City of Vices (Dick Bush, 2014)

City of Vices (Dick Bush, 2014)

City of Vices

The British have long KaizenXXX doing porn story with enough quality, and Digital Playground, following the impressive Blowback’, has decided to distribute City of Vices, a story of mafia, drugs and violence starring Aletta Ocean, Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe.

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Surely by Digital Playground is a success, giving variety to your catalog with a visually European belt filled with performers from Europe. And the truth is that City of Vicesworks quite well, noticing her effort in production and an attempt to make an action movie with enough violence, television style and very direct, something that is lacking in American porn.

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Still, the film leaves a strange aftertaste. Possibly the European style of shooting and inserting sex in a plot itself of American cinema, or perhaps because the loading of some performers British accent. But the truth is that what the film lacks is personality in the direction, something basic for a film cale.

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Still, City of Vices‘ has an interesting plot and development full of violence and sex to a group of characters stuck in a very dirty business.

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All of Cynthia and Val (Jasmine Jae and Lexi Lowe), two prostitutes who must carry a packet of drugs of a gangster in the area. When they were going to do, they’re drawn into a raid and the drug is a corrupt cop (Ryan Ryder) who needs to give it to another mafioso is. So, everything ends up causing a war between two gangs with police through in which the two prostitutes try to survive and any attempt to climb the ladder of his band taking the brawl.

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And between shootings, corruption, dismemberment, threats and beatings with bats, City of Vicesbrings us seven scenes of sex with a cast that, to be honest, it makes up much surgery and silicone. And not only what say Aletta Ocean and her horrible mouth duck, but most of the actresses in the film.

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Lexi, who gives him a blowjob to force the police after this will remove the drug. And Jasmine, another prostitute being pulled mafioso who had to give him drugs after giving a package with flour instead of cocaine.

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Jasmine fucking again later, now with the police, after having got rid of a corpse together. The truth is that the scenes themselves are not bad, but attached to the unattractiveness conventionality, for me, the performers make them nothing fancy.

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LouLou, another silicone, who plays the companion of corrupt police, throws it in the bathroom of the police station in another pretty cool scene. not a drop of sweat shed actors in a supposedly intense scenes. And is that not enough polioperado a lean body, one must know fuck and do it with a vengeance.

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Aletta Ocean has two scenes. One with Lexi and the other mafia, which includes a small squirt for the blonde, and one with Anissa Kate and mafioso, a good scene with pretty anal and which thanks have a good actress with natural tits as Anissa.

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The last scene of the film also brings another natural body, Valentina Nappi, girlfriend corrupt cop who is torn between her love for him and the need to get away from him, and that gives us a more passionate scene earlier and quite good result.

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The film has a good ending, open to a sequel headed by Aletta Ocean, the most violent of the deal. Certainly a sequel that follows the trail of City of Vicesbe good news. I just hope they give some personality to the set and more variety and appeal to the cast.



Reviving the furor over Game of Thrones

I suppose not be overlooked the fact that a couple of weeks ago began issuing the highly anticipated sixth season of ‘Game of Thrones’. As is well known, the events of this kind are often accompanied by a renewed pig-themed fervor and if not just ask PornHub that on the eve of the premiere of the first episode, saw the searches related to the series were increased in 370% (yes, during the premiere also experienced a good bump …).

Reviving the furor over Game of Thrones cover

Interestingly the most searched terms are not proving to be the multiple porn parodies (such as ‘Game of Bones’ of WoodRocket or ‘This Is not Game Of Thrones’ Hustler) but visitors have preferred to go directly to the sex scenes own series, closely followed by specific characters or, in the case of Cersei Lannister, the scene of the fifth season where his shame walks down the steps of the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Girona.

But this trend has deterred at all porn producers to try to take advantage of the reef. Without going any further Brazzers presented a few days ‘Storm of Kings’ makes an ambitious miniseries inspired by the world of George RR Martin has a cast of the most gluttonous: Ryan Ryder in the role of King Jasper, Anissa Kate and Jasmine Jae as concubines # 1 and # 2, Aletta Ocean as Ilsa, the hunter dead walkers, Marc Rose as John Doe ‘bastard’, Peta Jensen as Princess Daniellys Tarus (mother of dragons?), Aruba Jasmine as the faithful servant Daniellys and attention, Rob Diesel doing double as ‘the Mountain’ and Coral Drogus (the dohtraki?).

In the two episodes published so far it has been everything: intrigue, betrayal, horrendous pelucones, digital effects most chung and, most importantly, rivers and rivers of sex. I that you do not lose me …