.

the history of XXX films

Until recently, XXX pictures were considered taboo, but now online is overflowing with situations where more or less broadside. While everyone talks about it, few people know the history of pornography.

Which made strides in recent years technology has helped the industry to explode, and annual earnings, only in America, reach over 100 billion dollars.

Pioneers XXX movies

Well, porn production started practically with the advent of film. Two of the French pioneers were Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner, who put up the first erotic scene in 1896. Le Couche from Mariee was called and showed a striptease dancer who was in front of a man.

In the same year, “The May Irwin Kiss” First Kiss movie in history. Catholic Church “fireImmediately and Said shocking” outrageous .

The occurrence of silent films in the 20s, Gave free rein images broadside and “jewels” underhand Could Be obtained from special vendors, Because you risk prison if You Were caught.

Easy, easy, things have advanced and, in 1969, Denmark Became the first country to remove all Laws regarding censorship of pornography, and His example Immediately WAS FOLLOWED by the Netherlands. It Was extremely important year for the industry and productions step Enjoyed have a “boom” huge.

With the release of videotapes, in the late 70s, There Were porn starlets, famous worldwide. Ginger Lynn, Seka or Traci Lords has just Some of the divas who have made history in the field. The first film in the series Emmanuelle” cam to light in 1974 and very Quickly Became the talk.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn




Fortune porn. See the top most SEXY XXX actors with the most money.

Adult film industry have made many porn films actor through his immense fortune to have sexual activities in front of the camera. Celebrity Magazine Nwtworth made a top earnings that you have achieved so far stars in adult film industry.

Rank 10 Jenna Haze $ 3.5 million fortune
At the age of 30 years, Jenna Haze retired from the porn industry. During his career, Jenna Haze has performed over 500 films, but eventually moved behind the camera where he directed about 13 films. After his retirement from porn scene, the actress has formed his own production company. Jenna Haze is in 10th place among the richest porn artists with a fortune of $ 3.5 million.

Jenna Haze

Rank 9 Katie Morgan $ 4.5 million fortune
Known for her high-pitched voice and optimistic personality, Katie Morgan was one of the most successful actresses of the past five years. Apart from pornography, Katie starred in several shows on HBO. During her career, Katie earned a net worth of about $ 4.5 million, now hosting her own radio show.

Katie Morgan

Rank 8 Bree Olson $ 5 million fortune
Bree Olson known as a friend of Charlie Sheen Goddess. She retired from the porn industry in 2011, but during his career she has made over 230 films and was one of the most popular starlets in the world.

Bree Olson

Rank 7 Ron Jeremy $ 5.5 million fortune
Even if appeared in over 2,000 films Pronoia it only has a wealth of $ 5.5 million, this is because male artists are not as well paid and so much fame as female actresses. Ron is one of the most famous male actors in the porn world.

Ron Jeremy

Rank 6 Maria Takagi $ 6 million fortune
The most famous and rich porn star in Japan, also known as Rika Inoue, Maria started to adult films in 2002. She currently earns around 2.6 million dollars a year, under a contract with a Japanese company and is one of the most watched Asian actress received the award for best conversation‘ ‘and‘ ‘the prettiest presence.

Maria Takagi

Rank 5 Traci Lords $ 7 million fortune
Currently, Traci is serial actress debut its nascent career controversy began after a porn film when he was still a minor at the age of 16, managed to fool the producers by forging a driving license which proved that is 21 years old.

Traci Lords

Rank 4 Jesse Jane $ 8 million fortune
Jesse Jane 32 years old entered the porn industry in 2000. She starred in over 75 movies and has developed its own line of sex toys, dolls and even a tequila company. She has a child and is the second marriage, the first being a porn star.

Jesse Jane

3rd place – Peter North $ 10 million fortune
Actor aged 55, entered the porn industry in 1984. Initially he played in movies gay, known as Matt Ramsey. He played in over 1,800 adult films and has directed over 70 films, but most of his wealth comes from work done behind the scenes.

Peter North

Place 2 – Tera Patrick $ 15 million fortune
Before entering the porn industry, Tera Patrick has done modeling. At the age of 18 he started nursing courses but after a few years, it chooses to enter the porn industry. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Playboy 2,000 and Penthouse.

Tera Patrick

1st – Jenna Jameson $ 30 million fortune
Actress aged 38, is not only the richest actress in porn industry but also filemlor most famous porn star in history known as the Queen of porn‘. This began her career in 1993. She had a hard saying adolescence to age 16 went through a terrible experience. After a football game, it was caught by a gang of four children and was raped, then in high school went through a period in which the drug, but managed to escape from this addiction.

Jenna Jameson


Stoya: Condom controversy!

Stoya – Condom controversy!

StoyaHarm reduction strategies aim to reduce the damage associated with certain activities through education, disease prevention and treatment. Such a method of reducing the damage the industry‘s system for adults with regular health tests. I would say that the laws and regulations associated with driving are all to prevent damage. If you ask drivers to observe the speed limit, traffic signs and signals, reduce the risk that they will collide with each other. In any case, as long as there are human errors and mechanical streets will be completely safe.

If adult movies, people have sex for pleasure flasher public viewer. These sexual acts are longer in duration and theater in terms of content than normal intercourse. Both recreational sex and professional sex for the cameras involves certain risks, and those of us who make professional sex for the cameras we take precautions to reduce damage to work. Whenever there is a fissure in our precautions, we seek ways to reduce the risk even more. As in the case of machines as long as the human and mechanical error, sex will never be completely reliable.

Between August 22 and September 6, three porn actors (two of them working in straight porn and a gay pornography and the last has a relationship with one of the two) were diagnosed with HIV. The other actors were exposed, but her diagnosis was not positive. Free expression Coalition (FSC) the organization responsible for maintaining records of all health tests – said it’s better for everyone to be tested every 14 days instead of 28 days. Many of the companies hetero-oriented films have already made this rule. I do not know all the production companies and all directors of the adult industry, but I can say that the majority of companies and senior health really interested actors that use them. Some because they do not want to lower profits, others because they do not want to lose the trust of customers, others that I have played in porn as well.

Tristan Taormino, a feminist porn filmmaker recently decided to require condom use on set. I encourage you to read the statement. Wicked Pictures, one of the largest production houses in the industry, forcing employees to folsoească condoms on set filming scenes Kink.com 1990 sex with condom and gives all other players the option to use a condom. Burning Angel and they decided to leave the choice of actors use condoms.

The public discussion about Measure B (this law in Los Angeles, that all adult film actors are forced to use a condom) and recent cases of HIV infection actors I mentioned above, I noticed a lot of politics and generalizations very ugly. Moral panic and sensationalism accompanying this issue prevents a real understanding of the problem. How can anyone write correctly about issues around prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the porn you do not understand the concept of nonmonogamy or work in the sex industry? How can a reader to assess the views you do not know anything about the author’s bias? I do not think there is anyone who can talk about porn or sex of nontraditional without being biased and influenced by his personal experiences.

So here’s my own biased version: I am an actress in adult films. We had contracts all the time, which gave me a combination of vision and financial freedom that many other performer I have ever had. Game within two sex scenes per month, so much rarer than most actresses. My holes react negatively to prolonged use of a condom, so I prefer not to use a condom scene. I believe every person has the right to control what enters his body. I believe in my right to use my body as a sexual instrument for entertainment. I think that pornography serves the human need to fantasize. Most of my income comes from the adult industry and the rest, won writing in various publications. I wish Plateaus adult industry continue to operate effectively, that I and my colleagues we work and three years. If you must choose between harm reduction strategy that offers advantages small but viable security actors and between plans will be implemented, but that sounds good, I will always choose the first option efficiency.

If you read or hear anything from me about the status of the adult industry and testing for sexually transmitted diseases in the child, or the debate about condoms, please note my statement above. I encourage you and not take everything I say good some “experts” anonymous insider” that require mandatory use of condoms instead of trying to better regulate the industry and find a viable solution. Think that antiprostitution activists motivations and anti-pornography trying to discredit the infantilization and please note, for the sake of logic and reason, that any strategy for reducing the damage can not be operated without trust and support people who are at risk and for which the strategy.



Look misconceptions about sex, pornography created! Some women even think that!

Any woman who has ever watched a porn film can come to believe certain things about sex, things that are not exactly true.

Look misconceptions about se pornography created Some women even think that

More women were asked what they think and what they learned porn movies watch them. Some answers are absolutely disturbing. It seems that pornographic creates a distorted image of what is normal and what is not. Here’s what women respond.

The bodies of women are abnormal. Many women think that they need Labiaplasty after viewing porn.

Sex is based on pleasing men. A large proportion of women think they have to pretend to bed even if not feeling well and that is normal for a man to not care that his partner has orgasms.

All women have to act like porn stars in bed. Some interviewees admit that they feel embarrassed that they can not be femme fatale” uninhibited and ready to do anything.

Men do not like women with pubic hair. It seems that many people think they have to get rid of pubic hair to be attractive to men.

Orgasm is achieved as you clap.

All penises are circumcised. Many women do not know how a circumcised penis.

Men are only satisfied if you do that in porn. Some women said they long had the impression that the man will not feel good if there are loud moans.