4 reasons you should look at porn

Sex Advice: 4 reasons you should look at porn!!

It is said that men often looked at porn than women, although it is quite likely as women to look “in secret”, but not recognize because they would “spoil” the image. Especially for porn movies means more people degradation and exploitation of women as sexual objects, and tracking porn would mean betraying their “sisters”.

4 reasons you should look at porn - Sex Advice

However, leaving aside prejudices, porn can be a form of escape in eroticism. In addition, I can help you discover sexuality and be more active in the bedroom.

Here are four reasons why women should look at porn.

1. You know better

You can explore every part of your privacy, so next time you have sex with your partner will know exactly what you like and what not and you can give precious indications.

2. Discover other positions

Watching porn you face a new perspective on sexuality. Other positions outside of the classic missionary other types of sex (anal, three, group, fetish, etc.). Thus, you are more open to try things that you think fit.

3. Learn new tricks

You should not necessarily turn into a porn star. Anyway, you see there is staged by professionals with long years of practice. But you can apply little tricks that you can learn from porn. Certainly sex partner will be surprised and you can rekindle the spark in the bedroom.

4. It believes “chef”

In the evenings you feel like you do not feel, yet you do not want to disappoint your partner already warmed-a porn movie can get you out of the impasse. So next time, before you find the line “Not today” starts an adult movie and watch it together. Men are intrigued by the right partner when it proposes to follow explicit images together. God forbid that we will judge.