Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite + VIDEO

After a sex life may be affected routine that occurs between partners. In the following lines we welcome you with some tips to help you regain your sexual appetite!

Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite

Modify sexual routine
Even if each of you prefer a certain time of day for intercourse, try to change the routine you are used to. If you usually make love tonight, make him a surprise partner and wakes him with little kisses that morning to warm the senses. Changing sexual positions and place captures not only can, but can revive your sexual life.

Underwear and heels for a night of passion
To excite your partner, you can turn to some old tricks, but that work at every opportunity basis. You can expect when coming home dressed in a lace underwear the landscape should not lipseacă frames that complement provocative attire.

Shortly just for you
Although sex should be spontaneous, in most cases they experience fatigue after a day of work, housework and care for children and leaves not enough time for some intimate moments with a partner. Tip: even if you each to work, send him since lunch,, signals through phone calls, or you can call to attract in your game. Set along a time when you see to continue the game began during the day.

Memories can help
Remember the early days of your relationship, the feeling of overwhelm you had whenever you holding his hand or kiss you? A good exercise for the partners is to remember the moments of the beginning of the relationship and try to put back in place. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, songs that can be heard softly

A little mystery never hurt
A little mystery can add spark to your sex life, say industry experts. Even if you live together for a long time and feel comfortable with each other some issues should remain the same as before. Some gestures, certain lines can spice up life in the bedroom enough.

Delights the senses
Besides lace lingerie and high heels you can also add a bit of pampering partner with small tricks. Prepare them using your dinner aphrodisiac preparations, do not forget foam bath, scented candles and massage with essential oils. If you put these tips into practice, step by step builds the perfect scenario for an evening full of passion.





How to change in time, the female sex drive

Highlights of a woman’s life, such as marriage and motherhood, increase sexual desire. Chocolate, oysters and other foods aphrodisiacs not influence in any way the sexual desire of women. Instead, age and life experiences speak about female sexuality.

How to change in time the female sex drive

If men, things are pretty clear about sexual stimuli, the same can be said about women. Their sexual appetite is little influenced by food aphrodisiacs or sexual fantasies. A new study shows that experiences that women live, as motherhood and menopause, have a surprising impact on libido. As she gets older and matures, attitudes about sex, relationships and self esteem changed greatly, noted study author Professor Beth Montemurro, from Pennsylvania State University, after interviewing 95 women aged between 20 and 68 years. Women who become mothers, and those satisfied with their job or who get promotions become more self-confident, which has a positive impact on sexual desire. But less pleasant events in a woman’s life, such as divot and menopause, have the same effect on sexual desire.

Divorce, a new beginning

Many of the women who agreed to talk about their sexuality were told that divorce was for them a new beginning and was an opportunity for rediscovery. Before marriage, most of the women who participated in the study had very little sexual experience and did not give much importance to their sexual desires. Divorce offered them the chance to discover their sexuality.

Some women, especially older ones, have felt that divorce has increased self-esteem. Often, they looked divorce not as an end but as a second chance to seek what they really wanted, rather than to pursue life partner “, says Beth Montemurro, quoted by British “Daily Mail”.

Young women with an adventurous sex life, they overburden that their sex life has improved a lot after marriage. Reason: ring finger women increase their self-confidence. “Marriage gives them the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Perhaps they are less sexually active at this time of life, but have a better attitude about sexual life” , says Beth Montemurro, study author.

Although the birth of a child is not just a sexual stimulant, motherhood has the same effect of increasing self-confidence. Women who participated in the study said that the birth helped them to feel better about yourself and be more satisfied with their physical appearance.

“Overall, the achievements in life make women more confident. And you are proud of them, women stronger qau sexuality“, explains Beth Montemurro. This confidence does not decrease with age, menopause is another time when a woman’s sex drive increases. This time of life helps them to accept more easily and have fewer complaints related to physical appearance.



But behind all stereotypes, people who play in porn really know a lot about sex. It is their job after all.

The editors of Women’s Health Mag sat down with Jessica Drake, creator of the series DVD “Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” and received several tips that he has learned the actress on the set. We guarantee that your sex life will never be the same!

freeGo on costumes – Avoid stores that sell costumes in some cheaper by 50%. “Anything developed will demonstrate that you take the time and make efforts to set up something special for him”, says Drake.

Keep your clothes on – at least one part. “The reason we keep shoes during sex is that we are elongate legs and support for our butt in certain positions”, says Drake.

You masturbate during breaks – At one time, the partners need to stop shooting your soul. Whether interrupted or children need attention, do not let sexual appetite disappear. Drake masturbating filming breaks to keep fit. So be prepared for the next stage.

Skip the prelude to sex and opposite – sex should not be a linear action, says Drake. If you go from foreplay to sex and then conversely you’ll never know when you reach orgasm.

Talk dirty – I mean you have to shout so loud that the neighbors hear you. But he can whisper in your ear what you do. In addition, encourage him and to tell him how she feels.

Focus on your needs – Drake says quickly reach orgasm in sex scenes quiet because then has more time to focus on their needs. Follow his example and choose the best positions for you. Forget everything and enjoy the moment!


What is sexual desire?

The term “libido” was first widely adopted due to the introduction of the concept of Sigmund Freud in his writings on sexuality and personality development.

apetitFreud used the term “sexual appetite” and the most specific, “libido” to refer to what he originally conceived as a biological human instincts. In this context, sex drive or libido has been a source of motivation and action during human development.

Later, Freud expanded the definition of libido to refer to the life energy that drives both sexual instincts, and other human impulses.

Today, the term sexual appetite is not a valuable use of researchers and sexologists (they prefer libido). But popular culture has become synonymous with sexual desire or interest of an individual to engage in sexual relations with a partner. If someone does not want so much to have sex, you could say that the person has a low sex drive.

On the other hand, there is a measurement of sexual desire and no clear definition of what a healthy sexual appetite.