Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them!

Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them! If you want to know what supposes a normal sexual relationship, how important masturbation in the relationship, and what really supposed to eat aphrodisiac products, do not hesitate to follow the answers to the questions below!

Frequently asked questions about sex and responses to them

1. What is a normal, healthy sexual relationship?
There is no “normal” generally applied to each individual. At most, we can say that something is “normal” if practiced by a large number of people and do not entail public opprobrium. In terms of a healthy sexual relationship, especially normal, it varies from couple to couple so that each person has different emotional and sexual needs.

While sexual activity varies from relationship to relationship, there are some indicative of a love relationship “normalin general:
Both partners be equally satisfied by the activities they undertake
Neither partner should not feel forced to do something that does not want
Each partner should have the right to say “no” to sex at any time of day and no matter why. A refusal is a refusal and must be accepted
Mutual respect before and after sex
Neither partner should not suffer loss in self-esteem
Openness and trust between partners about sexual history of each, but on current sexual activity

2. Masturbation affect the sexual relationship and how much self-induced pleasure is too much?
As long as the entire sexual life is not just masturbation and self-induced pleasure not prevail in your relationship, masturbation does not affect nor the emotional and sexual relationship. But if a woman or a man prefer to meet in one place to enjoy the pleasures of sex with their partner, then masturbation prevails in the relationship, and the latter has no chance of success.

Also, it is important to consider what other activities involving masturbation pornography video or photo sex online or by phone. It also matters whether or not the partner is upset that other masturbate.

Another factor to be taken into account when it comes to how masturbation affect sexual life. If it happens occasionally and sex between partners prevail in the relationship, not service yourself, you need not worry about masturbation. But if masturbation is usually occurs in relationships and even sometimes during the day, at work or in the bathroom of a restaurant where dine, well, it can raise both your couple, as well as the professional and social.

3. Aphrodisiacs really work?
Products and foods which are said to be aphrodisiacs have captivated the attention of man since ancient times. If there were only first food, plants, aphrodisiac scents, now appeared more and more supplements or medications which manufacturers claim that enhance sex drive.

Indeed, dark chocolate can act in this way, as well as ginger, almonds and pumpkin seeds. But all the action is not as strong as it is sexual attraction and desire another person‘s own sex. Can be eaten tons of dark chocolate with almonds, the most likely outcome will be fattening.

Appetite for sex more than you mentally, but can be influenced by lifestyle, involving diet, exercise (or lack of existence), and hours of sleep at night. So aphrodisiac products can act physically on the body, such as a better blood supply to the intimate area, but can not substitute intrinsic desire for mating with another being.

4. What is sex therapy and what happens during psychotherapy sessions?
Sex therapy is a form of relational counseling which focuses mainly on the level of intimacy that exists between two persons and sexual problems. A sex therapist may be a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a marriage counselor or family, and for some people to certain beliefs, even the priest.

As with other forms of therapy, and sex therapy is based on specific programs designed so as to help couples and individuals overcome sexual problems. The role of a sex therapist is not to change libido or sexual orientation of a person, but to maximize the potential for sexual satisfaction for himself first and then partner.

In general, sex therapy is a speech therapy. In a small number of cases may arise in the couple a third person as a surrogate sexual partner. This process is however rarely applied and should not be put into practice only with the consent of both partners taking part in sex therapy.




Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !?

Horoscope: Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !? If you want a deeper analysis of this issue must not forget to check the position of Mars, both you and your partner (Mars influences sexual life) but the sun in your astrological chart.

Sexual Positions depending on the sign

You will be able to have some of the hottest sex. As a result we have these sexual positions depending on the sign:

Air signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius lovers they are the most unstable in terms zodiac. No, that does not mean your partner will leave immediately, but rather, some of them may end up being almost addicted partner, so if you sign air around you, you can be happy. However, for her fantasy play an extremely important role in the sexual relationship and it shows in bed, where the natives of these signs are most likely to adopt inaginative possible positions.
Consequently, the signs of air as the position in which he sits on a chair and she sits in his lap I was leaving behind him or penetrated with the suggestively named “storing up” positions that require that one partner to stay above the other, without one can look at the front of the other and that invite a little adventure, stimulating both of them in particular, may be exactly what signs to look for a native air.

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers. Representatives of any other signs not involve so much time intercourse. This sign Basically prefer positions that require a certain dose of sportiness from partners that require full involvement in both our intercourse. So for those born in one of the above mentioned signs is the ideal vertical position, obviously each one is free to choose its variations. Thus, one partner can sit leaning back against a wall or, more provocatively, one of the two can sit around, leaning on hands. This position will not only provide a degree of novelty but due to the settlement of the two partners, sexual experience itself will be great.

Signs of Water
Representatives of these three signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) have developed a particularly sexuality. It’s true that everyone knows about Scorpio but the above statement is as true for Fish and crayfish. The three signs have in common the desire for carnal pleasure through emotional connection. One might even say that the water signs will to achieve perfection in the bedroom. For a lover of this sign, it is worth trying coital alignment technique“, a way to maximum stimulation for both partners. And the best position for this is missionary”. Classic and yet so effective. To see how it is TAC” of, try this: underneath partner should move their feet over partner’s feet while the one above should leave their partner’s weight pelvis or pelvis underneath.

Signs of fire
For these natives, sex is an activity that you loose side of the animal, it stirs a sense of adventure and perhaps one of aggression. For Aries, Sagittarius Lei and can be the ideal positions where the woman sits in knee on the hands, the man penetrating her from behind (for Aries natives men) or one where the woman on top (for women, particularly those in Leo). Anyway, that side of the coin, Sagittarius is possible to accept a reversal, leaving it sometimes dominated (do not forget that Sagittarius is the adventurer). In any case, however, the combination of these two positions will definitely have success.



A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome is a condition could not be real, which occurs after ejaculation and makes hard sex representatives feel like it would be on the brink of death. Basically, right after making love with your partner, men experience fever, irritability, weakness, headache and barely able to link two words. Moreover, they begin to have nightmares and throat and tongue swell and all these troubles last few days.

A common syndrome makes men allergic to sex

Post orgasm syndrome was discovered in 2002 by Danish scientists, their study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The solution has come from British researchers who have shown that symptoms can be reduced with anti-inflammatory pills taken before and after orgasm.

According to them, the syndrome may be caused by an allergy potential. Specifically, more than half of the 44 participants in the experiment British men had an allergic reaction to own sperm.

The data helped the specialists to design a treatment that involves the administration of the same substance to which the patient is allergic. For 30 months, doctors have injected a vaccine made of diluted seminal fluid, and in the third year of treatment began to appear and results: a normal sexual life.



Why sex is good as you get older?

Why sex is good as you get older? The get older sex is better and satisfactory! They say that age, makes us wiser, more understanding, more attentive to the needs of others and sexual life is more satisfactory and quality through experience. Here are some arguments on the quality of sexual life and why sex is good as we get older.

Why sex is good as you get olderSex is better as the get older, because we have more available for long preludes.

     It is perfectly true that young people have the advantage of being more athletic, to have more strength and be more flexible physically. At the same time, a greater amount of hormones that push people to intercourse.
However the disadvantage is that youth tend to be more inhibited and fearful opposite sex. I am more concerned about the way they look naked, tend to be less communicative among themselves while having sex and are less open to new sexual experiences. These are the reasons that lead us to say that sex is good as we get older.
Benefits that are older young girl take a lot of sexual experience gained. For example, women approaching 40 years are capable of having multiple orgasms are more emancipated in relation to their bodies and show fewer inhibitions in front of new experiences, such as sexual toys, new positions or sex roles .

Why sex is good as you get older? Women are more capable of orgasm.

     The men even if they get harder erection with both older and harder ejaculates, this often makes them the best and most gentle lovers, because they will not rush and have more available for long preludes. In this way women benefit from extended preludes, especially because they need it to reach orgasm. These are arguments that make you understand why sex is good as we get older.
It is understandable why many women of all ages prefer a middle-aged man, because they are not willing to rush a woman, while young men think only of speed and force, says Eve Marx, an expert on sexology in his book 101 Things to Know About sex”.




How is sex at 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

How is sex at 20, 30, 40, 50 years. Sexual life is influenced to a greater or lesser extent age. Here are some guidelines on how gender varies according to age! 20 years: hormones + erotic dreams. From adolescence to age 20 years, boys and girls fall biologically somewhat opposite poles. Because of increasing testosterone hormone really considered fuel” sexual, erotic dreams boys often materialized or not. As it concerns the girls, they are especially concerned to focus sexuality to seduce her partner.

How is sex at 20 30 40 50 years

20-30 years: time discoveries” intimate

For both sexes, this is the age most erotic discoveries plan. Between the ages, women seem to prefer discussions about sex, unlike men, who go faster “facts”. Men must take into account that their partners have more than they need foreplay and stimulate pleasure zones to reach orgasm.

30-40 years: sexual maturation

Less “pressure” hormone, men and women can take advantage of all the experience gained in order to give each other pleasure, many women only now reaching to live real orgasms. However, now can occur sexual routine, so sexologists advise couples to allow sufficient time for private life.

40-50 years: erotic climax

Theoretically, between 40 and 50 years should be one sexual life balanced and harmonious, especially if partners are together for many years, who know their sexual desires and expectations. But everything now, some men will to live again adolescence or to materialize some sexual fantasies (crisis man 40 years“).

50 years later: still can

Hormonal changes associated with menopause and andropause put their mark on sexual life. Thus, entering menopause can give women the feeling that no longer desired. In addition, the decrease in estrogen levels may decrease its desire to make love drawback can be overcome by using HRT. Men need more stimulation, erotic because neither their reaction is not automatic” as 20 years.


Oral sex harmful to health or not?

While for some couples oral sex is taboo for others is one of the experiences necessary for normal sexual life. And when it comes to oral sex, the partners need to know they are at risk.

Oral sex harmful to health or not

According to a recent study, American scientists have claimed that oral sex can have serious consequences on health. Certain diseases and viruses that can be contracted through oral sex can have detrimental effect not only on physical health but also the mental. But all of these situations can be avoided if the sex act is protected.

HIV can be transmitted through oral sex
Experts in the field claim that there are many cases in which HIV was transmitted through oral sex. If one partner has sensitive gums or bleeding wounds, the risk of transmission is higher. Virus in the semen can come into contact with the blood of the gums. This virus can Ajuga blood circulation. To protect yourself use condom flavored fruits (raspberries, banana, strawberry).
Tip: Protection is especially needed in situations where the partner is foreign.

Beware of HPV and hepatitis!
Another virus that can be transmitted through unprotected oral sex and HPV or human papilloma virus. The virus can be transmitted if one partner is infected and suffer from genital warts, like warts. Attention must be paid in case one of the partners, suffering from genital herpes. It can ,, go ” all through oral sex. Once contacted, herpes (both at the mouth, but also the genital area) relapse, usually when the immune system is weakened. Partners need to be careful when it comes to one of them to suffer from gonorrhea, chlamydia (bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis) or hepatitis B or C and syphilis can be transmitted the same way. The disease is manifested by the presence of red spots on the penis.

Tip: Partners need to be more cautious because many of the infections that can be transmitted through oral sex was not immediately manifested.



6 signs that you lack sex

When you did the last time sex? You may seem like you do not need, but the signs below reveals the sex you is missing.

sex problems

1. Last meeting affair that you had was with a vibrator
A good vibrator can quickly remove depression (everyone should have one). However, if you start too attached to him (it was preferable to physical contact with another person, that He knows best what you like and how), it’s time to take a break.

2. You look at porn scenario
Of course, a fantasy tale can “light up” louder than a close-up” showing everything. Brain still remains the most important sexual organ that we have. But if you look at porn to begin to appreciate and follow with interest the script and lines, may have looked like actually having sex.

3. I think with nostalgia the former. Somehow not be alone?
You know very well that your relationship was a toxic, but at least the sex was great. If you want to give him a call? Think a hundred times before if it‘s worth it. (The answer is “no”.)

4. I have not worn much sexy lingerie
It’s no secret that every woman bras panties and went to work for the state house or do sport and sex. If you’ve never stretched much wire black lace boxers or bikinis that transparent, how about you do not want to get them out and on the podium”?

5 . Your bedroom is a mess
Mountains of clothes, shoes scattered wherever they possibly some chocolate packaging thrown away a few doses empty soda? It is clear that much has not entered a male in your room. Should invite one as soon so you’ll be motivated to do and cleaning.

6. your cat gets more “action” than you
When you get to envy the sexual life of your pet, you have already reached rock bottom. The good news? It can not be worse than that, so from now will definitely be better. Must be. Simply must.


Sexual Life on the run? 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule.

You are always busy in the evening when you go to bed feeling too tired for love? Then you must take action before your relationship to fall apart. If the program loaded and everyday stress affect your libido, it takes effort to restore things on track. Do not neglect your sex partner and put back on the list of priorities.

Sexual Life on the run 3 solutions that do more sex if you have a busy schedule

Plan your intimate moments!
Sex is not planned as passionate as the spontaneous, but it is certainly better than nothing. It can be the ideal solution for many moments of intimacy with partners loaded programs. You can set a special day together at least a week for sex. Cindy Crawford are among the stars who have acknowledged that his days planning her husband sex because of busy schedule. “If we expect to happen by itself, it would not happen. Today, even if we do not feel like sex, when the time comes programmed mood occurs during the game“, said the star.

Sex on the run”
Time is precious and if you can not afford leisurely sex, foreplay give up and take advantage of any free moment. Fast sex parties can be very exciting and fun. Morning in the shower, in the elevator (if you are among the brave), enjoy every moment spent together.

Redo your priority list
An active sex life can be extremely beneficial for physical health but also mental. In addition, increases the love wearing your partner and help you look younger. For these reasons, regular sex should be on your list of priorities. Cancel unnecessary and tedious activities and take time for the really important things in your life.




Porno Manifesto, the book that will change your perspective on pornography

porno-manifesto-7955139Porno Manifesto will change the perspective on porn

Many people still have a lot of reservations when it comes to watching porn. They perceive them as something dirty and think they are followed only by persons perverse and immoral. Therefore, we recommend the book Porno Manifesto, which was written by porn diva, Ovid, several years ago. Let’s see what is said in the book and how it could change your perspective on movies and porn industry.

Porno Manifesto: What it is?

Ovid was born in 1980 in France, a persistent feminist philosophy graduate, is convinced that the porn business is good for the confidence of a woman and that porn not humiliate women. She is also convinced that every woman should take their time to enjoy their sexual life if he wants to be a real woman.

So Ovid is convinced that the pursuit and achievement of porn is a good thing, this growing self-confidence of women. Moreover, starring in such films transform a woman into a real one. Of course, this is an exaggerated statement as a real woman does not need to prove their sexuality in this way, but Ovid’s own judgment and speaks from experience.

The reason why she talks in a way so challenging is that it is a porn star and wants to enlighten women in her own way.


Porno Manifesto contains interviews with porn actors and actresses

The book contains biographies of legendary female stars, advice from porn stars, porn actors and actresses interviews with French movie reviews by Von Trier’s Puzzy studio and everything you ever wanted to know about the porn industry, but never had the who to ask.

The information in the book are first class, but you may be a little disappointed because you will not get real porn confessions that would be perfect for such a manifest porn. However, it is a book that will schimva porn industry insight and will convince even the most skeptical. Forget about guilty conscience. Better try an orgasm.


The most reliable method of contraception

The most reliable method of contraception did not know1

The most reliable method of contraception did not know! When it comes to contraception, women today enjoy a lot of options, but it means that there are many more issues to consider and choosing the right is more difficult.

Here are the most reliable methods of contraception and the advantages of each one!

The most reliable method of contraception did not know

1. Condoms

It is no surprise that condoms are still considered to be the safest method of contraception. They not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also the transmission of diseases and infections. If there is a risk that your partner is a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and your relationship is just beginning and have not done together analysis when condom use is mandatory.

Advantages of condoms:
They are not expensive;
Provides protection against STDs;
– Apart from the men, there are options for women.

The disadvantages of condoms:
Sensations are less intense;
Latex may cause irritation;
Their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is 85%, and some doctors recommend using a method of contraception.

2. Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a soft, flexible membrane that is positioned in the vagina to prevent sperm entering the uterus. To use this method of contraception, you must use a gynecologist, who will choose a model suitable to your constitution. It will make you a briefing on how to use them, and, once in two years, you will need a control to exclude the possibility that it will be damaged. Also, if you have suffered major weight changes, it is necessary to make a visit to the doctor will adjust the aperture or will replace.

Advantages diaphragm:
If used correctly, have a failure rate of only 3%;
Is the perfect option for women who can not take hormonal treatments;
Is effective immediately and has no side effects.

Disadvantages of diaphragm:
May increase the risk of urinary tract infections;
Has rules that must be followed strictly use;
– Used with a spermicidal gel.

3. Contraceptives

Birth control pills are another popular method of contraception, especially because they come with many advantages and there are many options of pills on the market. There are various pills with progesterone and the estrogen and progesterone. Their efficiency is very high, but are recommended only in serious relationships in which both partners have done tests and there is certainly no one wears any disease.

The advantages of contraceptives:
Relieves menstrual pain and reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;
Regulates menstruation;
The progesterone decreases the risk of ovarian or endometrial;
Increased efficiency;
Convenience of use.

Disadvantages contraceptives:
Must be taken daily at fixed;
Their effectiveness is decreased by the administration of certain antibiotics and drugs;
Decreased libido;
Tenderness of the breasts;
Estrogen and progesterone pills can cause blood clots;
Affects the liver and can cause heart problems if they take the person smokes.

4. Contraceptive Injections

Contraceptive injections are a simple contraceptive method, which takes effect long after it is applied. They are especially suitable for women who forget to take their birth control pills, potentially pregnant.

Contraceptive injections advantages:
Failure rate is only 1%;
Are made every three months.

Disadvantages of contraceptive injections:
Require a visit to a doctor;
Can cause irregular menstrual bleeding;
Long-term use can cause a decrease in bone density.

5. IUD

IUD Advantages:
Effectiveness rate is 99%;
Effective long term (5-12 years);
Not affect sexual life;
Takes effect immediately, so it can be used as emergency contraception if inserted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

IUD disadvantages:
If you have an infection after it is introduced, there is a risk of impaired fertility;
Releasing IUD with copper ions can cause abundant menstruation;
The device can be rejected by the body and expelled from the uterus.

The most reliable method of contraception did not know2

Before you choose the right contraceptive method, take a list of all possible options and discuss them with your doctor. Only he can help make the right choice for you and your body.