Tears of joy after orgasm

cryinOur emotions are deeply influenced sexuality, whether we realize it or not. Using common sense, it seems that the joy really has a positive effect on our sex life. Happy people are beautiful and have more positive energy. We rejoice in their happiness and embrace joy can easily turn embrace pleasure.

Tears flowing partner’s eyes due to emotional ecstasy and causing some embarrassment shows that emotions are so strong that controlling your partner. Emotions can reach a level comparable sex drive, and switching between the two is possible. But joy is self-sufficient and does not need anything.

Happy people therefore do not feel excited. And when you look at your partner feel happy not desire. Instead, you are happy and share your happiness with your partner.


Want to be closer? Menstruation sex!

96971f12d7-pSEX ADVICE: Want to be closer try menstruation sex!

If a woman has a prolonged menstruation, for example for a whole week, this time can be a longer period of time that couples who are accustomed to regular sex. Take advantage of this time to experience new positions and forms of foreplay you do not practice often. Especially in the early days of menstruation, the bleeding is strong, try different types of sexual games.

For example, you can do between the breasts or try new techniques of manual and oral stimulation. Teased one another just kissing and caressing you and make you a few days when menstruation becomes weaker sex.

If your partner is disgusted by sex during menstruation, tell him that you need to show you that you still want and show them what other ways might satisfy you. Sex in the shower you tried?


5 sexy games that men adore

Men like daring women . Overcome barriers and challenge your partner to some sexy games. So do your courage to practice them face to face and you can send via SMS or email.

5 sexy games that men adore

Here are five ideas for games sexy that men adore.

1. Have you ever…

This game requires sharing some sexual fantasies. I tell them yours, and he tells them his. You can start with “Have you ever sex in the bathroom?” “Have you ever had sex in the car?” Etc.

2. I dare you to…

You can start to challenge your partner to send you a picture of him naked. Or you can send a movie with you while you touch challenging. Carefully before you hit the SEND button. No messages you want to reach someone else.

3. Sexy Scenario

Create a script for a passionate night of love and sends him her lover. For more piquancy you can let multiple choice final. Or let him continue scenario.

4. Write lyrics

If you like a song you both try to rewrite the lyrics adding the dirty rhymes.

5. Yes or no

It is a game that helps you to know more about your partner. You do not ask questions to which he must answer than yes or no. “Do you like pinch bottom?” “Do you like sex with the lights on?”, Here are a few examples that you can begin the discussion.


8 erotic games in bedroom to try them

Erotic games are a way to banish the monotony of the bedroom and rekindle the passion. In addition, the linkage between you and increase your sexual repertoire. And of course, some fun sexual offers unforgettable memories, huh? Here are eight games to reignite erotic passion between the sheets.

8 erotic games in bedroom to try them

1. Sexy Twister

If you played when you were a kid twister, surely you remember how you were stuck in positions worthy of a contortionist while trying to compete your competitor. Now imagine the same game with his partner naked. And you can go even further, by trying to distract the kisses, bites.

2. Bottle

Remember how spinning bottle during high school hoping to look at the girl you love? Now, after you have emptied a bottle of wine to have the mood, sexy write applications to make things interesting as well: French kiss, striptease, lap dance, oral sex. Spin the bottle and if it stops your right, choose what you want to do her partner, then change roles.

3. Guess subject

Link your partner in the eye, undress her and use an object (sexual or otherwise) with which a petting throughout the body. You could pour some chocolate breasts or hit her with a piece of leather. Then ask her to guess what you used. Do not switch to another object until you give the correct answer.

4. Mirror, mirror

This game is not only fun but help a partner to find out everything about your body, about its parts you like and those you do not like. Start by standing naked in front of the other one. Now begin to kiss, to caress; it has to make you the same things. The idea is to make everything look like in the mirror and be as close movements.

5. Ninja sex

Try your skills to escape unseen having sex in public places. You can start with a kiss in a restaurant, then move to more moves “hot” as well do it in a guest room at a party or in a car.

6. Truth or dare

It was always a funny game played with friends at a party. But his partner is practicing as a way to improve your relationship. You will be amazed at the things you will discover during the game. Ask your girlfriend about her sexual fantasies or about her escapades. To make things even more interesting turn his fantasies into reality.

7. Outdone yourself for pleasure

This is not only a crazy game but will result in rapprochement between them. Dezbacati Lie in bed and begin to autosatisfaceti. Who finish first helps the other, manually or orally to reach orgasm. Who won first reaches climax and will get a sexually treatment choice next time.

8. Treasure Hunt

Finder start by compiling an exhaustive list of things that sexy partner should do. Should include including some of your fantasies. Should meet all pregnancy to win the game. The list could be passed following requirements – underwear teeth removal, massage, walking an ice cube on the back etc.