Are you ready to have sex?

Are you ready to have sex? Sex education! Sex tips! A start your sex life is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s not easy to take and you may struggle more questions on the subject. I do not know for sure whether or not you ready for this big step. Here are 12 rules you should keep in mind before you make the plunge.

Are you ready to have sex1. Try to understand exactly what “having sex”
In many dictionaries, sex is defined as vaginal penetration purpose of procreation. At a closer look, however, we can add to this definition and that sex is the action after which you can easily get a sexually transmitted disease. So vaginal penetration can add other two forms of sex: anal and oral, after which you can choose with such a disease.

Remember, therefore, to use a condom, for all three forms of sex above!

2. Do not succumb to first pressure
If you think having sex just because you nag her boyfriend for a long time because it’s cool in peer group you belong to, try not to succumb to these pressures. The decision must exclusively yours. And if friends push you to such a step, it means that you‘re really not.

3. No need to actually have sex, to have a physical relationship with boyfriend
You do not have to actually reach sexual contact, by whatever he, like enjoying physical sensations that you can give your partner close. Do not forget all the beautiful stages prior to any contact: kissing, petting, glances, hugs, exploring every part of the body etc. And if you feel that things get out of control, the pace slows a little.

4. Ask yourself if you start your sex life does not conflict with your religious beliefs and education
There are certain religious cultures preach virginity until marriage. If you were raised in a community and also keep in mind these beliefs and you do not do this step.

5. Analyze carefully your relationship
It’s good to know that the first sexual contact is always painful, embarrassing and devoid of pleasure / orgasm. And here comes the degree of seriousness of the relationship that you have with your partner and how much and deeply cares about you. So, here are a few things that you can give food for thought:

Trust your lover? Basically, you have to be sure it’s a good man, full of good intentions in what concerns you and that would never do anything to hurt or humiliate. It’s not easy to figure out, but not impossible: it asks, for example, if you would give passwords to email accounts or other social networks that has a profile. See what your answer and you can easily find how much trust you have in it.

Your relationship is serious enough that you get to have sex? If most of your concerns is the nature of the surface, it’s better not to do step. If, instead, you grew up together, you know for many years and have gone through important stages together, then the situation changes and you consider to move on to an intimate relationship.

You talk about sex with your lover? Think if it is able to cope with issues such as contraception, for example, if you have sound knowledge on the subject and assume responsibilities this. If you find that fails the test, it is better to wait.

You may be able to make such a step with any risk, including violating religious beliefs Partner? Think about how you would look on you family or other members of the community to which you belong and raise your same problem and what it concerns him.

You feel embarrassed in front of that person after a possible sexual contact? The question may seem childish, but make an effort of imagination and designs you somehow 10 years later after the eventual sexual contact. If you feel like more than other 10 year see yourself with him and you have the slightest embarrassment you display next to him and introduce him as your partner for life, it’s better to wait to go for it.

6. Before the action, trying to imagine the moment, step by step
If you do, you might be emerging all kinds of questions about the moment itself, questions that you have the opportunity to discuss with her lover and enlighten them accordingly, before you hit them literally. On your turn, do not expect it to be perfect and to give you first sexual perfection. Would it help to have a more solid friendship back and a sense of humor.

7. Check if the emotionally and you’re just ready
Sex releases oxytocin, the hormone of happiness or that offers a great physical condition. However, even if physically feel afloat, emotionally speaking might not be ready yet. Analyze again if your lover feelings are the most powerful.

8. Approach as many sexual topics
Even if you will find it easy embarrassing, find that it is extremely important to discuss with your partner can absolutely any subject, especially those related to sex. Necessarily have discussions about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and expectations of everyone. These three topics are very important for a first sexual contact.

9. Take all possible measures when it comes to protection
It is said that no contraceptive method is not perfect, apart from abstinence. Although the vast majority of work and do what they promise to do in the prospectus, it’s still good to blow and yogurtand if already using the contraceptive pill, and you put a condom. Super Cautios better than to be sorry that you were not careful enough.

10. Plan your early things that you need in time
Do not wait to buy your condoms 5 minutes before you decide to have sex. Be prepared for such a time and treat it seriously. It’s good to make sure you have at least two contraceptive methods available at any time decide to have sex.

11. Do not rush
Do not plan to have sex at a time when you upload or little time for that. Pick a time completely relaxed, stress-free, the dedicated entirely to your partner and enjoy plenty of each other, without any pressure. Do not go to actual sexual contact immediately. Taste full all phases of foreplay. In addition, remember that sexual pleasure is not necessarily only the techniques used, but mostly what you feel for the guy next to you and what is he to you.

12. Understand well both meanings of the word “consensus”
Falling agree with each other and fixed to want the same thing, it means to be in full agreement. This means that both must be prepared as in any phase of the sexual act to striking and any refusal by the other, denial that he must comply and which must take into account.

If you were raped, go immediately to the first hospital nearby!

A few tips to keep in mind

If religious beliefs dictate you do not start your sex life, follow them.

Losing your virginity is supposed to be a moment of satisfaction and happiness of your life. But most of those who say it was a sad experience accuse two reasons: I was too small and I did it with the wrong partner.”

Note that if something is wrong, you can always say stop action, but to keep the affectionate of you, though.

If you‘re afraid to be caught in public places, then do not risk exposing yourself in such places.

Do not fear that you do not know very well if you do well you do. Talk openly with your partner about it!

Heads Up!

Increased attention, and the age at which you choose to start your sex life and partner age. An accusation of rape is much easier to do when not to exceed the age of majority. It’s even worse when one of the partners of sex is major and the other minor. Even if both you and your partner do it for the first time and both are tested for HIV, it’s still better to use a condom.


6 types of men who have the worst sex!

If you were to ask someone how many sex partners you’ve had so far, as you evaluate your sex life? You counting the men who You had sex lame?

6 types of men who have the worst sex!I mean those men with those sex that does not matter because it was so, so bad And more specifically, men who have some of the worst sex are:

The man with whom sex takes 10 seconds
Is man drinking 2-3 glasses of wine before or who knows he has a problem with erection, but too proud to solve. Sex lasts blink twice and, of course, you do not have an orgasm. But it feels so good and if even boor, I’ll ask and what‘s wrong for you so surprised.

You little man commits
Let’s call a spade a spade. There are plenty of couples in which the man makes his one way or the other partner to feel lucky to have sex with him, and believe that we should have sex whenever he wants and if he refuses a sexual favor, it means that something is happening with it. How to get sex out of obligation? The emotional blackmail.

The man who saved hard sex
Hard to remember, not because it would take a whole day and gets you the details, no. You know that he exists, if you know and how it looks, you had sex with him but I really do not remember how it was. And if I were to get up at night to remember exactly who it is, it would not be worth considering. Why? Because it was so bad sex with him that you can not remember anything.

The man who has sex because they have
The man who has sex to keep score, not to sit too long on the sidelines or take the boys for a beer stories I do not know whether it is worth the name of man. Furthermore, where I’m going with the idea is that when having sex because they have not because he likes / wants very much, is as bad as possible to come to make the woman feel like Damn.

The man who makes you regret sex
Gender should be the most enjoyable experience in two but you know what they say, each forest has its dry. Leaving trees aside, it seems that 60% of women with an active sexual life have had at one time a sex that completely changed opinion about men. That made them see that they can and worse: 0 foreplay, quick kisses here and there, a few moves up down left right and ready. Sex is over! If you have such a male at the door, run!

The man you’re not sure whether or not sex
It’s funny because if it were so, it would be tragic. Things like this when you soar with a man in linen but you do not realize exactly when penetration occurs. As for what to ask, entered? (smile) And if you’re not sure, it’s three reasons: tired, wanted to make their mood with a glass and drank 3 or, it’s not so well equipped to your standards, anatomical or not.


If you have had part of one of the men above, expect to read something about that.


The changes should we make as we go better sex life

 Satisfying partner must be a priority, but at least occasionally try to focus on getting their pleasures. End of the year should not mean plans and hopes for better only in terms of career and health, but also new challenges should we pursue sex life. Therefore let shyness aside and try to get out of your comfort zone to avoid routine or just to surprise your loved life partner.

The changes should we make in 2015 as we go better sex life

Of course, we all think that the coming year will take off extra pounds that we eat healthier or that we will do our best to find the ideal job etc. Probably very few people are thinking and what you should do to add salt and pepper private life. Womenshealthmag publication. com has a list of proposals that we can implement from the first day of next year, why not the night of the year.

1. Try a sex toy
If you never dared to try a sexual enhancement during a single sex or perhaps it is time to discover whether you would like to use it. You can start with a vibrator and sex toys exist that can be used in torque. For those who have already included such a “spicy” sex life, adult products market dedicated backup always surprises: perhaps it is time to discover a little more unusual toy.

2. Ask own pleasure first
Normal, partner satisfaction should be a priority, but at least occasionally try to focus on getting their pleasures, so that women very often neglected. Explain to your partner what you would like to happen more often between the sheets, it Otherwise we will not have to guess what it does as well. At the same time try not to feel guilty if you do not turn every time a sexual favor that makes Partner: do that every time to answer oral sex, if you enjoyed it.

3. Disclose a partner’s sexual fantasy
We all wish we could have once put into practice a sexual fantasy, but often fear that their partner will judge us harshly and give up. Nobody says that we should tell each other fantasies, but worth even trying, tactfully, talk to beloved implementation of such secret desires.

4. Watch porn
Watching a porn movie with erotic or partner may have a more than pleasant. For those who have not done so, the onset may be embarrassing, but do not give up from the first minute. Wait a little run high atmosphere.

5. Make noisy sex
If you do not like to Partner explain what to do in bed, use moans and, why not, screaming for dear person understand you great pleasure. Plus, a woman who manifests somewhat noisy when having sex without exaggerating, is extremely exciting for a man.

6. Get more often masturbate
If you belong among people who have a sense of guilt when they feel better yourself, then aim for 2015 should be to eliminate these guilty thoughts and thickening moments where we get pleasure alone. Masturbation helps to know your own body, the way we respond to certain stimuli touches.

7. Change Location
The bed gets boring when it becomes the only place where sex for years. And the routine killing pleasure. Therefore, try to move first action in a different room than the bedroom, then a little more risky location where the fear of being caught will sensations and intense.


6 mistakes that destroy your sex life.

6 mistakes that destroy your sex life. We are human and make mistakes, including sex. And the problem does not come from the fact that we are wrong, but they do not learn from mistakes and instead use them as a means of evolution, we repeat endlessly to destroy our sex life. are some of the most common mistakes or beliefs that may have the effect of destroying your sex life:

Have a TV in the bedroom
Do you like to watch TV while you’re lying in bed? So get used to the idea that you have less sexually active. A study in Italy found that all couples who had a TV in the bedroom do less sex than couples who did not have such a device in the bedroom. The bedroom should be kept for sleep and sex. Let other elements that will distract from these things to the bedroom door.

Believing that the most sensitive nipples are erogenous zone woman
Erogenous zones body parts that are responsive to sexual stimulation vary from one woman to another. What excites a woman might not have any effect on another. The most common female erogenous zones are: nipples, neck, ears, inner thighs and clitoris. The most appropriate way to find out who is the most exciting for a woman to experience during foreplay and the game of love or to see what makes them feel good. You can also ask her what they like.

Wrong with you
Men are very sensitive when it comes to the use of sex toys or partner of a vibrator. “Did I not be enough?” Asks her worried. Using sex toys by women is actually good for your sex life. Rather than feel threatened, better ask her to incorporate sex toys while making love. Nowadays there are many toys for couples. Have fun while you use them together.

Do not think you can improve your sex life embrace
Oxytocin is the hormone released by the body during a tightening in his arms. Various studies have shown that embracing a woman even for 20 seconds triggers the release of oxytocin which results in a good state, and she feels closer to her partner. However, many men imagine that sexual intimacy is somehow different from physical intimacy. But you can not shift from remote station, each to the other end of the sofa, a passionate sex game just clapping their hands. Get used to your partner embrace, kiss her, caress her every day, and your sex life will improve significantly.

On average, most couples get to the climax at the same time twice a month
This belief can be a serious obstacle when it comes to sexual fulfillment in life. The truth is that orgasm at the same time is very rare. But that does not prevent men to try and fail miserably everything every time. Experts sexual urge men not to worry too much about coordinating orgasms. Instead focus on satisfying your partner first and then vice versa, you will feel so much better.

Spontaneity lead to a more fulfilling sex life
Sex unexpected, spontaneous can be no doubt, fantastic. But he would have to make it the center of your life sex is like sitting outside waiting to rain when you want a glass of water. Do not expect sex to happen. Take the initiative. Planning together for a day to make love. Far from being a movement unattractive, gender planning can help to increase desire and anticipation.



Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite + VIDEO

After a sex life may be affected routine that occurs between partners. In the following lines we welcome you with some tips to help you regain your sexual appetite!

Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite

Modify sexual routine
Even if each of you prefer a certain time of day for intercourse, try to change the routine you are used to. If you usually make love tonight, make him a surprise partner and wakes him with little kisses that morning to warm the senses. Changing sexual positions and place captures not only can, but can revive your sexual life.

Underwear and heels for a night of passion
To excite your partner, you can turn to some old tricks, but that work at every opportunity basis. You can expect when coming home dressed in a lace underwear the landscape should not lipseacă frames that complement provocative attire.

Shortly just for you
Although sex should be spontaneous, in most cases they experience fatigue after a day of work, housework and care for children and leaves not enough time for some intimate moments with a partner. Tip: even if you each to work, send him since lunch,, signals through phone calls, or you can call to attract in your game. Set along a time when you see to continue the game began during the day.

Memories can help
Remember the early days of your relationship, the feeling of overwhelm you had whenever you holding his hand or kiss you? A good exercise for the partners is to remember the moments of the beginning of the relationship and try to put back in place. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, songs that can be heard softly

A little mystery never hurt
A little mystery can add spark to your sex life, say industry experts. Even if you live together for a long time and feel comfortable with each other some issues should remain the same as before. Some gestures, certain lines can spice up life in the bedroom enough.

Delights the senses
Besides lace lingerie and high heels you can also add a bit of pampering partner with small tricks. Prepare them using your dinner aphrodisiac preparations, do not forget foam bath, scented candles and massage with essential oils. If you put these tips into practice, step by step builds the perfect scenario for an evening full of passion.





10 habits that you have and that you and destroy your sex life. Find out where you’re wrong!

If you feel that your sex life is going through a stalemate at the moment and do not understand why you decreased libido and the reasons that cause you to think less and less about sex or in a not so positive response could be right under your eyes.

destroy your sex life

There are many factors that can influence a couple’s sex life, even love, respect and devotion and attraction between partners is not missing.

Here are the habits that can ruin your sex life:

1. The use of electronics in the bedroom
The more you have electronics in the bedroom with both your attention will go less to the sexual aspect of the relationship with your partner. Get rid of the TV, laptop and phone if you want to have more sex quality.

2. Administration of birth control pills
Birth control pills contain hormones that can inhibit your libido. Use them only under the close supervision of a physician and with homeopathic products that not only protects your liver, but also help you regain your sex drive. And do not forget breaks recommended by specialists, your body needs them!

3. Embrace routines and monotony
Your sex life is made up of habits and daily routines? Bring something new and you will change for the better! Surprise your partner with new positions with a sexy lingerie or even a crazy place in which to unfold the next match.

4. The desire to sleep more
Want to go to bed earlier? Studies show that women libido reaches its peak at around 23, so I should go to sleep earlier if you want to have some action!

5. Lack of sleep
Fatigue may be a factor that actively contribute to decreased quality of your sex life. Be sure to sleep at least 7 hours each night, to be always in shape in the bedroom.

6. Lack of hygiene and order in bedroom
Who thinks of sex when it is invaded by the smell of pizza from the box lying near the bed or when it is surrounded by dirty clothes thrown all over the house? If you want to have an active and satisfying sex life, start with a general cleaning!

7. Inactivity
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, and these generate your sexual appetite and makes you feel at the same time. So, do not skip the exercises of the evening, if you want to enjoy an orgasm hell!

8. Comparisons with perfect couples on TV
Films takes you into a fantastic universe where all happy couples have sex party fighting. You do not compare nonexistent relationship with one you see on the screen just because you will create some false standards and you‘ll end up fighting with many frustrations.

9. Smoking
Still looking for a reason to quit cigarettes? Think that every trace of smoke that enters your body deprives you of a few minutes of good sex!

10. Criticism and nagging
Get used to them doing all sorts of observations lover or are you yourself are the victim‘s taunts? Of course such an attitude will not stimulate the hormones at all, so it would be great if you could give criticism.


Cicciolina not have sex for two years

I lived and hear this!  Cicciolina not have sex for two years!

Cicciolina Italy Porn star

XXX cinema was great diva intimate disclosures made during a show at a radio station. Cicciolina, her real name Ilona Staller, spoke to Radio 24, in Italy, about her sex life. Starlet, aged 61, has confessed she has not had sex for two years.

I do not know how many men I was in my life. I have not counted again. It could be around two thousand, but I think it may be even more. For me, it was a job But no sex for two years. I masturbate“, said Cicciolina.

Sexual masturbation has its charms. Close your eyes, think about what you want to do and it’s wonderful“, she added.

In my career as a pornstar, I regret that I never tried to have sex with a Chinese, said the great diva of cinema XXX.





How weight affects your sex life!

How weight affects your sex life! It is known that in women, sexual pleasure is closely related to their mental states. The look enormous influence your sexual life, primarily because of the way you perceive it as a strong psychological factor. Weight plays an important role, but in other bodily functions that you decrease or increase your libido. Discover more about how you influence body mass sex life!

How weight affects your sex lifeSexual and psychological factors

When you do not look as you wish, frustration can become overwhelming and you get to be ashamed of your body. Too many women are complexed by their physique and the company does nothing but put greater demands on them. While on the covers of magazines are promoted only unrealistic shapes silhouettes, few women think that the pictures are fake and end up hating their body because of its imperfections. At the same time, we live in a society heavily focused on sexuality, which doubles the frustration caused by the spread of beauty unrealistic standards. How are you feeling sexy when you look so different from what has been said it attractive?

Many women with abnormal weight (either too high or too low) have real problems with sex. Their libido is primarily affected by psychological state where they are, and many come to detest intercourse because they are downright terrified by the idea of undress. Lack of confidence, not weight itself is the greatest enemy of the sexual life of women. When, instead of enjoying intimacy and sensations during sex, you stand to think about how you look, it is clear that bother you feel good instead.

Weight and sex

Beyond the purely psychological, weight has a say and physically in terms of sex. Studies have shown that a body mass index (BMI) too high or too low you can bedevil libido. When you gain weight or lose weight, there are disturbances in hormonal level. It’s a chain reaction, in which increasing levels of substances called SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) leads to a decrease in levels of hormones responsible for sexual desire. In addition, high cholesterol associated with obesity leads to formation of fat plaques in blood vessels located in the pelvic area. This process results in a slowing of the circulation in the genital area and hence excitation is diminished or even halted.

How weight affects your sex life 1

How to restore your sex life

To have a satisfying sex life, you must make an effort to feel good about yourself again. This does not mean you have to look like supermodel X, far. You must learn to love and take care of yourself.

Here are some tips to restore your libido to life:

1. Take regular exercise, because it improves circulation and stimulates you sexually. Only 20 minutes of cardio a higher intensity increases your libido by 150%, according to studies. Lust will return, and will be more intense orgasm of a long-term bonus: muscle tone will make you feel proud of your body. The best exercises for satisfying sex life are: yoga, jogging, cycling and lunges.

2. Eat foods that increase libido, that is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. It improves your mood and sex drive. In fact, the best diet for a healthy sex life is what Mediterranean, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and fish. It is no wonder that people on those lands are so passionate, right?

3. If you are embarrassed by your body, instead you avoid looking at it, try the opposite. When you get out of the shower, walk naked for a while and look at you every time you walk past a mirror, but do not focus only on problem areas but admire your body as a whole. You have to feel good when you’re naked and sent to walk critic from you.

4. Do not feed the obsessions and be realistic! Think your boyfriend really cares about cellulite on legs or belly? There is a huge gap between what women think that men consider attractive and what really attracts. When your partner has an erection, you want clearer evidence for that is attracted to you?

5. Give up certain medicines that affect your libido. For example, birth control pills have this effect, which is why you should think well if maybe it is time to try another method of contraception. After all, what sense has to take pills for that purpose, if eventually you end up not having sex?

Weight affects your sex life more than you think, especially psychologically. When you do not feel good about yourself, not only sex, but all aspects of your life starts to go down the drain.



SEX: 5 lies that destroy your private life…

SEX: 5 lies that destroy your private life… Some lies in the relationship may be innocent, but others are downright dangerous and you can put the relationship at risk. Some lies are you even sex life a nightmare. See what they are and avoid them.

SEX 5 lies that destroy your private life

He must initiate sex
One of the most common myths is that man should get a signal when “action”. The blame is our society more traditionalist, but the lack of courage in telling women what they want, especially when it comes to sex.

There are rules to be followed for a perfect night
The idea that sex perfect technical means perfect, and figures of aerobatics experience is completely wrong. Many people are under the impression that good sex means figures, numbers, time, strength and goals achieved. Forget that sex is intimate, personal, and that success is more about feelings intensity than physical capabilities bending or extension of limbs.

Sex really mean intimate contact
Many people separated prelude to sex, as are two completely different things, not two consecutive steps of a larger trial and enjoyable. To say that a gym session in litter quality is sex is wrong, because the prelude and tenderness or after intercourse talks are part of the magic and should not be ignored.

Orgasm is the most important
Another problem is that most couples see orgasm as the ultimate objective and purpose of sex. Everyone seems to forget the joy of intimacy, physical and spiritual closeness and joy bodies bonded together.

An erection is the same excitation
If a man has an erection, it only means that it is healthy and operating parameters. Does not mean that he does not deserve affection and touch and after obtaining an erection. Sex is not sex organs coupling at each other. Once you understand this, only then can you have sex to satisfactory quality and up.


5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty.

SEX: 5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty. One of the secrets to a satisfactory sex life is confidence in your own body. Accepting small defects helps you relax and enjoy intimate moments experienced more than two. On days when you seem more annoying imperfections ever, there are solutions to help you feel more confident in your power of seduction. Do not remove sexual partner and try positions that will showcase your physical qualities will make perfect lover’s eyes.

5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty

Shoulders pleasures
Positions that highlight the best woman’s body are where it stands above. In addition, they facilitate orgasm for women. One of the most creative positions where the woman sits above it and “Shoulders pleasures“. Your partner should stay sitting down, leaning on hand, and you sit down on top of him, her legs spread wide, placed on his shoulders and with hands-sustaining. Come-and-go will give you pleasure and I‘ll give your partner a very sexy sight. This position emphasizes your bust line and shoulders that can be admired the most of your lover.

5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 2

Lie down on a table or desk, legs dangling to the floor. Standing partner sits in front of you, clasping hands and feet. This position is ideal for deep penetration. In addition, I put the body in a favorable light. If you are not satisfied with the roundness abdomen in this position will flatten and your lover can enjoy your breasts will. This technique allows you to carry out in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the office. In addition, it is ideal for when you hurry and do not have to give up all his clothes.

5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 3

Technique is perfect if you want to make eye contact and admire you. Stand face to face, and you, all you need to do is to lift one leg to give free access to partner penetrate you. You can support the foot on his hip or can be helped by a partner, which I support with one hand. This position allows you to admire and to provide bold touches. It is the perfect position for sex in the shower.

5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 4

As the name implies, this position involves being somewhat suspended, depending on partner support. Your boyfriend will sit on the bed, sitting down, with feet flat on the floor. Sit in his arms and give yourself as much as you can on the back, holding his hands up. Arching your back and push your body to partner for deep penetration to be one. What would you highlight? Breasts, abdomen and neck line (which will seem flat).

5 positions that you emphasize the erotic beauty 5

Rider reversed
If you have a perfect buttocks sexy back, then show them in this position. Your boyfriend is lying on the bed, and you sit on top, back toward him. Lean on your hands and you get one that dictates the pace, movement and depth of penetration.