The French, the best sex.

The French, the best sex. Women in Europe have decided! The French were declared champions!

The best lovers are French. In the study, which was published by the newspaper “Bild”, were surveyed 13,000 women who gave notes 1 to 10 European countries for the benefit of men in bed, kiss talent, romance, humor and sex appeal. Romanians have not reached the top, being considered little concerned about sex. The French were declared champions and received note 7.5. The following places were located Spaniards and Swedes, Note 7.33. The worst in Europe in the sex were declared Finns, Note 6.5. Instead, the Italians were assessed as the most talented kissed, followed by Spanish, Swedish and French. Most romantic Germans were declared, followed by Norway. Brits are the most appreciated for his sense of humor, followed by Greeks and Portuguese. In the category of sex appeal (charm, sensuality person causing desire), the most appreciated are the French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

The French the best sex