Do you know the difference between love and sex?

Do you know the difference between love and sex? Surely you have wondered over time often the difference between love and sex. Well, know that there is only one thing that separates the two “active”, but much more. Find out what is the difference and what chapter was part of your life erotica up now!

Emotional connection is above all
The biggest difference between love and sex is related to emotional involvement in the erotic act. A simple game sex, a one night stand or an act of ordinary, you only physical connection. When you know your partner well and there are feelings, it is obvious that one sex is not only the passion, but it creates a magic between you. Both get involved in the game than erotic and not interested just to satisfy their own pleasures, but to offer him and loved the same. You can easily give out if a man loves you or not. If interested just feel it in the ninth heaven and thee neglect, you should not wait and other evidence. Of course, it all depends on what you want and you at that link.

Do you know the difference between love and sex

Friends with benefits, a spice in your sex life
The need for sex or being with someone pushing more people to live such a story. Therefore, no feelings of love are those who are inspired by the partners to be together. However, nobody can guarantee that you can not reach a serious relationship in this way. But you need to attach someone should not be confused with love. So if you find yourself in this situation, try to look at things objectively and to know when to get out of it. Not always positive relationship progresses, so it would not hurt you to take a jacket”.

The difference between love and sex foreplay starts at
Sex involves more action and less erotic play. As mentioned above, a partner who is attentive to your needs will do anything to excite you as you prepare for the erotic act. You’ll feel enveloped by his love and you’ll realize how much you mean to him. Rough sex not enter into the picture, but this depends on your lover’s fantasies. Instead, romance is climbed to an art. When foreplay takes place between you (for too long), it means that there truly desire to be together. In this case the need to completely dominate the decor sex love.

Loving couple in affectionate sensual kiss

Orgasm should not be confused with love
You’re in the ninth heaven of sexually, but after the game ends, you do not feel emotionally connected to your partner. Do not hope that you have met the great love. The only thing you can enjoy is that you meet a partner with whom you get along well in bed. No matter how intense as a sex, it can not mean more than that. Do not be fooled by the sensation that you have after you touch orgasm. You ever thought that not only men become addicted to a relationship based on sex? As well may be attracted into the trap of disillusionment and women.

Selfishness makes the difference between love and sex
Love pushes you to think about your partner, put him at the forefront him and do whatever you can to you as well. When you make compromises Erotic just because you know how much he wants to put into practice some sexual fantasies, it is obvious that you give yourself completely. But he is willing to do the same for you? If he rushes to reach penetration time, it should not surprise you that it is not willing to do any other things for you. Also, you should carefully observe and how is the feedback we have you during sex. A man who proposes sexual positions only for their own pleasure lacking in bed.

If sexual attraction can be felt for many people obviously love do not come into the same pattern. You you ever thought about this? If so, you’ve seen the difference between love and sex, both subtle and obvious at the same time?




5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life!

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life! Sexual life should not be driven by fear, as would be any irresponsible and risky. To have a healthy sex life, fulfilling, supposed to fully enjoy both you and your spouse, intimate moments satisfactory to talk openly about all the problems, fantasies and needs.

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life

Here are five habits that would have to give if you want to improve your sex life.

1. Sex is something was wrong
Often, when sex is a bad result (unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, etc.), people say happened“. Sex would have to happen” but to be a choice, an option, as a result of decisions, not something that gets out of control.

2. Do you think that if you gave a misfire, you’re a loser
Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you have consumed too much alcohol and forgot to wear a condom or you did not live up to expectations partner can fix everything. It is important to realize what you did wrong and what to do to make things right next time.

3. You assume that you are healthy” free to do your analysis!
If you had unprotected sex in suspicious circumstances, you do not expect to be any symptoms. And if you do not appear, assume that you’re right. Do your analysis! Most sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic or they can be confused with other things. The safest way to find out whether or not you are a carrier of a virus is to do your tests. Also, do not engage in sexual relations with unknown partners without protection, following the principle that “clean” and smells good.

4. Confuse intimacy with unprotected sex
Many people give up protection after several months, weeks and even days because they say have reached a high level of privacy and trust feel like sex partner. But this “commitment” can be ominous if one partner is already sick. Some STDs do not occur until several months. Unprotected sex can not be a proof of the intimacy of the couple or monogamy unless both partners have made analyzes and evidence that they are okay. Otherwise the risk is too high.

5. Do not talk about sex
People like to have sex, but do not like to talk about sex. They consider embarrassing discussions about sex and not comfortable. But the beginning of a relationship, it is imperative to talk about protection, STDs and just about any testing that will declare healthy. Although at first glance such discussions “cut appetite“, are vital for sexual health.


10 tips for a successful oral sex!

10 tips for a successful oral sex! Many women have their own tricks in terms of oral sex that  know works every time, especially if stable partner. But the same moves every time, can generate routine sex life.

10 tips for a successful oral sexHere are a few tips to increase the satisfaction of both partners during oral sex!

Just because it’s oral sex” does not mean you should just use your mouth. Supports phallus from the base using your hands and even play with his testicles for a greater pleasure.

When you start mouth and throat hurt from the effort, use lubricant or saliva to continue with hand movements. Sucking penis and easy side play with language, to give you a break from the suction. Also, look your partner in the eye and gently strikes phallus lips or cheeks for maximum excitement, during which you can rest and jaw, and neck.

– Between the anus and testicles base, the area is extremely sensitive to touch, especially if it involves the lips and tongue.

Buy a flavored lubricant felt if taste during oral sex is not exactly your liking. So you can make moves with greater ease, slipping the easiest and thus higher excitation. In the meantime, not only men should enjoy during oral sex.

When you get tired or feel the need to swallow saliva, slows down and even stop oral activity itself, using your hands to maintain arousal. A little off can increase sexual tension helping your partner have an orgasm even more intense.

Do not hesitate to ask him why and how he likes. No matter how much you know in terms of blowjobs, each man has his own sexual secrets that can ii embarrassed to tell you, and an honest approach will always be appreciated.

Apply only mouth movements penis while you walk around the phallus palms up and down.

Before ejaculating, pull gently to his testicles, rotate them gently in your hands to intensify orgasm.

When movement focuses on the penis, do not forget that delicate area just below the head to an envelop with language. It is a very sensitive so avoid as much as possible any escape teeth.

– Get moans while her oral sex. It is very exciting to partner and women and even induce a state of excitement, even if it is not one that receives direct pleasure.


How do you show that you just had sex!? :)

How do you show that you just had sex!? 🙂 Did you know that you can accurately distinguish 81% of women who have vaginal orgasms those who did not, depending on how you walk? The fair sex have vaginal orgasms car frequently have a different style to go with spins hip sharper and larger steps.

How do you show that you just had sex

This study has prompted sexologists and other clues to find sex, just looking at a person. Thus, it was concluded that sex leaves traces

Signals transmitted without you realize that you can give away that you just had sex:

Are you blushing and shining skin. It is scientifically proven that for several hours after sex you have a special glow. Sex makes you beautiful! If sometimes make love in the morning with your lover, your work colleagues will notice that your skin is fresh as usual and will ask you if you changed somewhat foundation, and you will answer surprised that there

Smile eyes. If you’re careful, you’ll notice that some people seem happy, even if they have a serious mimicry. The secret lies in look. If you enjoyed orgasm big day, your eyes will be more expressive than usual and others will notice that you are well prepared, although not smile.

Daydream. Very hot sex parties, which stimulates our vision, we manage to stay long in the memory. It is possible that match that took place the night behind to haunt you day with erotic images that come to mind and you do … to look at a fixed point and smile.

Optimism at its peak. If you bring coffee colleagues, laugh and compliment them when usually sit in your bank, of course wonder what happened. And they will find the answer soon enough! However, if you remain calm in stressful situations and most seems that nothing can overshadow your serenity, again, is a clear sign that you took the portion of endorphins.

Bruising good behavior. Where public appearances with bruises on her arms and legs, plus known redness of the throat, be sure that everyone will know what you fantastic sex life!


5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed!

5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed! You tried any of these sexual positions? It’s time to spice up your sex life! Fortunately, we can say that the number of sexual positions that bring unexpected sensations, leading eventually to the long awaited orgasm is … infinite. At least if we reach this conclusion browse Kamasutra, bible sexual positions and also a wellspring of ideal methods to satisfy your partner. Do not limit yourself to one sexual position, no matter how convenient would it surprise your lover with new moves, which guarantees mutual pleasure.

Here are five sexual positions that, if you have not tried before, it’s time to go to work!

Position monkey
If both enjoy very good physical condition, you have no reason not to try the position monkey! Your boyfriend should sit on your back with knees to chest and feet together, so you can sit you smoothly back to him. True, this position requires more effort on your part, because you have to control your perfect weight, taking care to lean more on the legs, but satisfaction will be guaranteed a payoff. Move freely, from top to bottom, and take advantage of dominating pretty exciting depiction of where you are, you are the one who controls the speed and depth of penetration. To keep your balance, grab your lover tight wrists.

Position monkey

Bamboo split
Now is the time to let your partner hold back control. For this exchange of power, there is more appropriate than the position of split bamboo, which can be applied in the bed, on the floor, on the couch and even in the kitchen, table or countertop! Sit back more comfortable and supports your foot lover‘s shoulder, which in turn, or will sit on your thigh (or stand, where to … explore other areas of the house high) . Take advantage of the fact that you have hands free and gives your partner an erotic show honor freely caressing your breasts, nipples or clitoris stimulating you.

Bamboo split

We arrived at the position that guarantees a simultaneous pleasure and thus a memorable orgasm Hero. You will stay lying down, possibly head supported by a pillow while your lover who kneel, you raise your hips and pull them toward him, until he is sure that you can freely penetrate. You will support your feet with your hands, so you have full access to your genital area. Use your hands to either stimulate your breasts, but especially to caress your lover’s thighs or suddenly grab them before and during orgasm. Men are equally sensitive and responsive to touches like us when they are closer to climax! What you need to know is that the hero’s position is perfect for men with small penis, because it provides a fairly deep penetration.


Deck chair
As the name suggests, your lover must sit as if sitting on a chair, in the hands SUPPORT. You‘ll sit on your back as convenient and in return you will support both feet partner shoulders, lifting your tank so easy to enable it to penetrate more deeply you. Even if initially you say your boyfriend is the dominating sex, you’re actually performing the come-and-go, so that, just as with monkey position, you must have enough physical condition good to not get tired quickly or you’re not stuck with muscle soreness or other pain after this hot sex. However, strong orgasm pleasure and excitement caused by extremely intense deep penetration worth every effort.

Deck chair

Afternoon Delight
Spoiling or pleasure afternoon … sounds exciting and even slightly romantic, huh? This position quite relaxing for both of us, assume that your partner sit on one side, supported by the elbow, while she sits on your back with legs bent over his hips. You will be able to look in the eye, which not only adds to the intensity of pleasure. On the other hand, you can grab your lover and you can squeeze your thighs and legs more for you to penetrate deeper. You‘ll have your hands free, which means that you can offer you extra stimulation: caress your breasts, play with your hair or massage your clitoris for orgasm explosive.

Afternoon Delight





What does that say the way you eat about your sex life.

What does that say the way you eat about your sex life. There is a strong link between eating habits and the way you and your sexual performance in bed.

What does that say the way you eat about your sex life

People eat as sex and vice versa. Is it really true? The statement is, without doubt, really back. The activity of eating has many facets sensual taste the pleasure that you induce a sense of well being, satisfaction. Everything you know how to appreciate food, enjoy it, to discover every taste each flavor in part, to feel the texture of preparation and how it breaks down while chewing.

In essence, sex is like eating. But what makes a man always prefer gourmet cuisine, delicacies eccentric and between sheets to be great fan of really delicious sex parties with different sexual positions?

On the other hand, how some people always prefer to eat potatoes with meat and bed to be fast followers parties, classic in one position where the ultimate goal is to achieve orgasm, preferably sooner?

The pattern of eating and having sex

All these patterns in both the activity of eating, and during sex, are dictated by the personal style of each personality traits, traits so obvious, explicit, and the ones that try to suppress.

Eating and sex are primary needs is easier than trying to hide everything ourselves not to come to the surface in these moments of pleasure primordial, primary good condition.

Moreover, how a man behaves during the act of eating can tell a lot about his way to be intimate. A man who is terribly rude, impatient, which is rude to the waiter who always has something to comment on culinary preparation served submit chances to have major flaws and intimate.

The way a person deals when eating, people in the company who is is in tune with its own approach to life and his relationships between people, especially in the love.


Appetite for sex women increases with age! Find out how to keep up!

Appetite for sex women increases with age! Find out how to keep up! Just like wine principle, according to which it is becoming increasingly good and noble with the passage of years, it seems like sex benefits from the same trajectory.

Happy romantic mature couple with drinks relaxing by the pool

Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study scientifically demonstrated how women craving for sex once it grows older. After analyzing a sample of 806 women concluded clear that after 40 years, women taste” the most sex, a lot more than they did before, and a 70% of them said they touch orgasm guaranteed. Everything is explained simply by the fact that with the wisdom of the ages, women accept and even learn to love your body as it is, escaping complex and misconceptions.

However, gentlemen, do not, however, worry: you can have good sex as 20 years. For that, here is what you have done.

1. Masturbate you more
With age, muscles lose their elasticity, so we have practiced. Like all muscles of the body, including pelvic and vaginal muscles must be part of as much exercise. Masturbation do this is an excellent exercise. As a practice more often, the more you will maintain musculature in shape.

2. Healthy Eating
Eat as much fish, experts recommending a minimum of two servings of fish quality as fat, twice a week. Omega 3 is an important component not only for the heart and penis, but also increases dopamine levels in the body, which has a direct connection with the excitation influencing it.

3. Keep your weight under control
Belly undoubtedly affect men sexually clear in two ways: lowers testosterone and cholesterol buildup affects penile erection. Therefore, a slender body with less fat not only gives you a more pleasant, but improves your sex life. In addition, a quality erection quality means blood – circulation which can not be obtained with fat deposits in blood vessels.



We are all voyeurs?

It is, indeed, in the nature of men to be voyeurs? We are all voyeurs?

We are all voyeurs

Even activities are curious about other people in the bedroom? Is tracking all voyeurism porn? Our sex life is so boring that we need to look at others while doing it? His concern you in a mirror while doing also voyeurism?

These are a set of interesting questions that everyone has a different answer. When women look at a man who is not aware of this thing, often wonder if it’s a good lover, if you know what you do in bed is hidden between his legs. Men probably thinking exactly the same thing when a woman look. People are sexual beings and therefore is completely natural to show interest in such situations at first. Even before the person to whom we look to say something.


Are you ready to have sex?

Are you ready to have sex? Sex education! Sex tips! A start your sex life is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s not easy to take and you may struggle more questions on the subject. I do not know for sure whether or not you ready for this big step. Here are 12 rules you should keep in mind before you make the plunge.

Are you ready to have sex1. Try to understand exactly what “having sex”
In many dictionaries, sex is defined as vaginal penetration purpose of procreation. At a closer look, however, we can add to this definition and that sex is the action after which you can easily get a sexually transmitted disease. So vaginal penetration can add other two forms of sex: anal and oral, after which you can choose with such a disease.

Remember, therefore, to use a condom, for all three forms of sex above!

2. Do not succumb to first pressure
If you think having sex just because you nag her boyfriend for a long time because it’s cool in peer group you belong to, try not to succumb to these pressures. The decision must exclusively yours. And if friends push you to such a step, it means that you‘re really not.

3. No need to actually have sex, to have a physical relationship with boyfriend
You do not have to actually reach sexual contact, by whatever he, like enjoying physical sensations that you can give your partner close. Do not forget all the beautiful stages prior to any contact: kissing, petting, glances, hugs, exploring every part of the body etc. And if you feel that things get out of control, the pace slows a little.

4. Ask yourself if you start your sex life does not conflict with your religious beliefs and education
There are certain religious cultures preach virginity until marriage. If you were raised in a community and also keep in mind these beliefs and you do not do this step.

5. Analyze carefully your relationship
It’s good to know that the first sexual contact is always painful, embarrassing and devoid of pleasure / orgasm. And here comes the degree of seriousness of the relationship that you have with your partner and how much and deeply cares about you. So, here are a few things that you can give food for thought:

Trust your lover? Basically, you have to be sure it’s a good man, full of good intentions in what concerns you and that would never do anything to hurt or humiliate. It’s not easy to figure out, but not impossible: it asks, for example, if you would give passwords to email accounts or other social networks that has a profile. See what your answer and you can easily find how much trust you have in it.

Your relationship is serious enough that you get to have sex? If most of your concerns is the nature of the surface, it’s better not to do step. If, instead, you grew up together, you know for many years and have gone through important stages together, then the situation changes and you consider to move on to an intimate relationship.

You talk about sex with your lover? Think if it is able to cope with issues such as contraception, for example, if you have sound knowledge on the subject and assume responsibilities this. If you find that fails the test, it is better to wait.

You may be able to make such a step with any risk, including violating religious beliefs Partner? Think about how you would look on you family or other members of the community to which you belong and raise your same problem and what it concerns him.

You feel embarrassed in front of that person after a possible sexual contact? The question may seem childish, but make an effort of imagination and designs you somehow 10 years later after the eventual sexual contact. If you feel like more than other 10 year see yourself with him and you have the slightest embarrassment you display next to him and introduce him as your partner for life, it’s better to wait to go for it.

6. Before the action, trying to imagine the moment, step by step
If you do, you might be emerging all kinds of questions about the moment itself, questions that you have the opportunity to discuss with her lover and enlighten them accordingly, before you hit them literally. On your turn, do not expect it to be perfect and to give you first sexual perfection. Would it help to have a more solid friendship back and a sense of humor.

7. Check if the emotionally and you’re just ready
Sex releases oxytocin, the hormone of happiness or that offers a great physical condition. However, even if physically feel afloat, emotionally speaking might not be ready yet. Analyze again if your lover feelings are the most powerful.

8. Approach as many sexual topics
Even if you will find it easy embarrassing, find that it is extremely important to discuss with your partner can absolutely any subject, especially those related to sex. Necessarily have discussions about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and expectations of everyone. These three topics are very important for a first sexual contact.

9. Take all possible measures when it comes to protection
It is said that no contraceptive method is not perfect, apart from abstinence. Although the vast majority of work and do what they promise to do in the prospectus, it’s still good to blow and yogurtand if already using the contraceptive pill, and you put a condom. Super Cautios better than to be sorry that you were not careful enough.

10. Plan your early things that you need in time
Do not wait to buy your condoms 5 minutes before you decide to have sex. Be prepared for such a time and treat it seriously. It’s good to make sure you have at least two contraceptive methods available at any time decide to have sex.

11. Do not rush
Do not plan to have sex at a time when you upload or little time for that. Pick a time completely relaxed, stress-free, the dedicated entirely to your partner and enjoy plenty of each other, without any pressure. Do not go to actual sexual contact immediately. Taste full all phases of foreplay. In addition, remember that sexual pleasure is not necessarily only the techniques used, but mostly what you feel for the guy next to you and what is he to you.

12. Understand well both meanings of the word “consensus”
Falling agree with each other and fixed to want the same thing, it means to be in full agreement. This means that both must be prepared as in any phase of the sexual act to striking and any refusal by the other, denial that he must comply and which must take into account.

If you were raped, go immediately to the first hospital nearby!

A few tips to keep in mind

If religious beliefs dictate you do not start your sex life, follow them.

Losing your virginity is supposed to be a moment of satisfaction and happiness of your life. But most of those who say it was a sad experience accuse two reasons: I was too small and I did it with the wrong partner.”

Note that if something is wrong, you can always say stop action, but to keep the affectionate of you, though.

If you‘re afraid to be caught in public places, then do not risk exposing yourself in such places.

Do not fear that you do not know very well if you do well you do. Talk openly with your partner about it!

Heads Up!

Increased attention, and the age at which you choose to start your sex life and partner age. An accusation of rape is much easier to do when not to exceed the age of majority. It’s even worse when one of the partners of sex is major and the other minor. Even if both you and your partner do it for the first time and both are tested for HIV, it’s still better to use a condom.


6 types of men who have the worst sex!

If you were to ask someone how many sex partners you’ve had so far, as you evaluate your sex life? You counting the men who You had sex lame?

6 types of men who have the worst sex!I mean those men with those sex that does not matter because it was so, so bad And more specifically, men who have some of the worst sex are:

The man with whom sex takes 10 seconds
Is man drinking 2-3 glasses of wine before or who knows he has a problem with erection, but too proud to solve. Sex lasts blink twice and, of course, you do not have an orgasm. But it feels so good and if even boor, I’ll ask and what‘s wrong for you so surprised.

You little man commits
Let’s call a spade a spade. There are plenty of couples in which the man makes his one way or the other partner to feel lucky to have sex with him, and believe that we should have sex whenever he wants and if he refuses a sexual favor, it means that something is happening with it. How to get sex out of obligation? The emotional blackmail.

The man who saved hard sex
Hard to remember, not because it would take a whole day and gets you the details, no. You know that he exists, if you know and how it looks, you had sex with him but I really do not remember how it was. And if I were to get up at night to remember exactly who it is, it would not be worth considering. Why? Because it was so bad sex with him that you can not remember anything.

The man who has sex because they have
The man who has sex to keep score, not to sit too long on the sidelines or take the boys for a beer stories I do not know whether it is worth the name of man. Furthermore, where I’m going with the idea is that when having sex because they have not because he likes / wants very much, is as bad as possible to come to make the woman feel like Damn.

The man who makes you regret sex
Gender should be the most enjoyable experience in two but you know what they say, each forest has its dry. Leaving trees aside, it seems that 60% of women with an active sexual life have had at one time a sex that completely changed opinion about men. That made them see that they can and worse: 0 foreplay, quick kisses here and there, a few moves up down left right and ready. Sex is over! If you have such a male at the door, run!

The man you’re not sure whether or not sex
It’s funny because if it were so, it would be tragic. Things like this when you soar with a man in linen but you do not realize exactly when penetration occurs. As for what to ask, entered? (smile) And if you’re not sure, it’s three reasons: tired, wanted to make their mood with a glass and drank 3 or, it’s not so well equipped to your standards, anatomical or not.


If you have had part of one of the men above, expect to read something about that.