Camila Navarro AKA Mia Etcheverria: Sex for $ 30 to feed her family, and now it is the porn star and like 5 star hotels!

Camila Navarro AKA Mia Etcheverria: Sex for $ 30 to feed her family, and now it is the porn star and like 5 star hotels! Camila Navarro, a young woman of 20, from Uruguay, became a prostitute to support her family. Being extremely poor, it was just sex for $ 30 to buy food for her brother, aged 11, and her mother, suffering from disabilities, but now her life suddenly changed. It has become a famous porn actress that stands only 5-star hotels.

Mia EtcheverriaCamila work as a prostitute in Las Piedras, when a friend told her that loses money time working on so few, given that looks great and it is beautiful, suggesting industry working in porn, which would achieve a fortune. Young did not stay long on thoughts and listened imadiat advice. I sent some pictures to Playboy in the US and I was called to a casting. I did not believe it“, she said. She managed to sign a contract with an agency in Hollywood on a very generous amount and quickly became a famous porn star under the stage name Mia Etcheverria.

Her style of life has improved dramatically and the poor girl who had nothing to eat now lives only in five-star hotels in Miami, and her family managed to provide a better life, that is considered. Mia has sex in front of the camera with both women and men, but she has put producers on one condition: they do not have to kiss plateau colleagues.

“I have a clause in a contract that specifies that I should not kiss her. I would not do that again“, says Mia Etcheverria. Mia Etcheverria, known as the youngest actress porn in Uruguay, is active in around 20 films and dreams of becoming a famous actress in Hollywood, adding that other stars were made early in their porn careers.

Mia Etcheverria Porn Star Mia Etcheverria XXX star



Phoenix Marie a horny prostitute make an anal show. Porn Movie!

Phoenix Marie !Porn Movie!

Phoenix Marie funnyAfter many years in the industry, Phoenix Marie remains one of the most desirable divas of the XXX industry and it is not just enough to have a beautiful body but need that handles like this blonde bombshell. To follow what is necessary to transmit higher morbidity and vice front of the camera and this will overrun. Phoenix Marie as example in this scene we can see exercising the role of a horny prostitute who give everything to satisfy her  customer.

After undressing in a sensual and morbid, will heat the atmosphere with a high voltage blowjob that reaffirmed as one of the best sucker in the world. However this is only the beginning because after seeing plays open legs blonde moaning like a real pig to feel the hard cock of her companion. If all that‘s not enough for dessert have an anal sex...

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Lucy Thai looks like a prostitute!

PORN STARS LOGOLucy Thai looks like a hooker but nevertheless she is a nymphomaniac bitch who enjoys a considerable love, in which a cause in every match dick to fuck to the max, screaming for love and has some of the coolest game in that pussy makes her the best, everyone leaves without a word, and sensations of fucking a pussy cause to be given in addition dick and be ready at any moment from a big fucking pervert, can get a very big fuck a woman obsessed , screaming of pleasure and is the best in bed, masturbating and is the very best in bed, in these extreme fuck, which makes it a dick real woman is excited at full capacity and take in different positions, who ends her pussy and makes her give a fuck besides impressively who loves and who ends her pussy to excite the most, screaming for dick and have part of a very hard fuck, which makes the pussy to excite the maximum pleasure and screaming like a love every part considerably, who ends her pussy and makes her excite the maximum take masturbating beautiful in different positions, which makes the woman to give besides dick , screaming of pleasure and has the most beautiful part of the excitement, as she likes every penetration.


Sibel Kekilli is Dilara, a porn star

NEWS: Sibel Kekilli is Dilara, a porn star! Terrible secret of one of the sexiest actresses in “Game of Thrones“! Beloved Lannister dwarf, star in XXX movies! In the seriesphenomenon “Game of ThronesSibel Kekilli plays beautiful Shae, a former prostitute who falls one of the main characters, the dwarf Tyrion Lannister respectively. And in real life, Sibel has a controversial past.

Sibel Kekilli porn

Before becoming known for roles in “Head-On” and “When We Leave”, productions for which he won numerous awards at international festivals, including the Golden Bear, German actress of Turkish origin, aged 32 years, starred in porn. She began her career in XXX films in 2000, with Dilara. After a few hot scenes, Sibel gave up this career as a film producer discovered “serious” in a mall in Hamburg. For years, the porn actress past was kept away from the press. That is until recently, when the German tabloids have done research in the past dark and absolutely Spicy published details about her youth.

Sibel Kekilli was a porn star



Gwyneth Montenegro slept with over 10,000 men

Gwyneth Montenegro: “I’ve slept with over 10,000 men.” Secrets of luxury prostitute!

She was raped in the group at 18, became a dancer at the bar at 19, and at 21 he started practicing being a prostitute. She took courage and told about the drama of her life: she slept with 10,091 men by the age of 36 years.

In career escort, Gwyneth Montenegro charge between 500 and 1000 dollars per hour from each client. Now in 36 years, she worked 15 years in the porn industry. She retract three years ago, and after that he wrote a book about his life.

Now business entrepreneur, Gwyneth Melbourne was prostitute, escort and porn actress. She had a tumultuous life. As a young woman is drugged, and practice drinking orgies. Surprisingly, she was born into a Christian family in, but due to adjustments entourage to lead a different life. Everything changed after being kidnapped and raped club group of men. I was naive. Afterwards I got pole dancer. During the first night I won $ 1,000. Was drunk“, said Gwyneth Montenegro.

She talked about his life in a book recently published autobiography. The Langham dream, she said she’s happy that she managed in 29 years to take bachelor pilot.

Pictures with Gwyneth Montenegro:

Gwyneth Montenegro Gwyneth Montenegro1 Gwyneth Montenegro2 Gwyneth Montenegro3 Gwyneth Montenegro4 Gwyneth Montenegro5 Gwyneth Montenegro6 Gwyneth Montenegro7 Gwyneth Montenegro8 Gwyneth Montenegro9 Gwyneth Montenegro10 Gwyneth Montenegro11 Gwyneth Montenegro12 Gwyneth Montenegro13 Gwyneth Montenegro14



An actress from “Game of Thrones” is luxury escort in free time: services and tariffs, made public on personal website.

Saeeda Vorajee, an actress with episodic appearance in the series “Game of Thrones” has proved to be a porn starlet and escort of luxury in real life. The woman is believed to be the first porn actress Muslim origin in England. A family was disinherited for her chosen career and threatened with death by religious fanatics. Saeeda Vorajee, known as the Sahara Knite pornographic industry.

Saeeda Vorajee, known as the Sahara Knite pornographic industry

Sahara Knite, the real name Saeeda Vorajee aged 41, appeared in the first two seasons of “Game of Thrones”, interpreting it on Armeca, a prostitute of the brothel owned by Lord Petyr Baelish in King’s Landing . The actress filmed a sex scene between both women, who is trained in the art of seduction by another prostitute of the brothel and a scene Bronnitsa, provocative character, the actor Jerome Flynn interpreter.

Services and tariffs presented on the website of actress

It seems that the actress sex workers in real life, the actress in adult films and dedicated to providing the escort for purchase through its presentation site where he publishes a list of rates shows “Mirror”.

According to the website presentation, named after her stage name, Sahara Knite, services are the most diverse, some of them far too explicit to be played here. Apparently Sahara Knit offers customers massages, oral sex, sexy chat, leave their topless undress completely and Tariffs from 200 to 55 pounds. What distinguishes it from the competition, however, are wrestling sessions, which Knit says that is used to biased “wrestling” because of the training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (contact sports that rely on ground fighting) for holding blue belt.

Saeeda Vorajee, known as the Sahara Knite pornographic industry

Sahara Knite described as “An escort Indian independent and courtesan house set in Kent and London.” At the same time, on-site staff, the actress wishes to stress that this is not prostitution charges including only service adult modeling company, and what might happen next just about personal choice of two people, on the legal age. Meanwhile, Knit appears in movies on certain pornography sites.

Disowned by her Muslim Family and threatened with death

Saeeda Vorajee was called by the British “first porn actress Muslim in Britain”. The life she chose to earn a living and has created problems with family and followers of the Muslim religion, according to “The Bible Lad”. It seems that this was why the actress was disinherited family and received numerous death threats since she entered the porn industry in 2004. Saeeda grew up in a Muslim family in India, working for 11 years in the textile and clothing prior to change careers.

Another actress from “Game of Thrones” series saved from prostitution

This is not a unique case, however, the series “Game of Thrones” is known for the distribution of porn actresses and prostitutes former prostitute roles in the production. Recently, another actress revealed that HBO producers have saved my life because before receiving role for prostitution to be able to earn a living. British actress Josephine Gillan, aged 27, plays the role of prostitutes (Mara), a score he received because he knew just how truly world that is supposed to describe. “”Game of Thrones ” saved me from a life of prostitution and I turned into a very strong person. There was no need to get directions or to show me exactly what I did because I with what I do to live “, the actress confessed for” Daily Mail “.


An actress admits, was a prostitute, and series Game of Thrones saved her

She was a prostitute and porn actress, playing under the stage name Sophie O’Brien. But the prostitute had a role in the series “Game of Thrones” has changed her life.

That supports Josephine Gillan (27 years), who said the film produced by HBO made it much stronger. In the Daily Mail, she said she saw an ad for “Game of Thrones”: “The search for a young woman with natural breasts without tattoos. I sent a picture and got quick response. I was accepted”.

Josephine Gillan aka Sophie O'Brien

Josephine Gillan aka Sophie O'Brien (2)

Josephine Gillan aka Sophie O'Brien (3)