Models of condoms that you have never heard! You should try them!

From vegan condoms to the organic , from the chic to the futuristic, all have been invented.

Models of condoms that you have never heard

Science of designing a condom out of control lately. The flavors odd to eco materials, there are many options for safe sex. Here are condoms that you have never heard before:

1. Condom vegan is designed with a special formula based on herbal ingredients, such as natural latex.

2. Condoms targeted women is made ​​from organic materials and 10% of the profit from the sale is donated to organizations that provide reproductive health and family planning.

3. Organic flavored condom Does licorice flavor and is made from organic fruit and plant extracts that provide a real flavor.

4. Condoms for Pinterest comes in a single package that is easy to open a printed inspirational message.

5. Condom order If you urgently need protection, there is a service in Los Angeles and San Francisco that delivers at night.

6. Condom eco-friendly are made in Germany using the highest standards. This means that their carbon footprint is zero, so you will not contribute to global warming.

7. Condoms without chemicals There is a condom without glycerin, parabens or spermicides. It is vegan and PETA approved.



Oral sex with a condom?

Condom during oral sex protects you from disease.

To protect yourself from STDs, you should use condoms when oral sex. Stable couples this is not Oral sex with a condomusually required. Both oral sex and regular sex, without a condom both have important benefits for women’s health, both mentally and physically. Things change dramatically, however, if the partner is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. Safe sex puts you safe from long-term inconvenience.



Shocking things that do not know about safe sex

12 shocking things that do not know about safe sex. Sex, pleasure in life couple number 1, is the issue for the people especially stint. They organize studies after studies and their results are more surprising.

During the years 1950-1960, two American researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, became famous after they made new discoveries about how people think about sex and sexuality which means indeed.

Their studies revealed at that time that women are capable, among other things, to have multiple orgasms. This discovery was a revolutionary at the time, but new studies would shock even the two.

12 shocking things that do not know about safe sex

Here are the latest findings in sex:

1. Light affects fertility
In the past, women were menstruating when the new moon was out and ovulation occur when the moon was full. Today, in a world covered with artificial light, there was the same connection between biology and nature, and women began to alternate bedroom lights depending on the type of month to change their ovulation period.

2. Women can become pregnant within 5-7 days when they had sex
Studies have shown that some sperm can survive in the cervical mucus before an egg is fertilized, 5 to 7 days.

3. High heels can affect a woman’s orgasm
Frames creates a contraction in the pelvic area, and subsequently during an orgasm, it is not difficult and can contract the same.

4. Orgasm makes women more creative
According to recent studies, orgasm has a positive role on women, because they provide a reliable dose, productivity and creativity.

5. Birth control pills decrease libido
Any hormonal contraception decreases both libido and pleasure during orgasm, and the explanation lies in the biochemical reaction of your body and those pills.

6. The seat can excite women
The nerves in the genital area can be stimulated due to seat in the chair, which put pressure on them and may result in your excitement.

7. The seat can decrease the orgasm
The seat in a chair for several hours pelvic muscle damage responsible for a strong orgasm. When these muscles are affected because they sit upright for too long, you may be harder to reach orgasm.

8. Women have three erogenous zones
The clitoris, G-spot and the first part of the cervix are areas that excite you the most. And to this list we can add extra small and nipples.

9. The nerve endings are distributed differently from vagina to vagina
Every woman is unique in its own way, the more the more nerve endings in the vagina are distributed differently. Thus, each of you has different methods to achieve orgasm.

10. Pulses during orgasm have another meaning
Pulsations that a woman feels during orgasm are actually attempts to collect sperm uterus.

11. Hydration helps in getting a better orgasm
Studies prove that you can reach a better orgasm if you consume more water. Vaginal mucosa to be wet, so hydration is an important factor in getting an orgasm book.

12. All women have orgasm
All women are able to reach orgasm, because the body is programmed so that you get an orgasm without a doubt. It is important to know how.


Condoms made from a miracle material. The effects will be amazing!

Condoms affect feelings that we have when we have sex. This is not new, be it women or men. A team of Australian researchers is helping our new product, to give us the opportunity to experience unparalleled pleasure.

Condoms made from a miracle material

It is a condom made of latex and fiber longifolius spinifex, a grass-like plant that we all in the yard. This material, its creators say, is extremely thin, but also more resistant than normally used in the manufacture of condoms.

During the manufacturing process, use is in fact only nanoceluloza extracted from plant fibers. This is then added to the latex in condoms which are manufactured. Thus, the latex becomes more resistant and can be used to create many products, not just those contraceptives. Researchers at the University of Queensland hopes that their invention to be used in the creation of surgical gloves, which can be more effective than those currently available on the market.

“We have already tested formula of the new latex in a production line of condoms in the US. It turned out that they were more durable by 20% compared to brands like encountered in trade. Also, the material that we have created allows condoms to increase the volume by 40% more than any other product sold so far “
, said Professor Darren Martin.

Late last year, the Australian team has produced a type of latex having a thickness of 45 microns. This size is equivalent to that of a human hair.