They present in Japan the first hotel that incorporates virtual reality pornography

The first hotel on Soft on Demand – Spending a night in one of the hotel rooms of the company Soft On Demand, located in the district of Akihabara, has a cost of approximately 25 euros!

Japanese porn film company Soft On Demand recently unveiled its first hotel in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first hotel in the world with booths that incorporate virtual reality pornography.

Located in the busy district of Akihabara, this hotel offers the possibility to connect customers with their favorite virtual porn stars for an hour or even spend the night with them. First of all, the company has ensured that these cabins offer an environment, in addition to very satisfactory, very clean, and that disinfect each of the rooms after the passage of each client to be uncorrupted for the next, as collected Akiba PC.

Cabins with Internet access and DVD’s of pornographic movies

The virtual cabins, which can be rented for hours or days, have a computer and a virtual reality helmet to meet the needs of their customers. The computer has internet access for guests to choose the movie of their choice.

The company also offers various adult movie DVDs, pornographic sleeves and even a virtual reality helmet where guests can hang out with their favorite virtual porn actress.

Spending a day in the cabin costs $ 25

On the occasion of its inauguration, Soft On Demand has ensured that during the first few days the virtual experience will be free for all hotel guests. However, the company has already announced the prices of spending a day inside one of these cabins.

The company has ensured that the cabin has an hourly price of 550 yen, about five euros. Meanwhile, the price of spending all day in one of the booths amounts to 3,150 yen, about 25 euros.