My Stepmother is a Vampire (Alex Conte, 2014)

My Stepmother is a Vampire (Alex Conte, 2014): Private is not what it was and Private Blockbusters line brings nothing really at the height of the good years of the production from Billionare 2′, in 2009. Last year, in the eleventh installment of their blockbusters’, we find ‘My stepmother is a Vampire’, a film that promised something scary and much incest and then not bring any of those things. However, it was an acceptable entertainment sprinkled with some good sex scenes, keeping alive the line.

My Stepmother is a Vampire

The film tells the story Karola (Ferrara Gomez), who decides to go look for her mother Samantha (Viktoria Redd), who abandoned her when she was young leaving her with her stepfather and stepbrother (Marcio Gonzales). What nobody knows is that Samantha is a vampire queen. When Karola not return, his brother go after her, putting his life and his girlfriend (Alexis Crystal).

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 1 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 2

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The plot was promising, but the truth is that Alex Conte tells it with a script very little developed and exploited and do not enter the sex scenes (except the final) providing the curiosity necessary that enhanced. Still, when ends do not stay disappointed because the storyline, although brief, it works well enough to tell the story and articulate good sex scenes.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 5 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 6 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 7

And Conte, in some (especially the darker) plot sequences reminds a bit in the direction Stagliano, something interesting as opposed to sexual scenes that are pure Private style with good general plans that let you enjoy the bodies of the women who indulge in sex while posing.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 9

The best sex scenes are the first and last film. Viktoria Redd leaving open the film possessed by three men after left sucking, quickly penetrate Viktoria, we just giving away a double penetration while the third fucks her mouth. Yes, all without spilling a drop of sweat or flow with an assembly, but has plenty of pace and it works, does not show us the moment of penetration, one of the few close-ups that do are necessary.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 12

The last scene in the club works really well, with Marcio Gonzales tied naked to the stripper pole while her stepsister (Ferrara Gomez) masturbates him, she sucks, in view of everyone, including his father, his girlfriend and Samantha perverse. A scene well done, with curiosity and very good oral sex.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 13 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 14

The scene between brothers runs while in the background, divided by the club, fucked Chantelle White, Daria Glower, Jenna Lovely, Kattie Gold, Nathaly Cherie, Sweet Cat, Vanessa Hell, Violette Pure, Adam Black, Alex Granger, Ennio Guardi, Pavel Matous and Nick Gill camera without pay them much attention.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 16 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 17

The remaining scenes, though not work as well, are not negligible. Ferrara fucks Franco Roccaforte and Leny Ewil before processing, with an assembly and a very similar scene Viktoria Redd moisture and double penetration.

My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 18 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 19 My Stepmother is a Vampire screen 20

Top the sexual part two pair on location in Ferrara Gomez, Gabrielle Gucci, Leny Ewil and Neeo, and a scene more romantic touch with Alexis Crystal and Marcio Gonzales in which Alexis with schoolgirl skirt and naughty and lovely gesture, gives a good dose of oral sex.



Trailer soft ‘My Stepmother is a Vampire’, the New Private blockbuster.

Private released yesterday its new big production, ‘My Stepmother is a Vampire‘, a film incest, lust and vampires led by Alex Conte, one of the new directors of the European company. Within the Private Blockbusters online features pornstars as Ferrera Gomez, Gabrielle Gucci, Alexis Crystal, Chantelle White and Vicktoria Redd.

Shot entirely in Prague, tells the story of a family disrupted by dark forces when the stepmother, obsessed with eternal youth, is revealed as a vampire. This will lead to her husband to the brink of insanity to see, as well as his daughter and stepson start a depraved relation to the struggle to recover from her fiance.


My Stepmother is a Vampire




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Normally after login the AVN Awards nominations each year, the so-called Oscars of porn, our custom work be reviewing some of the candidates, especially those among the potential winners but we have not had the pleasure of know very thoroughly.

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Apolonia debut in Private…

A young Spanish porn star promise which knew her name and little else!  We retrieve the item as Private recently published her first scene and the fact is that those rumors that pointed as the pitch of the season was confirmed. In fact, debuting in the hands of two companies with the prestige of Mofos (Brazzers) or Private mentioned, as were indicators to be present but now have material that draw our own impressions (and ourselves straw, straws hollows ). Apolonia boasts a curiosity and an enviable sexual predisposition!

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Black Angelika… hot men and horny women

Black Angelika is 25 years old and began her career in XXX cinema in 2007 so far, has played in over 60 adult films. This is, in a word, Angelika Black, one of the most successful Romanian pornography.

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Her success in the XXX film is due not only beauty, and forms made as if to sin, but rather that she is bisexual.

It is highly appreciated for its superlative benefits lesbian scenes where passionately loves women, but also for wild sex parties with men.

Moreover, her performance in the world of pornography have been rewarded and Hot D’Or prize for the best European porn starlet younger, in 2009.

Black Angelika is found in the catalog of porn starlets site Brazzers. Black Angelika is famous for photographs and videos made incendiary digital magazine Private.

Black Angelika is also known aliases Alektra , Rima A and many other names. She was even dubbed the Inna pornographydue to physical similarity with the famous singer and success abroad.

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Holly Sampson, a porn actress

Holly Sampson – Porn Actress.

After she has appeared on television as actress, Holly Sampson received roles in films such as that in which she starred with Fred Savage, Wonder Years” and also to interpret a and roles in the films “My Two Dads “” Matlock “and” Pump Up The Volume “.

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She also worked for the magazine “Privatefor a short period of time. The only comedy starring Holly Sampson is “Pretty Cool” in which she played a teacher. Seeing that money to make many nudes, Holly decided to work for a while as erotic dancers and her job when she was contacted by private parties . Holly‘s where you undress and dance sensually and sometimes guests arrived with her ​​in bed for a sum of money greater than that originally established only for dancing. Businesses started to go so well but she wanted more and therefore chose to play in porn.

At first Holly to work in this field in 1998 when she made a few hardcore films under the aliases Nicolette” and “Zoe” but gave up after a while and headed to the movies to the softcore because she wanted to make more movies tempt erotic and sensitive than the classic porn actors are not only sex. Success or softcore porn came with his role in the TV series “Emmanuelle” in which she shot a good time.

After practicing and softcore and became famous and desired by all manufacturers adult film, Holly returned to hardcore and became famous for roles in TV productions such as “Lady Chatterley‘s Stories“, “The Voyeur“, “Thrills” “The Best Sex Ever” and “Bedtime Stories”. She also starred in several short films softcore (under the name Holly Sampson). Her career in the porn industry has become a success but Emmanuelle” was the one that brought the most praise.