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In the sixties, Spain became a country of emigrants. Many locals, beset by difficulties in finding work and encouraged by a regime that needed injection of foreign money, went to Europe in search of a better future. The testimony of those times as reflected in Pedro Lazaga Come to Germany, Pepe A comedy with Alfredo Landa  shabby migrant in the Munich Olympic qualifying.

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Half a century later, history repeats itself. Spain, mired in an endless economic crisis, see how many of their workers flee from the place they were born to try their luck in the more prosperous Europe. Something similar happens in porn. Someday we should talk in depth the parallels in the history of our country and our porn whose fundamental moments coincide and sometimes are caused each other. On the subject of emigration, the current porn and Spanish society today go hand in hand.

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The actress who first discovered the possibilities of working German porn was Salma de Nora. The Madrid went, at his own risk, Venus Berlin Festival 2003, where the Teutonic producers got paid attention to her features, typical of Latin women as the Germans topics. Two months later, began working for the German porn, year and a half before she released in Spain. The debut of Salma in Germany coincided with the golden age of Spanish porn, but his fame among the Teutonic audience and their knowledge of the environment have now, when the situation in our country makes it difficult to professionalize X actresses, whether she championed emigration to that country by other partners. In his slipstream, have worked in the German porn Julia de Lucia, Silvia Rubi (who lives in Berlin for years), Sara May, April or Amanda Carolina X. At the same time, the aura of Salma de Nora and her girls has spread to other Central European countries like Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, so it is common to find Salma, accompanied by some of the stars of the national porn, rolling in some of these countries.

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The new generation of Spanish actresses has also used European porn to work. Samia Duarte, one of our international stars, regularly goes to Budapest or Prague to shoot and has worked for some of the biggest names in porn in the old continent, installed some time in the two meccas X continental, or if Rocco Siffredi Mario Salieri. The same path followed some of the actresses who have been classified within the “alternative porn” designation, as Irina Vega or Amarna Miller, who have even gone beyond the migratory movement and have managed to work with Australian producers. And of course we can not forget Franceska Jaimes, customary international productions filmed in London, Paris, Sydney or elsewhere in the world.

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