Sex addiction is there! Find out if are you obsessed!

Sex addiction is there! Find out if are you obsessed! The love addicts are generally used to seemingly eternal desperate hopes and fears. Fearing rejection, suffering, new experiences, and having little confidence in their ability to inspire love and their right to be loved, they expect and want and hope for love, perhaps one of the most unknown experiences for them .

Sex addiction is there Find out if are you obsessed

Sexual addiction is similar to other compulsive behaviors a potentially destructive twist in an activity that is life-enhancing. Defining sex addiction depends less on the behavior itself more personal motivations.

Sexual addiction lies in the lack of ability to control or postpone sexual feelings or actions. The need to replace the excitement of privacy. Finally, seeking becomes more important than family, career, even personal health and safety. While sexual concerns is growing in terms of time and energy, sex addict follows a routine as they act on desires, which is followed by feelings of rejection, shame, despair and confusion.

It may be useful to submit definitions dependence on closer inspection. Addiction is characterized by the use or the repeated, compulsive seeking of a substance or activity despite the consequences of social, psychological and / or physical. Addiction is often but not always accompanied by physical dependence, withdrawal syndrome and tolerance. Physical dependence is also described a state of psychological adaptation to a substance whose absence causes withdrawal symptoms and moods.
The latter consist of a predictable set of symptoms and causes as a result of sudden cessation or dose reduction of a substance or usual activities; hyperactivity symptoms consist of physiological functions that were suppressed by the drug and Cessation activated it.

The state of tolerance in the production, by a drug or activity, a diminishing the biological or behavioral; higher doses or if someone addicted to sex, risky behavior is needed to produce an effect similar to the original.

For those addicted to love, this is:

Energy and obsessive
– The source of inhibition
– Avoid Risks or change
Is devoid of real intimacy
Is manipulative, follows the conclusion of agreements
Addictive and is parasitic
– Ask the beloved loyalty.


Sex addiction is revealed in stages:

Interest: permanent fantasies about sexual situations and opportunities; they can trigger a sexual manifestation
Ritualization: sexual activity or situation is reduced to a stereotype and repeated
Uncontrolled need: a continuing involvement in sexual activity despite negative consequences and desires to stop
Despair: guilt caused by the inability to control your behavior to have remorse
Other behavioral issues, chemical dependency and food problems.

In the case of love addicts often their growth and development were prevented in childhood. Similarly, many of those love addicts say they were abused or neglected in childhood and is considered traumatized or minimized in the process. Often their parents are addicted to sex. Stress is another cause of compulsive sexual behavior as the dependent fueling the need for fantasy and withdrawal. A chemical in the brain that causes euphoria generated by feelings of love, increases with attraction to someone, causing a state of euphoria and excitement growing. Those addicted to love and sex can be simply addicted to physical and mental arousal produced by PEA and stress-related neurotransmitters.

If you find you are in a relationship of dependency, you want to ask for help. Specialized counseling for those who are directly or indirectly faced with this form of addiction.

Overcoming sexual and dependence begins by recognizing that not have control over your sexuality. To reach this stage we need a deep analysis of self and emotional problems, physical or financial caused by your sexual behavior.


Treatment should include one of the following:

Promise that you will remain abstinent
Rebuild relations
Stress control
Auto self-help.
Some treatments for sex addicts used to observe the pattern of alcoholics. According to this model, addicts are considered individuals with a chronic addiction despite their attempts to change. They face a vicious cycle of consumption, self-criticism, and avoidance which is repeated constantly. This pattern focuses on three elements of the circle:

Denoting avoidance behaviors.

Counselling is based on the 12-step method.

The three elements of the circle marked dependence of a process created by using:

A therapeutic ambient
A profound analysis
A process conducted in a group
Evaluation from peers.

All 5 issues are incorporated into a therapeutic process that begins with the first contact.
Creating an environment that supports the therapeutic process is central to this approach. Clients must be offered the opportunity to explore what they have about themselves without fear of judgment of others. You must feel they are listened with empathy and respect. In models of this approach, the counselor was the only one who possessed the therapist. Although this is still essential, now apply the whole multidisciplinary team, a staff of professionals who are natural therapists.

The therapist makes an initial assessment, identify the problem, and if indicated, schedule an appointment for the patient. Performed a complete psychological evaluation and rejection are identified types of treatment and problems. The therapist initiates near the patient during the evaluation process, which uses all the qualities and professional skills. Then, the therapist prepares a treatment plan to help the patient to confront the problems identified and bottlenecks that could prevent the patient’s response.

The patient follows a process consisting of 12 steps.


Painful intercourse? Here are the reasons!

Sex Advice girlVaginal and urinary infections, poor lubrication and herpes are some of the factors that may affect the conduct of an intimate relationship.

Pain during intercourse can be constant or intermittent disorder affecting both women and men. In most cases, the problem can be solved by treating a disease causing.

The intensity of pain experienced during intercourse depends on the factor that causes it. In women, ovarian cysts, annexes, and episiotomy (surgical cut made ​​before birth in the area between the vagina and anus) can give discomfort during intercourse.


It muscial involuntary contraction of the vagina, a condition that make penetration to not be simple. This problem may occur on the first intimate contact or may occur after a period of sexual activity.


Disease characterized by the presence of tissue similar to the endometrium (uterine lining) outside the normal location, endometriosis gives abdominal pain and discomfort during intercourse.


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Diet sex. How much you want to lose weight?

Diet sex. How much you want to lose weight? Diet sex in magazines for women, including related articles based diets starving and the latest trends in fitness, easy, easy, makes room and a diet at least controversial.

Diet sex How much you want to lose weight

Diet sex does not refer to foods to eat to have a better sex life, or to any aphrodisiac miracle, but how sex can help you to get off the most stubborn pounds ! And among the many myths and rumors circulating about this diet”, I found out the opinions of experts! First, you must understand the relationship between carbohydrate and sugar cravings and desire for sexual activity. According to Jeanette Raymond specialist doctor, there is a link between these emotional and psychological desires.

When a person is not satisfied with the personal, the body creates a permanent deficit of serotonin and dopamine – which was correlated with the lack of intimacy and interaction with loved so that one feels the need to satisfy these needs, but not by sex, but the food .

The person will use different “emotional dressing” like sweet foods or harmful substances. This means that when you do not receive affection, sensitive people feel the need to fill that emotional void with things they offer some psychological satisfaction, and for most people, these things are defined by chocolate or food from fast food .

So, the question is: when we have satisfactory sexual relations, we have fewer cravings, or abstain from food easier “forbidden”? Dr. Shams ROUY gives the answer: “The chemicals produced in the body, due to privacy and sexual activity are adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster when you see your loved one. Dopamine stimulates the sense of “desire and reward” and serotonin is the chemical that makes you think always loved. “

So, when you’re in love, you are met at all psychic “lust” and forbidden foods in the diet are not high on your list. The human body reacts to sex and intimacy in the same way they react to the drug. So if sexual desire is fulfilled his body no longer needs to seek other sources of satisfaction.


How many times you must make sex in a week, depending of age.

SEX ADVICE: The normal frequency of sexual contacts start to decrease with age. Undertaken in this area statistics show that gereral, a couple of 30 years is about two to three week sex, their frequency decreasing as the years go.

How many times you must make sex in a week

A reputed English specialist in the field, Thomas Glynn, said the pace of sexual activity is influenced by biological constitution of everyone, age and environmental factors, cultural, social, aesthetic. An essential role they play and rest, nutrition and attraction for the partner. Sexual intercourse can be repeated at a certain interval of time (from several minutes to several hours) depending on the potency male partner qualities. Course, intercourse should be used so as to meet physiological needs, hormonal balance and the natural tendency to perpetuate species “, said Glynn. Another problem that can occur after a few years the couple’s life is decreased sexual desire. It is absolutely normal for a couple for 40 years not to have sex with the same frequency that would make a couple for 20 years, says Thomas Glynn.

Three celebrity of the area, Alfred Kinsey, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, I think that old man has a great influence on the frequency of sexual intercourse. Therefore, experts conclude in a study, the frequency of about 3-4 times a week is possible around the age of 20 years. 30 years to reach 02.03 weekly contact and at 40 years 60 years 2. But often, people have intercourse a week.

“It is needless to say that the recovery time is long enough for a man and more for each additional contact on the same day. Instead, by nature, she is multiorgasmica. Sometimes, a few minutes are sufficient for it to be able to know a new orgasm “, says Alfred Kinsey.

Specialists in obstetrics and gynecology doctors say that a young man can have sex daily or even several times a day. As time passes, however, will be harder to keep in shape. Specialists also make reference to other factors, such as partner behavior, erotization intercourse, nervous tension, physical fatigue, stress. In addition, add the doctor Erghin Calil, a man should not try to beat the record or counting” after how long can have another erection or to compare with other men. It is important to make love every time you want.

Sexual rhythm depends on the individual’s sexual constitution. Sexologists say that, in general, the frequency of intimate relations is very “elastic” in 77% of cases analyzed, persons 18-33 years have up to six weekly sex and the age group 34 -46 years was a decrease of interest in sex. So, as the years pass, the rate is reduced to remember around the age of 60, after which sexual potency diminishes appreciates specialists.

Number of sexual intercourse by age

20 years, 4.3 contacts per week

30 years, 3.2 contacts per week

40 years, two contacts per week

60 years, one contact per week


Sex, as a treatment. When to take this “medicine”!?

British researchers have concluded that a game of love improves quality of life and functioning of body organs. When it happens it’s very important.

Sex as a treatmentDid you know that sex in the morning gives you more benefits? British researchers have concluded that a game of love into the day improves the quality of life and functioning of body organs. In the morning, the body is resting and therefore ready to pick. During sleep, various physiological processes which basically cleans your mind and concentration ability is huge and so are the biggest erotic feelings and fantasies record. Also, if you have erotic dreams at night, in the morning there are no desire for sex.

The benefits are:

1. Will increase the immune system sex in the morning strengthens your body’s defenses. It also has benefits for bones, muscles and joints.

2. Is good for the heart Sexual activity morning cardiovascular system improves performance, lowers blood pressure and risk of myocardial infarction.

3. Takes care of silhouette If you go to the gym before having a session of love with your lover, you’ll burn up to 300 extra calories.

4. Do you feel more beautiful the release of endorphins and increase estrogen levels after an orgasm, you will leave with glowing skin, shiny hair and clear eyes.

5. Improves mood Besides the obvious reasons, experts say that women who have sex in the morning has a lower risk of falling into depression.

6. Decreased testosterone levels By practicing sex in the morning, men additional benefit more testosterone. It helps to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

7. Is the best time of day to have an orgasm if you have sex in the morning you will feel satisfied all day!