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When we speak of cam girls or web camers the idea usually emphasize physical beauty or sluts having this dual career or are exhibited by pure sexual pleasure. But there are special cases where the conditions that meets the Miss stand as a candidate not only to roll porno but succeed in it. This is particularly the case LoonaVision, Finnish impressive 28 carrying a decade teaching meat from the comfort of home but in recent times has taken another step recording amateur porn with partner and showing some qualities that no would cost much excel in the industry if it wanted.



8 tricks he will go crazy sexual pleasure. Find out what he wants from you!

You have the perfect relationship with the man of your dreams and all you want is to make him happy? Of course, this involves quite a lot of emotional effort, but no physical side of happiness should not be neglected.

8 tricks you will go crazy sexual pleasure

Therefore, should you wish to know more about what he wants in the bedroom. Here are some tricks that you will go crazy with pleasure and they can put into practice even when you’re in delicate month that does not involve actual penetration:

1. Do not neglect the balls

If you want your boyfriend wear the heights of pleasure, not only should you impose restrictions. The penis is not his only point erogenous, why not try and adjacent areas? The testicles are certainly very sensitive when it comes to pleasure. Caressing them easy balls with your fingers fine, with or without lubricant, delicate or pressed; However you do it, he will surely appreciate.

2. Light the fire

Do you know how prehistoric people lit the fire with stones and sticks? Well, consider that his penis is the stick you have to twist it to warm up and prepare your food necessary subsistence.

3. Rub it with your thumbs

Includes his penis with both hands and rub them just the top with your fingertips. You can make a circular motion or linear, however will like. The upside is that you can concentrate on his side and you discover what she really likes.

4. Do not avoid the area between the scrotum and anus

Laudable point G is now a rival account: point P, ie the area between the scrotum and anus. Grease your fingers with a little grease and tap it in this area, state of arousal is not only palpable but visible.

5. Squeeze it like a lemon

If you like lemonade, definitely know how to squeeze a lemon. Imagine that instead of lemon will use his penis, which you will easily and gently rotate left and right. You can not go wrong with this move!

6. Stimulate his foreskin

If your boyfriend is not circumcised, you can play a bit with his foreskin. The skin in the genital area is very sensitive and highly vascularized, so it’s impossible to dislike improvisation” ta. You can caress, easy to shoot in any direction or even a massage. Tip: Use a lubricant, the pleasure will be much more powerful way.

7. Make it a special handjob

You know she can do handjob lover myself, so why would you bother? Wrong! Never could do with their own hands what you can do it. And if you want to be special and technical point of view, try to sit your palms parallel on both sides of the penis, so that you can see while you become erect.

8. Do him a massage without lubricant

Men do not always have lube handy when you decide to satisfy themselves, so a handjob “dry” would not be unusual for him. Surely it will excite more just because she gets your help. But careful not to bully and to achieve as delicately as possible, unless you want to leave with pain.


How to get sexual pleasure voyeurs?

Sexual perversion which consists of spying on people having sex. Voyeur get sexual pleasure from looking nudes!!!

How to get sexual pleasure voyeursVoyeurs are people who get sexual pleasure from looking nudes, genitals or sexual acts of others observing and usually these people remain hidden from view of others. Frequently these people secretly watching people undressing, people take a shower, wearing underwear or clothes prove in different places where they can be tracked. What is very interesting to note is that people suffering from this disorder are shy, are clumsy in relationships with the opposite sex and for this reason, they prefer to watch sexual acts than to engage in a sexual relationship.


Ideal tricks to prolong sexual pleasure

In a world where we have increasingly less time for us because of professional running, sex has become one of the best ways to eliminate stress. Unfortunately, not too much time left for either sex, so at times you happen to time our partner, intimate relationships must be intense and passionate.

Ideal tricks to prolong sexual pleasure

Just so we lost time and we will enjoy the full benefits of mental and physical sex. To achieve these objectives we must do everything that depends on us to prolong intercourse as much. The first rule before you get in bed is that, as in war, there are no rules in art of lovemaking. So, without any inhibition and without mental barriers that can censor feelings.

The attitude must be positive and charged with positive energy. Sex, love and live carnal love, do not go to work, is the idea that to be respected.
Help a lot if before you get in bed spend less time in front of a glass of red wine or rosé. No need to drink everything, but just enough to feel we relax and body and brain, as is proved: the brain is the most important sex organ. You know the saying: conquer my brain if you want my body.

Smell is very important and induces a special status during sex, so you can put some aromatic candles around the bed. Also, both you and him, you can use less fragrance with aphrodisiac effects and more to shake the will of you. Since I got here, it does not hurt to ask and relaxing music, on a volume of barely noticeable.

Once in bed, do not rush in any form, especially in the beginning.

Kiss you slowly sip your eyes, touch your more tender, whisper your words of love but easy. Enough time and explosive passion Heat after you better. Not applicable to have no waiting partner. Take things as they are, because the pleasure is greater when you leave big surprise.