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Top mistakes, men make with women sexually

Top 5 mistakes, men make with women sexually! Even though most men are proud of themselves fire when it comes to their sexuality, gender issues may occur from them. Adam‘s descendants discovered electricity, invented the motor car, train, plane or drive a month, but some find it difficult to understand what to do around women. Many men endlessly repeating the same mistakes when it comes to women. The answer can be found in the differences between what women say they want and how they react to these things. Here are just a few of the requirements of the women they speak loudly and they take good men trying to be as expected:

I want a sensitive man.
I want a man who always tell me how you really feel.
I love the man who always tells me “I love you“.
I will never have a one-night stand.
I hate men who tried to hang me.
I hate when a man tries to be a challenge.
I want a nice man.
I do not like rough sex.
I want a man to show me how much she cares for me.
I want a man to petreasca every moment with me.

mistakes men make with women sexually

All these requirements seem a real gold mine for men who try hard to please the women. But if you discover that analyze the behavior of women are more attracted to the opposite of the desired. This paradox between declaring them as expected from a man and expect to bed really lead to wrong behaviors of men and so the results confusing for them.

Here are the top mistakes of men when it comes to seduce a woman sexually.

Buy too many gifts
If you give your girlfriend a lot Cadore, in fact they convey that you are forced to buy her affection for you do not feel good enough man. Some women may interpret your good intentions as an attempt rough handling. Keep romantic gifts for family life. If you do not give nothing to spend your money with it. Remember, a relationship involves both receiving and rendering.

Do you have an inferiority complex
You like to approach her but not like you think. Moreover, it seems that it is only interested in men with money. It is true that if you look nice and well furnished and wallet will attract the attention of women. But do not forget that only in this way you won a fight. In other words, everything you need to pass a delightful personality with good introduction stage. Some men with pockets full Artos forget that an interesting conversation is the result of a well-worked brain. Therefore it happens that, minutes after they opened his mouth to remain alone. Sometimes an original approach and unique style can get the jackpot.

You make false assumptions
A gorgeous woman to be conquered. And assumptions are due to failures. Often beautiful women complained that very few men have the courage to address. Every time you make an assumption about a woman, you only put your single impede and lose a great opportunity to come out with a beautiful woman. Risk and rich men motto is: Damn live once“.

You make sex 24/7
Making love is romantic and original, especially compared with men who believe that the only way to make love is the movie for adults. But, believe it or not, there are women who sometimes prefer the latter. Most women prefer a man who gives love in bed, but a hard and fast game from time to time. Specifically when ladies mood.

We blame others and refuse to change
Maybe she does not have the most beautiful nature, but the problem could come from you if you find yourself calling every woman you out once. If you notice that you do the same with any woman regardless of how you behaved, then chances are high that you make mistakes. The solution is to accept that making mistakes and try to correct.


What do women want to be in bed, according to the zodiac signs?

Specific traits of each zodiac signs influence sexual preference. For this reason, gestures that evoke a woman between the sheets varies depending on the sign of the zodiac.

What do women want to be in bed according to the zodiac signsAries woman

Independence, energy, and impetuousness of Aries natives are specific traits that influences the sexual preferences and make women independent and impetuosity of this sign to be less attracted to the practice of domination in which they are passive role. An Aries woman will not be at all pleased if her partner directs the head by hand in hope to receive oral sex, for example, consider the gesture an act of domination, subjugation. Instead, a native of total sexual ram will open if the man they show respect and dedication during sex, erotic massage, cunnilingus and kissing toes driving her crazy.

Taurus woman

A woman born under the zodiac sign of Taurus is loyal, stable and patient. For this reason, when you develop an emotional relationship, it uses all possible methods and submit her work effort. Sexually, though, is stubborn. Prefer classic sex, positions which he knows helped orgasm, but in terms of comfort bedroom place for sex. The need for comfort, but also its materialistic tendencies make the environment in which sex to matter a lot to her emotional and sexual wellbeing. Such a linen seem more expensive, delicate in a beautifully landscaped and clean is a big turn on for a Taurus woman, even if her sexual partner does not excel in the sex.


Gemini loves novelty and are curious by nature, reason and their sexual preferences are unusual, even eccentric. With a Gemini woman can do anything, always excited to try new things, new positions, sex toys and unusual places for sex. However, if the man has a sexual partner Gemini is not as tempted by novelty and prefer classic” will lose two-time and three motions, because I will not be able to keep curiosity alive.

Cancer woman

Cancer Increased sensitivity level is obvious and touch. For this reason women Cancerians love caresses a good fucking for them must, necessarily, long caresses, kisses all over his body from head to toe. Besides, without complex foreplay and such gestures of tenderness made and during sex, a woman crab is unlikely to reach the heights of pleasure.

Leo woman

The spirit of leadership, self-confidence, but arrogance can manifest specific zodiac lion and between sheets. A lion” even if he was enthralled” by her partner during sex needs and times when she dominate her to dictate the game. Thus the man who wants to really freak out a native zodiac lion should be willing to be dominated, even if it does only apparently retained.


Despite the name zodiac, Virgo native women are offhand, but only when they find a sexual partner with whom to have a strong emotional connection. In such situations, they show sexual generosityis willing to do all sorts of crazy, trying all sorts of positions and sexual techniques in the hope of his partner crazy. Conversely, a man who wants to crazy pleasure a woman of Gemini has to be meticulous, because virgins are, by nature, meticulous. So the man should be careful and execute actual gender adjacent gestures from cuddling to kissing, before, during, and after sex, virgin sex because a woman is not only the actual contact, movements go forth, but the entire ensemble, from the prelude and postlude ending with.

Libra woman

Balanced nature, tactful and diplomatic Libra woman craves love, harmony. For this reason, it is excited by sexual practices that involve a form of imbalance”, such as game masterslave (masterslave). Equality in the game counts. For this reason, if the man wants to get a blowjob from a woman balance, should be willing first and then execute it a cunnilingus. Hugs is another important aspect of women’s sexual preferences balance, it prefers sexual positions that allow visual, and physical closeness high. That is why a woman will prefer the missionary position or balance the spoon position instead of goat”.

Scorpio woman

Scorpio Women want to be adored by the partners place both in society and between the sheets. For this reason, any scorpion makes a woman feel a goddess in bed is ideal to put into practice during sex with a native of this sign: from kissing feet, licking the area behind the knee, the cunilingus and clitoral stimulation.

Sagittarius woman

One of the specific features of this sign is the ability to see in perspective view. And in terms of sex this feature counts. Why? For sex can begin much earlier for a Sagittarius woman. How? By words. A man who wants to go crazy Sagittarius woman should tell her verbally intimate and warm tone everything you would want to make them for sagetatoarei rich imagination will make her emotional live sex before you begin.


Well organized, and leadership tendencies, Capricorn woman wants to be satisfied when! In other words, a partner who wants to make their girlfriend happy Capricorn should not deprive him of sex. Although she does not have a timetable for the sex, consistency counts when it comes to how often they have sex. Also, does it matter how the man makes the woman feel Capricorn. In during sex if she wants to really freak out, you should not hesitate to tell him how much you want, how much he likes her breasts, her ass, her legs or any other body part. Capricorn Women self-image matters a lot, so that the cat feels more beautiful, more attractive, the boyfriend will be attached to them and will give more.


In matters of sex, the mood is one that prevails when Aquarius woman. If moody, angry or partner can not detach from everyday problems (work, family, money, or other), then it’s unlikely to have the mood. To a woman crazy Aquarius, a man needs to know, first, let’s create a state of relaxation, forgetfulness, distancing from everything around. Even if he can do this at every meeting, whether he succeeded a few times, Aquarius woman will immediately associate the well with the man in question, which is why you crave his presence after his body. In terms of actual sex, women love Aquarius positions that allow deep penetration, but not to the point of becoming painful, so any position that the two are intertwined basin is ideal during sex.

PISCES women

Altruistic and even motherly nature, woman fish will always try to protect their partner. He asks in return? Respect and willingness to meet the needs. In other words, if you do not need sex, women over wants to be left alone and will develop a sense of aversion to the man who pressed to have sex when she does not feel. Instead, when he wants sex, woman in native fish rages, preferring broad and deep movements during the game, instead of short and fast.