Bomb in the adult industry. What are they doing these two XXX actors defies logic!

A man and a woman will make the premiere, sex in outer space, but not to procreate, but for a new production of pornographic funded Pornhub, one of the most successful profile sites, writes The Independent.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind: Sexploration. Adult film will be filmed most likely in 2016, production costs are estimated at $ 3.4 million, a sum which hopes to gather online with passionate donors adult videos and novelty of the scientific aspect of the project “love for science and sex “, as it shows people from Pornhub.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins – Starring holders!

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins 2

The site offers substantial rewards co-sponsors, which would then be before the general public will follow as shooting positions use, production scenario etc.

The main roles were assigned adult film stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia who will be trained at least six months before the original space mission. “Pornhub joins’s pioneering missions Neil Armstrong and Gagarin, in a move that would defy gravity and made history. Sexploration will definitely be the first adult movie made by man in space “ writes Pornhub.

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Johnny Sins astronaut



Sexploration: Pornhub porn wants to roll space


Already they said in Star Trek: “Space, the final frontier …”. A Pornhub seems that the planet Earth has outgrown because, in his latest craze, aim to get out of Earth’s orbit to shoot the first space porn scene. But then, between training XXX actors (Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins), technical equipment, rent a ship and how expensive it will fuel the invention leaves them for a pretty penny. That is why we have launched a campaign to raise some help crow funding (not much, just ask for $ 3.4 million of anything …).

Things look quite difficult, although the first day raised $ 10.0000 and lack of just under two months to the deadline have already gained 2% of the total amount.

Honestly, I not see a publicity campaign, but recognize that they screwed up the broken hand with these issues …


An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space

An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016. The online platform Pornhub adult movies intends to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016.

An online platform wants to produce first pornographic film in space in 2016

Company representatives say they want to send two “sextraunauţi” low Earth orbit next year to play in the first pornographic film to be made in space.

Titled “Sexploration” movie will be starring actors Eva and Johnny Sins, which will benefit before launching into orbit “of rigorous training for six months”, according to representatives

“There are many elements about life in space requires rigorous analysis and research … especially in the area of ​​sex. Therefore, Pornhub will join Armstrong and Gagarin and become a pioneer of a unique mission that will defy gravity will do history and will push the boundaries to new horizons “sexplorării” Intergalactic “added the online platform pornographic managers.

Pornhub urging its users to make donations on participative funding website Indiegogo to raise the amount of $ 3.4 million necessary this mission, designed with the objective of making the space a reality sex.

A reward system has been implemented donors – Internet users who will most consistent donations will be entitled to direct various scenes from the new film, to choose sexual positions of the protagonists and read the screenplay in advance.

Netizens who will donate $ 1 will receive a “certificate of investor type Pluto” and the most generous “investors” in the project will be rewarded with a “Type Certificate Uranus” and will receive one of the spacesuits that will be used by actors during filming.

Another adult entertainment company has already poured a pornographic film, “The Uranus Experiment”, but filming took place on board an aircraft which carried a parabolic flight microgravity conditions to simulate weightlessness and status.

Pornhub says this unprecedented project will allow them to become the first company in history will show what really happens when two people have sexual intercourse under total absence of gravity.

Pornhub Representatives but did not specify the name of the rocket that actors will reach Earth orbit or the time on which they will spend in space.

According to official data, people have not yet made sex in space – but this has not stopped minds “bold” to believe that such action would be perfectly possible.

In 1992, the imagination of people worldwide was seriously stimulated when the international press published a series of articles that the Jan Davis and Mark Lee, two American astronauts who participated together in a mission in orbit, would be married secretly nine months before the start of the mission.

Paul Root Wolpe, a bioethics expert at NASA, says the logistical difficulties of copulation in microgravity conditions most likely determines the astronauts to abandon the idea of ​​sex.

The release of fluids may also cause various problems for astronauts in orbit.

However, gravity helps lower blood to circulate in parts of the human body. So in space, the blood tends to proceed to the chest cavity and towards the head, thereby causing erections to become “problematic”.

At the same time, the levels of male hormone (testosterone) decline of astronauts during space missions, but experts from NASA not yet determined the reason behind this phenomenon.

Pornhub platform representatives say they will decipher this mystery “of love for science and sex”.

So far, the project film “Sexploration” collected until such publication amount of 8,277 dollars, from 380 donors.