What cut sex drive of women!?

What cut sex drive of women!? Often wonder why men feel women have sex, especially after the relationship in which the threshold is crossed three years. Sociologists and psychologists argue that there are a number of reasons why women have sex feel pretty much dependent on a number of factors but the nature of the drug and sentimental nature.

What cut sex drive of women

Why do women have sex binge reasons

Birth control pills and antidepressants, medications that they take quite a lot of women have a rather strange effect on women when it vien mood for sex. More specifically, according to doctors, 25% of women taking birth control pills suffer from a decrease in libido and most women who take antidepressants are experiencing this problem.

It seems that because of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates lactiatia, breastfeeding women do not have the mood for sex. But this is not a rule, say doctors, despite the fact that such cases are common.

Doctors say most women who are in long term relationships feel the need to sleep more often than the need to have sex. Therefore use the excuse that they have a headache.”

Stress and strife
When a woman is stressed or ceartacu her boyfriend, self-confidence decline. Inevitably, when it feels so not in the mood for sex.

Hormonal Causes
Doctors say unfulfilled sex life and lack of sex drive of women often have hormonal causes. Endocrine dysfunction adversely affect a woman’s libido.




One person should not do LOVE NEVER! Have you ever made that mistake?


A married man, your boss, boyfriend best friend – are numerous men psychologists advise you to not lie again. But there is a category of people that you do well to stay out longer than the others.

It is about your ex, whether it be a former boyfriend or former spouse if you divorce him.
Sleeping with an ex is never a good idea? Journalists website Huffington Post asked his opinion Sherry Amatenstein that is social business and author of books about relationships.

“You see a car that was moving with speed toward you and give you a part of her face. This is how it happens when you make love with your ex. Do not. Because you do is replay the same patterns. It’s comfortable, but comfort is a bad guy.


What a man wants in bed?

What a man wants in bed? Because monotonous after a while, in any relationship problems. According to psychologists and sexologists, these problems can be avoided and the partner who has the power to lead to solving the couple is woman. The explanation is simple: women have the strength necessary to do everything to be ok, if you know what a man wants in bed, given that sex is very important for her in the relationship.

What a man wants in bedSo there are some things that you want in bed and a man who will make them no longer feel bored in the relationship with his partner and that if made would lead to harmony and decrease the danger of separation.

First, psychologists say that women should be aware that some things men want from their partners: to be “Mamo” sometimes to reinvent itself, be bold and be open-minded. These things can translate” and between sheets and are fulfilled when love life will be increasingly better.

What a man wants in bed so as not to get bored:

Try to pay attention. More specifically, in moments of tenderness, though not recognize ever, men want to be petted and cute. Even if it sounds strange, they love to be petted with your fingertips on the back, neck slightly or even kiss their partner seem to be playing in a loving way. This woman’s behavior will make the man to love more.

Try to catch with your appearance. Men love to see their partner changes its appearance, since they are always looking for sexual viders. Psychologists say that they like most, besides changing hair color, how women change their appearance pubic area. Therefore, different types of hair removal pubic area will excite you the most! Moreover, various naughty costumes or outfits worn sheets will arouse them sexually creativity.

Try to propose sexual fantasies. This turns them crazy men. Most would like a game of threesomes with you and one of your closest friends of the couple, but this is too much for a woman to bear a lot. Consequently, you can look beside your man to porn and make him look at you while you service yourself. This will arouse very much.

Try to set a goal to have sex in forbidden places! Sex outside in the night hiding place or in any place that is not in the bedroom or in your home it will make your man go crazy pleasure. He would very much like your initiative and will come into play as soon as possible.

If she periodically propose such things your man, sexologists and psychologists say that the chances of monotony makes couple relationship to be more lasting and durable.



Study: Those who look at porn regularly become more religious!

A new study of American psychologists propose a hypothesis totally unexpected: people who look at porn regularly over time would become more religious than others.

Those who look at porn regularly become more religious

It’s easier to look at porn than to go to church today. Profile sites are a click away and some clips are shorter than the Sunday service.

However, people who have a past loaded with erotic films are closer to the discovery of religiosity than others, says a study by Samuel Perry, a professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of Oklahoma.

The study that makes the connection between religion and pornography are based on the testimonies of a group of 1,314 US adults.

“Those who have a higher frequency of watching pornographic movies are more prone to develop religiosity in the next phase”
says the researcher,

However, pornography may have an adverse effect, reduce religious sentiment, which happens especially to those who have two to three pornographic escapades month.

One explanation proposed by the original study: the habit of watching porn induce a high degree of guilt that is resolved by appealing to religiosity.