Ron Jeremy fucks a clerk in the store!

XXX: Ron Jeremy fucks a clerk in the store!

Ron Jeremy

Porn Star Ron Jeremy fucks a clerk in the store, his new girl store that despite being the newest work is undoubtedly the most sow and boss ask her out of the store because she wants to be in store is capable of hitting a good fuck by the boss, the fox is not cut and begins to touch his cock until he spreads her legs and gets her the great Ron Jeremy until he cums on her abdomen...

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Fortune porn. See the top most SEXY XXX actors with the most money.

Adult film industry have made many porn films actor through his immense fortune to have sexual activities in front of the camera. Celebrity Magazine Nwtworth made a top earnings that you have achieved so far stars in adult film industry.

Rank 10 Jenna Haze $ 3.5 million fortune
At the age of 30 years, Jenna Haze retired from the porn industry. During his career, Jenna Haze has performed over 500 films, but eventually moved behind the camera where he directed about 13 films. After his retirement from porn scene, the actress has formed his own production company. Jenna Haze is in 10th place among the richest porn artists with a fortune of $ 3.5 million.

Jenna Haze

Rank 9 Katie Morgan $ 4.5 million fortune
Known for her high-pitched voice and optimistic personality, Katie Morgan was one of the most successful actresses of the past five years. Apart from pornography, Katie starred in several shows on HBO. During her career, Katie earned a net worth of about $ 4.5 million, now hosting her own radio show.

Katie Morgan

Rank 8 Bree Olson $ 5 million fortune
Bree Olson known as a friend of Charlie Sheen Goddess. She retired from the porn industry in 2011, but during his career she has made over 230 films and was one of the most popular starlets in the world.

Bree Olson

Rank 7 Ron Jeremy $ 5.5 million fortune
Even if appeared in over 2,000 films Pronoia it only has a wealth of $ 5.5 million, this is because male artists are not as well paid and so much fame as female actresses. Ron is one of the most famous male actors in the porn world.

Ron Jeremy

Rank 6 Maria Takagi $ 6 million fortune
The most famous and rich porn star in Japan, also known as Rika Inoue, Maria started to adult films in 2002. She currently earns around 2.6 million dollars a year, under a contract with a Japanese company and is one of the most watched Asian actress received the award for best conversation‘ ‘and‘ ‘the prettiest presence.

Maria Takagi

Rank 5 Traci Lords $ 7 million fortune
Currently, Traci is serial actress debut its nascent career controversy began after a porn film when he was still a minor at the age of 16, managed to fool the producers by forging a driving license which proved that is 21 years old.

Traci Lords

Rank 4 Jesse Jane $ 8 million fortune
Jesse Jane 32 years old entered the porn industry in 2000. She starred in over 75 movies and has developed its own line of sex toys, dolls and even a tequila company. She has a child and is the second marriage, the first being a porn star.

Jesse Jane

3rd place – Peter North $ 10 million fortune
Actor aged 55, entered the porn industry in 1984. Initially he played in movies gay, known as Matt Ramsey. He played in over 1,800 adult films and has directed over 70 films, but most of his wealth comes from work done behind the scenes.

Peter North

Place 2 – Tera Patrick $ 15 million fortune
Before entering the porn industry, Tera Patrick has done modeling. At the age of 18 he started nursing courses but after a few years, it chooses to enter the porn industry. She appeared on the covers of magazines such as Playboy 2,000 and Penthouse.

Tera Patrick

1st – Jenna Jameson $ 30 million fortune
Actress aged 38, is not only the richest actress in porn industry but also filemlor most famous porn star in history known as the Queen of porn‘. This began her career in 1993. She had a hard saying adolescence to age 16 went through a terrible experience. After a football game, it was caught by a gang of four children and was raped, then in high school went through a period in which the drug, but managed to escape from this addiction.

Jenna Jameson


Dinner with Ron Jeremy

HotMovies and the actor and director Ron Jeremy launch a curious documentary series around the veteran stallion that every week will invite colleagues to a high-calorie dinner to talk about porn news. The first chapter, titled “Ron Eats A D ***!”, Features the participation of Tia Cyrus, Luna Star, Ed Powers and James Bartholet; All sitting at the same table to share stories and discuss what it means to devote a life in the adult film industry.


Porn stars believe in God, although their job is not well regarded by church!

In the Bible “there is no command to not do XXX movies”. Porn stars believe in God, although their job is not well regarded by church!

PornStars belive in God

Aurora Snow porn actress chatted with her ​​peers and colleagues about how to reconcile guild adult videos with faith in God.

Even if there are objects in the porn industry there are a few surprisingly Pornstars who believe in God, even if this faith could conflict with the nature of their job says the actress XXX Aurora Snow in an article published on the websites site.

Ron Jeremy, who grew up in a family of Hebrew, do not necessarily believe that the teachings of the Bible to be followed very strictly. “We should not interpret the Bible literally. If you do that, not even you could masturbate “, says Ron Jeremy, who frequently go to the synagogue and speaks frequently about religion and pornography.

Aurora Snow porn star face

I do not think God has anything against sex parties between two consenting adults. You do not have to be married to have sex “, explains Ron Jeremy his vision of sin.

While being a wife and a porn actress, Gauge disagrees and says that yields XXX is actually a sin. Just as others their partners cheating or committing other sins, American actress says she learned to live with her ​​mistakes, which he feels guilty. “Even if I sin, I will not deny the faith. I did everything right in life? No, but nobody did , said actress XXX.

Gauge porn star

Actress Chanel Preston argues that accepts the idea of divinity, but does not believe in organized religion: “I think organized religion restricts our ability to explore and understand new ideas and concepts.”

Lily LaBeau does not believe in the idea of ​​church. “I believe in good and evil spirits and believe in angels. I think God is a name for the universal consciousness to which all have access. I do not believe in the church system. Regarding the fact that I use my body for money, we are all prostitutes and we know that. We are all prostitutes a system until we decide to liberate ourselves. “

Instead, Joanna Angel does not believe that pornography is a sin. “There is a commandment that forbids you to do porn. Do not steal, do not cheat, do not lie. Respect all major commands. I think you can be a good person, moral, honorable with a value system even if you do porn to survive ” , says Joanna Angel.





The most famous porn stars before entering the XXX industry

How looked the most famous XXX stars before entering the XXX industry. The changes are huge!!!

The most famous porn actresses in the world were not always so sexy as evidenced in films for adults. The images below show the changes they went through before they become rich because they are coated while maintain intimate relationships.

Most were unrecognized XXX actresses having entered into this lucrative industry, but despised by others, even if most men are attracted to pornography.

In normal women, sex has managed to transform these stars, which once improved their fame and body shapes with numerous plastic surgeries. The Jenna Jameson gave the impression that it was a good student, while Lexi Belle was just a punk kid passionate.

Jessica Jaymes

Jessica Jaymes

Asia Carrera

Asia Carrerra



Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane young

Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle

Nina Hartley

Nina Harley

Nora Kuzma

Nora Kuzma

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Taylor Vixen

Taylor Vixen

Traci Lords

Traci Lords



Porn Stars landed in music

Scene is extremely generous. So generous, that find their place here all sorts of characters, more or less in contact with music. Among them, of course, and porn stars. And why not? In today’s industry requirements, porn stars have that something extra that can help them to succeed in music: I know how to undress. Curious by nature, I searched the most famous people who have passed from undressing in front of the camera at the scene.

Porn Stars landed in music

Take a bag of popcorn and browse the list! Look what we found:

Marilyn Chambers: In 1972, revolutionizing the industry with the debut: Behind the Green Door. After a short but acclaimed career, and a series of love affairs with political figures of the time, Marilyn Chambers has turned to music. In 1976 begin again, this time in the music charts with the song Benihana. Produced by Michael Zager, the song does not lack moans senuzalei performers.

Marilyn Chambers

Cicciolina: Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina. Most know it as Cicciolina. Ilona has proved extremely prolific, juggling multiple careers, even simultaneously. She continued to make even hardcore movies after being elected deputy in the Italian parliament. Moreover, has actively held a plenary speech in breast uncovered. In music, not lowered standards, and released several pieces, most with obscene lyrics. One of them, about the male sexual organ, became a hit in France, where listeners did not understand what he’s talking about Ilona. The same song was banned in Italy.

Cicciolina in music

Sasha Grey: Born Marina Ann Hantzis, is actively numerous appearances in adult films, and various productions with the general audience. It is also very popular in modeling and appearances in various magazines. In addition, he also received prizes for all.  Since 2008 participated voice 6 albums of various musicians, and in her spare time, as she is, is the DJ in the US and Canada.

Sasha Grey in music

Andrea True: Contemporary with Marilyn Chambers and Cicciolina, was already a porn star in 1976. There was bragging but the sides and from shooting innocent, so he agreed to film a series of commercials for real estate agencies in Jamaica. Already there at the outbreak of the coup, and unable to return to the US because of visa problems, Andrea turned to composer Gregg Diamond. The result is the song “More, More, More”, a mega disco hit, reached number two in the charts.

andrea true

Traci Lords: She always knew to stand out, even when he began his career porn is minor. In the 90s he was one of the queens of the genre. At that time, decided to change the script to general audience films. Among the memorable appearances in Mortal Kombat. Simultaneously, attacked music. In 1994, Control, recorded by diva, reached first place on the charts. In fact, the whole album debut of 1995, 1000 Fires, was well received by the public. And techno was the only kind that Traci feeling well; in 1992 and 1993, had attended as a backing on two of the albums of the Manic Street Preachers.

Traci Lords in music

Jessica Sweet: Perhaps better known for porn Britney Rears. Jessica, the main actress, assured and soundtrack, recorded the song “I Wanna Get Laid“. Musical career, although stormy – the song was in heavy rotation at his Howard Stern was one short, the role of Britney Rears.

Ron Jeremy: Porn mogul, hamster’, arrived in music, of course. In 1998, the duo of DJ Polo and Ron became the best song on the album Polo‘s Playhouse. The songs tackled extremely deep, with names like Money, Cars & The Bitches” or “Playaz Lounge“. A porn rap album with southern accents. Hamster has been seen in videos of musicians somewhat successful, as Guns’n Roses, Sublime, Kid Rock, ICP and others.

Ron Jeremy in music

Bobby Blake: The icing on the cake. Former gay porn actor, Bobby says a convinced Christian and says he made ​​movies just for the money, not having thus moral issues. Furthermore, it declared against gay marriage. Simultaneously, however, lent their talents to the album Booty Is not Got No Face, the gay rapper (as they describe themselves) Trudog.

Bobby Blake

Marco Banderas: Marco Banderas is an adult film actor in Uruguay. He got the nickname Banderas” from Antonio Banderas and the desire to show that it is a purely Latin lover. On a musical level, Marco Banderas has released four songs: Dulce veneno” “You’ll Be Back“, “The Porn Life” and “Sin Ti.

Marco Banderas

Bree Olson: Bree Olson, the actress who starred in over 250 porn movies and former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, started in 2012 music video “Hollywood Douchebag,” which refers to the actor. Although the talent of the singer is missing, have to give Caesar what’s Caesar: the lyrics are wonderful, even if perhaps not written by her and perfectly characterized AKA Hollywood alpha male sitting on Twitter while sex or divas who “can not be naked than with GPS.”

Bree Olson in music






TOP 10 most famous porn actors of all time!

Top 10 porn actors: Whether you’re a fan of adult movies, whether you are a great challenger of them, nobody can deny the popularity of this form of entertainment. The figures demonstrate that the porn industry recorded revenues of $ 10 billion each year.

TOP 10 most famous porn actors of all time

Adult-film industry influence is so great that the standards imposed by porn decided between Beta and VHS but the one between Blu Ray and HD.

On the Internet, the number of porn sites totals represent 12% of the existing sites in the market, with earnings worth $ 2.4 billion annually. Moreover, 25% of requests on search engines are for adult content while downloading XXX materials reach even the threshold of 35% of the total.

In fact, the porn industry has contributed to the development of key Internet technology including transactions made with credit cards. In these conditions. porn stars are not only stars but real stars of profile internationally.

Some of the most famous porn actors have Efficiency only in XXX industry others have left the field to have known celebrity and continued to star in movies with different profile but there are cases of XXX celebrities which in a moment of their given left permanently artistic life.

1. Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson, her name Jenna Marie ADEAR Massola. She had the happiest teenager. She ran away from home to move her boyfriend and after a failed attempt to become show-girl in Las Vegas, chose to make striptease numbers. She debuted in a porn film in 1995, having just managed to overcome their drug addiction. First evolving in a XXX film was rewarded with the sum of 76 pounds! Then, her career has evolved so rapidly in 2001, she reached a $ 60,000 fee for a day of shooting and 8,000 dollars for an appearance in a strip club. Actress popularity has grown increasingly more, Jenna and taking the decision to establish a company active in the porn industry has evolved from a simple website, a company with revenues of $ 30 million. After she was retired from the porn actress Jenna Jameson has continued to manage the company ClubJenna but tried and experiences outside the scope XXX. In 2008, she played the lead role in the comedy-horror “Zombie Strippers”. She is the first and only porn star who was immortalized in Madame Tussaud wax museum in Las Vegas.

2. John Holmes

Holmes is one of the most prolific porn actors. He played in 2,500 XXX movies in the 70s and 80s. It is estimated to have sex with over 3,000 women but also with a considerable number of men. Holmes was renowned in the industry for penis length but, over the years, his name has been linked by some problems with drugs, in Los Angeles. He was born in 1944 in Ohio and he experienced an unhappy childhood. He wandered into the industry dedicated to adults when a photographer noticed her impressive size of the “instrument” to a urinal and it encouraged him to the fullest. Holmes quickly became “king” of porn. It evolved into a series of hard-core movies in Johnny Wadd detective role. He won a lot of money, which seems not own good. Fame and fortune pushed him into excesses which in time have said the word. From drug and expensive parties to cocaine addiction has been only one step. Reached the brink of bankruptcy and drug addict, Holmes began to prostitute for both women and men. He was involved in drug trafficking and even got arrested for involvement in the killing of four drug dealers in LA. It was set free for lack of evidence. In 1986 it was diagnosed with HIV, most likely after sexual contact with an actor infected with the virus because Holmes never used needles to inject drugs. He died in 1988 from complications of the disease. His life was the subject of two films but also several documentaries.

3. Ron Jeremy

Hebrew origin, Ron Jeremy was raised in a good family as receiving an education. He earned a degree and worked as a teacher until the beginning of adult film industry started in the late 70s. He was nicknamed “hedgehog” because of its excessive hairiness. Which it is considered Records as the actor with the most appearances in productions XXX (2,000). Also, Adult Video News as the most important quote him porn actor of all time. Ron Jeremy was famous in the industry for having managed to do self-fellatio but also because he had never need incentives in order to interpret roles, given that Viagra is very popular among male actors. He was the star of movies “Boondock Saints,” “Boogie Nights” but also in several productions of Troma Films production house.

4. Linda Lovelace

Although raised in a deeply religious family, Linda had an extremely eventful life. The absolute star of repute XXX movies won him after evolution in the movie “Deep Throat”. Her life changed radically when, after a serious accident, was infected with hepatitis while doing blood transfusion. During convalescence she knew Chuck Traynor, which some would later become her husband. Pea things were not well in their marriage because Linda Lovelace and accused the man forced her to star in porn gunpoint.Before “Deep Throat” to reach unprecedented popularity in 1972, Linda Lovelace successfully evolved and other productions XXX, she not refusing any type bestiality scenes. After she quit the business of porn actress Linda has totally changed the vision of this area becoming a a fighter against pornography. In 2002 suffers another accident which proved fatal in the following . She died at the age of 53, leaving behind two children from the second marriage of her.

5. Traci Lords

Her real name Patricia Kuzma, Traci Lords was sexually abused in childhood. He debuted in porn to vast 15 years, with help of false identity cards. Pala reaches the age of 18, she already had evolved over 100 productions in the field. In 1986 it was discovered false thing that has resulted in a huge financial scandal effects. Distributors and pet shops have had to retreat thousands of videos in which Traci was the star, not to be accused of child pornography. Traci Lords was arrested but was used for this in order to create a reputation for “bad girl”. Gradually gave up incept XXX movies and films dedicated to evolve and the general public among the most famous being fellow plateau and Johnny Depp.

6. Ilona Staller

Hungarian origin, Ilona is known all over the world named Cicciolina. He started working in the industry dedicated to adults in 1983 after previously had been the protagonist of a radio program in Italy, “Will you sleep with me?”. The celebrity has made in 1987 to be elected to the Italian Parliament for a term of 4 years. Cicciolina did not give up any XXX Lori productions during the term. Among its initiatives she was still amazing … and offer political Saddam Hussein launched to sexual intercourse with him in exchange for the release of political prisoners. She was opened in the recount even considered erotic in her parliamentary office. Equally spectacular and speeches in Parliament were topless.

7. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey debuted in the porn industry in 2006. Her popularity has grown rapidly due to extreme circumstances of her physical appearance and enthusiasm that interpret their roles. It was considered the most valuable successor to actress Jenna Jameson, a new model of starlet set to change the image of “overspray” phenomenon. Steven Soderbergh read an article about Sasha and decided to offer him the chance to perform in his movie “The Girlfriend Experience.” She received decent reviews for her role in a film dedicated to the general public. Dyck industry continuing separation from adults, Sasha appeared and seventh season of the HBO production “The Girlfriend Experience.”

8. Marilyn Chambers

Before debut in the porn industry, Marilyn Chambers was known as the image of a company that marketed cleaning products and cosmetics. Her first role was in the movie “Behind The Green Door,” but it represents and why they cessation of activity in the advertising market. She was one of the first porn actresses who agreed to film a Secen in sexual intercourse with an African-American actor, a small shock to the mentality of the mid 70s. She died in 2009 at the age of 57, following a stroke.

9. Rocco Siffredi

Actor, director, producer Italian porn, Rocco has earned a reputation especially in Europe. He was dubbed the “Italian Stallion” for their roles in 400 films.

10. Seka

Gained notoriety in the 200 XXX tapes has evolved from the late 70s to mid 80s’. She was retired for a few years because of the AIDS epidemic which affected the porn industry. She came back in the 90’s for new roles in films dedicated to adults. After she was retired, he hosted a sex talk show on radio in Chicago but has also been “heroine” documentary “Desperately Seeking Seka” (2002).


Seka has up to three generations of male penises!

Sex in the 70s meant Seka. Half-Cherokee, half-Irish, with a look of perfect trophy or deity Hollywood Norwegians, Seka penetrated all fantasies. Porn magazine High Society called it Marilyn Monroe‘s porn.” Her colleagues were equally enthusiastic plateau. Jamie Gillis: It was more than porn, a very erotic kind of trash queen.Veronica Hart: As long as I have a face, Seka will have somewhere to sit.


Dorothea Hundley Patton Seka started at a late age porn industry at 22 years. A nude photo appearance in Vegas earned the film offers. She became a star overnight. There are many porn actors to be remembered for her face, but effortlessly Seka became known as the “Platinum Princess”. It was the last icon of the era porn reality porn movies they foretold‘s inception and performance artists like Sasha Grey the first icon of the era porn videos. Most porn actresses do not leave this area, but in the 80s, after traveling the world making striptease, Seka‘s back, this time on the small screen. Playboy called it an authentic video phenomenon as Boy George and stereo television. She appeared on Donahue and The Today Show, Entertainment Weekly and People magazines. By the 80s, made scripts and directing, producing major changes in the adult industry she had control over the product. In the late 80s, with the threat of AIDS, out of business, but now, at 58, he returned and has its own website dealing only: I called recently to talk about anal sex that walked rockstars, wedding night erections which has caused men in three generations.

seka com

Dorothea Hundley Patton, complicated names.
Seka: Dorothea Hundley was my maiden name.

You got married right after you graduated from high school, right?
Seka: I was still in high school. I got married a week after I turned 18. I wanted to leave the house. I think I was also in love with the guy, but still only 18 years old. I was a child. When I got married in April 21, 1972, sex had not done before. I was a virgin. And even wedding night I had sex. I was too afraid. I hid in the bathroom.

When you had sex with him?
Seka: The next day evening.

Seka: It was pretty good.

And then you come to work at a store adult magazines?
Seka: I was divorced and did not like what I was doing. Working on Reynold‘s Aluminum sat up all night in a production line of metal bar. So I applied to a job running and I started out with the owner. Most people think that we’re married, but I was never married. He likes to think that I was, but that’s not true. In fact, it was even married when I met him, but I did not know at the time.

You’re probably the first porn actress who began her career reading books.
Seka: Not only do I read magazines and books, but then there were those machines coin video. When it breaks video, I had to fix the projector and make sure it runs properly. So I saw movies and I thought: My God, these women look awful! It was not their fault, they were ugly women. But they represented bad movies had baskets on the bottom, feet dirty, greasy hair and makeup were not.

Seka porn star fucked

You were inspired by Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot
Seka: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. A, and Mae West.

There were models in the adult industry.
Seka: No, but there were some sex sirens. They elegance and innocence. Stands out. Not noticed anyone around them when playing a movie.

And seating position were otherwise. Are you inspired by art deco? Erte?
Seka: Yes, with hand on hip and profile. But I was not thinking about all that then, dear … How Jessica Rabbit says: As I was drawing.

Aesthetics adult industry is fairly uniform today, but performers of the 70s had each their special look.
Seka: Yes, today all look about the same. At that time there were redheads, blondes, brunettes, women platinum and raven haired women. With big tits with small breasts, thin, full sized.

And only so many actresses were then.
Seka: They were not. Wram about 10-12 girls and about 10 to 12 guys who were always Starring I happened to be platinum blonde mistake.

How so?
Seka: I had to do a photo shoot or a movie and I wanted to dye my roots, but I got the wrong color paint. When I washed my head, I had gone platinum blonde, but all loved them, so I left it.

Seka pornstar

Ron Jeremy said at the time that the industry was an affair of the rebels, the hippies and peace lovers.” Right?
Seka:Yes! Everyone got along well. But I remained friends with her after that. I went home.

You like to be independent.
Seka: Yes, I decided what I feel like doing and not in a movie. I’m not sure if there were women with balls to say: “I do not want to do this” or “I want to work with this guy.” I did it. And I was told: You can not do like that.” And I said, “Oh I“.

So were scenes that you refuse to play?
Seka: Well it was a scene in Prisoner of Paradise where they wanted to beat all the ugly chick with the whip. I told them: “If you want, you can take a pillow and shoot as a hit and then filmed scenes with her ass and stack them in assembly. But I never beat her this girl. I do not like stuff like that. That does not mean that there are not enough people willing to do that, I would eat their souls. People do everything they can think of. But I like this stage was not my type. I did not want to do any such thing, or do it to someone else.

You had a list of things you do not accept? And people who did not want to work?
Seka: I loved working with Andy West, Mike Ranger, John Holmes, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas. Jamie Gillis was one of my favorites. There was one person that did not like to work and I worked with him a long time, until he apologized John Lesley. As a person, I get along well with him, but not set. In my opinion, it is not nice to women.

What happened?
Seka: In one of my films feature film, Dracula Sucks, tried to introduce a new scene. Play the role of nurse and had to play with John Holmes first stage. But John Lesley has put a scene to play with it first. I was new to the set and believe me fresh. It was a very degrading scene and said: The scene that’s not in the script and do not want to work with you.” He told me: Either do that, or do not work at all in the field.” We told it hurts right in the ass.” We had some spiked heels up, I took one and threw it in his direction and has been fixed near the head. I said, “Fuck you.Soon gave up all.

Seka old xxx star

You played in films sci-fi, horror, vampire movies – all adults but scenarios, right?
Seka: As the surface were those movies all had a beginning and an end plot. It was not just about sex. At the beginning of the film, we all had our clothes on.

Some scenes I’ve seen, it looks like you’re ok with most stuff apart from double penetration.
Seka: Yes, for what we paid and we made some of those scenes, but not much. I’m not crazy about anal sex. And it’s not very healthy.

Now comes the hard porn.
Seka: Yeah, it’s crazy. Today they are told that if they do not, do not belong in the field.

You took a break from the world of movies, right?
Seka: Yes, for a while I did strip I just traveled the world for several years.

Why did you come back?
Seka: Money.

By the mid-80s, appeared in major shows like Donahue, The Today Show and Saturday Night Live, right?
Seka: Yes, we went to Sam Kinnison and then when they called and said that if I can just come and take me with him.

He liked raging nightlife and stuff?
Seka: Yeah, I was just then.

I like that style of life?
Seka: Yes, it was awesome, so everyone lived and was a motherfucker. I love the 80s. Great music, make fun, cool clothes. Rock and roll quality. The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Springsteen. Bon Jovi, Motley Crye, Poison. I knew them all.

And walk with them, right? I think it was this new trend of rockstars to walk porno stars.
Seka: Yes, it was not so common then. But they wanted to know me, I wanted to know them, so we became friends. I had sex with any of them though.

Seka porn

You were super successful and suddenly you stopped.
Seka: I did. AIDS had become a growing problem and did not want to test players or force them to wear a condom. My life is more important than their business.

By the 80s, people thought that it could happen to their just that.
Seka: Yeah, thought not a disease to heterosexuals. People were dying.

Now there is a movement against pornography on the grounds that the industry addictive.
Seka: What shit. I’m not saying that’s not possible, but if that’s you, you can become addicted to anything. I saw a show on TV called My Strange Addiction. People are addicted to everything from chalk to toilet paper and can not help but eat. I’m addicted.

And there are no laws against toilet paper.
Seka: Well, yeah, what the hell. People are addicted to religious programs. Many elderly people are suckered to spend her life savings on all kinds of religious sects or issues like that.

Yes, you should raise this problem in Congress.
Seka: I think there are things worse than sex which you can become addicted.

Have you seen many generations of men crazy about you. Have you noticed any change
Seka: A, no.

All are the same?
Seka: I received yesterday an email from a kid I kid I mean, is 22 years old, a law student from Mississippi who allegedly is in love head over me, and I am 58 years old. I say, “I do not care, I love you, I always loved and I think you’re wonderful.” We fans aged between 18 and 90 years. I raised three generations of men, so to speak.



The biggest secret of super porn actors.

We know that you are not too sure on the porn actor in the 12 minutes that each adult, they spend on average in front of the screen with porns. But they exist and there is even a top of the most famous, talented or gifted look. In the top 10 of the hottest porn actresses and actors, conducted by, we find familiar names of the adult film industry, with hundreds of films to his credit, that horny men and women from the 70s until today.

The biggest secret of super porn actors

10. Seka. If you remember Seka means that you are a true fan of the videos XXX. Platinum Princessof porn, Seka real name Dorothea H. Patton is one of the most popular actresses in the field in the 70 80. Now at 56, Seka not in the field. In 2002, veteran adult entertainment even made a documentary about it, titled, suggestively, Desperately Seeking Seka“. A period, actress retired from business for fear of the AIDS epidemic. Several years ago, the actress admitted that she was 15 years old when he filmed the first shots porn.

9. Rocco Siffredi. Ladies who admires for “talents” he had no idea that Rocco is a family man. Besides his career as an actor, director and producer of porn films, the one that says Italian stallioncare and has a wife and two boys. Rocco Siffredi‘s most famous adult film actor in Europe with over 400 films to his credit, and even mainstream films a commercial for potato chips, withdrawn because of sexual constroverse substrate.

8. Marilyn Chambers. She entered the industry in the 70s as the emblem of a baby soap, Ivory Snow, which helped her to brand dirty movies they made later. After first starred in Behind the Green Door“. If switching to pornography not shocked enough, Marilyn has made one: it was the first porn actress who starred in a movie interracial, making sex in 1972 with a black actor. From here on, things have evolved naturally, until Chambers came to stand for the vice-presidency of the United States in 2004. She died five years later because of a stroke.

7. Sasha Grey. A young just arrived on the set of productions which is successful and XXX movies you can see all at reasonable hours, to the cinema or HBO. It is said that she would be the next Jenna Jameson and that the world would have a long career ahead. She ran away from home at 16, because not stand the atmosphere in the house of his mother and stepfather.

6. Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina. You have no idea who it is. It at Cicciolina , the most famous porn star of the Italian peninsula. Born in Hungary, and XXX career began in 1983. There it took only four years to jump in the heat of passion on the Italian political scene, so controversial it. During her tenure, which lasted until 1991 Cicciolina has offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein to release some hostages. In addition, the Parliament was photographed while holding a speech having a bare breasts. In recent years, porn actress and attempted oral skills in music, but failed. It now has around 60 years and retired from the world of XXX movies incendiary.

5. Traci Lords. Another legend of the 80s, with a history of brutal rape back, abused and father and stepfather, Traci began to pose naked at the age of 15, using a fake ID. Up to 18 year-old girl appeared in over 100 adult films. Scandal when that was breathed a huge secret, companies were forced to withdraw all the movies in the market. However, her career was already launched Traci Lords, so he got to play with Johnny Depp in Cry Baby” and appear in the comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno“. Her autobiography was one of bestesellerurile the New York Times.

4. Linda Lovelace. If you speak of pornography, you can not bring into question the career of Linda Lovelace, the first of which is said to have had remarkable success in the field in 1972 with “Deep Throat”. But success has harmful effects on personality Linda, who became one of the biggest opponents of pornography. He died in 2002, having had a very serious accident.

3. Ron Jeremy. Perhaps the most hairy man in the history of porn, Ron left pedagogy – in which specialized young so they call it even “hedgehog”. He played in over 2,000 movies and became # 1″ because not need Viagra. In addition, they say it’s also one of porn actors capable” of Autofellatio. In recent years, Ron Jeremy got fat lot, but did not give up gangbang video, but has passed from XXX porn XXL.

2. John Holmes. He gave the first “casting” for pornography while target in a urinal and a neighbor curious “accident” has seen immense labor object. “Talentpeerless propelled over 2,500 hardcore productions. Unfortunately, drug addiction destroyed, reaching even into prostitution women and men – to pay vice. In his many escapades, porn king took HIV, being diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, the disease that killed him in 1988. After his life was made the film Boogie Nights.

1. Jenna Jameson. XXX queen movies is undeniable and it was a troubled kid. When he was in high school away from home, because her father viola. In 1995 she made the first film for adults, and in 2001 already demanded $ 60,000 for a day of shooting. It’s the only porn actress with a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.



From porn to music

Pop is a music directed mainly at the young audience, and it is therefore natural that sex has been, from the beginning, one of its fundamental components. However, what once was a form of subtle provocation has now become something totally explicit, as shown by videos and shows by artists like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna.

Thus, at the time the term porn pop is used a lot, but the truth is that, if music is ever closer to eroticism, the adult entertainment industry has also done the same on more than one occasion. Then we leave you with five notorious porn stars turned into singers.

From porn to music

Sasha Gray

Of all the XXX stars of recent times, the most versatile and intellectual is undoubtedly Sasha Gray. In addition to being the wet dream of millions of men, he has written two books, made the leap to film and television, and for years, he has collaborated on musical projects like aTelecine and appears in video clips of artists such as Eminem.

Traci Lords

In the late 1980s, the world of porn was hit hard by the discovery that Traci Lords, one of the greatest actresses at the time, was a minor when she recorded her most famous films. However, the scandal gave him notoriety enough to receive offers from Hollywood and the music industry, eventually recording a record in 1995 with Paul Oakenfold.

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is probably the most celebrated male porn actor of all time. Known for the enormous size of his “gadget,” his fame eventually led him to make cameos in films such as Crank: High Voltage, starring in an autobiographical documentary, and in 1998, marked a duet with rapper DJ Polo in Freak of the Week.

Lupe Fuentes

When she was just 20, Lupe Fuentes was already one of the most famous Latin porn stars and could boast of having some of the industry’s most prestigious awards on her shelf. However, in 2012 he decided to leave the porno for pop and formed The Ex-Girlfriends, with whom he released the singles We are the Party and Whachya looking at ?


Despite her success in XXX film, India’s true passion has always been music. So in the 1990s she was part of a soul group called Harmony Innocents, and in 2006 she set up her own label to release her first solo album, Role Play, which includes the sensual single Get it Girl.