Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man. “I close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”. After more than 25 years of marriage, Amanda C. still claim to be happy with her husband, although confess that she have always liked women. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman”, she confesses.

Confessions of a lesbian married to a man

My marriage was a torment, because I lack sexual desire. I’ve always been attracted to women, but never had the courage to accept it”, begins his confession Amanda C., who has been married for over 25 years and has a daughter 15 years. She knew as a teenager that has a different sexual identity, but did not have the courage to accept it. Amanda and told the whole experience, a blog dedicated to Brazilian bisexual people, the only place I knew I would not be rejected.”

All sexual experiences were still in her teens with men but were never satisfactory. “I thought that was the reason for lack of passion. At 16, I had a different relationship with a colleague. I was pleased we were always together, and it was a lot of affection between us, but we never touched. I felt the desire but I felt afraid, because in my mind, if you love a woman, you must have masculine, or I was always very feminine. I did not understand lesbian world“, says Amanda on her blog.

The marriage was one of convenience for it, not a gesture of love. “To feel happy, close my eyes and imagine having sex with a woman. I dream often they can experience and just looking at a woman realize that sex with her would be entirely satisfactory. My husband does not understand why not come to him and why I am not satisfied with our sexual relationship. we get along well in other respects. it is a wonderful husband and I feel guilty when I do not feel happy with it. But I have not the courage to confess these things she adds. Amanda thinks sometimes divorce, but fear of confrontation with the world, the family stopped her every time to do so.

I wonder how long I could keep this secret. I feel good when I talk about it and take a load off your chest. Fear and criticism from family and society can lead a person to make this decision: to claim that is happy , says Amanda.





10 mistakes women make when having sex.

As your sexual experiences to be as good, you need to improve your knowledge. Here are 10 mistakes that you make all the women you have sex and which to avoid them from now on!

sexual experiences 10 mistakes1. You expect him to be excited and have erection – as soon as you decide that you want to have sex. In fact, it is the job of women to excite a man.

2. You make him responsible for your orgasm. As he is responsible for his own orgasm when you have sex, and you are your personal pleasure. If you can not satisfy yourself alone, it is the right time to do it!

3. Mind when you press it upside down when her oral sex. Well, he does it because it feels good that they do, but also because it could be much better. If you’re not careful in trying to show you, none of you will be very pleased in the end.

4. Do not you worry, but expect him to feel good anyway. Do not have to shave your intimate area, especially if you have sensitive skin or wax seems too shady. But you can always mow pubic hair and shave your legs!

5. You rely on him to bring condoms? Well, is that mistakes like this can bring you STDs or unwanted pregnancies. Sex is done in two, one should be only one protection officer.

6. Do not show him how you like to touch you. If you do not show him that he can only guess and to find points forte”, you’re expected and perhaps you and frustrate. Leave aside the shame and guide them fingers with yours.

7. And he likes to be touched, so there should only expect you to be in the spotlight. Stroked it, touch it, catch it and shoot it ass deeper into you. Do not stand there, otherwise everything will become so boring for both of us

8. Want of him just love parties, and that means that if it is not romantic, is not good. You people, and people are not always the same. If you did so far was pleasing and romantic, enjoy, but offers him and his party some passionate sex.

9. Mimic orgasm. This is one of the mistakes that should not ever do them and you learn and friends to no longer pretend. If faking orgasm really you will never get there, and he will think that you meet and you do not worry about it more

10. Do not panic and do not make much if he loses his erection during sex. That is, it happens, and he needs more support than criticism of you. Be with him and propose him to resume foreplay and then try again.