What cut sex drive of women!?

What cut sex drive of women!? Often wonder why men feel women have sex, especially after the relationship in which the threshold is crossed three years. Sociologists and psychologists argue that there are a number of reasons why women have sex feel pretty much dependent on a number of factors but the nature of the drug and sentimental nature.

What cut sex drive of women

Why do women have sex binge reasons

Birth control pills and antidepressants, medications that they take quite a lot of women have a rather strange effect on women when it vien mood for sex. More specifically, according to doctors, 25% of women taking birth control pills suffer from a decrease in libido and most women who take antidepressants are experiencing this problem.

It seems that because of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates lactiatia, breastfeeding women do not have the mood for sex. But this is not a rule, say doctors, despite the fact that such cases are common.

Doctors say most women who are in long term relationships feel the need to sleep more often than the need to have sex. Therefore use the excuse that they have a headache.”

Stress and strife
When a woman is stressed or ceartacu her boyfriend, self-confidence decline. Inevitably, when it feels so not in the mood for sex.

Hormonal Causes
Doctors say unfulfilled sex life and lack of sex drive of women often have hormonal causes. Endocrine dysfunction adversely affect a woman’s libido.




How to change in time, the female sex drive

Highlights of a woman’s life, such as marriage and motherhood, increase sexual desire. Chocolate, oysters and other foods aphrodisiacs not influence in any way the sexual desire of women. Instead, age and life experiences speak about female sexuality.

How to change in time the female sex drive

If men, things are pretty clear about sexual stimuli, the same can be said about women. Their sexual appetite is little influenced by food aphrodisiacs or sexual fantasies. A new study shows that experiences that women live, as motherhood and menopause, have a surprising impact on libido. As she gets older and matures, attitudes about sex, relationships and self esteem changed greatly, noted study author Professor Beth Montemurro, from Pennsylvania State University, after interviewing 95 women aged between 20 and 68 years. Women who become mothers, and those satisfied with their job or who get promotions become more self-confident, which has a positive impact on sexual desire. But less pleasant events in a woman’s life, such as divot and menopause, have the same effect on sexual desire.

Divorce, a new beginning

Many of the women who agreed to talk about their sexuality were told that divorce was for them a new beginning and was an opportunity for rediscovery. Before marriage, most of the women who participated in the study had very little sexual experience and did not give much importance to their sexual desires. Divorce offered them the chance to discover their sexuality.

Some women, especially older ones, have felt that divorce has increased self-esteem. Often, they looked divorce not as an end but as a second chance to seek what they really wanted, rather than to pursue life partner “, says Beth Montemurro, quoted by British “Daily Mail”.

Young women with an adventurous sex life, they overburden that their sex life has improved a lot after marriage. Reason: ring finger women increase their self-confidence. “Marriage gives them the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Perhaps they are less sexually active at this time of life, but have a better attitude about sexual life” , says Beth Montemurro, study author.

Although the birth of a child is not just a sexual stimulant, motherhood has the same effect of increasing self-confidence. Women who participated in the study said that the birth helped them to feel better about yourself and be more satisfied with their physical appearance.

“Overall, the achievements in life make women more confident. And you are proud of them, women stronger qau sexuality“, explains Beth Montemurro. This confidence does not decrease with age, menopause is another time when a woman’s sex drive increases. This time of life helps them to accept more easily and have fewer complaints related to physical appearance.


Secrets of sexual life, you need to know

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to know. We all hit by rumors and half-truths about how to be caring for the privacy or other aspects of your sex life? Here’s what the experts have to say about sexual health secrets. About secretssome women, everyone seems to know another option. In fact, we are surrounded on all sides by more or rumors. And about sex and intimacy issues, the internet is flooded with opinions … so it’s no surprise that every woman is believed expert in giving advice to others about everything related to these topics 🙂 So will all hit by rumors and half-truths about how to be caring for the intimate area? Here’s what the experts have to say about sexual health secrets.

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to knowGynecologists have a lot of patients who intrude into their offices in tears because they have read or heard something about gynecology that I think apply to them and not true. But many of the things you read about gynecology or how they have to worry intimate area are either exaggerated or simply false.

To help you distinguish rumors from reality, we offer expert advice on sexual health and care intimate area topics about which many women are too embarrassed to ask their doctors. What the experts say may surprise you. Here are the gynecology secrets that you should know.

Secret. 1: Contraceptive pills can reduce sex drive

If you wish to make your head is not the same since you started taking pills, not only the imagination will play tricks. It is 100% true that birth control pills can reduce sexual desire of many women, experts say.

This is true not only for women in the reproductive years. This is true for menopausal women who can use a small dose of contraceptives to control symptoms such as hot flashes and sudden changes of mood.

What can be done to restore sexual desire at before?

Experts believe that changing the brand of contraceptive or combination of substances sometimes help. If you do not help, consider switching to another type of contraceptive measures (such as a strilet) if you are in a monogamous relationship or condoms. Another option would be to take the pill less often and use another method of protection to avoid pregnancy. If you use pills to relieve symptoms like hot flashes, talk to your doctor about dose reduction.

Secret. 2: To reduce some of the side effects of birth control pills nausea insert them into the vagina

The introduction of the pill into the vagina is not harmful, doctors say. And it can also be very effective, especially if you suffer from nausea or vomiting for various reasons, including the pill.

This little secret came to light thanks to an Israeli study published in the journal Contraception. Doctors compared two groups of women using contraceptive pills. One group took oral contraceptive pills; Another group took them vaginally and left them there to dissolve. The Result? Women who took the pills vaginally had less nausea, dizziness, headaches, tension in the breasts, menstrual pain and upset stomach compared to those taking oral pills.

Secret. 3: Headaches can increase sexual desire – and orgasms can do to stop headaches and menstrual cramps

Sex may be the last thing you think when you have a migraine. But you should not be surprised if you feel a great need for intimate contact during a migraine walker up to 24 hours before. Doctors are not sure why this happens. According to studies conducted by researchers, may be related to increasing levels of serotonin. This brain chemical may be related to sexual appetite.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that up to 20% of women, an orgasm can stop a migraine situated about to occur, immediately easing pain. But it is not the first time orgasm is linked to reduced pain. Doctors say that some women said that they help get rid of menstrual cramps – possibly due to elimination of biochemical substances that flood the body and relax the uterus, easing pain.

Secret. 4: Avoid sexual intercourse and makes sex be painful

Many women believe that avoiding sexual intercourse and vagina leaving to rest is the best antidote to sexual pain. Experts say just the opposite. There is a certain amount of truth in the axiom that says if a body is not atrophy. Ending sexual contacts make their resume to be more difficult, experts say and the physically and in terms of desire.

At the same time, pain with intercourse are not normal. They often occur when the partner does not excite you enough. In other cases, vaginal dryness caused by hormones as if you are breastfeeding your baby or menopause can also cause sexual discomfort. A drop of lubricant product or estrogen cream applied directly into the vagina, doctors say, is all you need to remove pain from intercourse discomfort caused by hormones.

If arousal is the problem, doctors should talk to your partner about extending foreplay. Then do whatever it takes to get the optimal level of arousal and prepare the body for penetration.

Secret. 5: It is easier to contract a sexually transmitted disease during menstruation

Although it is less likely to get pregnant after a sexual intercourse menstruation, it is likely to contract an infection. The Reason? Changes in acid-base balance of the vagina during menstruation facilitates bacterial growth, say doctors.

Normally, the vagina is acidic environment unfavorable bacteria. But this substantially increases blood pH level, causing the environment to be more alkaline environment which allows bacteria to grow.

If you are not 100% safe sexual health partner, always use a condom.

Secret. 6: Cotton underwear and change laundry detergent helps reduce the risk of vaginitis

Doctors say that these axioms are not only ancient stories of old women. Vaginitis is an irritation of the vagina. It causes excessive vaginal discharge, burning and itching. Wearing cotton underwear and change laundry detergent can reduce the risk of vaginitis. Another way to avoid risk is to avoid using perfumes, deodorants intimate, or other scented products in the vagina. If you do not even notice a reduction in symptoms of vaginitis soon after you make these changes, it is best to go to a doctor. The problem could be bacterial vaginosis, an infection caused by a fungus, a sexually transmitted disease, or another infection requiring medical care.

10 secrets of sexual life, you need to know 2

Secret. 7: To reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome when traveling abroad, carry a spare pads

The risk of deadly infections by TSS is growing again. It is still linked to the use of superabsorbent tampons intense. These pads are sold not only in your country but, depending on the country you are traveling, you may find them in stores possibly together with the safest, less absorbent. If you are familiar with the instructions very well written in that country, they can be confused easily. To be safe, it is best to take your home buffers type you use often and do not leave them inside the body too long.

Secret. 8: Avoid using tampons against leaks caused by incontinence

As a tampon inserted into the vagina exert pressure on the urethra (the tube through which urine is eliminated when the body) can act as a buffer stop. This can prevent accidental urine leakage. Doctors say that it is okay to apply this method from time to time for example, if you tend losses when you go to the gym, but warns that you should not become a habit and it is good to remove the tampon immediately you leave in the gym.

A dry swab inside the vagina can cause significant irritation and skin microscopic cracks. Irritation and cracks can lead to infection later. To control the leaks daily, you can use the new special external buffers against incontinence. Absorbed much better than menstrual and are safer than tampons.

Secret. 9: Sex with penetration does not increase the risk of recurrent fungal infections, but give oral sex

Studies at the University of Michigan, USA proved that in general, men do not transmit infection with cuperci women during penetrative sexual acts. According to the author of the study, it appears that the risk of recurrent infections is related to something else – perhaps the woman’s body immune reaction to the fungus.

However, it is interesting that the study conducted on more than 200 men and women reached a different conclusion, quite surprising. Women who have oral sex have a higher risk of having recurrent vaginal infections caused by fungi. This risk was found regardless of whether or not their partner have signs of fungal infection of the mouth.

Doctors do not intend to suggest that oral sex is a problem for everyone, but if a woman has repeated fungal infections, these activities expose it to a risk. According to reports from the US CDC, up to 80% of women over the life of at least a fungal infection. A hormonal imbalance, high sugar level in the body, certain antibiotics, birth control pills, or stress can also lead to such infection.

Secret. 10: The smell like urine around the vulva may not be urine at all, but sweat and you can fight

As the sweat gland secretions have some components that are found in the urine, it often happens that some women feel much sweat smell like urine in the vulva or even underwear. But before you rush to the conclusion that you have a problem of incontinence, try to wash more often intimate area using water and mild soap. Add a pinch of starch to absorb moisture.

Avoid nylon underwear, which tends to keep warm and to increase perspiration. If the smell disappears by washing, it was likely sweat, no urine. If the odor persists, seek medical advice.



How to enhance your sex drive

In a family where bedside concern is promotion and better pay, a good sex is the last thing on the list of priorities. To resolve this some couples go to the doctor, and others use various essences and substances with aphrodisiac effect that can help them in this direction. In fact, the key to success is relatively simple: you just need to consume certain vitamins and nutrients. The news even better is that they are already in your diet, but not in an amount sufficient. Here are some tips to have an active sex life and especially need to remember the following saying: appetite comes with eating. Even the sex obeys the same laws.

How to enhance your sex drive

Eat a balanced breakfast for greater appetite for sex

Your menu should be rich in protein and fiber, such as those from yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, berries, etc. Also, peanut butter and whole grains are excellent choices to increase sex drive. These combinations of food digestion takes longer which leads to a high enough energy for the whole morning. At the same time, a balanced breakfast will get rid of choosing unhealthy foods later. More energy means that you will not fall wide when you return so you can spend more time with partner.

Increases sex drive if you drink plenty of fluids more

The fact that you’re sufficiently hydrated helps you be in a physical and mental state of alert during the entire day and you’re in shape until late evening. You have to remember one thing: too little fluid in the body means including low levels of sexual fluids. Experts recommend drinking two glasses of water immediately after you woke up that morning is the time when you are dehydrated. During the day eat more vegetables and fruits with a high water content.

Olive oil and nuts increase sex drive

The fats are needed to produce sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. If you have a low-fat diet your body will not produce enough of these hormones. But make sure you enter the unsaturated fat diet that you can get from olive oil, fatty fish or nuts.

Chicken, fish and lean protein increases sexual desire

If you do not have enough protein in your diet, then you should know that and dopamine levels are very low. This neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and romance. Also, dopamine helps in case of erectile dysfunction.

Sex drive goes along with a glass of wine

A glass of wine in the evening you can create the right condition for romance because it helps you relax and be calm. And these are the best components of a hot nights.

A few pieces of dark chocolate after dinner and sex drive appears

Chocolate it creates a state of happiness. Few pieces of chocolate may be the way for a rendezvous in the bedroom. According to a study conducted in Germany after a piece of chocolate women are in a good mood that lasts for a period of 90 minutes. Therefore you should keep a bar of chocolate on the headboard. Nobody knows when you might need never entered it.

How to enhance your sex drive


Increased sexual desire: Herbs and spices that increase arousal!

Increased sexual desire: Herbs and spices that increase arousal! Next time you go shopping, add to the list of those herbs and spices that enhance arousal, thus boosting your sex drive.

Increased sexual desire Herbs and spices that increase arousalA good body image, self-esteem, sexual desire and willpower are essential to a happy sex life. But recipemay contain many, especially for couples who require increased sex drive and, of course, desired!

Sexual herbs were consumed over time in every possible way in order to increase libido. Since ancient times, people use herbs and spices to enhance sexual arousal “, says dr. Ava Cadell.

Now more than ever, women’s sexual appetite and men can be increased with natural herbs and spices that have beneficial effects on erection and vaginal lubrication. Here are the most effective and popular herbs and spices that enhance sexual arousal.

Although there is no magic formula to increase sex drive natural, scientific studies have shown that ginseng is ginseng plant offers the best results in increasing sexual arousal, says doctor Kat Van Kirk, clinical sexologist and sex therapist. Ginseng improves blood circulation, providing better irrigation genitalia in women and in men, which increases sexual desire, sexual performance and to intensify orgasm for both partners.

Horny Goat Weed
Although the name is funny, this plant with leaves medium was used since ancient times in Chinese medicine, where they discovered its healing properties on the erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. Horny Goat Weed helps increase nitric acid, which contributes to muscle relaxation, which leads to better irrigation pelvic organs.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo is one of the species of trees that grow on the planet for more than 150-200 million years. This Chinese herb known for its properties to alleviate the decrease muscle tension, anxiety, increase mental alertness, energizing and the improvements blood circulation, all of which are essential for healthy sexual appetite.

Mushrooms Cordycepsis
Cordycepsis mushrooms began to be increasingly used in traditional Chinese medicine, proving properties protect the lungs and liver, but also to strengthen immunity and revitalize the entire body. Moreover, mushrooms Cordycepsis help balance hormonal balance, optimize functions and stimulates the secretion of adrenal sex hormones, which help growing libido, and reduce inflammation and vaginal lubrication efficiency.

Although part of many sweets we eat today, few people know the exceptional properties of vanilla. It energizes the body and shows beneficial effects on mood and is used to treat impotence, erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.

Cinnamon benefits are manifold. It is recommended in diets for combustion accelerates metabolism and decreases appetite, for example. But cinnamon has the ability to increase body temperature, so it is recommended for use in winter. However, the ability to increase the body temperature cinnamon help and the proper functioning of the circulatory system, which facilitates blood flow to the extremities, including the genitals. As the blood supply to the pelvic area is higher, the increase sex drive and feelings are more intense during sex.


What women want in bed!?

About sex: What women want in bed!? Sex tips!! When it comes to sex most of the men considered experts. Therefore, any man would not like to be labeled as a boring lover” when talking about sex. To avoid this, here are some tips to not ever be labeled as such. For this you need to know what women want in bed NOT:

About sex What women want in bed

About sex # 1: Women do not like to be too careful
The phrase “I‘ll let you?” Is not good. They even can cut your wife’s sex drive. A man with experience knows how to make a woman I anticipate movements without putting any question. Sometimes even a glance or touch are challenging enough for the body to respond properly lover.

About sex # 2: Women do not like mechanical sex
Most women do not agree that sex without passion, which he considers time spent without a reason. No woman wants to become an inflatable doll. That does not mean every game of love should be great, but you should not forget that every woman wants to be unique. Be sensitive and sometimes, not just sex but “make love to her.

About sex # 3: Women do not like monotony
If your wife know every crack in the ceiling, then you have a problem. Do not panic, though. A simple change of place where you love is enough. You just have to use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Car, kitchen, dining room and other places where you may be able to love.

About sex # 4: Women do not like men who do not want to experience new things
If you’re together for a long time should not be afraid to experiment with new things. Sexual life can become boring and there are many things you can do to prevent it. You can try new positions, playing roles according to their fantasies. Do whatever you want, as long as you agree Amado and if that will spice up your couple.

Talk about your fantasies in front of a glass of wine and you will be surprised how quickly it will turn into reality.

These are just some things you can improve your sex life. You need to know that women do not seek Casanova in every man. They just want the man who is with you strive to have a better relationship. Do not forget that the opposite of boring word is unexpected, surprising, so from time to time, surprise your partner and you have everything to gain.


Quick tips to increase your sex drive

8 quick tips to increase your sex drive! There are times when the libido is the highest odds or even on you as much as you wanted. The reasons for low libido can be multiple: stress, fatigue, money problems, health problems.

8 quick tips to increase your sex drive

Here are but a few quick tips that you can apply in order to increase your sex drive:

1. Embrace!
By hug oxytocin is released. This substance increases intimacy in a relationship and strengthens bonds between partners. Also, hug, relax and lowers inhibitions.

2. Take a break
Although it seems moved, a sex break is always welcome. Increase the sexual tension break and you will want more than to have sex.

3. Flirting Championship
In periods of break” flirting is indicated. Playing yourin this way will increase sexual appetite guaranteed.

4. Reduces stress
When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol. Less stress means increased libido.

5. Exercise
Besides the fact that exercise helps reduce stress, they have an advantage, improves blood circulation. And how genitals are highly vascularized, they will benefit greatly from the movement.

6. Little alcohol
Alcohol can help increase libido, but if it is in moderation. No more than one drink! If it exceeds the amount of alcohol will backfire, that will reduce sex drive.

7. Sex Role
Although it may seem a cliché, gender role can be extremely exciting. Do not hesitate to acquire some suits your special mind to heat up the ground floor.

8. Romantic Escapade
Routine kills passion and lowers libido. A romantic getaway, occasionally, can stimulate sex drive. Whether you go to eat a pizza or in a fancy restaurant, or run away in the worlda few days, it is important to be just you two.


Sexual diet safest weight loss method

Sexual diet is one that helps you get the desired figure not starvation, but by much exercise. Use items that you put a lot of moving.

It is possible that over time have tried all methods to weaken and none worked as you’d want. It is time to turn to sexual diet, especially that easily burn calories, work your entire body and gives you pleasure.

We recommend sexual diet, because it will certainly help you burn calories faster. In addition, we give you suggestions of foods to increase your sex drive, so you can give yield unique slimming regime.

Sexual diet safest weight loss method

Sexual Diet: 5 positions that burn the most calories!

1. Acrobatics. This position calls for both partners and physical effort because it will burn many calories. The woman must stand with head resting on the floor with both feet stuck to his chest. This position is recommended for sexual diet.

Sexual diet safest weight loss method 2

2. The seat position. In this position, the woman should stand as a chair, the buttocks man, and to support his feet gently with your hands. Penetration is deep and movements will help you lose weight.

Sexual diet safest weight loss method 3

3. Position dance. It’s not very comfortable position, but to help you get rid of calories due to the effort you apply. To implement this position, you must stand or lean against a wall and sexual diet that follow will be successful.

couple sexual kamasutra love activity silhouette

4. Doggy position. The man sitting in the ass, easily supported on the back, shoulders and cling woman standing with her back to him. Movements go forth like a swing.

couple sexual kamasutra love activity silhouette

5. Position in the arms. In this position, the man must have power in order to keep the woman in his arms. It is indeed a difficult position, but also romantic.

couple sexual kamasutra love activity silhouette

Sexual Diet: 5 Foods that increase your sex drive

Sexual diet safest weight loss method 7

Chocolate. Over time, scientists have shown that chocolate contains substances that help neurological transmissions in the brain, because it contains a substance similar to caffeine. The latter is exciting the nervous system and heart stimulant. Also, chocolate contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine, responsible for the well and dream similar to that caused by endorphins. This food can be a good incentive sexual diet.

Avocado. This is recommended because food contains folic acid, a substance that helps to metabolize protein and, therefore, the body has more energy. In addition to folic acid and vitamin B6 avocado contains potassium also important substances, which helps to increase libido in women and in men.

Watermelon. Food is delicious, and refreshing, especially when consumed in summer. Help cardiovascular system arising from substance called aminocitrulline, which helps relax blood vessels and increase sex drive. It can be used successfully in sexual diet

Oysters. They are rich in zinc, mineral required for the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. The male hormone helps to increase libido in women.

Almonds. They are a very important source of fatty acids. They provide materials necessary for the production of hormones and sexual recommended diet.



What is sexual desire?

The term “libido” was first widely adopted due to the introduction of the concept of Sigmund Freud in his writings on sexuality and personality development.

apetitFreud used the term “sexual appetite” and the most specific, “libido” to refer to what he originally conceived as a biological human instincts. In this context, sex drive or libido has been a source of motivation and action during human development.

Later, Freud expanded the definition of libido to refer to the life energy that drives both sexual instincts, and other human impulses.

Today, the term sexual appetite is not a valuable use of researchers and sexologists (they prefer libido). But popular culture has become synonymous with sexual desire or interest of an individual to engage in sexual relations with a partner. If someone does not want so much to have sex, you could say that the person has a low sex drive.

On the other hand, there is a measurement of sexual desire and no clear definition of what a healthy sexual appetite.