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Jayden Jaymes

Jayden Jaymes is one of the most exuberant and new stars of American porn industry was unveiled at the international porn scene for having been featured in several adult magazine covers in 2007. Previously had already recorded some porn scenes for several companies, that’s when Brazzers, Bangbros and Reality Kings noticed her. Jayden Jaymes has since continued to record for the biggest porn studios in California, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, Wicked and many others.

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Jayden Jaymes measurements are 104-66-91 cm (36DD26-36) with a height of 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) and weighing 61 kg (134 l.) His real name is Michele Lee he was born on February 13, 1986 (25 years) in Upland, California. Lover of animals and nature is seen as she acknowledges what is not recognized is difficult character he has and he has led at times to come to blows with one partner as was in the case of Nikki Benz porn star of silicone blond Ukrainian-born one day rolled together to Brazzers

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It has also put in between that in his personal blog to Derek Hay owner of LA Direct Models and Vivid accusing the company of not paying for the extra work that models had for scenes. All this I actually have a picture of troubled girl but they have not stopped working hard and well for the American porn industry.

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Jayden Jaymes is and has been one of the nominees in recent years at the AVN Awards

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2009 AVN Award – Nominee Best New Starlet
NightMoves 2009 Winner – Best New Starlet – Fan Choice
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best New Web Starlet – www.JaydenJaymesXXX.com
2010 AVN Award – Winner – Best Group Sex Scene – 2040
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best Tease Performance – Curvy Girls 4
2010 AVN Award – Nominee Best All Girl Three-Way Sex Scene – Sweet Cheeks 11
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best Tease Performance – Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best All Sex Release – Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
2011 AVN Award – Nominee Best Web Premiere – Puba Real Life: Jayden Jaymes

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In conventional cinema has intervened in 2010 where it was The Frankenstein Brothers Stripper and titles Born To Be A Star and Diary of Death.

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If you want to know more this Vidal i shere called Jayden Jaymes jaydenjaymes.com here’s his website and his twitter as well twitter.com/JaydenJaymes

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And because we know you like the good looking trailer this time we‘re giving away one that corresponds to Jayden Jaymes gangbang for Elegant Angel starred definitely one of the best gang bangs series so successful producer sells Los Angeles.

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