Painful intercourse? Here are the reasons!

Sex Advice girlVaginal and urinary infections, poor lubrication and herpes are some of the factors that may affect the conduct of an intimate relationship.

Pain during intercourse can be constant or intermittent disorder affecting both women and men. In most cases, the problem can be solved by treating a disease causing.

The intensity of pain experienced during intercourse depends on the factor that causes it. In women, ovarian cysts, annexes, and episiotomy (surgical cut made ​​before birth in the area between the vagina and anus) can give discomfort during intercourse.


It muscial involuntary contraction of the vagina, a condition that make penetration to not be simple. This problem may occur on the first intimate contact or may occur after a period of sexual activity.


Disease characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrium (uterine lining) outside the normal location, endometriosis gives abdominal pain and discomfort during intercourse.


Elizabeth Starr: Her breasts have become a giant bomb! It could kill her at any moment!

Elizabeth Starr, a porn actress from Los Angeles, US, especially famous for her huge breasts, complains that doctors warned her that her generous bust them life threatening and may even kill her, asking il urgently make a double mastectomy surgery.

Adult movie actress did 15 years ago an illegal operation for breast enlargement propel her career, but now it puts lives at risk and breasts transformed into a time bomb.

Elizabeth Starr paid in 1999, $ 5,000 for a polypropylene implant, and since then her breasts no longer stop up. This material absorbs water always also increasing their body. Porn star has done since 63 corrective plastic surgery breast, bust them now measuring 1,117 meters.

Doctors have warned her that the only solution to her problem as the solution to the problem they had a double mastectomy surgery, but Elizabeth refused this radical decision because no breasts would destroy her career. “I have terrible pain, back hurts, and doctors told me that there is a risk to die from blood clots can form in the breast. My breasts have become a danger to me”, she complains.

Elizabeth Starr big tits problems Elizabeth Starr young Elizabeth Starr porn star


Positions for days when you feel fat

Sex Advice : 6 positions for days when you feel “fat”. Try it!

No matter how beautiful and we loved all the bad days we lived and we feel full or unattractive. In most cases, without reason. And even if your loved ones are the same, you just do not feel good about yourself. In those days, sex is probably the last thing on your mind. However, a game of love is probably all you need to get out of this state. Who does not feel happy after a session of sex? Here are some positions that will help hide areas “problem”.

6 positions for days when you feel fat


Are among the most simple and convenient position and ensures maximum pleasure. Nests to the chest lover, away from him, while lying on your side. The movements are slow and incredible sensations. In addition, the position allows your partner to indulge your body with your hands, and you can move freely.

6 positions for days when you feel fat2

The man above

Lie face down and feet off easily. Place a pillow under your stomach to lift the pelvis. Bend your knees, lift your legs and allow her lover to sit above you. Lean elbows and enjoy the moment. This position not only can lead to orgasm, but functions as an exercise for strengthening the muscles.

6 positions for days when you feel fat3

Doggy style

Not only is the position preferred by most men, but it is extremely enjoyable and women. In addition it helps to hide” unsightly belly lover eyes. All you have to do is to sit on his knees, resting on both hands. For added privacy, your lover can play with your hair or you can massage her breasts.

6 positions for days when you feel fat5

Woman on top reverse

You have no mood to give the show lover? That does not mean you can not stay on top. If you feel bloated or your tummy try Complex woman on top position with his back to the partner. You will not be looking boyfriend in the eye, but he will have an unforgettable sight! In addition, you will be able to control the end to end movement, speed and intensity, so touching climax with ease.

6 positions for days when you feel fat6

Missionary position

Want a comfortable position, without having to deposit effort? Then the classic missionary is one who will give you satisfaction. Sit back, so it flattens your stomach, and he will be able to admire her breasts. Plus it will help lover hands, so you will not be able to get more touches.

6 positions for days when you feel fat7

The seat

Your boyfriend sits on the seat and you in his arms, his back to him. Support your feet on the floor and move freely. One of the advantages of this position is that both your hands are free to explore your bodies.




Premature ejaculation have healing!

Premature ejaculation have healing! Studies say that 1 in 2 men aged between 18 and 59 years is affected by this serious problem. Why is premature ejaculation and, especially, what solutions exist in these lines. In theory, premature ejaculation refers to sexual intercourse lasts no more than 1-2 minutes. It usually occurs after minimal sexual stimulation and penetration of short duration. In other words, intimate moments take much less than a couple wants. Cristian Delcea sexology specialist believes that intercourse should last between 10 and 25 minutes with penetration for about 7 minutes.

Premature ejaculation have healing

Rushing and vices good job

You must drink a glass of strength to catch courage? Combined with different tobacco or substances that cause euphoria, alcohol hastens the end of intercourse and reduce much of the pleasure partner. In addition to alcohol, you exhausted” and stress, and fear that you will not live up to her expectations. By far, has come impatience. Some men are confident they know what to do to satisfy a woman. Nothing easier! Have a few key points that needed to be addressed and the rest comes naturally. In reality, things are not so explained Sexologist Cristian Delcea. Regardless of age, men think more about their condition than at the partner. Unconsciously or not. If you would rush to finish the first, with caresses and kisses in places proxy” pleasure, sex should last longer and for women.

Premature ejaculation have healing 1

Tip: revive your partner to love the body from head to toe. Stroking her hair, fix your gaze into her eyes, kiss and areas that have eluded them until now and see that her condition will intensify pleasure. Often, can concentrate only on the lips, breasts and vagina. However habit leads to capping and inevitably to premature ejaculation. When you know your partner, all you have to do is to enjoy every part of his body and not rush to get to the destination. Make the game more complex and challenging, and sex will take longer.

Identifies the partner’s style
Another issue that may cause premature ejaculation is ignorance partner. Here comes the same reasoning at hand for men: all women are the same. Each representative of the fair sex desires else has other powerful erogenous areas and is easier or more difficult to satisfy. Communication and practice can elucidate the mysteries of man.

It’s like you want to drive a car to 200 km per hour, without knowing how to use the steering wheel“, says sexologist Cristian Delcea ironic.

If you focus your attention on stimuli other than the “key”, excitation would reduce, but not so as not to maintain an erection. So there is no valid alternative to the thinking of something else, for example, to solve a math problem. In this case, it would be seriously affected when excitation and could be bad for both of us.

It can destroy the relationship
The ‘you scream in 1 2 “works in this case. Premature ejaculation is a problem not only of man, but also influences women. Appear anxiety, stress, insufficient excitation and muscle tension, which can dissolve the couple relationship.

Tip: If intercourse lasts increasingly smaller over a long period, it is best to ask for expert advice. You can start with a visit to the urologist, then one specialist in sexology and finally, if the problem is serious, you can call and couples therapy.

Watch your health
Premature ejaculation can occur due to health problems such as heart disease, who have clear indications regarding exercise and hiperexcitaţia. Impotence also may begin with precocious ejaculation unpleasant episode, up to loss of erection. Some medicines taken for chronic diseases can affect sexual life by erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can be the result of a shortage of serotonin (neurotransmitter No, known as thehappiness hormone ). The deficit can be adjusted by taking antidepressant medications, but taken only with the doctor “, says sexologist Cristian Delcea