Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”. After more than 25 years of marriage, Amanda C. still claim to be happy with her husband, although confess that she have always liked women. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”, she confesses.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man

My marriage was a torment, because I lack sexual desire. I’ve always been attracted to women, but never had the courage to accept it”, begins his confession Amanda C., who has been married for over 25 years and has a daughter 15 years. She knew as a teenager that has a different sexual identity, but did not have the courage to accept it. Amanda and told the whole experience, a blog dedicated to Brazilian bisexual people, the only place I knew I would not be rejected.”

All sexual experiences were still in her teens with men but were never satisfactory. “I thought that was the reason for lack of passion. At 16, I had a different relationship with a colleague. I was pleased we were always together, and it was a lot of affection between us, but we never touched. I felt the desire but I felt afraid, because in my mind, if you love a woman, you must have masculine, or I was always very feminine. I did not understand lesbian world“, says Amanda on her blog.

The marriage was one of convenience for it, not a gesture of love. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman. I dream often they can experience and just looking at a woman realize that sex with her would be entirely satisfactory. My husband does not understand why not come to him and why I am not satisfied with our sexual relationship. we get along well in other respects. it is a wonderful husband and I feel guilty when I do not feel happy with it. But I have not the courage to confess these things she adds. Amanda thinks sometimes divorce, but fear of confrontation with the world, the family stopped her every time to do so.

I wonder how long I could keep this secret. I feel good when I talk about it and take a load off your chest. Fear and criticism from family and society can lead a person to make this decision: to claim that is happy , says Amanda.





How to change in time, the female sex drive

Highlights of a woman’s life, such as marriage and motherhood, increase sexual desire. Chocolate, oysters and other foods aphrodisiacs not influence in any way the sexual desire of women. Instead, age and life experiences speak about female sexuality.

How to change in time the female sex drive

If men, things are pretty clear about sexual stimuli, the same can be said about women. Their sexual appetite is little influenced by food aphrodisiacs or sexual fantasies. A new study shows that experiences that women live, as motherhood and menopause, have a surprising impact on libido. As she gets older and matures, attitudes about sex, relationships and self esteem changed greatly, noted study author Professor Beth Montemurro, from Pennsylvania State University, after interviewing 95 women aged between 20 and 68 years. Women who become mothers, and those satisfied with their job or who get promotions become more self-confident, which has a positive impact on sexual desire. But less pleasant events in a woman’s life, such as divot and menopause, have the same effect on sexual desire.

Divorce, a new beginning

Many of the women who agreed to talk about their sexuality were told that divorce was for them a new beginning and was an opportunity for rediscovery. Before marriage, most of the women who participated in the study had very little sexual experience and did not give much importance to their sexual desires. Divorce offered them the chance to discover their sexuality.

Some women, especially older ones, have felt that divorce has increased self-esteem. Often, they looked divorce not as an end but as a second chance to seek what they really wanted, rather than to pursue life partner “, says Beth Montemurro, quoted by British “Daily Mail”.

Young women with an adventurous sex life, they overburden that their sex life has improved a lot after marriage. Reason: ring finger women increase their self-confidence. “Marriage gives them the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Perhaps they are less sexually active at this time of life, but have a better attitude about sexual life” , says Beth Montemurro, study author.

Although the birth of a child is not just a sexual stimulant, motherhood has the same effect of increasing self-confidence. Women who participated in the study said that the birth helped them to feel better about yourself and be more satisfied with their physical appearance.

“Overall, the achievements in life make women more confident. And you are proud of them, women stronger qau sexuality“, explains Beth Montemurro. This confidence does not decrease with age, menopause is another time when a woman’s sex drive increases. This time of life helps them to accept more easily and have fewer complaints related to physical appearance.


Increased sexual desire: Herbs and spices that increase arousal!

Increased sexual desire: Herbs and spices that increase arousal! Next time you go shopping, add to the list of those herbs and spices that enhance arousal, thus boosting your sex drive.

Increased sexual desire Herbs and spices that increase arousalA good body image, self-esteem, sexual desire and willpower are essential to a happy sex life. But recipemay contain many, especially for couples who require increased sex drive and, of course, desired!

Sexual herbs were consumed over time in every possible way in order to increase libido. Since ancient times, people use herbs and spices to enhance sexual arousal “, says dr. Ava Cadell.

Now more than ever, women’s sexual appetite and men can be increased with natural herbs and spices that have beneficial effects on erection and vaginal lubrication. Here are the most effective and popular herbs and spices that enhance sexual arousal.

Although there is no magic formula to increase sex drive natural, scientific studies have shown that ginseng is ginseng plant offers the best results in increasing sexual arousal, says doctor Kat Van Kirk, clinical sexologist and sex therapist. Ginseng improves blood circulation, providing better irrigation genitalia in women and in men, which increases sexual desire, sexual performance and to intensify orgasm for both partners.

Horny Goat Weed
Although the name is funny, this plant with leaves medium was used since ancient times in Chinese medicine, where they discovered its healing properties on the erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. Horny Goat Weed helps increase nitric acid, which contributes to muscle relaxation, which leads to better irrigation pelvic organs.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo is one of the species of trees that grow on the planet for more than 150-200 million years. This Chinese herb known for its properties to alleviate the decrease muscle tension, anxiety, increase mental alertness, energizing and the improvements blood circulation, all of which are essential for healthy sexual appetite.

Mushrooms Cordycepsis
Cordycepsis mushrooms began to be increasingly used in traditional Chinese medicine, proving properties protect the lungs and liver, but also to strengthen immunity and revitalize the entire body. Moreover, mushrooms Cordycepsis help balance hormonal balance, optimize functions and stimulates the secretion of adrenal sex hormones, which help growing libido, and reduce inflammation and vaginal lubrication efficiency.

Although part of many sweets we eat today, few people know the exceptional properties of vanilla. It energizes the body and shows beneficial effects on mood and is used to treat impotence, erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.

Cinnamon benefits are manifold. It is recommended in diets for combustion accelerates metabolism and decreases appetite, for example. But cinnamon has the ability to increase body temperature, so it is recommended for use in winter. However, the ability to increase the body temperature cinnamon help and the proper functioning of the circulatory system, which facilitates blood flow to the extremities, including the genitals. As the blood supply to the pelvic area is higher, the increase sex drive and feelings are more intense during sex.


How re ignite sexual desire!

Over time, the nights spent with spouse are not as passionate as ever. Would you like to have some of the hottest nights once again. It is appropriate to take action and to make use of various “tricks” to make him want you again.

How re ignite sexual desireGifts for no reason
To get to the bedroom, I have to wake up other interest to you. Surprise him with small gifts when made without a reason. It can be a flower, a delicious dessert, a book, a movie or a dinner at a romantic restaurant.

Search moments of intimacy
After the children sleep, try to stay alone with your Partner and chatted about everything that has happened during the day. A light covering romantic room will help you look with different eyes. Drank a glass of red wine in your honor. This will put blood moving and will help you leave aside stressful problems.

Sexy lingerie, piece de resistance
A sexy lingerie pajamas eternal put into place Lala will wreak havoc in your partner’s heart. Choose a time when he would not expect to be dressed like that. Come to him slowly and tenderly and lovingly embrace him. A passionate kiss will put on the head and he will remind your husband that she fell in love.

Erotic massage will incite
Buy your oil magnolia, jasmine and mint. Each of these oils, applied hot, fine movements, has a euphoric action that brings your bed hot and sensual atmosphere of a tropical nights.

Say what you like erotic menu ….
In these extremely intimate moments you tell each other what you love, what you erotic fantasies. Although it has been many years of marriage and may have considered this taboo, you will be surprised how many you can find. If you switch the threshold of the discussion, each of you will be happy that he managed to see something new in the other. You implement these fantasies, if they make you happy.


Aphrodisiacs: erotic properties of foods that heats

bigsausagepizza_01The experts commended for a harmonious sex life foods can have benefits as well as immediate effect, and various plants that will “spice up” the life of the couple.

For example, the cloves are classified as some of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. It relieves mental and physical fatigue, can be a good memory enhancement.

Substantial contribution

If your stomach is very sensitive, mustard grains helps to stimulate the sex glands. Also, vanilla (stick form) creates a good feeling, combat fatigue and sexual acts on the central nervous system. Fenugreek has exceptional sexual tonic with certain aphrodisiac properties. Them through grinder two teaspoons of seeds, just as once consumed.

Do not store under the form of powder, for losing their properties. Celery is a well-known aphrodisiac, which brings a substantial intake of vitamins (A, B, C and PP), and minerals that help to arouse sexual desire. It is very useful for muscles and helps blood fluidity. Lettuce consumed as syrup. Ginger will get rid of the states of exhaustion, fatigue and nausea, as a sexual tonic appreciated. Wear fresh when you are tired;

Coriander has a euphoric effect, especially for women. Instead, men should use it sparingly.


Reasons for refusing to have sex

Why did not you want to have sex? 6 Reasons for refusing to have sex!

An active sex life is important not only for the happy couple relationship, but also for your health. Daily stress or certain conditions are just some of the issues that affect your libido and make you neglect your partner. Discover possible enemies are sabotaging your sex life.

6 Reasons for refusing to have sex

Stress and burnout
Hectic life that we take can have numerous effects on your health, but also on sexual desire. If you get into bed every night just to sleep thinking, then it takes small changes in lifestyle. Do you need your organization to allow more time for you, but also your partner. Set your priorities clear and provides daily relaxation.

Extra Pounds
Besides health problems, extra weight causes frustration and loss of libido. Because we tend to compare ourselves perfect body images presented in the media, any deviation from the rules lead to emotional imbalance that will affect your sex life. Ask your boyfriend to tell you he loves your body. His compliments certainly will help you regain your confidence in yourself.

Oral contraceptives
You use them to prevent unwanted pregnancies for a carefree sex life. But one of the side effects of these pills is diminished libido. Contraceptive pills contain estrogen, which causes increased production of a protein responsible for decreased sexual drive.

Health Problems
Sexual appetite can be affected by certain disorders such as depression, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, anemia or heart disease. Correct diagnosis and treatment of the problem will improve sexual life.

Not only contraceptives can affect sex drive. Other drugs such as antidepressants, drugs that reduce blood pressure, anxiety and gastric acid reflux can have the same effect. Talk to your doctor about side effects of drugs before further treatment.

Hormonal imbalance
Hormonal changes can decrease sexual desire. In pregnancy, lactation or premenopausal interest in sex may decrease.

To increase sexual desire, you can try natural remedies. If you feel tired during the day, it is time to make some changes in the diet. Focus on lean protein, fruits and vegetables in abundance. Also, good fats are important when it comes to sex. You can find them in significant quantities in nuts, fish, olive oil and coconut, avocado. There aphrodisiac foods that you can try. Include in your diet pomegranates, asparagus, dark chocolate, oysters, avocado, salmon, watermelon, and the results will surprise you.

If you are a smoker, it’s time to quit smoking. Not only is it extremely harmful to health, but cigarettes are among the factors that cause decreased libido.

Attention! A low sex drive for long periods can be a warning sign. Ask the opinion of the doctor and discovers the causes and how they can be eliminated.


Enemies of sexual life

10 enemies of sexual life: Fatigue, routine daily problems, health issues There are many factors that contribute to lower libido. See below a list of their possible remedies to overcome the impasse.

10 enemies of sexual life.

1. Stress and fatigue

Restrain excessive work sexual life! Once home after a day at work very hard, you just want to get into bed as quickly to sleep. We must prepare for a new day job, right? And until morning remaining few hours of sleep. Do not even think about the moments of intimacy you could relax as well as a night when you sleep unconverted.

2. Lack of time

Between work, kids and chores, barely find time for yourself! Try to solve them all in one day and sexual life is one that suffers because always find things more urgent to do, then you’re too tired to have sex binge. As it is unlikely that you will ever have more time available, prioritize changes even occasionally.

3. Routine

Yes, this is the most feared enemy of sexual life. Boredom is gradually install and prioritize other aspects of daily life inevitably lead you to a point where you can not get out of the routine. But with a little imagination, things can change for the better. A little surprise from time to time is all you need to do to remember how was the relationship from the beginning.

4. Hormonal Problems

Hormones are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Have the ability to self-regulate, but when a hormone is missing or incorrect quantities delivered, all sorts of problems. For women, it is about estrogen and progesterone, and the male testosterone. Decreased sex drive is almost a rule where there are hormonal imbalances. Once diagnosed with a problem can be solved by treatment with synthetic hormones.

5. Relationship problems

Tensions couple have a direct impact on sexual life and frequent conflicts have no way to get closer to your partner. If you experience such problems, the best advice would be to turn to a specialist or to reconsider the foundations of the relationship.

6. Depression or lack of self-esteem

Whatever you want to not be true, most enemies are capable psychological sex. In this case, all you have to do is to realize the problem and try to fix. In women especially, loss of desire may be caused by depression or low self esteem. If you are in this situation, you may need therapy. Depression affects all aspects of life, not just intimate relationships and to solve the problem as soon as possible, the more it will be better for you.

7. Alcohol

A glass of wine can increase desire, but drinking large amounts of alcohol creates problems both partners: for him, erection problems, and for her, decrease sensations. Great care that relax intention not to turn into a total failure

8. Tobacco

Experts believe that smoking reduces blood flow by narrowing the blood vessels, causing erection problems. That in addition to other health problems they can cause and you’re probably aware.

9. Drugs

20% of sexual problems are caused by medication side effects or interactions. Antidepressants cause, in most cases, decreased desire and inability to achieve orgasm. Allergy medications or pills can also reduce libido.

10. Drugs

Narcotics and tranquilizers decrease sexual desire. Amphetamines stimulate the desire in the first phase, but prevents reaching orgasm. Consumed consistently lead to decreased libido.



5 diseases that ruin your sex life

5 diseases that ruin your sex life. Certain diseases or health problems can affect your performance in the bedroom. Find out what they are.

5 diseases that ruin your sex life

Variable blood sugar can lead to complications and sexual dysfunction. Statistics show that almost three quarters of men du diabetes and erectile dysfunction present during life. That‘s because the disease affects blood flow to the genital area and nerves.

Depression and stress
Sexual desire is affected if you are depressed or stressed. The worst part is that some antidepressant drugs prescribed by a doctor, killing all libido

Vascular problems
Any condition which affects blood flow in the genital area can result in sexual dysfunction, in both men and women. It is the negative effect that it produces cardiovascular disease or hypertension.

Back pain
Not directly affect sexual function, but indirectly, because the pain decreases the frequency relations between partners. Herniated disc or spinal stenosis can be extremely painful and may prevent you from enjoying moments of intimacy with your partner. A study shows that 61% of sufferers to avoid sex backbone in times of crisis.

Disease itself is not the problem, but the fact that you cause weakness, which decreases sexual desired. For men, anemia leads to decreased libido and erectile problems. But, unlike other diseases, relatively easy to treat anemia.