Signs that you are boring in bed!!!

Signs that you are boring in bed!!! Boredom occurs in any relationship, but it is important to realize this and take action. See how you realize that you are boring in bed.

Signs that you are boring in bed

Not wearing sexy lingerie
Your pajamas and fluffy hearts are comfortable and cute, but he might not like him so much, especially if you wear every night. Men are visual and want to see you, even sometimes dressed in something sexy. Surprise him dressed in a provocative lingerie and you’ll see how your relationship will become more interesting.

Make love in one place
If you do not want to have sex than in the bedroom, do not be surprised if I tell you, at one time, that was tired. Numerous studies have shown that having sex partners in other rooms were happier and more satisfied with each other. If you want to do something really daring, you can try sex in public places something.

Do you want to try new things
Men want to try new things, and if you say no to every proposal that do not be surprised that you will get bored. Some men want to talk dirty, others prefer to use sex toys, whatever, it does not hurt to show that you are willing to try.

Make love slowly
If sex has become a problem to be solved once a month, you should think well if you want to be in this relationship. Men want to feel wanted, and when sex is mechanically programmed and not be surprised if you think you’re boring.


SEX: 5 lies that destroy your private life…

SEX: 5 lies that destroy your private life… Some lies in the relationship may be innocent, but others are downright dangerous and you can put the relationship at risk. Some lies are you even sex life a nightmare. See what they are and avoid them.

SEX 5 lies that destroy your private life

He must initiate sex
One of the most common myths is that man should get a signal when “action”. The blame is our society more traditionalist, but the lack of courage in telling women what they want, especially when it comes to sex.

There are rules to be followed for a perfect night
The idea that sex perfect technical means perfect, and figures of aerobatics experience is completely wrong. Many people are under the impression that good sex means figures, numbers, time, strength and goals achieved. Forget that sex is intimate, personal, and that success is more about feelings intensity than physical capabilities bending or extension of limbs.

Sex really mean intimate contact
Many people separated prelude to sex, as are two completely different things, not two consecutive steps of a larger trial and enjoyable. To say that a gym session in litter quality is sex is wrong, because the prelude and tenderness or after intercourse talks are part of the magic and should not be ignored.

Orgasm is the most important
Another problem is that most couples see orgasm as the ultimate objective and purpose of sex. Everyone seems to forget the joy of intimacy, physical and spiritual closeness and joy bodies bonded together.

An erection is the same excitation
If a man has an erection, it only means that it is healthy and operating parameters. Does not mean that he does not deserve affection and touch and after obtaining an erection. Sex is not sex organs coupling at each other. Once you understand this, only then can you have sex to satisfactory quality and up.


3 sexual positions that you try them today.

Are you out of ideas when it comes to new positions on which to try? No problem, I prepared new couple! Sex is very important in a healthy relationship, which is why we must guard against routine. But sometimes you do not have ideas for new sexual positions that you can try, so I did not manage to change anything. I prepared, so three sexual positions that you can try tonight.

3 sexual positions that you try them today

If you like to have control and look for a particular position, it will certainly be to your liking! Ask your partner to lie beside the bed or couch so sit back down (on a blanket or a mat for gymnastics, for convenience), outdoor ass and legs on the bed / couch. This is one of the best positions where the woman is over – it is tiring for either partner, stimulates your G-spot, and the approach of you will be very high.

If, instead, prefer to be dominated, it is worth to try this position. Both standing up, he behind you, but do not lean upon any wall or furniture, because you hands behind your back, kept him. There is an intimate position, but allows for deep penetration and the fact that he keeps you hands, it becomes even more exciting. If you want, you can even wear handcuffs.

If you want a very intimate, lotus position is the most suitable for you. Orgasm is guaranteed that enables clitoral stimulation, so that we do not realize why it is not used! Your partner sits cross-legged in a lotus position similar to that used in yoga, and you have to sit on him, in the same position, so you legs around each other.

You tried any of these positions?



Secrets of porn industry. What is not seen in the XXX films !?

Secrets – porn industry. What is not seen in PORN!!?

In an industry worth billions of dollars and has played a key role in the development of the Internet there is no room for mistakes and improvisations. Here’s the dirty secret of adult film interesting:

mmmHow well the actresses feel?

There are women who work in the porn industry because they love to have sex, and the luckiest of them often orgasm during filming. Most actresses are forced to mimic orasmul but so moans and cries of adult films often related to theatrical performance.

What do cameramen

At first glance, the job of cameraman porn production involves a strong dose of temperance and self-control. In reality, cameramen XXX industry does not even seem interesting scenes are “hot” you filming. “I see the same stuff every day, six days a week, for years. They do not care,” says actress Victoria Rae Black.

The richest porn stars. Who are and how much money

The actors purely professional relationship

Often, actresses and actors sex XXX movies known by hour or two shooting began. It is also possible that one or both are married, so that between them there is little chance to knock off a relationship other than professional.

Amazing performances by actors

Actors in the porn industry have a more difficult job than actresses. Filming for a scene can take up to three hours, is surrounded by cameramen and reflectors, directors require them to take frequent breaks and stay in uncomfortable positions, so that only the best of them always fail to live up to the situation.


Sexual Life on the run? 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule.

You are always busy in the evening when you go to bed feeling too tired for love? Then you must take action before your relationship to fall apart. If the program loaded and everyday stress affect your libido, it takes effort to restore things on track. Do not neglect your sex partner and put back on the list of priorities.

Sexual Life on the run 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule

Plan your intimate moments!
Sex is not planned as passionate as the spontaneous, but it is certainly better than nothing. It can be the ideal solution for many moments of intimacy with partners loaded programs. You can set a special day together at least a week for sex. Cindy Crawford are among the stars who have acknowledged that his days planning her husband sex because of busy schedule. “If we expect to happen by itself, it would not happen. Today, even if we do not feel like sex, when the time comes programmed mood occurs during the game“, said the star.

Sex on the run”
Time is precious and if you can not afford leisurely sex, foreplay give up and take advantage of any free moment. Fast sex parties can be very exciting and fun. Morning in the shower, in the elevator (if you are among the brave), enjoy every moment spent together.

Redo your priority list
An active sex life can be extremely beneficial for physical health but also mental. In addition, increases the love wearing your partner and help you look younger. For these reasons, regular sex should be on your list of priorities. Cancel unnecessary and tedious activities and take time for the really important things in your life.




A new type of sex: Karezza. Find out why revolutionizing life couples!

There was a new sexual practice which is gaining ground among couples who want to rekindle the spark” in the relationship. It’s called Karezza and although it sounds incredible, does not involve orgasm.

Karezza” comes from the Italian word Carezza” which means comfort” and defines a form of love-making gentle, affectionate, not just the orgasm is not the goal, but that, ideally, no a partner touches, ” said Marnie, one of the promoters of this current site This type of sexual practice putting such emphasis on emotional connection and affection.

A man aged 51 years who Karezza practice with his wife: It creates a sense of attachment in a relationship that is very difficult to express. It’s far deeper than conventional sex.

A psychologist who uses this sexual practice to revitalize relations told her patients that despite the stereotype that men only aim to achieve orgasm, devoted most of her clients are men: It’s a radical experience for them, but believes that emotional intimacy exceeds they have more thrill when watching just to have sex.

Although it seems that men are beginning to appreciate sex without orgasm, according to an article in The New York Times of July 2, the number of women who buy lubricants, stimulating gels and oils and sex toys or herbal supplements exceeds the number of men.

With all the importance that people generally attach to orgasm, that is, therefore, appeal of Karezza?

A man aged 56, who started practicing Karezza since 14 years ago when he and his wife had problems in the bedroom, explaining:

Neither I nor my wife have not had an orgasm for eight years and our relationship has never been better. She feels now as an equal partner during sex daily. And our relationship is back living with great sex and feeling great. Pleasure attain a new level. Follow sensation in your body, not stimulating.





What does occasionally have sex?

What does occasionally have sex?

What does occasionally have sexDespite variations on this definition, casual sex is sex with someone you do not take into account to be your husband / loved / a friend / a partner.

In other words, sex without a relationship with significant involvement. Some researchers attach a specific time period casual sex, eg sex with someone two weeks after you met him.

Casual sex seems quite problematic, however, because even in so short a period of time may occur emotional ties and partners can be together for a longer period of time without becoming deeply involved.

So casual sex is sex that you do without any emotional involvement, no partner to have sex or intimate relationship.


Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetime.

Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetime. Sexual intercourse can enhance or ruin the relationship with your lover, because, in these moments, couples need to know to meet each other, to drop inhibitions and unleash their imagination.

Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetimeTo keep the passion in the couple is encouraged to experiment with new positions, unusual places and different times of day. Sex is not only in the evening or bed. Find out positions where you can classics and implement to gain as much experience from which to enjoy together:

1. “Doggy style”, in the back”, or “goatis one of the most known and used position when it comes to sex. The method does not require eye contact and not fall into the category romantic ways to pamper your beloved. The man is the one who guides the movements in this position. A place you can practice anywhere, provided you take care not julesti your knees.

2. “woman on topis the attitude that some women adopt in the bed, to show that dominate the partner’s movements and to keep control of intercourse. Ideal is to happen in bed because the mattress springs were and role trampoline, helping action. One can practice, but, wherever enough room for him to lie.

3. Position missionary” is considered good, but practice with the same ardor and is appreciated for its many variations that may occur, depending on the intensity of the movement or position of the feet. With this option it is possible to partners sensual caress and be gentle with each other. You can practice anywhere you can stretch back; for maximum effect, allow yourself a little lower than your partner. Thus stimulates the penis clitoris, so you get the double pleasure.

4. The position known as spoon” or spoon” is preferred by many for chaining sensual implied, literally. You may also stimulate the “manual” can play with your breasts, and all the while you stay stuck in a way complicit. Experts recommend this method people who want to have sex without having to resort to the prelude, as it is very exciting. You can practice anywhere you can stretch both.

5. “The Horseman” is a non-conformist position requires eye contact. This way mutual satisfaction is fast and can be put into practice in different areas such as the bathroom, in the car or in tight places.

6. Position 69 is used by people who do not feel embarrassed to reveal body and not reluctant about oral sex. Through this method show your partner that you are open to new trials and you is not afraid to experiment. For variation, you still need exercise. You will only succeed in time to leave him over (unless you’re an expert you choke) or to do while he is standing. Ideal locations are those where you can sit comfortably, either indoors or outdoors.

7. A sex standing up is common among young lovers preferences in the process of developing hormone and who do not care for the place where sex. The position is very comfortable and is ideal for partners to have the same height, but this is not mandatory. Can be painful at first, but over time, she manages to learn how to sit or, rather, so that penetration to occur more easily. You can have sex standing almost anywhere: in the elevator, closets, walls or fences lean on the balcony tight places are ideal for this position.



Ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Sex Advice: 6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom: After several years of relationship, or months in some cases can become monotonous life couple. And even if there is still love, passion evaporated. If you find yourself in this situation, do not despair. With a little willpower and techniques can rekindle the flame in your bedroom. And no need for major changes. Here are some simple tricks that can improve your sex parties.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Change location!
Having sex in the same place at the same time and in the same position gets boring at some point. So make a change. Discard the bed for a while and find new places for sex. Bathroom or kitchen can be ideal for a passionate sex game. If you are among the brave couples can explore and places outside the home. Make sure however that you try the ones that are protected from prying eyes. You can also make some changes in the bedroom, a new bed or painting walls with a different color.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 2

Sex like in the movies!
Almost all Hollywood movies contain scenes sex couple standing against a wall or stairs. So why not try and you? Not only will it increase the level of adrenaline, but can be extremely exciting. Surprise him with a passionate kiss and lead him to a memorable sex.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 3

Love in the mirror!
What could be more exciting than when you love the reflection of your bodies? Search the largest mirror in the house and love you to her. Doggie style will be much more exciting way.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 4

Use handcuffs!
Want to spice up bedroom activities? Then try sex toys. Shackles, for example, be ideal. Do not use any type of handcuffs, preferably as those of a sex shop, because they are safer and typically do not have the key, breaking slightly. You handcuffs? Nothing? You can also use silk scarves, with which you can connect or can be tied to the bed.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 5

Sweeten your chocolate and cream!
Drop the diet for one night and enjoy the chocolate cream directly on the body of her lover. Lay chocolate or cream on your partner’s body and then lick her body. It’s the perfect way to bring some fun to the bedroom.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 6

Provides him with a feather touch orgasmic
Men are very sensitive to touch. Pamper your lover with tender caresses for maximum pleasure. Ask him to lie on his back and then kissed it gently and walk a feather on the most sensitive areas. I will thank the moans of pleasure. It can be the perfect prelude to a memorable sex.


10 Things You Do not Know About … erection!

0 Things You Do not Know About ... erectionWe talk so much about sex, orgasms, passion and love, but sometimes we forget to talk about an important element: erection.

And yes, even if you have seen many, even if you think you know everything, there is still much to be explained.

Here are some of them!

There are three types of erections

Erections occur when the reflex to take place intercourse, psychogenic erections come from audiovisual stimulation or fantasies and nocturnal erections occur naturally at night. The last two types, psychogenic erections and nocturnal, not always “intentio” and tend to “appear” in the most inappropriate moments.

Smoking and alcohol do not mix well with erection

Studies show that most young men suffering from erectile dysfunction smoked or drank alcohol regularly. So, fewer parties, many erections!

Oral sex causes him to “grow” more and faster

In a recent study it was found that after oral sex increases penis length is significantly longer than after a normal erection.

More sleep = better erections

According to the latest research, lack of sleep not only affects sex drive, but pause and the normal cycle of erections that occur during the night. The white nights spent at parties or lack of sleep caused by a partner who snores can cause real problems in the bedroom!

Privacy matters!

Indeed, this depends on the way of being the man in question, but in most cases, lack of privacy during a sexual intercourse can cause problems when it comes to erection. A house full of children, roommates, parents or other relatives can do extremely easy “mission”.

It might not be the right …

If you see the direction you are moving your partner’s penis has a “trajectory” just right, do not panic! A slight inclination is absolutely normal during erection. However, if this “abnormality” is painful it bothers him or advises your boyfriend to go to a control!

Masturbation makes a difference

If a man does not masturbate for a few days, the blood pressure of his penis will be much higher when erection, which will make it and be stronger. So if you want a game incendiary ask him for a few days to refrain from any “activity”.

Size matters!

And by that, I mean body size, not anything else. Men who are obese have a much lower level of testosterone, and this affects, obviously, and sexual activity. Balanced weight is definitely a plus when it comes to “healthy erections”!

Yes, even condoms spoil the fun!

But it is not true for all men. A recent study found that some men even suffering from condoms they can cause some problems regarding erection. However, if stronger incentive, they would have serious problems because of a condom.

Uncontrollable erections are less …

Be pleased that you’re a woman and you manage to have orgasms short, fast, but multiple, because men are not so lucky! In fact, 30% of men say they feel dissatisfied that sometimes takes too little of their erections and ejaculation need arises too quickly.