Evening of porn movies

Katie Morgan: on sex toys“, “brothel: Music-hall”, brothel: Come to the party!”, “Real Sex: Some like it hot” on HBO.

Evening of porn movies

You are a free spirit willing to try something new? You want to twist the minds of partner Are you curious to discover the secrets of ecstasy in sex? Do you have sexual fantasies? All these hidden desires you will be met at HBO.

The evening will begin with the erotic film directed by Cathy Verney, “A new profession”, passed Thursday, October 29, from 22:30. The film shows the life of Sophie, a simple woman who at age 40 left suddenly without a husband and discovers that the deceased was, without her knowing, porn producer. To be able to raise children, she has no choice but to keep the business. Caught between fascination and revulsion, she grabs new profession seriously, wondering how they will merge, would, family and business.

HBO makes them happy lovers porn after midnight can watch the documentary series (if you can call it that): Katie Morgan: on sex toys“, “Katie Morgan: Porn“, “brothel: Music-hall” brothel: Come to the party!”, “Real Sex: Some like it hot“.


Tasha Reign, a porn diva teaches you how to have sex like a pro!

NEWS: Tasha Reign – porn star is one of the most popular actresses in the film XXX industry. Diva teaches you 10 good things to do in bed, take your partner to the heights of pleasure.

Tasha Reign 10 things

1. Prepare your intercourse with a movie, dinner or a drink. So the woman would feel special during sex and you will have an orgasm.

2. Make her feel wonderful, telling him how beautiful it is, from eyes, her hair, with her ​​whole body. Women like sex when they feel sexy.

3. Put emphasis on foreplay, because it is very important to her. Play with it, tease it, run your tongue over her body. Make her feel she’s the sexiest woman on earth.

4. Watch it while you penetrate her. Thus you become confident and your partner closer.

5. Contribute intercourse and try to see what she wants from you.

6. Ask her if what you do makes them feel good, but in a sensual way.

7. Trust in yourself. Trust is key during sex.

8. whisper in your ear while you penetrate her.

9. Appreciate her sexual skills. Tell him how much you really horny during sex.

10. Go shopping together. Spice up your sex parties, try some sex toys.


Jenna Jameson, the most well known porn actress sells sex toys.

Jenna Jameson, the most well known porn actress sells sex toys.

Jenna Jameson, the most famous star of adult films recently admitted will auction many sex toys and costumes they wore in his best-known films. Queen of adult film announced it would remove personal items for sale and many sex toys that they found in storage by her former husband who belong . These include several sex toys, a giant dildo and enough clothes for an orgy leather.

jenna jameson sells sex toy


Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson, put up for sale. You delight yourself?

Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson, put up for sale. You delight yourself? Queen adult film has brought to market some of its objects soul.

Jenna Jameson porn actress

Jenna Jameson, one of the most popular porn actresses in the world has put on sale the price toys that you have equipped. Although the age of 39 years, actress thought to make sexual closet cleaning and hardly gave up sexy panties, girdle, corsets and accessories aphrodisiacs.

Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson 2 Sex toys of porn actress Jenna Jameson



Ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Sex Advice: 6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom: After several years of relationship, or months in some cases can become monotonous life couple. And even if there is still love, passion evaporated. If you find yourself in this situation, do not despair. With a little willpower and techniques can rekindle the flame in your bedroom. And no need for major changes. Here are some simple tricks that can improve your sex parties.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom

Change location!
Having sex in the same place at the same time and in the same position gets boring at some point. So make a change. Discard the bed for a while and find new places for sex. Bathroom or kitchen can be ideal for a passionate sex game. If you are among the brave couples can explore and places outside the home. Make sure however that you try the ones that are protected from prying eyes. You can also make some changes in the bedroom, a new bed or painting walls with a different color.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 2

Sex like in the movies!
Almost all Hollywood movies contain scenes sex couple standing against a wall or stairs. So why not try and you? Not only will it increase the level of adrenaline, but can be extremely exciting. Surprise him with a passionate kiss and lead him to a memorable sex.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 3

Love in the mirror!
What could be more exciting than when you love the reflection of your bodies? Search the largest mirror in the house and love you to her. Doggie style will be much more exciting way.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 4

Use handcuffs!
Want to spice up bedroom activities? Then try sex toys. Shackles, for example, be ideal. Do not use any type of handcuffs, preferably as those of a sex shop, because they are safer and typically do not have the key, breaking slightly. You handcuffs? Nothing? You can also use silk scarves, with which you can connect or can be tied to the bed.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 5

Sweeten your chocolate and cream!
Drop the diet for one night and enjoy the chocolate cream directly on the body of her lover. Lay chocolate or cream on your partner’s body and then lick her body. It’s the perfect way to bring some fun to the bedroom.

6 ideas to help you banish boredom from the bedroom 6

Provides him with a feather touch orgasmic
Men are very sensitive to touch. Pamper your lover with tender caresses for maximum pleasure. Ask him to lie on his back and then kissed it gently and walk a feather on the most sensitive areas. I will thank the moans of pleasure. It can be the perfect prelude to a memorable sex.


How realistic sex toys are manufactured using an adult film actresses

Some of toys imitate adult sexual organs as well as organs are made by printing real. Actress adult film Lexi Belle went to the company headquarters to Doc Johnson’s measures are taken.

What came out see in the video attached. The resulting product is called Doc Johnson UR3 Vagina Realistic Lexi Belle and is highly regarded sites that sell. The toy costs $ 22 and comes packed with actress image on it.


Look at a XXX starlet and make sex with a tablet!

Many people are inseparable from their smartphones and tablets. However, many of them it was ever thought to bring the relationship to another level? Look at a XXX starlet and make sex with a tablet! Fleshlight sex toy company, thought to help the men who want to turn platonic relationship with preferred gadget physical. The device is attached to the tablets iPad!

Fleshlight Launchpad

Fleshlight Launchpad is a base that is mounted on the back of the iPad and tablets that allows users to set Fleshlight sex toys (a kind of mechanical vagina that looks like a flashlight) and enjoy a romantic evening. The gadget enables users to enjoy all the Fleshlight experience while viewing various materials or communicate with a friend through an application such as Skype or Facebook,” the producers. In the video presentation showing us a couple communicating via videochat. Things heat up quickly and iPad becomes the mistress of a man. The costs 20 pounds.



Aiden Ashley love to masturbates with sex toys in front of camera.

Aiden Ashley love to masturbates with sex toys in front of camera.

Aiden Ashley solo gallery:

Aiden Ashley is a porn diva that enjoy to make sexy and provocative pictures solo playing by herself with sex toys. She start this pictures gallery with a view at her transparent panties that shows some of her pussy.

Aiden Ashley panties view.

Aiden Ashley turn back to shows to us her black lace panties that hide a huge sexy ass!

Aiden Ashley sexy back.

Aiden Ashley gets her sexy panties off and spreads her back to look at her black hole and shaved vagina.

Aiden Ashley spreads butt.

Aiden Ashley is all naked! We see her sexy body with that perfect tits.

Aiden Ashley nude.

Aiden Ashley she sit on the chair and open her legs while working a pink vibrator on her pussy!

Aiden Ashley plays with vibrator in her vagina.

Aiden Ashley raises on air her sexy legs because she want to give us a better view to her vulva.

Aiden Ashley raises sexy legs.

Aiden Ashley is playing with her pussy! Is excited because her pussy meet favorite dildo!!

Aiden Ashley play with dildo.

Aiden Ashley spread again her sexy and long legs while her she penetrate her pussy with sex toy harder. She enjoy to have al dildo in her pussy.

Aiden Ashley all dildo in her pussy.



Tips for writers of erotic sex novels

6 Tips for writers of erotic sex novels! According to a survey, most authors of erotic novels are inspired from real life, exciting sex scenes in the book are generally experiences that they have lived. Writers who participated in this study recognized that write stories of their sexual life or in other cases, sex teaching purposes. Look what advise:

6 Tips for writers of erotic sex novels

Transform objects that you have in the house in sex toys.
The writers of these types of books encourage readers to turn into reality erotic scenes. If you read “Fifty Shades of Grey”, surely you were horny scenes described and you can say that you found enough inspiration. You do not have to run at a sex shop to buy all the items you need, but you can use what you have around the house, like a silk tie, a candle, a belt or an old Halloween costume and so on.

Get inspired movies.
The first film is recommended “9 ½ Weeks” and preferred to watch with your partner. Certainly not going to watch yourself an ice cube in the way you did before. But any movie sex scenes gauges can be a good source of inspiration.

And romance novels.
One of the writers who participated in the study, said sometimes it is the failure of ideas and did not know what to tell her STOT- to excite, read excerpts from his books he wrote. And it works! Surely you will excite you and your partner, and you’ll spend the night will be a dream. So you can reproduce his or her erotic fragment read an interesting excerpt from a novel to get a match incendiary.

Change roles.
You know any erotic novel, alongside one partner has more power and is the one that dominates. This happens in real life, always one of the two “dictate” to bed. Change roles will be exciting for both the “powerless” to control things, but for one who used to dominate. You might find that you like this exchange of roles than expected.

In the public.
Public sex scenes are favorite writers because its mark adrenaline and sex is incendiary. If you have not already tried, you have sex in the car. All you have to park on the road less crowded and give free rein to fantasies. If you find it too much, you can make out in the car while parked in the garage, it’s less risky.

Tabu, so yes.
If the heart wants but the mind says no, it is clear that we must try. Do not hesitate and act. After all, all the female characters in novels before finally gives erotic desire and the rest is story.


20 things about intimate contact.

20 things about intimate contact.

20 things about intimate contact.1. How much matter in a relationship if you live with the impression that there is a universally valid answer will terribly deceived. You hear variants by 80% and below 50% ba or, more often touted one if it goes well, does not matter so much, if it’s bad, counts 100%. The truth is that you have to go back a little way and put the question to ask and how strong the relationship with sexual matters?

2. How many calories melt in a hot match another topic that generalizing can only arouse laughter. As me and you who are reading now, we will not burn the same number of calories if running five kilometers, so, sex parties, so different from case to case, will never have a standard energy consumption. Often talking about hundreds of calories with less. In reality, may be around tens. It Depends.

3. As far as dating is appropriate to have sex a new field in which the advice and then default figures should guide us are absolutely useless. In my college days, through all means of communication were urged to respect the rule of three meetings until the big moment. Bullshit! If you live in template-sex at the 3rd meeting in burning 300 calories and 80% think it’s important new relationship, not too hard to enjoy what you are going. I do not know what is the recommended norm now, but if you know somehow I advise you to forget it by the end of the article.

4. Do not bring year, which brings timing – one of the riskiest so-called contraception, in my opinion, the calendar method hides traps that will advise you about how often you read. It seems fair to say that I have 3 friends who became pregnant playing the math seasons. Although we are often dismissed as robots, we are not some, not work after hours, data and fixed coordinates. And ovulation is a topic that should not channeled never, never hand in any fire, how small.

5. Sport improves sex life yes, we can generalize here without any problem. Movement regular sessions of about an hour 3 times a week is (also) this but make us better in bed. Last longer, become more flexible, we want sex more often we like to us, we are in form and automatically we are not afraid to show it etc. Give yourself at least 6 months prior to exercise regularly to feel the first effects in privacy.

6. The fire must burn with passion itself a word behind which we hide when we do not want, can not or simply do not have the mood to make a relationship work. No passion is not something that comes to pound with the new partner, we keep in a jar, and she dosed alone. A fulfilling sexual relationship also means more effort and concern. From the looks of what we do, why he feels the other etc. If you need an excuse to state idly, invent yourself at least one more plausible.

7. Aphrodisiac foods must eat unless you want to be at peace as I checked some lists that have inspired” once others. I was amused with some recommendations that I have not gone to heaven but no sex drive, I did not give any ground to him. You can try food very handy type of chocolate, bananas, almonds and honey. Or, if you want, you can go ahead with oysters and other rarities. The only rule about food and sex and that I recommend is to not eat all the 2, 3 courses plus dessert, for sure will decrease the quality of sex, if not disappear altogether stings him.

8. Condom, the mighty uncomfortable in this respect we can only get them believe the word the Lord, but rather small sample surveys on you I did, they told me that, in fact, embarrassment is minimal. So you may have to do with convenience we raised above her and maintenance passion when talking about laziness. However, if you feel uncomfortable condoms are uncomfortable to see how sexually transmitted diseases. Or, talk to partners about the adverse effects of contraceptive methods they use them to be all more comfortable.

9. Virginity, a chore I can only imagine the pressure on teenagers moment, involving sexual contact with other colleagues as a race, as a confirmation that part of the cool gang. But I know with certainty that first sexual experience to be enjoyed, not just quickly checked and that, indeed, all thinking back to it, along our private lives, so it’s worth trying to be very special.

10. Men want sex anywhere, anytime, anyhow for those who believe that, denials for various reasons can fail very badly. I said earlier that we women are not robots, and our intimate life clock does not work – hence no fixed date scheduled ovulation. They are not men. Requesting Service also affects her relationship status as and many many more. Maybe if we accept that it’s not about a magic button oppressive of desire, but rather built and maintained, otherwise it would look relationships.

11. Sexually transmitted diseases do not choose are still amazed by how the question of some acquaintances who go on an “I revolve in circles in which I, the likelihood of STIs is extremely low.” Try then to make an appointment at the gynecologist, to see how hard you can find a free place and how many patients require a consultation on the grounds of venereal diseases. I’m not suggesting you walk bulletin analyzes pocket, but at least let us not be drawn into the trap of “it will not happen to meat the cost of our health.

12. Menstruation protect us from a pregnancy have not written much about this topic and return it to that deserve discussion. This conviction good friend timing method, we can make trouble. Same ovulation is the center of attention and I find it extremely important to establish once and for all that we can not accurately calculate and we can not rely on something that just seems safe.

13. Men do not mimic orgasm surprise: yes. Maybe not as often and so well, but yes, and do them. Naturally, the question of what will come again ?, and the answer – even we can not generalize. Women who do? Exactly who knows ?! Beyond the studies and surveys and researchers, such situations require more discussion than sincere partner and Absolute truth is the only that matters and save.

14. Routine destroy your sex life now, I hope you will not be too upset with me if I replace the word “routine” with indifference, laziness, disinterest. Also come back to what I said at the beginning of the heat of passion that we somehow duty to keep it on. Routine appears inevitable in any bedroom, but we are the ones who open the door wider. Or those who drop the nose for no shows. Beyond the magic beginning and not only a successful sex life means and hard work. Full time.

15. Oral sex is the only devoid of any risk not according to recent studies done worldwide scale. More and more cases of throat cancer are linked to oral sex and doctors recommend those that are known to work with partners with HPV regular screenings for these forms of the disease. All over Europe, and in America such diseases have increased alarmingly, especially in men. We arrive at the same condom all the more reason we do not forget.

16. Any sex should end with an orgasm it would be nice, but in no case should not. It is a rule that if you took it, better forget it. Not all sex parties the world ends with an orgasm, but that does not mean they are not far from successful. Of course, if we only stayed orgasm mind and I could not enjoy the experience, you definitely will not be a success. But generally speaking, an orgasm is not a rule, nor a prerequisite to enjoying the act itself.

17. Masturbation has no place in a relationship if you think it means betrayal and seeking pleasure elsewhere because you can not get with a partner, then yes, has no place in your relationship. But if you accept it as what it is – a constant discovery of sexuality everyone’s secrets, betrayals and beyond false myths about the illness, then you can enjoy a relationship that will have even more to gain from it.

18. Discussions about sex are useless facts matter they matter the facts, but until there must have idea what facts would be good to do. Communication sexual themes is more than essential to any successful relationship is like. Falling in love makes us telepathically, so we could dream overnight and put into practice the next day partner’s sexual preferences. Pass above the small iris half started and help you to fully satisfy. And vice versa.

19. Erotic movies are just for men and dirty, and are also in the same category with masturbation, that have no place in a relationship. If and when you manage to get over this form, try to find other opinions about them. Or, even better, try to make your own opinion about them. Know that, among many voices who say statements from the beginning, there are some who say we should not underestimate the power of a porn film with his partner watched. What do you have to lose? The more a myth.

20. Sex toys are some quirks which was reinforced believe, I am sure, the status of this bizarre places, dusty and well hunkering of sex shop sites in our country. Visiting other cities – Amsterdam or Paris, for example, the total change vision. Couples of all ages, taking my hand and smiling enter and experience the shops in question. Maybe not at all pleasing, can not alter the intimate, perhaps not made for you. But perhaps the opposite is.