Here are the reasons why men go to a erotic massage

You hear increasingly often about erotic massage, but no one knows exactly why men feel the need to resort to that. I worked in a massage parlor and can reveal shocking reasons for hard sex representatives told me that they came to me.

reasons why men go to a erotic massage

A massage parlor is an environment where men come to relax, but in many situations come and talk about what bothers them to life partners. From experience I can tell you that there were few men who said they were satisfied partners torque.

Whether you were in a relationship for years or just the first two years of life, the main reason that I call men who came to me for a massage, was tied their sexual life. May all men were dissatisfied.

Main complaints that I hear from them:

Girlfriend or wife is no longer tender, as it was when they met.
Life partner no longer cares about looks, so it is no longer attractive.
In terms of sex, wife no longer do things that they normally did before the wedding: oral sex, new sexual positions.
The woman next to her neglect them.
Lack of communication between the couple.
Do not feel loved.
Partner does not engage in sexual intercourse bodily, is superficial.


What excuse have women not to have sex! :)

What excuse have women not to have sex! 🙂 I look at a serial” or “I woke up early” is among the excuses that a man heard them all the time, when he wanted to make love to his wife. Exasperated, the man wrote all the reasons on paper.

What excuse have women not to have sex

A constant denials frustrated husband wife created a document in which he wrote that it excuses used to avoid to make love with him. But that just did not expect his wife to publish the document online on Reddit network.

The man spent a month to assemble reasons, among which are:

I’m looking at a serial(rebroadcasting the film “Friends“)
“I’m too drunk and ate too much”
“I’m sweaty and nasty
“I feel like I would get sick
“I come from the theater” (but did not shower until the next morning)
“I will not have time to get ready for dinner” (but we arrived 20 minutes early)

The man, who did not give his name, made the list above after only had three nights of love in two months.

What excuse have women not to have sex 2



Reasons why should sex noisy

9 Reasons why should sex noisy! Do not you never thought of this, but I say that is extremely important in terms of sex. It made noise while you and your partner have sex.

9 Reasons why should sex noisy

Although it seems hard to believe, the new look is imperative reasons to do this.

1. Your neighbors will know your name although not really sociable with you, your neighbors will know who they are now fork”. Perhaps you will look with envy after several evenings crazy.

2. It can be very fun to communicate with your partner during sex sometimes it might be better just to explain what you plan to do to create pleasure and not to scare the person next to you

3. It is good to know that you do not have prejudices. Many would make noise in bed, but the fear of not embarrass, do not do that. Noise unlocks and you can increase your confidence.

4. Helps breathing process speaking and groans can lead to better breathing can lead to a deep relaxation which is good sex itself.

5. With your moans and more you can excite your partner so you both get a great orgasm.

6. Surely no one will enter the room upon you and your partner if they hear noises coming from that room.

7. This can lead to fulfilling sexual fantasies that many only see them in porn.

8. Always you may feel like things as new every time you have sex. You can make scripts and even you can implement with their partner.

9. Because it’s nice to give free rein to thought and feelings in the moment of sexual climax.


Reasons to watch at a porn with him

Watching porn with your boyfriend can bring many benefits relationship.

Reasons to watch at a porn with him

Porn films need not ruin your confidence in yourself and ruin your sex life, on the contrary. There is a place in society and in our bedrooms pornography. In the right conditions, can watch these movies needs and nothing more for your sex life and relationship. Your boyfriend looks at porn and you can do it from time to time. So why not share this experience? Here are some of the reasons to love watching pornographic films together is a good idea.

It is a common experience
Whenever a couple shares the experiences, investing in the longevity of the relationship. Whether it’s a trip, a hobby or even watching porn, this will closer.

Learn more about fantasy partner
Everyone has fantasies, but not all talk openly about it with your partner, the fear of rejection or embarrassment. Some people do not even realize that they have a certain fantasy until I see something like that in a movie. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a porn film clearly answer the question “What fantasies do you have?

Can be used instead of foreplay
As use porn when you masturbate, you can use it as a prelude to sex. Typically, the excitation occurs after 10 to 12 minutes, but a study of McGill University has shown that the excitation occurred in the subjects after 30 seconds. Perfect when you do not have enough spare time!

It can reduce the need for adventures outside the relationship
If you are fully satisfied sexually for your partner, chances to look an affair outside the relationship are much lower. Some people believe that if a man the other women by watching porn, other women will look in real life. Fortunately, reality is different. Let us not forget that everyone needs variety, and if you look at a movie with your lover, you will be less likely to cheat you.

Learn new things
Of course, porn is not necessarily render reality, but you can learn many new things from them in positions to oral sex techniques. No need to try everything you see, but if something looks interesting, naked and you get to work!

You watch porn with your lover? If not, now you have reasons to do it!


Reasons for which porn actresses hate 50 Shades Of Grey

5 reasons for which actresses in porn hate “50 Shades Of Grey”!

5 reasons for which actresses in porn hate 50 Shades Of Grey




Why is it good to have sex every day!? Hottest TEN REASONS!?

Why is it good to have sex every day!? Hottest TEN REASONS!? Sex is one of the answers for those looking to be happy, although sometimes complicate things. But life is more beautiful, and if you have to deal with some challenges. To have the energy needed to solve everyday problems then you need to have sex every day. What are the benefits of sex from Monday to Sunday you will find in the list below:

Why is it good to have sex every day Hottest TEN REASONS

1. You relieve stress
Sex helps reduce stress. The body releases dopamine, a substance that fights stress hormones, and endorphins and oxytocin, which will make it happy and relaxed.

2. One way to do sports
These and physical activity. And also burn calories. For example, if you have sex 3 times a week for 15 minutes burn 7,500 calories per year. Also, due to increased respiration rate is better oxygenated cells. Moreover testosterone which is released during a sex keeps your muscles and bones strong.

3. Reduce blood pressure
Because sex improves blood pressure or have come to the conclusion that researchers at the University of Paisley.

4. Strengthens the body’s immunity
Those who have sex often have a body a larger amount of immunoglobulin A, an antigen which increases resistance to influenza virus.

5. Grow Young
Those who have sex at least 3 times a week look 10 years younger, according to findings of a study conducted by researchers in Scotland.

6. Maintains healthy heart
Sex helps prevent heart attack and stroke. So keep your heart healthy and functional.

7. Reduce pain
If you have a headache then you should have sex. You can also try to escape by sex and back pain.

8. It helps to build confidence in partner
Because oxytocin will be happier and you can move easily over the problems in the relationship. You will have more confidence in each other and increase the degree of privacy.

9. Prevent Cancer
Regular ejaculation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. An Australian study shows that men who ejaculate 21 times a month are less likely to get sick from cancer.

10. It helps you sleep better
If you have trouble sleeping then you should have sex more often. After a torrid match you fall asleep quickly.

Bonus Goo Menstruation!!!

Sex helps you have regular menstruation and without problems. In addition, soothes and pains can be very large for some women.

It prevents erectile dysfunction

The best remedy against impotence is sex. So help getting exercise performance.

prolongs life

Sex helps you live longer and better.

Therefore you have no excuse not to do too often sex.



5 reasons NOT to have sex with ex-boyfriend!

5 reasons NOT to have sex with ex-boyfriend! No matter how much you wish to get over the relationship that you had with that man who seems to have changed you for life, actually fail. Now you love, you hate now and again you love. You know you can not be with him, but you want that, in some way, somehow remain with you, because you can not see without his presence in your life. Surely you’re thinking about having sex with former boyfriend, that still attracts you, and with it all seems much simpler. Here are 5 reasons you should not fall prey to this impulse or do not do it again!

Sex with ex-boyfriend confusing

Both for you and for him, erotic encounters will create confusion in your mind and heart. Now I want back in your life because things seem so natural to him now regret that you can not give it up and go on alone or in the company of another man with whom to have the same principles in life. The more you immerse yourself more in these thoughts, the more difficult it will be to come out.

5 reasons NOT to have sex with ex-boyfriend

Sex with ex-boyfriend keeps you trapped in a vicious circle.

I think that if not doing anything wrong with having sex with former boyfriend once, but this is the first step towards forming a vicious circle. Until you realize, you wake up again involved in a relationship that has no future. You will realize later that you have again the same expectations from him, but you can not ask them anything because you are not officially together. Even if you regret that you become dependent on meeting him, however you will enjoy as a child every time you have together. But at the same time, you realize that you do not feel fulfilled in this situation, but you can not move on because you feel like quitting a very important part of your life.

Touch with his ex keeps you advance.

Since you are no longer together, like you never feel safe. And you do anything more to keep even a narrow road past that made you so happy someday. Sex with ex-boyfriend is so good that you do not want to miss this opportunity to be with him. Although you find it hard to move on, you must find the strength to overcome everything that happened. This situation will bring no good, nothing prevents you‘re on the contrary you see your life as it should. If you fall prey to the temptation to sleep with him again, you suppress only entitled to new experiences. That stuck in a relationship that will never be exactly as you want, you stop to open your heart to another person of the opposite sex.

5 reasons NOT to have sex with ex-boyfriend 2

Meetings with former partner deepen your pain.

The fact that you continue to see yourself with your ex boyfriend to have sex with him and you can not only bring nostalgia and suffering. Kisses, the smell of his skin, touching all the moments of tenderness and passion will make you just be harder to overcome former relationship. I will return in a place where you will not be able to go easily, and time will pass you by without you realize.

Sex with ex-boyfriend may disappoint you.

You decided to have sex with former boyfriend, just once, nothing more … and you realize that everything changed. No he is not the same, you do not feel the same. Painfully realize that everything was finished. You tried so hard to keep these feelings end as far, but now I’m here, have made its way into your soul and you feel so devastated. You feel liberated, yet empty. And a bittersweet take over you …

Although sex with former boyfriend seems to be all you have left the previous relationship, try to go further and it does not taste the bittersweet pleasure of taste. Leave everything behind, but keep getting feelings of respect, affection and good thoughts towards him.



4 reasons you should look at porn

It is said that men often looked at porn than women, although it is quite likely as women to look “in secret”, but not recognize because they would “spoil” the image. Especially that for many people means porn degradation and exploitation of women as sex object and tracking porn would mean betraying their “sisters”.

4 reasons you should look at porn

However, leaving aside prejudices, porn can be a form of escape in eroticism. In addition, I can help you discover your sexuality and be more active in the bedroom.

Here are four reasons why women should look at porn:

1. You know better

You can explore every part of your privacy, so next time you have sex with your partner will know exactly what your likes and dislikes and you can give him precious indications.

2. Discover other positions

Watching adult films you face a new perspective on sexuality. Other positions besides the classic missionary other types of sex (anal, three, group, fetish etc.). Thus, you are more open to try things that you think fits you.

3. Learn new tricks

You should not necessarily turn into a porn star. Anyway, you see there is staged by professionals with years of hard practice. But you can apply little tricks that you can learn from porn. Certainly sex partner will be surprised and you can rekindle the spark in the bedroom.

4. “Mood”

In the evenings you feel like you do not feel, yet you do not want to disappoint your partner already heated porn can get you out of the impasse. So next time, before you find the line “Not today” starts an adult film and watch it together. Men are intrigued by the right partner when it proposes to follow explicit images together. God forbid that we will judge.


6 Reasons to not you meet a man with huge cock.

6 Reasons to not you meet a man with huge cock. A huge cock could seriously injure partner! It has a huge cock? Here are the most important reason why you can not give you never meet a man who has … “a huge snakein the pants! Although men are convinced that the more they penis bigger, the better for them and their partner, it seems that things are not exactly so.

6 Reasons to not you meet a man with huge cock

Here are the reasons why not to never see a man who has a huge cock!

1. Normal condoms do not fit on his cock
In fact, sexual intercourse could not take place at all, unless you find someone that you can get condoms XXL.

2. A normal vagina is not suitable a huge cock
Any normal vagina can not, under any circumstances, according to the huge serpent” in his pants. What can not only be very unpleasant. Moreover, it can even lead to serious injury to partner.

3. Anal sex with him smoking
Giant Penis is not suitable either for anal sex. Here you choose the risks of agony and deep wounds are equally high.

4. Bleeding
A sexual act with a man with a large penis may end up with bleeding from both partners.

5. Sex should be one less “hotly”
Sex will be necessarily a good thoughtno “animal”.

6. You will always need lubricant

A sex with a partner exaggerated features will be “sprinkled” with more lube, absolutely any occasion.




Reasons for refusing to have sex

Why did not you want to have sex? 6 Reasons for refusing to have sex!

An active sex life is important not only for the happy couple relationship, but also for your health. Daily stress or certain conditions are just some of the issues that affect your libido and make you neglect your partner. Discover possible enemies are sabotaging your sex life.

6 Reasons for refusing to have sex

Stress and burnout
Hectic life that we take can have numerous effects on your health, but also on sexual desire. If you get into bed every night just to sleep thinking, then it takes small changes in lifestyle. Do you need your organization to allow more time for you, but also your partner. Set your priorities clear and provides daily relaxation.

Extra Pounds
Besides health problems, extra weight causes frustration and loss of libido. Because we tend to compare ourselves perfect body images presented in the media, any deviation from the rules lead to emotional imbalance that will affect your sex life. Ask your boyfriend to tell you he loves your body. His compliments certainly will help you regain your confidence in yourself.

Oral contraceptives
You use them to prevent unwanted pregnancies for a carefree sex life. But one of the side effects of these pills is diminished libido. Contraceptive pills contain estrogen, which causes increased production of a protein responsible for decreased sexual drive.

Health Problems
Sexual appetite can be affected by certain disorders such as depression, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, anemia or heart disease. Correct diagnosis and treatment of the problem will improve sexual life.

Not only contraceptives can affect sex drive. Other drugs such as antidepressants, drugs that reduce blood pressure, anxiety and gastric acid reflux can have the same effect. Talk to your doctor about side effects of drugs before further treatment.

Hormonal imbalance
Hormonal changes can decrease sexual desire. In pregnancy, lactation or premenopausal interest in sex may decrease.

To increase sexual desire, you can try natural remedies. If you feel tired during the day, it is time to make some changes in the diet. Focus on lean protein, fruits and vegetables in abundance. Also, good fats are important when it comes to sex. You can find them in significant quantities in nuts, fish, olive oil and coconut, avocado. There aphrodisiac foods that you can try. Include in your diet pomegranates, asparagus, dark chocolate, oysters, avocado, salmon, watermelon, and the results will surprise you.

If you are a smoker, it’s time to quit smoking. Not only is it extremely harmful to health, but cigarettes are among the factors that cause decreased libido.

Attention! A low sex drive for long periods can be a warning sign. Ask the opinion of the doctor and discovers the causes and how they can be eliminated.