He’s the oldest porn actor in the world! He plays in over 60 films annually, although he is 82 years old!

Shigeo Tokuda (82) is the oldest porn star in the world. The man has a somewhat unusual story. He got on XXX movies at the age of 70, in 2004, and enjoyed an absolutely colossal success. Since then, the old man has played in hundreds of erotic films.

On average, Shigeo Tokuda plays 60 porn videos per year. The man has a bizarre “recipe” that says he has sex. He claims that his favorite food is raw egg rice. The octogenarian who started in the porn industry in 2004 claims that longevity is not due to sports but to imagination.

“A lot of people ask me how I’m so formally in my age. Honestly, I do not do anything special. I try, however, to have an adequate lifestyle. If we talk about sexual resistance, then my secret lies in cruel eggs. I eat rice with raw egg every day “ says Shigeo Tokuda.

Shigeo Tokuda is the oldest porn star in the world


The world’s oldest porn actor

The world’s oldest porn actor Shigeo Tokuda has almost 80 year old .

Shigeo Tokuda

Shigeo TokudaJapanese, the oldest porn star in the world, according to the Guinness Book, says that sexual desire is like other basic needs, the need for sleep or food, and is a sign of health.

Moreover, he argues that, for the elderly, adultery is necessary. It would be the first step towards maintaining active sex life beyond middle age said Tokuda.

Tokuda‘s first sexual experience was with his wife when they got married at 29. He worked electrician before reconvert to 60 years in the adult industry.

Now, almost 80 years, Tokuda has nearly 10 appearances per year XXX movies, down from the 60 Annual roles once. The reason, he says, is the decline of the industry.