Portrait of Porn Industry.

Now we talk about what the porn industry mean.. Most amateur porn prefer to remain in the profane. How many of us were really, curious to take a look at the viscera of an industry on how blasphemous as it is popular?

Porn IndustryErotic images since no explicit nudity art uninhibited, orgies, pederasty, threesomes, masturbation, that was not seen in cave paintings or pottery dating back before our era ?! Plus, do not forget: Kama Sutra bedside book remains when talking about sexual behavior.

For a long time, all were buried in religious and social dogmas. In the Middle Ages, for example, represent a fulfillment of carnal sin. Any purely sexual relationship was billed as prostitution. Even in the nineteenth century, caresses between spouses were considered marital fraud.”

Only in the next century we witness the unleashing true in the Western world, living revelation felt pleasure during sexual intimacy. Until then, mortals are satisfied with one more or less nude naughty. The advent of cinema would irrevocably change the situation. Because if you did not know, porn is almost as old as the seventh art itself.

The beginnings of the genre are quite blurred. Perhaps chroniclers have dedicated time you watch more than writing According to Patrick Robertson, author of “Film Factsvery first film that can be dated with certainty is A L’Ecu d’Or ou la bonne auberge” (“La Scud gold or pleasure the inn ), made in France in 1908. in the action: a soldier is depleted to an inn and a servant skilled in reviving clientele.

More interesting is, however, the German film “I Abend” (“Onnserate”), which shows how old are pornographic conventions: The film is 10 minutes and begins with a woman masturbating in the bedroom. The next scene shows a man and obviously will act completely normal sex, fellatio and anal penetration.

Adult productions have become widespread in the 20s, during the silent film, and were often designed in brothels. Until the 50s remained, however, in the shade and it is possible that many have been lost forever.

The real boom of films with explicit content occurred with the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. Since then just about anything you can think in terms of sex you can find at least one pornographic movie.

No adult magazines were not far behind. We decade, publication and scandal: in 1953, Hugh Hefner launched Playboy. In 1965 Bob Guccione founded Penthouse, and in 1974 Larry Flint Hustler brought to market.

Soon the war began pubic hair”. At that time in America that contained nudes pubic hair were considered pornography. Penthouse took the bull by the horns and introduced in its pages explicit photos of the female genitals. Hustler was not far behind and counterattacked first hair shaved and then pubic hair on the cover.

In 1993 enters the scene and WWW, the snowball effect: increased consumption of online sex amazing, and offer to match. Including amateur porn actors were included in the equation, with the advent YouPorn.

Okay, okay, but that is the largest and hottest porn producer? Well Japan and not the United States, as we are tempted to believe. As our country struggles Romania the bottom of the ranking. First professional porn movie 100% Romanian was done in 2002. “P. Stars “pulled hard and have shed more sweat and other liquids precious Sandra Romain, Titus Steel, Mugurel gigoloand others.

Sex sells, and in times of crisis! Only in the United States are invested annually $ 5 billion in XXX productions. And in Japan, the whole business of pornography budget is equal to the Defense Ministry. No wonder eroticism reached its peak and nonsexual film. Hot scenes draw the audience like a magnet.

Sex industry does not mean, however, only earn money easy and fun. From 2004 until now, only in America 22 porn actors were diagnosed with HIV, gonorrhea and other 1,500 15 syphilis. Work in guild and risks assumed. If deserves, everyone is free to decide.