6 types of men who have the worst sex!

If you were to ask someone how many sex partners you’ve had so far, as you evaluate your sex life? You counting the men who You had sex lame?

6 types of men who have the worst sex!I mean those men with those sex that does not matter because it was so, so bad And more specifically, men who have some of the worst sex are:

The man with whom sex takes 10 seconds
Is man drinking 2-3 glasses of wine before or who knows he has a problem with erection, but too proud to solve. Sex lasts blink twice and, of course, you do not have an orgasm. But it feels so good and if even boor, I’ll ask and what‘s wrong for you so surprised.

You little man commits
Let’s call a spade a spade. There are plenty of couples in which the man makes his one way or the other partner to feel lucky to have sex with him, and believe that we should have sex whenever he wants and if he refuses a sexual favor, it means that something is happening with it. How to get sex out of obligation? The emotional blackmail.

The man who saved hard sex
Hard to remember, not because it would take a whole day and gets you the details, no. You know that he exists, if you know and how it looks, you had sex with him but I really do not remember how it was. And if I were to get up at night to remember exactly who it is, it would not be worth considering. Why? Because it was so bad sex with him that you can not remember anything.

The man who has sex because they have
The man who has sex to keep score, not to sit too long on the sidelines or take the boys for a beer stories I do not know whether it is worth the name of man. Furthermore, where I’m going with the idea is that when having sex because they have not because he likes / wants very much, is as bad as possible to come to make the woman feel like Damn.

The man who makes you regret sex
Gender should be the most enjoyable experience in two but you know what they say, each forest has its dry. Leaving trees aside, it seems that 60% of women with an active sexual life have had at one time a sex that completely changed opinion about men. That made them see that they can and worse: 0 foreplay, quick kisses here and there, a few moves up down left right and ready. Sex is over! If you have such a male at the door, run!

The man you’re not sure whether or not sex
It’s funny because if it were so, it would be tragic. Things like this when you soar with a man in linen but you do not realize exactly when penetration occurs. As for what to ask, entered? (smile) And if you’re not sure, it’s three reasons: tired, wanted to make their mood with a glass and drank 3 or, it’s not so well equipped to your standards, anatomical or not.


If you have had part of one of the men above, expect to read something about that.


Sex Religion: Exchange of sex partners in the view of assisting the “fear” of God !

A couple of American Christians in Florida who are also passionate about body building, decided to open a club swinging. They claim that “God would not have botheredby their action because it is a noble cause, writes Daily Mail. Even if a club dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh may not be consistent with the teachings of the Bible, Cristy and Parave Dean, aged 44 and respectively 50, two other Christians, they decided they could combine religion with exchange partners sex.

Sex Religion

The American couple FitnessSwingers founded a club that allows Christians, and others, to socialize and to have intimate relations. Moreover, those who are not Christians, are part of the “word of God” even the oldest members of the club swinging. I do not think God would mind on what we do. Both myself and my husband agree with this lifestyle therefore do not consider that bad. God created people to inhabit this earth and enjoy each other “says Cristy Parave smiling.

The two originally met on a dating site eight years ago, Ms. Parave was divorced and had three children from his first marriage. On the other hand, Dean Parave , fitness instructor, said that faced in the past with alcohol and drugs before “find Jesus.” In addition to this, the couple says that Americans have always wanted to have a sex life as intense, and the idea of having a swing club came just after being approached on this subject into shop. A couple approached us and asked us if we are swingers. I was so naive that I originally thought relates to dance. We saw on the Internet what it is and it seemed an interesting idea, “says Cristy Parave . I believe it is the will of God in what we do. He uses me to spread his word “says this.