5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed!

5 sexual positions that you must try them! Orgasm Guaranteed! You tried any of these sexual positions? It’s time to spice up your sex life! Fortunately, we can say that the number of sexual positions that bring unexpected sensations, leading eventually to the long awaited orgasm is … infinite. At least if we reach this conclusion browse Kamasutra, bible sexual positions and also a wellspring of ideal methods to satisfy your partner. Do not limit yourself to one sexual position, no matter how convenient would it surprise your lover with new moves, which guarantees mutual pleasure.

Here are five sexual positions that, if you have not tried before, it’s time to go to work!

Position monkey
If both enjoy very good physical condition, you have no reason not to try the position monkey! Your boyfriend should sit on your back with knees to chest and feet together, so you can sit you smoothly back to him. True, this position requires more effort on your part, because you have to control your perfect weight, taking care to lean more on the legs, but satisfaction will be guaranteed a payoff. Move freely, from top to bottom, and take advantage of dominating pretty exciting depiction of where you are, you are the one who controls the speed and depth of penetration. To keep your balance, grab your lover tight wrists.

Position monkey

Bamboo split
Now is the time to let your partner hold back control. For this exchange of power, there is more appropriate than the position of split bamboo, which can be applied in the bed, on the floor, on the couch and even in the kitchen, table or countertop! Sit back more comfortable and supports your foot lover‘s shoulder, which in turn, or will sit on your thigh (or stand, where to … explore other areas of the house high) . Take advantage of the fact that you have hands free and gives your partner an erotic show honor freely caressing your breasts, nipples or clitoris stimulating you.

Bamboo split

We arrived at the position that guarantees a simultaneous pleasure and thus a memorable orgasm Hero. You will stay lying down, possibly head supported by a pillow while your lover who kneel, you raise your hips and pull them toward him, until he is sure that you can freely penetrate. You will support your feet with your hands, so you have full access to your genital area. Use your hands to either stimulate your breasts, but especially to caress your lover’s thighs or suddenly grab them before and during orgasm. Men are equally sensitive and responsive to touches like us when they are closer to climax! What you need to know is that the hero’s position is perfect for men with small penis, because it provides a fairly deep penetration.


Deck chair
As the name suggests, your lover must sit as if sitting on a chair, in the hands SUPPORT. You‘ll sit on your back as convenient and in return you will support both feet partner shoulders, lifting your tank so easy to enable it to penetrate more deeply you. Even if initially you say your boyfriend is the dominating sex, you’re actually performing the come-and-go, so that, just as with monkey position, you must have enough physical condition good to not get tired quickly or you’re not stuck with muscle soreness or other pain after this hot sex. However, strong orgasm pleasure and excitement caused by extremely intense deep penetration worth every effort.

Deck chair

Afternoon Delight
Spoiling or pleasure afternoon … sounds exciting and even slightly romantic, huh? This position quite relaxing for both of us, assume that your partner sit on one side, supported by the elbow, while she sits on your back with legs bent over his hips. You will be able to look in the eye, which not only adds to the intensity of pleasure. On the other hand, you can grab your lover and you can squeeze your thighs and legs more for you to penetrate deeper. You‘ll have your hands free, which means that you can offer you extra stimulation: caress your breasts, play with your hair or massage your clitoris for orgasm explosive.

Afternoon Delight





5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree. Make your lover the best gift!

5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree. Make your lover the best gift! In the midst of preparations for Christmas, do not forget about your sex life. After a hard year of work you have not managed to spoil your lover as she deserves, we have for you some ideas for romantic nights sexy and hot. Surely, your lover will appreciate this gift.

5 sexual positions that you have to try them under the Christmas tree

1. Mount magic
It is a position that your partner will love, you will be able to penetrate in the back, which will give you both climax. Put some pillows on the floor, one over the other, then sit on them, leaving your body to relax. The partner must sit above you, both on the same direction, with chest and arms stuck behind you resting on pillows. You can help cushion the feet easy to remove, so you partner can penetrate more easily.

2. Position the Cocoon
Your partner sits on his knees, then sat on the feet, so be right back. You sit on his thighs and grasp it with your hands on your neck to gain a foothold. From this position it is easy to get to another position as exciting. Just to let you easily back up what you get only support shoulders on the bed / floor.

3. Position 68
69. Forget the classic 68 position is a position that can give your partner a cunnilingus explosive without your oral satisfy him. Stretches back your boyfriend and you sit over him, so that your intimate area to get the girl‘s and be stuck behind his abdomen. You deserve to be spoiled!

4. Position chill out
Relax in this position for deep penetration. It will provide incredible sensations and in addition, your lover can caress your clitoris while you penetrate. In this position, your lover sit, back against the wall with your legs stretched out. You sit between his legs and ankles support your partner’s shoulders. The position allows you to chill out and admire each other to touch delicate.

5. Position lazy”
If you have Christmas preparations overly tired, try this position in which penetration is on the back, both lying in bed stand on one side. Start spoon position, and then bring over foot forward, to make room for your partner to penetrate better, without making much effort in this.





Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !?

Horoscope: Sexual Positions depending on the sign. What and how they prefer each and why !? If you want a deeper analysis of this issue must not forget to check the position of Mars, both you and your partner (Mars influences sexual life) but the sun in your astrological chart.

Sexual Positions depending on the sign

You will be able to have some of the hottest sex. As a result we have these sexual positions depending on the sign:

Air signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius lovers they are the most unstable in terms zodiac. No, that does not mean your partner will leave immediately, but rather, some of them may end up being almost addicted partner, so if you sign air around you, you can be happy. However, for her fantasy play an extremely important role in the sexual relationship and it shows in bed, where the natives of these signs are most likely to adopt inaginative possible positions.
Consequently, the signs of air as the position in which he sits on a chair and she sits in his lap I was leaving behind him or penetrated with the suggestively named “storing up” positions that require that one partner to stay above the other, without one can look at the front of the other and that invite a little adventure, stimulating both of them in particular, may be exactly what signs to look for a native air.

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers. Representatives of any other signs not involve so much time intercourse. This sign Basically prefer positions that require a certain dose of sportiness from partners that require full involvement in both our intercourse. So for those born in one of the above mentioned signs is the ideal vertical position, obviously each one is free to choose its variations. Thus, one partner can sit leaning back against a wall or, more provocatively, one of the two can sit around, leaning on hands. This position will not only provide a degree of novelty but due to the settlement of the two partners, sexual experience itself will be great.

Signs of Water
Representatives of these three signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) have developed a particularly sexuality. It’s true that everyone knows about Scorpio but the above statement is as true for Fish and crayfish. The three signs have in common the desire for carnal pleasure through emotional connection. One might even say that the water signs will to achieve perfection in the bedroom. For a lover of this sign, it is worth trying coital alignment technique“, a way to maximum stimulation for both partners. And the best position for this is missionary”. Classic and yet so effective. To see how it is TAC” of, try this: underneath partner should move their feet over partner’s feet while the one above should leave their partner’s weight pelvis or pelvis underneath.

Signs of fire
For these natives, sex is an activity that you loose side of the animal, it stirs a sense of adventure and perhaps one of aggression. For Aries, Sagittarius Lei and can be the ideal positions where the woman sits in knee on the hands, the man penetrating her from behind (for Aries natives men) or one where the woman on top (for women, particularly those in Leo). Anyway, that side of the coin, Sagittarius is possible to accept a reversal, leaving it sometimes dominated (do not forget that Sagittarius is the adventurer). In any case, however, the combination of these two positions will definitely have success.



Sexual positions that men hate

5 sexual positions that men hate: Every body is different and responds differently to pleasure, so that men and bedding preferences differ from one another. While it would be difficult to determine who is favorite sexual position or the men they detest, American publication “Your Tango” performed by means of men willing to answer the question: What sexual position you hate the most?a list of the most uncomfortable positions hard sex representatives:

5 sexual positions that men hate

1. Standing

I could not live without sex standing face to face. The position requires standing and penetration from behind, it’s great, but standing face to face sex is too demanding. If you have a superhuman power is not funsays Gordon, aged 35 years.

2. Cowboy girl that bounce

I love it When a woman stands over me and Knows how to move, but if I have to be honest, nothing scares me hotter than a woman who begins to move up and Suddenly down too. I’m afraid I Could ever choose broken penis ” says Matthew, aged 29 years.

3. It on my face

“I like very much to his partner oral sex, but I do not like to sit on my face. My friends like it, so who knows, maybe I’m doing wrong, but I feel like I can not breathe, and she is not relaxed “, says Henry, aged 32 years.

4. Spoon

“I hate spoon position. You rub too hard sheets and can be very strange if you have different heights. And what are you doing with the arm on the side you stand? The worst part is that I can not imagine how it would look in three sex in this position, and the whole situation is so funny, that I lose my concentration, begin to laugh, and my erection simply disappear“, says Stuart, aged 30 years.

5. Missionary

“Is the most boring place. Although I can see his face, I do not compound sentenced for me. I can orgasm in that position, so I let her enjoy a little, then move on to something that I like. I’m sure I’m not the only one who prefers doggy style“, says Nic, aged 27 years.


Sofia Gucci prefer standing sex.

Sofia GucciSofia Gucci prefer standing sex. Known as porn actress Sofia Gucci revealed some of her preferences at home. Real name Margareta , Sofia Gucci said that sex always prefer standing, but as a rule, do not make faces other sexual positions. With 21 active porn in Sofia Gucci is unable to talk about the best men in bed. There seems to be primarily the Romanian, and Spanish and any other nation in Latin blood comes.




Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetime.

Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetime. Sexual intercourse can enhance or ruin the relationship with your lover, because, in these moments, couples need to know to meet each other, to drop inhibitions and unleash their imagination.

Seven sexual positions that you have to try them once in a lifetimeTo keep the passion in the couple is encouraged to experiment with new positions, unusual places and different times of day. Sex is not only in the evening or bed. Find out positions where you can classics and implement to gain as much experience from which to enjoy together:

1. “Doggy style”, in the back”, or “goatis one of the most known and used position when it comes to sex. The method does not require eye contact and not fall into the category romantic ways to pamper your beloved. The man is the one who guides the movements in this position. A place you can practice anywhere, provided you take care not julesti your knees.

2. “woman on topis the attitude that some women adopt in the bed, to show that dominate the partner’s movements and to keep control of intercourse. Ideal is to happen in bed because the mattress springs were and role trampoline, helping action. One can practice, but, wherever enough room for him to lie.

3. Position missionary” is considered good, but practice with the same ardor and is appreciated for its many variations that may occur, depending on the intensity of the movement or position of the feet. With this option it is possible to partners sensual caress and be gentle with each other. You can practice anywhere you can stretch back; for maximum effect, allow yourself a little lower than your partner. Thus stimulates the penis clitoris, so you get the double pleasure.

4. The position known as spoon” or spoon” is preferred by many for chaining sensual implied, literally. You may also stimulate the “manual” can play with your breasts, and all the while you stay stuck in a way complicit. Experts recommend this method people who want to have sex without having to resort to the prelude, as it is very exciting. You can practice anywhere you can stretch both.

5. “The Horseman” is a non-conformist position requires eye contact. This way mutual satisfaction is fast and can be put into practice in different areas such as the bathroom, in the car or in tight places.

6. Position 69 is used by people who do not feel embarrassed to reveal body and not reluctant about oral sex. Through this method show your partner that you are open to new trials and you is not afraid to experiment. For variation, you still need exercise. You will only succeed in time to leave him over (unless you’re an expert you choke) or to do while he is standing. Ideal locations are those where you can sit comfortably, either indoors or outdoors.

7. A sex standing up is common among young lovers preferences in the process of developing hormone and who do not care for the place where sex. The position is very comfortable and is ideal for partners to have the same height, but this is not mandatory. Can be painful at first, but over time, she manages to learn how to sit or, rather, so that penetration to occur more easily. You can have sex standing almost anywhere: in the elevator, closets, walls or fences lean on the balcony tight places are ideal for this position.



Positions for a romantic sex

6 positions for a romantic sex. Rediscover tender and sensual lovemaking!

Romanticism lost more ground in recent years, and men put this on account of the need for emancipation and independence that show the fair sex. But we know very well how much we would like an old-fashioned partner with whom to make love, not sex.

6 positions for a romantic sex

Therefore, every woman should know a few sexual positions tender and shy, which offer the opportunity to gently kiss her boyfriend and the look in her eyes in sweet moments in the bedroom. Here they are:

1. Rocking lover
Your boyfriend will sit cross-legged, cross-legged and will assist in hands, we will keep you at a distance of 20-30 cm in the back of the thighs. From this position, it could easily swing back and forth while you stay seated above him in riding position. Not only that you keep eye contact during sex, but you’ll have the advantage of controlling the penetration and movement.

2. Sliding device
This is one of the easiest romantic positions that you can enjoy with your partner. He will be lying on your back, and you will spread over him, looking at him. You will move as a unit sliding back and forth. It’s a great location, especially as you stimulate the clitoris without too much effort.

3. Nirvana
It can not be deprived of this list a variant of the missionary position. Not coincidentally this is one of the favorite couples, but that allows a sexual act full of kisses and caresses. Nirvana is a variation of the classical position in which your lover will have you totally contain between his legs. You will love, because it offers access to the body just waiting caresses, but also because you will be able to kiss without cessation.

4.The lock tender
Even if we talk about romantic sex does not mean we have to limit the bed in the bedroom. This is a position that you could try on a kitchen countertop, on a chair or desk: the lock tender. While you get to sit on the surface you have chosen the right props, supporting you in your hands that you‘ll keep in the back of your thighs, your boyfriend will have to stand. You will form a padlock around his legs and using it you can control, pushing it or pulling it toward you.

5.Mountaintop called “Desire
This position looks pretty much like the previous one, only this time you will not have any support outside his strong arms that will hold your thighs. You got it right, he will stand up, and you‘ll coiled around or you can maintain balance. Like any position required, this will help you reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

If until now we talked about positions that allow eye contact, does not mean that only they can be romantic. A proof of this finding is the spoon position. But if you want to be even more romantic, you can try a position that will allow you to get the right merges with your boyfriend. It is a position in the back” like a spoon, but which will require you to bend your legs in the same way and will stick to each other completely.


Find out what position likes to know what kind of man

Sex is something personal, and says more about the person next to you. Whether you prefer the position back or face to face, the position they choose reveals something about his character.

Find out what position likes to know what kind of manFind out what position likes to know what kind of man

Throw an eye on these positions and discovers that his favorite position says about him / her.

1. Position sandwich

How is stretched belly girls sit face on the pillow, while the man lies on his partner, all face down. Also, the man must rest in the arms because there is nothing sexy girlfriend crush.

What says she loves traditional relationship and is perfectly comfortable with intimacy. It is a position of loving partner exposes behind a very vulnerable area of his body. The man is protective and loving. It is loyal, trustworthy and open.

2. Doggy

How is the girl leans hands and knees, while the man kneels behind her.

What says the woman is an analytical person who is crazy about romance. Pleasure is her priority, and her group of friends is known as a funny woman who can always count on to brighten the atmosphere. The man is confident in themselves, talkative and dominant.

3. Twisted Position

How is turn the spoon position, with the woman in the face, and the man in the back. Partner before leading his legs while he slips between hers.

What say some would say that women are effective while others would say he is lazy. This position allows deep penetration, which is always a bonus, but it requires very little effort. Maybe you both would like to have sex when you’re half asleep.

4. The missionary position vertical

How is partners stand facing each other in the knee.

What says both partners are diplomats and others consider everyone equal. This position deep penetration sacrificing privacy, a sacrifice that both partners are happy to make it. Sex means to you nearby.


5 sexual positions that men adore them

Do you want a spicy sex life? See what are the positions that men adore them. Ultimately, intimate relationships are about love and intimacy, about trust and pleasure.

sexual positions that men adore them
1. The woman above

Ask your boyfriend what you crazy loudest safe in the bedroom and tells you that your picture is the empty excites you every time. I’ll see your bet. Sexy position puts you in the position of leader and exactly he wants to see you. Thus, while you have the freedom to decide the pace and the intensity, it can explore every inch of your body. Bonus? It has the pleasant view that a guy can hope.

2. Missionary

Position, although most common in the bedroom, is among the most popular for men as it allows them be in control while you are still very intimate. Your hips are free to move at the pace set by both, wordless and lips and eyes are sufficiently close that it comes out with sparks. Good sex is like a conversation, and the missionary position allows you to communicate through your body.

3. Reverse cowgirl

This variation allows the woman to be in control gives you the opportunity to admire the splendor of you, so it is not surprising that it is in the top 5. Although no eye contact and tactile strengths, this position is the opposite positions classic romantic. And if you want to look into his eyes, you only have to turn his head.

4. Doggie style

This position puts him in control and allows it to determine the best pace for him. So is a position somewhat selfish. However, you will enjoy deeper penetration, which makes him feel like a king in the bedroom. Some women love to turn this intensity, but if you’re not comfortable, let him know. Communication is the key to enjoy sex and to fully experience the bedroom.

5. Standing

Normally, sex involves more relaxation than stress. But although one of the most uncomfortable position is among the most popular for men who want to show how strong they are, it helps to be protective of his girlfriend and seem irresistible, despite the sweat that flows forehead. Whether you support the countertop in the kitchen or that you stick to a wall and raise your arms, spontaneous position is perfect when you’re on the run, but if you want something crazy.


Fire position should try them if you have sex in water…

Fire position should try them if you have sex in water… Sex in water is a must have this summer. And we are not talking here only about sex in the sea, which is a real fantasy for men, but also about sex in the pool.

Fire position should try them if you have sex in waterIf you have not dared before you unleash water, now it’s time to do it. Some sexual positions will help you and your partner to have some exciting experience.

Are you willing to try sex in water? If so, here’s what hot position should put into practice.

1. Sensations limit
One of the hottest sexual positions for sex in water is where you sit back lying by the pool, so posterior remain outside. Your partner penetrates you stand and while you support your feet on his shoulders. Why is this position super hot? Because you can admire your partner, you can caress your breasts and can touch the clitoris. In addition, you will experience incredible sensations when small water waves will break into contact with your body.

2. Hot Hug
Another extremely exciting sexual positions for sex in water is hot embrace.” Ask your partner to sit down with the butt on the first treapa of water and to flexexe knees slightly so as not to slip. Carefully sit on top, bringing your knees to your chest. Grab the hands of your lover’s neck, on balance and move it. This position could be quite difficult if you do not have a good physical condition, but I’m sure that as you practice the movements will become increasingly more agile.

3. Meeting wet
Sex in the sea may be too bold for you. In addition, the risk to get the evening news topic. Still, do not let down your weapons! You can enjoy sex in the privacy of your own household water. Fill the tub halfway with water and invite your lover in your little love nest. Your partner leaned back, lifting slightly basin. And you let yourself easily back then between the legs of partner support your ankles on his shoulders.

4. Hardcore Surf
A sexual experience in water does not look too easy. For surfers hardcore sexual position you need a surfboard, but it can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend water mattress. It is softer and more comfortable. Stay on your stomach on the mat, raising slightly posterior. Your partner sits above you and penetrates you from behind. There is a position suitable for big waves. You have to wait for the sea to calm.

5. Sprayer sexy
For ‘watering sexy “can use several” tools “, including the shower head or a simple irrigation system. You sit with your back to your partner and you lean forward so as to touch the ground with his hands and running water to sprinkle your intimate area. Your partner penetrates you from behind. Such a position, although it seems quite difficult at first, is absolutely sensational, especially in the hot summer days when you feel the need to freshen up with a shower. Why not take a shower sexy?