Claudia – The female ejaculation – Erotic Story

The female ejaculation – Claudia’s Story

Claudia - The female ejaculation - Erotic StoryClaudia spent several years suffering from sexual complex, but it was time to look forward and forget the past. Just he breaks a relationship with her boyfriend of a lifetime, and feared it was time to sleep with another man and that he did not understand its special feature. And Claudia lubricated overreact when making love, and upon reaching orgasm, ejaculation succeeded as if it were a man. A former boyfriend never liked that particular feature of it, but I knew that there were many children who became crazy with pleasure when he fucked an aunt who was able to eject liquid through the vagina.

Finally came the moment when Claudia was going to try sex with a different man. That night was linked with a guy at the bar as usual, and she proposed to him that the last at home if he wanted to take. He said yes at the time, and both got up and went to the small apartment Claudia maiden. She was still a little scared by the reaction of the boy to his ability to ejaculate or “squirting”, as it was called now to such a phenomenon, but could not live in fear for life and decided to let go and that was what God wanted.

Back in the elevator, Claudia and her new pickup they kissed passionately. Her hands sought sex from the other, and competed over clothing. Finally, when the elevator stopped them at its plant, Claudia opened the door and the couch rights dining launched. It seemed as if they could not wait any longer and had to appease the heater in the first place available. Clothes ripped each other, until they are completely naked. Their hot bodies rubbing together the rhythmic beat of each penetration. She stood next to him, behind him fuck her pussy hungry for pleasure. Lubrication was so abundant that the boy’s cock came with ease, without the slightest effort. It was obvious from his face that he was enjoying as ever.

They kept fucking passionately about the sofa while I noticed that Claudia was approaching the time when reach a vaginal orgasm. He recalled a moment all the bad times that had happened prior to this, but shook his head and decided to surprise the new kid with a water show of the epoch-making. Claudia ran without warning, covering the cock and the body of the boy in a smooth and transparent vaginal fluid. Tolo splashed droplets which were in its path, while Claudia was still penetrated without any respite.

Damn, that bitch last. I love that you’ve run so while I’m fucking. Uncle said haltingly. Undoubtedly, these words gave a huge relief to Claudia, who was preparing for a second orgasm in which they would not be at all. He got up and let this guy fuck her from below. He began to caress the body of Claudia sweet, running his hands her huge breasts, defined waist and her tender ass. Suddenly, the boy told that was about to come, and those words became so horny Claudia, she also ran home in the same time that he did. Suddenly a wave of fluids were exchanged by the couple, being difficult to tell who was who. Semen flooded the body of Claudia, which in turn expelled the boy spraying all over their own vaginal fluid.

After recovering breath, the two sat in front of the sofa, which was completely wet after sex. They both looked at each other and smiled, accomplices who had starred in a sex scene like few water there. Undoubtedly, Claudia had discovered that what was once considered it a problem, was now a unique quality to go crazy men, and from now on implement thought at all times.


Czech porn stars conquer the world!

Czech porn stars conquer the world! Beauty appears where you least expect. Many of beauty born in the Czech Republic have managed to become internationally famous. But if Eva Herzigova and Petra Nemcova have created a place on the podium major fashion young attractive as the industry opted for red small square. And became true name in adult or pictorial productions without hindrance. They have a much more developed entrepreneur spirit, can near the West has helped rather than becoming some “girls tunedas more and us became real name XXX industry.

Dagmar Jihlavcova

Dagmar Jihlavcova

Dagmar Jihlavcova, XXX star love guns! For the Czechs, for example, small Rokycany who gave the world not one but two attractive blondes. And this despite the fact that the town does not even have 1,000 people! Dagmar Jihlavcova is one of the acclaimed models in the Czech Republic, which has an entire modeling career behind, gained in her 15 years of practicing this craft, but the highlight for her pictorial was conducted in 2007 for the local edition of “Playboy” . And not because it would deprive the record nude pictures, but because he appeared alongside her twin sister, Jarka, she more than ten minutes. Since then, the blonde 32-year-old showed her body in several publications for adults, but that it remains the most loved pictorial. Although posing nude Dagmar is considered a normal persone. It economist, although no time to practice their craft, but feels drawn to all that is new and unusual. I love magic and are interested in firearms. I had the opportunity to shoot a Colt and I loved it. In addition, interested in psychology, both from the human and animal. I love to paint, to dance, and to go to the country, and to be surrounded by warm people “, says the model.

Monika Vesela aka Kiki Klemen

Monika Vesela

Monika Vesela undressed, shot lesbian, but nothing else. She became known worldwide as both Monika Vesela, Czech her name, and under the pseudonym Kiki Klement. Unlike XXX stars mentioned brunette 25 years old has never accepted to film sex scene with a man. Emptied, showed everything filmed lesbian, but both. It went further. Little in stature, brunette beauty born European country has the perfect size for the 1.62 meters as measured 85-60-87 and weighs 46 pounds. Not considered it necessary to resort to plastic surgery, preferring to rely on what nature gave. Monika began to pose nude at 19 years and has achieved success in a short time, her pictorial was published in the Croatian edition of the magazine Penthouse”. No beating around the bush – acknowledges that he chose this profession to earn money. Even though she knew her childhood dreams are fulfilled harder.

Jenni Kohoutova

Jenni Kohoutova I’m an angel with a devil inside me“. Jenni Kohoutova is 24 years old, was born in Czech Republic and preferred to try his chance to become famous undress completely. Jenni Kohoutova is beautiful and blonde, but not bad. She managed to overcome their relatives, the first in the family who is a college. And, of course, is proud of such an achievement, even if not used them very much. You never know what life reserve and therefore Jenni took her safety measures. Photos published incendiary Penthouse” surrounding world. Of particular beauty, cehoaica able to embrace her modeling career “normal” without too much trouble. But life has removed about the opportunity to pose naked. At her age, you can not afford to miss opportunities. There’s like 18 years and teaches the ephemeral beauty passing train might be the last. Jenni climbed into the wagon and keep well. Continue their studies and are looking forward to travel because, she says, the Czech Republic is very small and has a lot of cold water. I want to visit Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and South America, “says the model” hot “. It is characterized very open: I’m an angel with a devil within me.And as an open person, Jenni not miss the opportunity to tell their views, even if they know it can be annoying to others. But when you’re a charming blonde, it seems reasonable to treat yourself. And you do not care about what conclusions can be drawn. Everything is solved with a smile

Jenni Kohoutova





Bubble Gum Girls (James Jakodema, 2014)

Bubble Gum Girls (James Jakodema, 2014)! Digital Playground surprised last year with a shoot that promised martial arts and lightweight Sex hands of James Jakodema. Finally, the film was released and revealed the truth: a striking look full of colors to frame a few disappointing sex scenes in a film with a plot nonsense.

Bubble Gum Girls 2 Bubble Gum Girls 3 Bubble Gum Girls

What shows is a group of five girls detained in a foreign center where they are being trained in dance for a show with influential people. In it, they see their enemies from the past (or your own mind) and see how confronted them and ended up fucking.

Bubble Gum Girls 4 Bubble Gum Girls 5

That said, nothing very consistent, however, could have been something really attractive if it had worked otherwise. And is that the argumentative part (short and poor) is long and boring and the rest are just a small fight scenes with martial arts followed by a sex scene.

Bubble Gum Girls 6 Bubble Gum Girls 7

Dakota Sky hits four strokes Derrick Pierce on a wall; Katerina Kay and Veronica Rodriguez face two ninjas to easily demolished; Lucy Tyler fight with sticks against a gray-haired teacher; and Alina Li (the sexiest cast alongside Dakota) stars the best fight of all against Giovanni Francesco, this well shot and with much better results than before.

Bubble Gum Girls 8 Bubble Gum Girls 9

All these fights precede a sexual scenes that stand to gain more viewers through the colorful wigs and colorful scenarios for good sex. And there are four very similar and without anything to completely forgettable standard scenes.

Bubble Gum Girls 10 Bubble Gum Girls 11

Dakota Sky, very attractive throughout the film, looks set to save the show at the end with a scene with Tommy Pistol that is not anything spectacular, but serves as a preamble to the vengeance of the girls and the closing of the film.

Bubble Gum Girls 12 Bubble Gum Girls 13

In the end, it turns out that the actress who called me less attention, Eva Karrera, dance teacher, has the most powerful scene, before the whole fucking show fight in the eyes of Tommy Gunn. Nothing spectacular, but at least different from the rest in a dispensable film, to make matters worse, hard two hours and fifteen.