Stoya: Condom controversy!

Stoya – Condom controversy!

StoyaHarm reduction strategies aim to reduce the damage associated with certain activities through education, disease prevention and treatment. Such a method of reducing the damage the industry‘s system for adults with regular health tests. I would say that the laws and regulations associated with driving are all to prevent damage. If you ask drivers to observe the speed limit, traffic signs and signals, reduce the risk that they will collide with each other. In any case, as long as there are human errors and mechanical streets will be completely safe.

If adult movies, people have sex for pleasure flasher public viewer. These sexual acts are longer in duration and theater in terms of content than normal intercourse. Both recreational sex and professional sex for the cameras involves certain risks, and those of us who make professional sex for the cameras we take precautions to reduce damage to work. Whenever there is a fissure in our precautions, we seek ways to reduce the risk even more. As in the case of machines as long as the human and mechanical error, sex will never be completely reliable.

Between August 22 and September 6, three porn actors (two of them working in straight porn and a gay pornography and the last has a relationship with one of the two) were diagnosed with HIV. The other actors were exposed, but her diagnosis was not positive. Free expression Coalition (FSC) the organization responsible for maintaining records of all health tests – said it’s better for everyone to be tested every 14 days instead of 28 days. Many of the companies hetero-oriented films have already made this rule. I do not know all the production companies and all directors of the adult industry, but I can say that the majority of companies and senior health really interested actors that use them. Some because they do not want to lower profits, others because they do not want to lose the trust of customers, others that I have played in porn as well.

Tristan Taormino, a feminist porn filmmaker recently decided to require condom use on set. I encourage you to read the statement. Wicked Pictures, one of the largest production houses in the industry, forcing employees to folsoească condoms on set filming scenes 1990 sex with condom and gives all other players the option to use a condom. Burning Angel and they decided to leave the choice of actors use condoms.

The public discussion about Measure B (this law in Los Angeles, that all adult film actors are forced to use a condom) and recent cases of HIV infection actors I mentioned above, I noticed a lot of politics and generalizations very ugly. Moral panic and sensationalism accompanying this issue prevents a real understanding of the problem. How can anyone write correctly about issues around prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the porn you do not understand the concept of nonmonogamy or work in the sex industry? How can a reader to assess the views you do not know anything about the author’s bias? I do not think there is anyone who can talk about porn or sex of nontraditional without being biased and influenced by his personal experiences.

So here’s my own biased version: I am an actress in adult films. We had contracts all the time, which gave me a combination of vision and financial freedom that many other performer I have ever had. Game within two sex scenes per month, so much rarer than most actresses. My holes react negatively to prolonged use of a condom, so I prefer not to use a condom scene. I believe every person has the right to control what enters his body. I believe in my right to use my body as a sexual instrument for entertainment. I think that pornography serves the human need to fantasize. Most of my income comes from the adult industry and the rest, won writing in various publications. I wish Plateaus adult industry continue to operate effectively, that I and my colleagues we work and three years. If you must choose between harm reduction strategy that offers advantages small but viable security actors and between plans will be implemented, but that sounds good, I will always choose the first option efficiency.

If you read or hear anything from me about the status of the adult industry and testing for sexually transmitted diseases in the child, or the debate about condoms, please note my statement above. I encourage you and not take everything I say good some “experts” anonymous insider” that require mandatory use of condoms instead of trying to better regulate the industry and find a viable solution. Think that antiprostitution activists motivations and anti-pornography trying to discredit the infantilization and please note, for the sake of logic and reason, that any strategy for reducing the damage can not be operated without trust and support people who are at risk and for which the strategy.



Problems of porn starlet: “Dad can no longer watching adult movies because of me”

Stoya: “Dad can no longer watching adult movies because of me”

Stoya-porn-starA lot of fathers would be angry if their daughters would play porn. Stoya starlets father is angry but totally different reasons than you’d think.

“My father is upset simply because hecan not look at porn because of me “ said Stoya.

“He’s mad because I did not have to do a few scenes and I signed with a great company.” tell us Stoya.

As a result, her father often face its lifestyle … libertine. When you go to a porn site, there is inevitably to see a photo with his daughter, or advertisement that Stoya it promotes sex toys.

Stoya said, however, that does not address this issue frequently with her father, and that he attracts attention only occasionally that it bothers her presence on sites for adults.


Stoya’s father can not watch adult films because her daughter is porn actress

A lot of dads would be angry if their daughters would play in porn. Stoya starlets father is angry but totally different reasons than you’d think.

My father is upset simply because one can not look at porn because of me” said Stoya . He’s upset that I could not do a few scenes and I signed with a big company.

As a result, her father often face her lifestyle libertine. When you join a porn site, there is inevitably an ad or a photo of his daughter, or an advertisement in which it promotes sex toys. Stoya said, however, that does not address this issue frequently with her father, and that he attracts attention only occasionally that it bothers her presence on sites for adults.




Porn actress explains the difference between sex on screen and the real!

Stoya porn starlet who is known for her candor, explained that it is better to make an analogy between sexual activities on dishes and bedding the people “normal”. Porn actress explains the difference between sex on screen and the real!

Sex porn movies like that in real life? And be fair to make this comparison? Discussions about virtual sex and always raises real interest.

In short, she said that sex in the collective minds exclude many of the sexual preference of ordinary people.

One problem is that when we think about conventional sex between two people, in different positions, nor conceive to consider two women who love each other, ie two lesbians. People «normal» like to keep things simple. In pornography, sex really means performance. That is to generate profit and to collect customers“, said Stoya.

Stoya in normal life




Stoya young porn star hope, the new girlfriend of Marilyn Manson!

Stoya young porn star hope, the new girlfriend of Marilyn Manson! Stoya  put his hand on the star. Already started to receive the equivalent of the Oscars in the XXX!

In the porn industry, Stoya is known as weirdest girl, adept goth style with dyed hair in strange colors and full of piercings nipples. In 23 years, seem to be struck Stoya luck. Marilyn Manson was a little in love with her and acquaintances say they would even think to take a wife. Many say ruler would miss about equipment … front, but Stoya is against plastic surgery and, perhaps, the sun, the cat is pale.




Pirates II Stagnetti’s Revenge, the most expensive porn production ever!

Pirates II Stagnetti’s Revenge, the most expensive porn production ever! One million dollars. Both the production cost adult movie Pirates II. That’s because it is full of special effects. For Pirates II was built a ship at full scale.

Pirates II

XXX industry in which films are made with a few thousand dollars, the amount invested by the company Digital Playground is colossal. The film combines intense action with wild and passionate sex scenes“, we announce creators, adding that super star Jesse Jane is back, along with other big stars” like Shay Jordan, Katsunori, Stoya, Gabriella Fox and Ridley Steele.

The first film was released in 2005 and was the best selling and award winning porn movie of all time (over 40 awards worldwide not enumerate here because I suspect that few of you have ever heard of them).

Pirates II: Stagnetti‘s Revenge includes among the four DVDs, a disc that includes only sex scenes, which lasts two hours. Opinion fans: do not run the first time that you will perish mood for the action scenes and special effects! Also as a bonus, one of the DVDs are included scenes from the shooting, interviews with the stars, confessions and castings.

Moreover, we find from manufacturers that film, Riley Steele attend the first hot scene with a man and Shay Jordan its first representative of the “2 + 1″. Pirates II is filmed in HD, as well as many of the scenes included as a bonus.

The film can be found on the Digital Playground online store, priced at $ 60.


6 hottest porn actresses of all time!!!

It’s no secret that men like porn and the kind of women that play in these productions. And many want to learn about the lives of these beautiful women. Here are the hottest porn actresses of all time.

top of the hottest porn actresses of all time!

The hottest porn actresses of all time:

1. Belladonna

Belladonna: It is considered one of the hottest porn actresses of all time! Belladonna is one of the hottest porn actresses of all time and is known as the most perverse adult detainees throughout American industry. Currently she owns her own production company, but most men who worked and still remember the time when he came to New York and was willing to anything against a hot meal and media attention. One of the most important adult movies starring called “Belladonna: Hell’s Belles”.

Belladonna one of the hottest porn actresses
2. Cicciolina

Cicciolina: One of the hottest porn actresses of all time! She began her career as an actress, singer and model in 1964 to a modeling agency in Hungary. In 1970, Cicciolina has earned its reputation as one of the hottest porn actresses of all time. She was married for a year with American sculptor Jeff Koons, with whom she has a son, Ludwig. Cicciolina was part of the Italian Parliament between 1987 and 1991, as a member of the Radical Party. In 2002 she tried to do the same in Hungary, but without success.

Cicciolina hottest porn actresses of all time

3. Jenna Jameson

The hottest porn actresses of all time! Jenna Jameson: It was declared as one of the hottest actresses porn of all time!!!

Is a porn actress in the United States and is considered one of the hottest admirers porn actresses of all time. She first appeared in an erotic film in 1993 and then worked as a dancer and model. In 1996, she won three awards from organizations junior pornographic film. Since then it has won more than 20 awards for adult movies. First appearance in a major title for Jenna was a minor role in Howard Stern’s movie from 1997 called Private Parts.

Jenna Jameson It was declared as one of the hottest actresses porn
4. Stoya

Stoya: The hottest porn actresses of all time!! Stoay (28 years) told that the first contact with this industry was due to her apartment accommodation colleague, who made a photo appear empty and boarded it on the internet. Following this photo, the actress was offered a role in a production XXX. She was offended, threatened and suddenly became a hot topic for American tabloids. Her real name is Jessica Stoyadinovich, having grandparents Serbian.

Stoya The hottest porn actresses

5. Tera Patrick

The hottest porn actresses of all time ! Tera Patrick: It’s sexy and one of the hottest porn actresses of all time! It is considered as the most sexy adult film actress and a perfect partner for sex. Tera Patrick was born on July 25, 1976, in Montana, and moved to New York to know celebrity. In 2008 was the show’s presenter erotic “School of Sex”, broadcast on Playboy TV. Tera was married to actor Evan Seinfeld and together they produced five porn.

Tera Patrick It s sexy

6. Traci Lords

The hottest porn actresses of all time! Traci Lords: Is part of the hottest porn actresses of all time! Is an American actress and became known by the scandal caused by the fact that he played in some porn as minor. When he was 18, Traci was already repertoire pste 100 adult films. In 1986 authorities discovered that it was minor and arrested her with distributors and others involved. It is known as one of the hottest porn actresses of all time.

Traci Lords porn actress most hot


Kayden Kross eats her girlfriend’s pussy, Stoya!

Kayden Kross eats her girlfriend’s pussy, Stoya! Kayden Kross and her girlfriend Stoya pleasure each other in their love nest. Some kisses, tits licking, pussy eating… full menu.

Kayden Kross and Stoya sensually caress each other as a foreplay for what’s comming. Kayden kross fondles with Stoya’s hair.

Kayden kross fondles with Stoya's hair."

Kayden Kross can’t get her hands of Stoya while she sensualy sucks her titty. Kayden Kross lustfully sucks Stoya’s nipple.

Kayden Kross lustfully sucks Stoya's nipple.

Kayden Kross coshers her girlfriend by kneeling and giving her a sexy kiss on the asscheek. Kayden Kross kisses Stoya’s but cheek.

Kayden Kross kisses Stoya's but cheek.

Kayden Kross sensually sucks on Stoya’s finger while she gives her a hot kiss on her neck.

Kayden kross sucks Stoya's finger.

Kayden Kross sensually bends so that Stoya can take off the thong covering that sexy ass. Kayden Kross wants her panties to come off.

Kayden Kross wants her panties to come off.

Kayden Kross is fondled by Stoya who pets her asscheek by gently biting it. Kayden Kross’s booty gets some love from Stoya.

Kayden Kross's booty gets some love from Stoya.

Kayden Kross grabs her girfriend’s but cheeks to have a better look at that beautiful vagina. Kayden Kross squeezes with lust Stoya’s asscheeks.

Kayden Kross squeezes with lust Stoya's asscheeks.

Kayden Kross muff dives her girfriend from behind. You can see how delighted is Stoya just by looking at her face. Kayden Kross eats Stoya’s vagina from behind.

Kayden Kross eats Stoya's vagina from behind.

Kayden Kross lays sexy on her back with Stoya on top of her and licks her hot and wet pussy.

Kayden kross gently licks her girfriend's labia.

Kayden Kross likes to savor her girfriend’s vulva, by this giving Stoya the pleasure that she deserves. Kayden Kross is sucking Stoya’s vagina. GOOD PORN STARS !!!

Kayden Kross is sucking her girfriend's vagina.


13 porn stars: They are the best of all time and you have to know them.

NEWS: 13 porn stars: They are the best of all time and you have to know them.

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas was born on a military base in Panama, but grew up in the San Antonio, Texas, hence its name. She worked as a waitress at Dillinger’s bar, in the college town of San Marcos, Texas, with the reason to save money to pay bills and studies. Here the porn producer Shane’s World, was filming scenes for the College Amateur Tour series, so that Texas decided to participate in the filming. courtesy

Alexis Texas

Tori Black

Michelle Chapman (her real name) is 26 years old and is one of the most famous actresses in the porn industry today. In 2010, Black was named by the magazine Loaded as the most attractive facially pornographic actress. In 2011, the magazine Complex stood at the top of the ranking “The Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars Right Now”.

Tori Black

Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan, Jillian Henning (her real name), formerly known as Faye Valentine, is 26 years old. Reagan is known as red hair and is represented by A List Talent agency. It started in the porn industry in 2007 and is one of the most famous and beautiful actresses today.

Faye Reagan

Sasha Grey

Marina Ann Hantzis (her real name) ventured into the adult film industry in 2006, at age 18, but decided to retire in 2011. She participated in more than 80 porn films, some earned him several AVN (Adult Video News) Awards , called ‘Oscar’ of porn. Some movies to see: Homo Erectus, The Girlfriend Experience, Smash Cut. Now, at 26 years she is conventional cinema actress, DJ and author of the erotic novel ‘The Juliette Society’.

Sasha Grey

Linda Lovelace

Her real name was Linda Susan Boreman (born in New York in 1949 and died at age 53 after a car accident in 2002). It is an outstanding actress in the world of the pornography industry, to the extent that in 2013 made his biopic. Lovelace became an icon in the porn industry and sexual revolution in the 70s, when the first, the most influential and successful pornographic film of all time: Deep Throat (Deep Throat), in 1972.

Linda Lovelace

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Ann Taylor was another icon porn actresses, known internationally for starring in the film: Behind the Green Door (Behind the Green Door), one of the most influential films. Although the American model also died at the age of 56 in 2009, worth seeing why he was considered one of the most important in the industry. Other classics to see: Insatiable, and Marilyn Chambers’ Fantasies series.

Marilyn Chambers

Sylvia Kristel

Maria Sylvia Kristel became famous for starring in the film “Emmanuelle”, in 1974, important because it was one of the first erotic films to be shown in cinemas in many conventional halls in the world. The film actress became a worldwide erotic myth of the decade of 70. The Dutch died at the age of 60, in 2012. Other titles for ‘Emmanuelle 2’ (1975), ‘Goodbye Emmanuelle’ (1977 ) and ‘Emmanuelle 4’ (1984).

Sylvia Kristel


Stoyadinovich Jessica is 28 years old and do not know if her beauty or her performance making it one of the pornstars have to see soon. The actress, also known for having a relationship with Marilyn Manson, won the Actress in the AVN (Adult Video News) 2009 (it may be another reason to see one of his films).


Jenna Jameson

Suffice it to say that Jenna Marie Massoli, her real name, is known as the ‘porn queen’. It has 40 years and is a retired actress, but continues with her role as writer and entrepreneur of several projects, among which is the ClubJenna, Inc., a pornographic film production studio and adults. It is the most famous porn actress United States and numerous productions.

Jenna Jameson

Moana Pozzi

Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi is considered the star of the most famous Italian porn, despite his death at age 33 in 1994. If you find Linda Heveret at some film 80, are talking about the same person, since the beginning, when it was soft eroticism, she appeared under that name. In 1986, the actress entered the industry hand erotic film producer Riccardo Schicchi, known as the ‘King Midas porn’. Among some titles to see: Fantastica Moana (1987) Moana, the beautiful giorno di (1987),, … Le altre Moana regine (1987), the scandalosa Moana (1988) Provocazione (1988), Cicciolina and Moana “Mondiali” (1990), Gioco di seduzione (1990), L’restless Moana (1993) and indecent Offerta (1994).

Moana Pozzi

Ginger Lynn

The actress debuted in porn in 1983 with the film ‘Surrender in Paradise’. The US is also known for having an affair with Charlie Sheen, back in 1990. The films with which she won an AVN and worthwhile: Taken (2001), Ten Little Maidens (1985), Ginger (1985), Kinky Business (1985) Slumber Party (1984).

Ginger Lynn

Nikki Benz

From Canada, call actually Montchak Alla, 32 (almost 33) years debuted in 2002 with the films ‘Strap On Sally 20’ and ‘Strap On Sally 21’. Still stands in the porn industry, although it gave him a ‘little’ twist to her career: she ran for mayor of hometown, Toronto. Other films: Pain & Gain (2013), Cubed (2009-2011) and Sin City Diaries (2007).

Nikki Benz

Constance Money

It is considered a pornstar to appear in some of the most popular movies for adults in the 1970s Sue Jensen, as they say her real name, is still internationally recognized in the industry for her role as’ Misty ‘in the classic’ The Opening of Misty Beethoven ‘(1975).

Constance Money


Stoya: I and feminism.

Feminism, like everything in this world except that the water is safe to drink, it is a complex thing with many shades. I like many parts of feminism and are grateful to many people who are or have been feminists. We have the right to vote because of feminism. I feel I can go home at night in the streets without being molested (if you manage to get home without being flute or pipe, is another job) because feminism. The fact that sex workers in front of the camera, instead of other careers, all due to feminism. I would like to clarify, I’m white, I grew up in a middle class family and meet other characteristics that make me conventionally attractive“. All this gives me the undeserved privileges in most places in the United States and as a person is closer to the pyramid of privileges, the has several options.


Because I have a job that includes dialogue with the media, all of my political beliefs in the habit of chewing gum can be dissected and debated. I was told that I must be a feminist, that my job is feminist, I can not be in any way a feminist and once told me that my vagina should be withdrawn for crimes against women.

For me the word feminist is one who hangs very heavy and often has contradictory meanings. I think it is wonderful when feminists fighting for the rights of all people to be paid correctly, campaigning to correct inequalities between women and men’s wages or to defend the right of people with uteruses fertile access to contraceptives. It seems unfair when feminists persecute anyone who is biologically female or when dealing with chicks that have a different opinion to them as kids. It seems unimportant when feminists debate whether the act of wearing lipstick is one of emancipation. The fact that I disagree with the extremes of feminism, is why I’m not comfortable to declare myself a feminist. I’m not sure if I can wear this title, because rarely do something specific to promote women’s rights. To avoid giving a direct answer whether feminist or not, however, about the shit. When I stay away from that word, I feel I have turned away women who fought to give me a lot of the advantages I have. So here I am: Hi,I am Stoya. My political opinions are feminist, but my job is.

Reasons for working in pornography are not necessarily the same as others in the sex. Not all women are the same, not all feminists are the same, not all sex workers are the same, not all sex work is the same and not all people are the same. This list is necessary because many people (including myself) fall into the trap of generalizing quite often. You probably already have generalized at least once in this article. But let us return to the relationship between feminism and my choice to work in the sex industry.

The concept of choice can be complicated. There is a difference between giving someone your wallet at gunpoint and give money to someone in altruism as a gift. There is a similar difference between those working in pornography because of financial pressures and lack of other options (whether it is real or imagined failure) and those who do it for reasons such as exhibitionism, desire for experimentation or because they really really do sex with James Deen or Rocco Siffredi or anything who.

The second option, where one chooses to enter dear child pornography, which is possible because the doors were opened by feminists in the last 150 years. My choice to work in pornography does not make me a feminist, more than I would do to be a pharmacist that take an Aleve when I have a headache.

I use my body to make porn heterosexual gender binary, for a production that aims to be as popular as possible. I do not agree with everything that related to mainstream pornography or toto makes the company I work for, but I do not like to fight windmills. Eat more calories because more skeletal basin scare people than to excite. Also used unhealthy amounts of cream. When I get on the set, I sat down and let the team make-up and stylists to do their job to make me sexy as possible in the conventional sense. This process often involves false eyelashes and curlers. After finishing I usually put my heels, some very uncomfortable underwear and other clothing designed to make me look as close to the character that you play before sex.

Once filmed the dialogue, have sex with one or more people while crew caught it all on video. My partners sex in the film are people who want to have sex and I hope they will have sex with me. At least one of these men has a penis and scenes have some logical way. Start with kisses that lead to the removal of clothes. Once genitals are to start oral sex. Follow penetrative sex (penis in vagina specific) in various positions. Sometimes again between these positions oral sex and anal sex occasionally. Eventually the male performer ejaculates the scene ends shortly after, because male climax is a natural climax and sex scenes need no outcome.

Nothing pornographic material that you interpret intentionally not promote feminism. It is a superficial form of entertainment that responds to one of the most basic human needs. Pornography are not going anywhere soon. I do not see either as a symbol of power or of humility. To appear on the set and to do my job is a feminist action.

As a show, mainstream pornography is not intended to educate viewers about health and sexual label more than Lions Gate is responsible to remind children that it is okay to kill each other, although they may have seen The Hunger Games . The role of Michael Bay and Megan Fox not to mention every interview that giant robots from space are some fictional characters, as part of a porn performer is not to discuss testing protocols that we use or as given consent before filming. I feel the need to discuss these issues and there are other artists who are of the same opinion like Jiz Lee, Danny Wylde and Jessica Drake, who feel the need to talk about it and detail the subject.

What we do with the overall effects of pornography on culture?

I can not overlook the accusation that if a man sees a clip of me moving from direct blow job anal penetration will be inspired to do the same with his partner in a rather rude, without discussing this beforehand or without care. Whoever those people should be reminded of the difference between real life and TV. In contrast with these punks ass jerks robbers are the messages we receive every week who say that seeing my body or vagina presented as a sex symbol made that person feel more comfortable about your body. Also people who said they did not know that syphilis can be transmitted even if you use condoms correctly, I now see the benefit of regular testing, their own and their partners in addition to condom use.

As long as I will feel good to work in pornography and positive social impact will surpass the negative ones, I will continue to do, but let us not delude ourselves that being a porn actress is any act liberating for women.