Gianna Michaels, sexual exuberance to power

Gianna Michaels, 26 years, born in Seattle (Washington), 1.78 tall, 67 Kilos, measures 34DD27-38, brown hair, blue eyes Bixesual with these characteristics piece of female, are facing some of the more voluptuous, lush, sluts and American porn actresses. The voluptos and exuberance of its curves make it one of the most sensual and morbid adult actresses of all American business, always with a smile on her face all the pictures and scenes, and slut on camera make it one of the most acclaimed porn stars of the latest generation of actresses emerged which time Belladonna, Bobbi Starr or Jesse Jane. Gianna Michaels sexual exuberance to power.

Gianna Michaels

Her first job was in a business called Dick’s burgers. In 2001, Gianna Michaels moved to California where he obtained work as a receptionist. Weather are then proposed model and to start it eventually did, making fotogr09áficas sessions on their own initiative and completely amateur. Gradually she began appearing on sites like First Time Videos (under the pseudonym Becky) or Baby Got Boobs.

Gianna Michaels appeared in several of her‘s web pages and there began to be popular. Her name appeared on forums, blogs, search engines, and between 2005 and 2006 participated in over 100 porn movies. And not just movies from sites where it has appeared, but with great producers like Hustler, Vivid, Evil Angel or Bangbros

As an emerging porn star Gianna Michaels became famous for the many scenes that made for the company Ox Ideas. In his appearances makes sex with men, women, couples, interracial or group. Gianna Michaels is well known for the wide range of performances, as well as its voluptuous forms, with her smile, her eyes and perky breasts are business card.

Among her many performances worth mentioning two: movie scene Fashionistas Safado in forming threesome with Jenna Haze and Rocco Sifredi, which displays her mastery of oral sex and masturbation with breasts; and multiple scene in the movie G for Gianna launched in 2007 and 2008 AVN award in the category Best AllSex Release”. The film is dedicated to Gianna Michaels but with a varied sexual repertoire: Sado, bukakke, deep throat in which it faces almost twenty actors displaying her sunny disposition before ejaculation on her face, far from the poor performances many other actresses. This personality trait, natural sympathy, makes Gianna has many followers.

Gianna Michaels is a road that has worked for Belladonna on several occasions too, being one of his favorite actresses with their girlfriends and consabidas Sasha Grey, Danna Armond or Bobbi Starr, but not only Gianna Michaels rough sex scenes devoted but also we have seen in bukakkes with 10 avid guys to download for Gianna Michaels gave a good account in addition to at all times have a smile on his face showing how the famous technique that is characterized by drinking the semen of men is done and that the Japanese curiously created to avoid censorship of seeing male genitalia before ejaculation. Nor should we miss the great lesbian who makes award-winning Alexis TexasAlexis Texas The Buttwoman. Today Gianna Michaels never stops working in class touches sex scenes for nearly every major American porn companies have also recently released its web site project being conducted with her husband and the this boasts that his wife fucked with all kinds of black or white stallions.



Fingers! What they say about sexual preference?

One of the most common associations related to parts of the human body is between penis size and foot size and height. These ideas are completely wrong, Inaa is a link between sexual organ size and the index finger, shown in two studies, one of Gachon University Hospital in South Korea, and the second conducted at the University of Geneva Medical Daily quoted.


Still no explanation for this link is unknown, but it may be caused by exposure to testosterone during pregnancy. Simultaneously, the ratio between the two fingers is related to the tone of voice, body odor and quality of sperm. Furthermore, the report could indicate sexual orientation, suggesting that homosexuality is not a personal choice but a genetic predisposition. Women and gay men have a smaller difference in size between the two fingers, suggesting exposure to a smaller amount of testosterone. Experts, however, good news for men who have a lower ratio between the ring finger and forefinger. They are more likely to survive prostate cancer. Korean researchers study demonstrated that patients with shorter ring fingers responded better to treatment for cancer.


James Franco and Porn Mafia

James Franco – Porn Mafia! The handsome actor will play a tycoon!

James Franco - Porn Mafia 2

James Franco is quite a sex symbol to many and many would die to get to have a night of passion with him. Thanks to his sexual ambiguity, and the fact that he has starred in several roles, both heterosexual and gay, has become an object of desire for all audiences. Whether incarnated in the skin of a macho, or representing a very good-looking, he takes up passions wherever it goes during recent years. His restless and sincere character, has left us very juicy headlines often related to their sexual orientation. He has also shared her naked body in more than one occasion in different social networks, to the delight of all fans.

Well, the latest venture of this hottie is simply to star in a new television series set in the porn industry. More specifically, “The deuce”, which is how the project will call in question takes place during the 70s in New York City when the pornographic genre began to emerge due to its legalization. But the most curious thing is that the good thing about James not only play a role, but will face the two leading roles, nothing more and nothing less. Specifically, the skin will of twin brothers who struggle with all kinds of tricks to outlaw to gain total control of the industry in the city of the Big Apple. Moreover, the scourge of AIDS, own goings of that time and relationships between the protagonists and employees of the genre, will be represented explicitly and without any censorship. It seems that we will have meat and drama in equal measure. Furthermore it will be led by the always great David Simon, creator of “The Wire”, so the quality is more than guaranteed.

We are confident that the series will come loaded with a high content of nudity and explicit sex scenes, and that taking the issue to have, could not be otherwise. Can we see the James Franco having sex with different porn actresses and actors alike? Less to know.



How weight affects your sex life!

How weight affects your sex life! It is known that in women, sexual pleasure is closely related to their mental states. The look enormous influence your sexual life, primarily because of the way you perceive it as a strong psychological factor. Weight plays an important role, but in other bodily functions that you decrease or increase your libido. Discover more about how you influence body mass sex life!

How weight affects your sex lifeSexual and psychological factors

When you do not look as you wish, frustration can become overwhelming and you get to be ashamed of your body. Too many women are complexed by their physique and the company does nothing but put greater demands on them. While on the covers of magazines are promoted only unrealistic shapes silhouettes, few women think that the pictures are fake and end up hating their body because of its imperfections. At the same time, we live in a society heavily focused on sexuality, which doubles the frustration caused by the spread of beauty unrealistic standards. How are you feeling sexy when you look so different from what has been said it attractive?

Many women with abnormal weight (either too high or too low) have real problems with sex. Their libido is primarily affected by psychological state where they are, and many come to detest intercourse because they are downright terrified by the idea of undress. Lack of confidence, not weight itself is the greatest enemy of the sexual life of women. When, instead of enjoying intimacy and sensations during sex, you stand to think about how you look, it is clear that bother you feel good instead.

Weight and sex

Beyond the purely psychological, weight has a say and physically in terms of sex. Studies have shown that a body mass index (BMI) too high or too low you can bedevil libido. When you gain weight or lose weight, there are disturbances in hormonal level. It’s a chain reaction, in which increasing levels of substances called SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) leads to a decrease in levels of hormones responsible for sexual desire. In addition, high cholesterol associated with obesity leads to formation of fat plaques in blood vessels located in the pelvic area. This process results in a slowing of the circulation in the genital area and hence excitation is diminished or even halted.

How weight affects your sex life 1

How to restore your sex life

To have a satisfying sex life, you must make an effort to feel good about yourself again. This does not mean you have to look like supermodel X, far. You must learn to love and take care of yourself.

Here are some tips to restore your libido to life:

1. Take regular exercise, because it improves circulation and stimulates you sexually. Only 20 minutes of cardio a higher intensity increases your libido by 150%, according to studies. Lust will return, and will be more intense orgasm of a long-term bonus: muscle tone will make you feel proud of your body. The best exercises for satisfying sex life are: yoga, jogging, cycling and lunges.

2. Eat foods that increase libido, that is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. It improves your mood and sex drive. In fact, the best diet for a healthy sex life is what Mediterranean, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and fish. It is no wonder that people on those lands are so passionate, right?

3. If you are embarrassed by your body, instead you avoid looking at it, try the opposite. When you get out of the shower, walk naked for a while and look at you every time you walk past a mirror, but do not focus only on problem areas but admire your body as a whole. You have to feel good when you’re naked and sent to walk critic from you.

4. Do not feed the obsessions and be realistic! Think your boyfriend really cares about cellulite on legs or belly? There is a huge gap between what women think that men consider attractive and what really attracts. When your partner has an erection, you want clearer evidence for that is attracted to you?

5. Give up certain medicines that affect your libido. For example, birth control pills have this effect, which is why you should think well if maybe it is time to try another method of contraception. After all, what sense has to take pills for that purpose, if eventually you end up not having sex?

Weight affects your sex life more than you think, especially psychologically. When you do not feel good about yourself, not only sex, but all aspects of your life starts to go down the drain.



A new sexual practice from a Russian dark republic shock humanity

Lower income pushes them young women from a Russian republic to offer sexual services in exchange for daily purchases.

A new sexual practice from a Russian dark republic shock humanity

With the economic crisis, sex is used to purchase common services in the Republic of Buryatia.

There are even special online community for these transactions.

One of these online communities stated: “This is a place that allows you to change sex service. You can also offer sex services.”

What service is all about? Well, sex is offered almost everything from health services to auto mechanics, moving services, furniture, mobile phones, etc.

Ads sounds just as you would expect: “Looking for a man to make me the wiring in the house with two rooms, 2-3 parties often offer sex”.

Experts quoted by the mentioned site say that the trend appeared in Russian republic is the clear result of the economic crisis, the decline in revenues and the number of loans contracted by citizens.

A statistic says that an ordinary citizen in the Republic of Buryatia has at least two loans payable.

A new kind of pornography made headlines worldwide


Cuba offers free penis implants

mdaaaaSexual impotence is not inevitable for Cubans on which viagra has no effect because the communist government decided to offer free penis implants, according to local press reports AFP.

The urologist Juan Carlos Yip, in the province of Camagüey, an indeterminate number of men over 40 already underwent surgery ansi which consists of ‘implanting a device in silicon and silver’, making it possible to solve erection problems.

Before this action is performed only in developed countries, at a very high price, he said the official newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

‘It is recommended for patients when traditional treatments (such as Viagra) do not resolve sexual problems’, said the doctor.

The first target is men especially those with diabetes, circulation problems, or degenerative disease of excess cholesterol.

According to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, this new treatment aims to improve sexual and hence the quality of life of the couple.


Tips for painless anal sex

SEX ADVICE: Month of anal sex , so the internet began to circulate all sorts of advice on how to try this sexual practice without feeling pain and eventually find it orgasmic.


1. If you do not think will happen, then it will never happen. This is probably the most important tip of all. Anal sex is not for everyone. You have to want and need to imagine it happens successfully. Your mind is the most powerful tool and an important element in this type of sexual act.

2. You must know your own body and should feel clean and relaxed. If you favorite positions for vaginal penetration, try them first those for anal penetration, because you will feel more relaxed. Take a shower before that to be 100% confident.

3. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! Experts say that the best results are obtained when using silicone lubricant. Silicone grease remains soft and slippery and does not become sticky water-based products. Nor will dry as water-based lubricants. The anus does not lubricate like the vagina alone, when you’re excited, so water-based products are not sufficient for this area.

4. Use a condom for anal sex. Use a condom even other sex toy that anal use both you and your partner. It is much easier to clean later.

5. Women stimulates her clitoris porn during anal penetration. Orgasm and clitoral stimulation can bring blood flow to the pelvic region. When placing a toy on the clit, it stimulates the “legs clitorisand help the sphincter to relax. If something hurts, stop. Anal intercourse should not hurt.

6. Use your fingers or a small anal toy to warm up for anal sex. Never use a sex toy anal, unless an obstacle to the end so as not to lose anal cavity. Arousal can shoot sex toys in the rectum, and thence to the ER at 3 am.

7. Sex porn stars are athletes. Male partners must understand that we are not porn stars. Ordinary women can not do what porn stars do in movies. Women need to take things slow and control the penetration. Allow the woman to move the penis. The man should not ever control the insertion and penetration.

8. Last tip but not least, the woman should use its muscle to push as you move the penis. Pushing helps to relax the muscles of the anus and set it open a little more penetration.



Secrets you never knew about sex

10 secrets you never knew about sex. Find them if you want to have a memorable party! Although no longer a taboo, sex still remains shrouded in an aura of mystery. The more you know, the more you find out and discover. Here are 10 interesting facts about sex that definitely did not know:

10 secrets you never knew about sex

1. There is sexual incompatibility
Sexual incompatibility is not a myth but a reality. Even if nature has left things in a way that fits sometimes penis size can be unsuitable for the vagina, this is resulting in dissatisfaction or in pain during intercourse.

2. Women have more orgasms than men
No matter how little you knew about sex, one is sure: men, unlike their female halves, have never experienced multiple orgasms. And that should make you feel great.

3. Self confidence can make you look sexier
Men are attracted to confident women. There must be a raving beauty, while you feel good about yourself and know your strengths. Therefore, self-confidence is the sexiest accessory that you can wear.

4. A regular sex life can boost your immune system
During sex, the body releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which you can keep colds and flu. So if you’re sexually active constantly, your immune system will fight with more force against external threats.

5. And women are sleep after sex
Although many women complain that their partners fall asleep immediately after sex, they are prone to the same drowsiness when satisfied of sexually. It is not indifference, but the hormonal activity that causes this fatigue after orgasm.

6. Relationships stable provides quality sex
Although urban legends suggest that sex with many partners would be more satisfying, stability and trust that it gives you a monogamous relationship can not be replaced by anything.

7. Orgasms can reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps
Despite the fact that most women avoid having sex during menstruation, orgasm might help you not feel the cramping and pain by releasing endorphins during this stage so beneficial.

8. Drugs can affect sex drive
Drugs, particularly those that act against depression, can have numerous side effects. These include limiting and libido. So, before following a recipe, ask your doctor if it could change your hormonal activity and the sexual.

9. Women ejaculate greater amounts than men
Men ejaculate more often, but less than women. While following an orgasm, a male can eliminate about one teaspoon of semen, a woman can remove more liquid under the same conditions.

10. Everyone has weird sexual fantasies
No need to feel bad for your sexual fantasies, on the contrary, should you glad you have a very rich imagination. Everyone experiences startles the oddest scenarios that include sex, so you have no reason to be embarrassed when it is happening to you.


Ancient goddesses: Bonnie Logan

Bonnie Logan! Photos!

At a time when well-meaning innocence and mischief were standard they adopted the attitude that women involved eroticism, Bonnie Logan opted for a quite aggressive, sexual, lustful mood. Each gesture transmits to photos huge doses of lust, especially the series of snapshots that the pin-up is dedicated to the simple task of drinking a soda a quasi-pornographic adding nuances that in the decades of the fifties and sixties, when she worked, they have done more than faint at demure housewife house and pants come in teens.

Bonnie Logan - Photos (1)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (2)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (3)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (4)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (5)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (6)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (7)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (8)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (9)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (10)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (11)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (12)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (13)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (14)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (15)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (16)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (17)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (18)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (19)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (20)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (21)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (22)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (23)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (24)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (25)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (26)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (27)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (28)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (29)

Bonnie Logan - Photos (30)


Sexual things that have to do throughout life.

Sexual things that have to do throughout life. Everyone has regrets for not risked to do something at the right time, then never had the opportunity to try a second time, in any field staff, especially intimate. So I suggest a few things you can try them before the end of life, whatever age they have:

Sexual things that have to do throughout life

Kiss another woman
Maybe you think it would be an experience that you have when you’re just starting out as a teenager, and you can freely kiss just to see “as is”. Well, you can try this anytime and with anyone, but we need you to be, and his partner opened for a kiss.

Making phone sex
Leave shame aside and call your beloved one evening when they are away from you and you’re both in the privacy of your bedroom. And then try phone sex. Maybe it comes from the first, but there are plenty of opportunities.

To use a sex toy
They are increasingly popular, so you can find in any sex shop one that suits you and have a price. Or you can order online, if you’re embarrassed to walk into such a place.

Have a one-night affair
But if you do take care of you: to protect yourself, do not go with any man if you drink too much alcohol and announce your best friend where you’re going.

Having sex in a public place
Make sure you find the public place to hide, so you do not find the police, because you can end up with hefty fines at least, if not worse.

To play a role
Sex with your lover, but not you, the usual, but playing the role of woman you’ve always wanted to be – or any character of the story, for example.

Having sex blindfolded
You get completely different feeling. Because you do not see what happens, your body will pay more attention touches, smells and tastes you‘ll feel.

Sex in the Shower
When it comes to shower, follows it and gives him extraordinary moments of pleasure. But be careful not to slip because the soap

Sex on the wall
Have sex standing, everything is perfect, but it would be better if you lean on a wall. Thus more attention will be focused on you than on balance.

Sex without getting kiss
Try to get maximum pleasure point without you kiss your boyfriend. You will discover new ways to excite you and your partner too. Prelude and match will be different.

To masturbate in front of him
Men have been and always will be curious how work” a woman. Even I have had hundreds of women in their lives, that you masturbate in front of them will open new horizons.

Let anal sex
Everyone is talking about this taboo, but too few people are trying. Why would not you want to fall prey once your curiosity alive? You need to relax and be sure you wanna do this, forget worries and you will not feel the pain of all women who are afraid.

Learning to reach orgasm in less than 5 minutes
Every woman has a “button” that once pressed the heights of pleasure leads very quickly. Teach your body and uses this trick yourself whenever you want it done.

Having sex in water
The holiday you are more relaxed and feel like you more life and sex. So take advantage of the hotel pool later, after people have gone to bed, and have fun with your partner.

Watch porn together
Not every woman can do that, in fact many can not watch movies for adults. And the fact that you see together not only will make you feel like sex, but you can implement what you see.