Network with teledildonics Sex: Erotic toys that will make virtual sex more real than ever.

Network with teledildonics Sex: Erotic toys that will make virtual sex more real than ever. Social networks haptic response will allow users to come into contact and actions to achieve very real, tangible, from handshakes, kisses, to penetrative sex, said the Frixion.

Network with teledildonics Sex Erotic toys that will make virtual sex more real than ever is a newly launched online network which aims to facilitate human interaction in the virtual physical with haptic technology, that of sexual gadgets that allow tactile sensations living more faithfully than ever.  Gadgets proposed, named teledildonic haptic offers the possibility, thanks to computer technology, to literally feel tactile sensations. Moreover, the technology that can achieve this, called haptic (Greek refers to put his hand to feel) began to be developed several years ago and focuses on stimulating pressure, rendering texture, vibration , temperature and other related to the tactile sensations. Thus, this technology aims to “translate” tactile images on the computer screen and optical illusion to become real as possible, as if we achieve what we see. To do this, use devices made for this purpose, such as these sex toys, software and connected by means of pressure sensors, which allow the user to perceive cold surfaces, warm, soft, rough, as if in direct contact someone or something.

Toys sophisticated
Thanks to these sophisticated sex toys, two or more network Frixion registered users will be able to touch” and even have sex away, says the Daily Mail. With the launch of this network and new sex toys, infidelity takes other dimensions, since people who do not know and never met face to face can never maintain sex” virtual more real than ever. This idea was realized and games, in addition to other content-based haptic codes, where partners can be protagonists in various scenarios. Sex gadgets can connect online, so couples can control at will from a distance. In addition to games, Fixion company representatives announced they intend to put in place including live broadcasts during which a single performer can control thousands of gadgets of its kind worldwide.

Virtual Sex with sex toys haptic
Frixion company is headquartered in Miami, in the US, announced that it will do so from several manufacturers gadgets are compatible network. At this moment, company representatives announced that testing already launched system. Frixion is a software company that is going to take products from the shelves of sex shops and put them in contact. We work with robotic devices that adapt them for this purpose. Social networks haptic response will allow users to come into contact and actions to achieve very real, tangible, from handshakes, kisses, to penetrative sex, whether or partner is meters separates you from the ocean “, said company spokesman.

Network with teledildonics Sex Erotic toys that will make virtual sex more real than ever 2

Specifically, a joystick (above) can be adjusted so as to have a vibration mode, operation can be made with other existing sex toys (vibrators, dildos, etc.) that can be connected network after being converted into teledildonic type devices. These sex toys will interact using bidirectional power real-time response.





Top 5 sex toys for beginners

Bring toys from sex shop in bedroom can be a challenge. On the other hand, such a torque life props help to get out of the routine.

Top 5 sex toys for beginners

This are the five sex toys for beginners:

A bullet vibrator

It is not intrusive, and some models are constructed so that should keep the button pressed to get pleasure always. Such a device is therefore perfect for couples who want to escape the monotony in bed.

A puff of feathers for tickling

If you are not the most perverse people and want to start with something relatively innocent sexy games, such a device is ideal. Good but provide intense sensations, a toy for tickle looks nice and both partners can enjoy the benefits. If you want to spice up the action, you can add a scarf with which to link arms and suddenly nibbling seems sooooooooo interesting.

Bondage set for beginners

A mask covered his eyes and handcuffs or immobilize joints harness devices are another nice way to bring sex toys into bed, without entering the professional category. You can use them together or sequentially after how open partner to such “unorthodox practices”.

Lubricants, flavors and sensations

If you are very shy regarding sexual toys and objects tempts you not to be entered in intimate places, you can try something very pleasant and good.
Lubricants have fruity or those who provide a warm feeling can be a good start for an intimate devoid of inhibitions.

A vibrator for him and her

There vibrators on the market designed for both partners. In other words, these gadgets true inflated in two separate parts, one for clitoral stimulation and the other for unusual sensations in the testicles. Perhaps such a device is not just for those shy, but remember that you already do adults and sex, so it never hurts a little adventure. If you like, you can always opt out.


Ideas for the hottest sex

hot sex braIt takes time and effort to have an active sex life. It’s not always easy, our hectic lives make us do not have the mood, imagination and motivation required to have a sex life as we want.

Their sexual lives of women depends on hormones and what happens in everyday life. Sometimes it takes more to do to want to have sex, and the same old texts could no longer hold. You should add some points that will stimulate. Here are ten tips for your sex life to be improved.

Try an eye laws
Sexual pleasure has many dimensions, but the most important sexual organ that we have is the brain. If your partner laws eyes you put all the other senses in action. She will not know you are and that’s onds your next step. This anticipates a great sex. You can touch it with a feather or tongue.

Give him instructions
After a while you think you know your partner well, but it is not true. There will always be something you have not tried. For a better sex try talking about things you have not tried and use the suggestions to each of you.

Sensual touches are the most relaxing and sexy things you can do for your partner. Our body is no exception tense in some areas. A relaxing massage can do to have an orgasm and finally great sex.

Talk dirty
Talking dirty in bed has always excited people and continues to be exciting because it has words. Respond immediately if somebody utters the name. Spoken words evoke emotions, sensations. It’s an art form to know how to talk in bed because women are susceptible when they are saying something.

Play a game
Take some playing cards and play poker for better sex. Seems something you have done in high school, but can be a method to get rid of clothes. Once you are both naked comes the most exciting. Who won the other will give a penalty. There are other games that might be able to spice up your sex life.

Share them your fantasies
Tell your partner what you fantasize. Communication with your lover will be better and will help you know better. You’ll be surprised what you will share, but I have to tell you and what you want. Do not start from the first to confess you try to take it slowly.

Dress her in a character
Trying to play a role it can also be easy for some, has the benefit if you do like to have fun. To get out of your role can be a fun way to have the opportunity to behave differently in bed. You’ll give your partner other sensations.

Try a new position
Already know how to do to reach orgasm in two ways. Repeat them regularly because does birth, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you do not try new positions will not find out if you are fit or not.

Use a cock ring
Penis rings are cheap and you can always enrich your collection of sex toys. Women will surely be delighted.

Try a new place
You try to take your girlfriend to a place you have not been before. Try public places or simply move to another room or in someone else’s house. Have sex in other places, not just in your bed.