Cirillo: “I want to play in a porn movie!”

Bruno CirilloThree years ago, back when Chivu play in Rome, all his teammates Rocco Siffredi declared themselves fans of the most famous actor famous for X in the Peninsula and sizes (some doctors say exaggerated) his sexual organ.

The other day, some news coming from the same geographical area tell us that many players in Serie A, some even international calls at a gigolo It seems that there are some frustrations more or less disguised, but it should be appreciated that some are true and some things recunonosc the public. The last of them is football Reggina, Bruno Cirillo. According to his own statements, the man has a dream since childhood. To be filmed while having sex.

Rocco November siamo

About this Italian man as the definition away from a Petrarch or Da Vinci. At least that‘s colleagues say Cirillo, who saw in Adam’s costume game. It has boy ‘” That would be the definition of its emptiness. I say this because it is true. Simply Cirillo confirms rumors circulating on account of his manhood. Comparison with Cassano makes a little more talkative. Even entering into details, as they say.

Come on Have 700 women? I just got a 20 and believe me, I’m not the type to blush in front of a woman, complete Italian defender. Regarding his dream ever, “His greatest ever”, as the Americans say, our man has no doubt.

“I want to be an actor in a film for adults, as they say, although including minors looking at this kind of productions. One of those teens I was and I therefore admit that it was my dream always been a great. Football has always been second And the main reason is that there are some things that we have not seen on screen before. I’m sure many men would appreciate what I want to present in the scene that I thought her. not the other, but every actor is a little director concluded the player aged 31 years his erotic confessions.


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Valentina Nappi starlet who made ​​her debut with the Italian porn king! Valentina Nappi is a brunette who has decided to make a career in film XXX. It was discovered by none other than the famous Rocco Siffredi, porn king italian considered.

Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi

Has 21 years and became known after writing about sex and pornography on her blog personally. Valentina Nappi came to become porn star after she appeared in her first sex scene with Rocco Siffredi.

The film was called “Bitch in Uniformand enjoyed great success among fans of the genre, which made ​​the Valentina to become a star overnight. She played so well that everyone was impressed with her ​​performance.

“Many of those who have seen my scene hard with Rocco could not believe that it was my first scene this way.” says Valentina Nappi.

Valentina is considered an intellectual porn starlet, but as they are studying fashion design and is passionate about philosophy, art and literature.



Rocco Siffredi, the famous XXX actor admits he paid prostitutes for sex.

Rocco Siffredi starred in hundreds of XXX movies, had sex with thousands of women, becoming a superstar XXX industry, but there came a time when pay to satisfy instincts.

Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi continues his shocking statements. Having said that is gay, and that he was molested by a priest, nicknamed the Italian Stallionhas decided to make uncovering an episode in his life. Thus, it was recognized that the prostitutes, who paid them to have sex with him.

“I wanted to end my career like porn for my sons were small and I did not want my work to be a problem for them as a teenager. But at 42, after I use sex every day, I was like a junkie, I needed “meat”. Then I came back home, where I could find a gorgeous family. I told my wife that I had a thousand of women that have paid in that period. We started talking about it, and this brought us together. I confessed that I did not recognize at that Rocco who had become a good boy. My biggest flaw is that I do not like to disappoint “, said Rocco Siffredi.

Now, at 48 years, he can look after detachment. And explain why he thinks that his wife had reasons of jealousy:

Sex in porn is not related to the feelings I have for my consort. I do not want a lover, although I could have more, even famous. I just needed to get empty to save my marriage. ” However, the former Miss Hungary Rózsa Tassi, known as Rosa Caracciolo, knew exactly who she marries. Especially to and worked with him in the XXX industry. Does sex movie with her, was still without feelings?


We spoke with Italian porn star, Rocco Siffredi, who gave up sex for World Cup!

Rocco Siffredi porn star

Every four years, soccer fans around the world to gorge on pints of beer and pursue national teams in the World Cup Football. To be more focused on the games and not on fucks, self-titled Italian porn star stallion italic“, Rocco Siffredi, decided to remain abstinent until Italy wins or out of competition. Friends, I had thousands of orgasms, but it’s one that will not ever forget“, he said of the Italians in the movie Rocco Siffredi in which he announced the decision. It’s one that I had with you. Remember when we won the World Cup in 2006? To have and that collective orgasm, I’m ready to give up my orgasms.

Rocco Siffredi sees victory as an orgasm and he wants to remain abstinent to prepare for the biggest he had ever seen. Rocco Siffredi has not given orgasms never before. His career began in 1987, when he was 23, and since then has starred in over 1300 scenes, including Rocco‘s Perfect Slaves Rocco‘s True Anal Stories Psycho Teens and. Basically did more sex than to all who read this taken together.

If you think Siffredi fucking lives of oath of abstinence seems to be the highest form of worship that can be shown to an Italian national team. To commemorate the vow of abstinence, Siffredi allow users to masturbate on his website for free. Curious to see what a man, especially a porn star would give up sex for football, I Siffredi called to talk about his oath, about the World Cup and the best orgasm of his life.

Why did you decide to stay abstinent as n play Italy World Cup?
Rocco Siffredi: I found a fun way to test myself, to see how resist. I find a bet with myself to always stand as a national of Italy to Brazil.

How often do you have sex often?
Rocco Siffredi: Almost daily. It’s my life. The footage, work, sex, and when I get home I do sex with my wife again. I am a person full of sexuality and she is always available for sex, and if she wants to do and I’m always ready.

As you stood most without sex?
Rocco Siffredi: 15 years ago was in hospital in agony for a few days, so I do not fucked in that time.

So you were not there in your will.
Rocco Siffredi: Yes, I was there for a circumcision, which was very painful and I was fucking full of bandages and stitches, so I could not have sex properly. But the girls could play with it without it moving and I could still go.

How to distract your attention from the sport?
Rocco Siffredi: Sex itself is a sport and you play something competitive, you’re even more excited. I’ll spend my whole sexual energy in sports that do not feel that I lost something. He wants me to get tired so hard to stop thinking about sex.

Have you included in your oath of abstinence masturbation?
Rocco Siffredi: No, no! Do not give the paw, only sex with women.

How can you compare an orgasm with a victory in the World Cup?
Rocco Siffredi: Imagine the pleasure you feel when your country wins the cup. In 2006, I was invaded a strong euphoria. An incredible event is as strong as an incredible orgasm. Only victory in itself would be a tectonic orgasm. I really want to win. The whole country is looking at the same event and simultaneously feel the same pleasure. What orgasm exceed that?


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University of porn actor Rocco Siffredi has established tough test for admission!

University of porn actor Rocco Siffredi has established tough test for admission! Italian actor Rocco Siffredi porn inaugurated Hard University pornographic or Accademy, academy dedicated to everyone who dreams of becoming stars in the adult industry.

Only 21 people were accepted for the beginning of the thousands who had applied to attend the institution: 7 women and 14 men.

Adult film veteran Rocco Siffredi, share them accept students from the University of pornography from the experience of years of occupation, during which time he made over 1,300 films. Students will participate in samples picture, where they will learn what are the best sexual positions in front of the cameras, but also sexual positions disadvantage porn actors.

Because porn movies of the future will put more emphasis on story, aspiring actors will learn how to say the lines convincingly. The idea to establish a university did not seem moved it assuring everyone that the success was not gone to his head and lead a life as normal as possible, “probably many people may think that my life is much too common “ says the actor.

They promoted with good note:

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Rocco Siffredi XXX actor, sexually molested!

I was 11 and he about 25 lived near our house, and one day he called me and showed me his porn magazines“, he told the prince gay of XXX industry.

He says he was sexually molested, but it was not about anything violent, “When I was horny, claimed that out of room, but remained at the door, looking at me. But do not put your hands on me.

He had now the chance of his future career? That priest was the first fan of the man who was to become one of the leading porn stars in the world. And that proves that knows how to shock the world and now at 47 years.

Rocco Siffredi


Sasha Grey: “In six years I have made over 300 porn movies. It was very hard to go to Hollywood”

Sasha Grey on her real name Marina Ann Hantzis is in the 24 years they kind of Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies for adults. From violent sex, rape, and sado-masochistic orgies, Sasha Grey has done all in her films. But few know that his entire career XXX was actually a fad.

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha gave an exclusive interview American told the Daily Beast that the first porn star who had sex shortly after he turned 18 was Rocco Siffredi, who inaugurated” and the famous Cicciolina a profile screening nearly 20 years before. recently renounced her porn career and soon conquered Hollywood and starring in “The Girlfriend Experience” (2009), HBO’s Entourage” and “I melt with you with Rob Lowe. Her career porn definitively ended April 7, 2011, when she began work on the film “Would you Rather“.

“It was a bit strange to go from porn to Hollywood cinema. I was used to a different way of working. Sex extreme, violent and shocking trends than it seemed a cinch to interpret a character who had to talk, to feel, to live. It was the hardest day of my life.

“I started shooting XXX industry more than a fad, and fully captivated me and helped me discover myself. The sextorture, pushed to the extreme that I found myself lying in a very strong, able to do anything. So I took the plunge and changed my life 180 degrees, after having won countless Oscars porn. I need a day to gain a real Oscar.


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