10 things not to forget when you make sex

10 things not to forget when you have sex

Topic list where most of the girls to want to try various things before marriage is not exactly new, but as old as the world and the earth. Most complete list possible in this regard.


1 Do it with underwear on. So, do not get off during sex game bra and no panties, because feelings can be great.

2 Enter a sex toy in the landscape. Exactly: vibrators are not just for solo sex.

3 Have sex somewhere outside the house. Anywhere you like: the sea, the mountains, somewhere on vacation or in town.

4 Have sex for the sake of sex without orgasm to have as a final goal.

5 Have sex with the lights on, give any blanket aside and enjoy the full view.

6 Have sex the first time, in the morning immediately after you wake up.

7 Play, Role, and imagine a specific situation that will excite both.

8 Talk to them. Do it even if not dirty your kind words. But at least try it once, tell him what you would like and what not, where are you most excited to touch you.

9 Try to get at least once in simultaneous orgasm.

10 Try to have multiple orgasms, because not everything is good in moderation. Orgasm is one of the examples.