Tears of joy after orgasm

cryinOur emotions are deeply influenced sexuality, whether we realize it or not. Using common sense, it seems that the joy really has a positive effect on our sex life. Happy people are beautiful and have more positive energy. We rejoice in their happiness and embrace joy can easily turn embrace pleasure.

Tears flowing partner’s eyes due to emotional ecstasy and causing some embarrassment shows that emotions are so strong that controlling your partner. Emotions can reach a level comparable sex drive, and switching between the two is possible. But joy is self-sufficient and does not need anything.

Happy people therefore do not feel excited. And when you look at your partner feel happy not desire. Instead, you are happy and share your happiness with your partner.


Georgiana from Romania or GINGER DEVIL + PHOTO GALLERY


Georgiana or Ginger Devil is a veteran of Eros Show, and XXX industry, working in the field since 2003. Ginger is married to Adrian Boureanu and declares: “I am at peace with what I do. I got used to this job as is customary a doctor doing his job. In any case, I’m not ashamed to be porn actress and that doing striptease. I do not prostitution, but a certain kind of erotic art, which is else. I’ve done professionally and financially. Eros Show  will expect a great show. “Ginger actually crazy nurse edition 2010 with a demonstration of striptease.

Born in Craiova on June 6, 1982, she also used the pseudonym Giorgiana Mell. It has 1.73 meters tall, 58 kg and dimensions of 92 (breasts) -61 (waist) -91 (hips). She appeared on the topic of gender over 30 films.


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Top 5 male sexual fantasies!

Top 5 male sexual fantasies! Men and sexual fantasies are just like a fish. And if you go to really understand it especially sexually, then you have to know them and fantasies, dreams and know what you would like to live passionately in bed. However, you could write a book about male fantasies, a book that would become, over time, becoming thicker. And it would not be a bad idea at all as to interbreed with fantasies of yours (if you say you have not, do not we!) Everyone has his fantasies. Even when you are in front of a man who seems almost asexual, well, his thoughts are full of fantasies, definitely. If men and women would have fantasies, no porn industry would be one so prosperous, with turnovers of hundreds of millions.

Top 5 male sexual fantasies

It seems, however, that fantasy of men more than women, though. We would not be surprised to find that Messrs see on deserted islands, with sword in hand and when your baby’s world, give a unique woman whose clothes are made from a piece of shell and palm leaf. Let’s see together what are the main fantasies that make men to boil in its own juice.

1. A sex in three
Just as hear! Yes, men are crazy to do threesomes. There is no man who does not think of this fantasy without fire. Even Adam was frustrated at some point, because Eve was not enough. Some people may think that men want to have sex in three, just to brag about this experience. But this hypothesis does not really stand, because in this case would be about fantasy will boast in front of others, not talking about what happens in a sexual threesome. Simpler and closer to the truth is that men believe that the whole body of the woman is the most beautiful thing in the world; therefore, two bodies of women together, represent beauty embodied the power of two. All men, without exception, love fantasies about threesomes parties.

2. Prostitution
Most men are seen driving a car at night in a dark alley leading and lusting in their car a lady was there on duty. And the terrible irony is that even sexually transmitted diseases do not stop to take this kind of fantasy! Yes, of course, women will say that it’s absolutely horrible fantasy that can not even be thinking about something … But that just means we ignore that it exists, which would be completely useless. All men, at least once in life and still think they‘re James Bond in various dangerous situations, including in the same car with a prostitute. So it would be a bad idea to accept such a game, if eventually it happens between you and enjoy both.

3. The exchange of roles
Men love to play differently, because they may be feeling that more women. Whether imagine that having sex with a stewardess or a teacher, makes them as much pleasure. And all their men and women who like to experiment accept. Especially when renowned VIPs (as Christina Aguillera) talk about this exchange of roles as a good idea, ladies, we can only think of the idea itself and begin to take it into account!

4. Sex impossible
Men love fantasies with his best friend‘s wife or sister wives own right. Sure, we talk about impossible situations most often, but it is fixed what happens in such situations their heads and turns them beyond measure. In reality, perhaps such cases would scare the way out, being faced with serious consequences, but Chapter fantasy is exactly what arouses more.

5. Exotic Locations
Relations between men and women often become boring for years. In most cases, men are tired head over the wall to see the same tired when you make love to his wife. So how do I begin to dream about sex in other parts of the house, at other times of the day. And then move their imagination to an exotic beach, luxury hotel and who knows what other exotic locations, however far from boring wall of the bedroom.


“Fellatio café”, where the coffee comes with oral sex

“Coffee and oral sex, please!”, So it sounds a regular order to “Fellatio café”. The venue will allow customers to request an escort when they come to buy their morning coffee.

“Liquor” price that comes with sexual pleasures will be a steep, reaching 60 euros. The café will be opened late next year in Geneva, Switzerland, where prostitution is legal.

Escort can be selected using an iPad tablet, according to company officials to open the café, Facegirl. They admit that the idea is not original, but inspired by several popular pubs in Thailand.

“Everything ends in five or ten minutes”, said Bradley Chavet, Facegirl employee who told you that after a drink order, customers can make comfortable at the café bar.

"Fellatio café", where the coffee comes with oral sex


Porn star from the top searches on Google leaves the industry, revealing shocking truths about porn star life

Angela Aspen, top porn star, seemed to have it all. Working for the biggest companies in the field, playing in over 40 XXX movies, some of them true blockbusters. He had been nominated several times Award “New Starlet”, and in 2009 reached an actress porn with the most searches on Google.

Angela Aspen, top porn star, seemed to have it all

Apparently, enjoying fame and wealth, leading a carefree life. But beneath all the glamor, fame and sexual charisma hiding torn and desperate woman named Jessica Neely, who hated himself and what he had become.

Jessica was found in a position to turn to drugs and alcohol to anesthetize the pain growing and to end the isolation and loneliness that we lived in a world where people used it because it was willing to sell their body for money . See no other way out than suicide, which he tried it several times.

Jessica never imagined that her life would take such a turn. He grew up in a small town in the US state of Colorado, the daughter of a pastor, learning to walk with love in the ways of the Lord. Active on the position of counselor for youth, promoting abstinence in local schools, along with her church group. He told the young students that “besides sex, there are better things worth living for.” She had a clear vision of life, a spiritual one, full of faith.

But everything changed at the beginning of the second decade of life, when, one day, was a rape victim. Traumatic experience made her feel dirty and unworthy and impossible to be loved.

Jessica abandoned his Christian ideals. After a few wrong choices, just months after she was raped, she was commemorated at the gates wide open pornography. The pain and humiliation experienced in this area were a kind of punishment which it seemed that they deserve.

In addition, for a while, new experience fame and money outweigh the physical and psychological violence to which he was subjected.

Soon, however, use them as a sexual object and constant lack of valuation for himself gave the feeling of emptiness and despair. Fame and money began to lose value in her eyes. She felt deeply raped – and psychologically, not just physically.

By 2011, Jessica led a high-level escort agency through which trafficked girls from throughout the US. It reached deep end in 2013, when FBI agents told him they have enough evidence to send her to prison for 30 years.

With no real friends, no one in the industry which to really care about her, decided to give the most important phone in her life: “Finally, I called my parents and told them: I screwed up huge “.

Parents received her with open arms and with their help and a pastor, left the industry and has rebuilt his life. It scored in the “Refuge for Women” ( “Shelter for Women”), which supports women exploited to heal and reintegrate into society.

“The program was very spiritual. I gave my heart to the Lord immediately. I guess you could say I became religious in despair: “God, if you save me from this, I’ll … ‘.” Jessica gives glory to God for having pulled out of the abyss: “Every day of my life is blessing and every moment is a small miracle they feel God’s presence. I recognize him in all my ways. It is everything to me. “ Parents supported her all the time.

“During recovery, my parents were there. When I gave up pornography, I regained my family. Now we talk every day” she said in video testimony below.

Jessica, now 34 years old, their living delivering pizzas. She surpassed fantasy world and live a real life, with realistic dreams.

Those who went through an experience that I scored and I think now that the pornography industry is an option for them, Jessica transmit them: “Do not give your life for it.”

Men who are addicted to pornography, she reports: “The desire will never be satisfied. It’s a trap that will make you auto. Desire is a monster that is never satisfied. The road which ends consume dependence guaranteed death. You will lose everything. “

Robbie Tripp, Director of Marketing organization Fight the New Drug ( “Fight the new drug”), was quoted by a newspaper that Jessica’s story is important because it debunks the belief that people in this industry have chosen freely this life or because they love what they do. This simply is not true.

Tripp also said that most girls leaving pornographic film industry have terrible stories about “abuse, neglect, and coercion” to which they were subjected. It believes Tripp, should change public opinion about the porn industry, though nothing seems to spoil “facade brilliant” it strives with all his might to keep “The porn industry is full of drugs, violence, abuse, prostitution and even human trafficking. Pornography will end only when the demand for it will disappear. Until then, anyone who consumes such products directly supports media that has been subject to abuse and Jessica and who will fall prey to as many other people arrived in the industry. “

VIDEO. Jessica: “My life as a porn star”