The shocker of a student playing in porn.

A US student working in free time as porn actress made a shocking confession site.

The shocker of a student playing in porn

After it was criticized in the US press, a student in the first year of Duke University, working in their spare time, decided to tell the view, in an article published anonymouslyconfession.

The young man could not afford to pay college fees, so he chose to do something I love you“.

I’m not ashamed of pornography. On the contrary, child gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I hold, however, that my privacy is respected and I want my real name to remain hidden (…) In a world where women are constant stolen right choice, I have control over my sexualitysays a student.

The whole life, me and millions of other girls told us that sex is a shameful and degrading act. When he was five and began to discover my body, my mother absolutely terrified, told me that if I masturbate after Bath my vagina. I was indoctrinated with the idea that sex is something that women have“, but should not give too early.” the company believes sexuality and gender shrinking” the woman, while virginity and abstinence plays a role important to who we are as people good or bad women women. it’s crazy“, says the actress porn, explaining that he has the answer to that porn actresses are stigmatized by society.

“The answer is simple: fear of sexuality of woman patriarchy. Male dominated society is terrified by the thought that women could take control over their own bodies. Try instead to steal the right choice and autonomy. He wants to oppress them and keep them dependent. Women who take control of their bodies and breaking this rule is a threat. the idea that a woman can be smart, educated and choose to work as a porn actress is unthinkable. “


Alyssa Funke committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

She starred in a porn film, then committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

A young 19 year old committed suicide a few weeks after she starred in a porn movie, she is criticized for her decision.

Stella Ann

Alyssa Funke wanted to become an anesthesiologist, but decided to take part in a XXX film, with a stranger, in Las Vegas, the site CastingCouch-X, one for adults, under the pseudonym Stella Ann“. The shoot appeared online in March, and after a few days, a student from Stillwater, Minnesota, began receiving messages on social accounts that judgment was harsh for what he did. Most posts were written by former high school in his hometown.

In these messages, Alyssa Funke was billed as a “prostitute” and some of the fellow asked, Your father knows what you’re doing?”. “Nothing makes known a school than a porn star who graduated last year,” it wrote in another message.

The young woman has not faced the pressure and committed suicide with a gun.



Taylor Corley, sexiest cheerleader

Taylor Corley is a student and cheerleader at football and basketball teams of the University of Mississippi.

Taylor Corley risked her career cheerleader to pose in Playboy. Heads University of Mississippi were extremely outraged when the pictures have gone around America. The blonde is sidelined, and now only consolation is that the magazine was sold like hot cakes.


Taylor Corley, sexiest cheerleader


Angelina Doroshenkova, Amazing Revelations of a Russian porn actress. What actually happens behind the camera!

 Young Angelina Doroshenkova who abandoned their studies at a prestigious university in Russia to shoot adult movies, revealed how he reached the heights of success in the XXX movie industry.

Angelina DoroshenkovaStudent aged 21 years Moscow State Institute, Angelina Doroshenkova, became a porn actress. Now Angelina has a lot of filming and traveling very much. Most often actress are in Budapest, Prague and Milan.

Angelina was admitted to the university where he studies without exams, winning a competition law. She says that fame came quickly, after only six months of filming.

” I am a simple girl. When I woke up, it was already as it is now. Supply fell upon me as if out of nowhere. Everyone thinks that the porn industry can meet only bad girls. I generally have not encountered any stupid man before. ”

” What I’m doing now does not mean you are a prostitute and do not give pleasure to someone. I do it just to get a beautiful picture. ”

For a day of filming girls receive about 600 euros, namely from 3 to 10 hours (depending on the director).

According to Angelina, in a porno men suffer. They basically are exploited and are not very popular, because women play the main role in these films.

Adult film star said that Russian women are rarely involved in the porn industry. Most girls are from Czech Republic and Hungary, and that is because in Hungary porn movies are not prohibited nor condemned by society.

Me did not put anyone to do it. I wanted to try me, I found a site on the Internet, I sent a request, I received a call, we discussed and agreed about the time you can fly to Budapest. The tickets were bought, and already I’ve got 3 weeks before the full program.


Jordan Carver! Speechless!

Speaking of Jordan Carver as tits on a website is like talking about Michael Jordan in Sports Illustrated, what can you say that has not already been said? Well not much, when you talk about legends, masters of their disciplines, monuments, icons, all that, you just let them speak for themselves .It case of Jordan Carver, the photos speak for occupying us alone, it is difficult to be more good, it is impossible to overcome these natural tits. Today, to play with us, was wearing a skirt schoolgirl who does not cover her butt… The truth, see Jordan Carver dressed student is to consider going back to school … In her tits, those melons would not know what I say that we have not already said, it is something that just has to enjoy one of those things that are objectively insurmountable. When we speak of masterpieces in the field of tits, we all agreed to appoint Jordan Carver, who all think alike, and that is too big. Or rather, larger boobs.

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Sexual threesome with MILF Karen Fischer!

XXX VIDEO: Sexual threesome with MILF Karen Fischer!

Karen Fischer trioIn this XXX scene we have Karen Fischer, one of the most popular MILF with big tits, playing the role of horny teacher and to better get into the the paper caught red-handed” by eating the tail of her student… When everything pointed to a fucked between MILF and young makes an appearance girlfriend of this After a little discussion Karen Fischer manages to control the situation and even convinces the girl, a blondegood-looking, to join the party resulting in an exciting and horny threesome that will leave fans with mouth open. This mature knows what to do to leave satisfied both, men and women. One of the most exciting moments is when young chick licks her partner, who is in the pussy MILF!

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AISHA ROUGE, a medical student is a porn star

DRAMA! A medical student, porn star from Romania – AISHA ROUGE


Porn producers saw in her an actress with potential, which could make a great career. It was exactly what Aisha Rouge waiting to hear for years. It stinks, but because of an amorous deception.

For the sake of a career in the adult film industry, Aisha Rouge, whose real name is Anda Ruga, dropped the Faculty of Medicine. Young 22 year old, originally from Constanta, knew exactly what he wanted: to become a porn star. Sansa smiled, adult film producers noticed it quickly and filmed several scenes. Three weeks ago, after Aisha was glad to film in Budapest. Meanwhile, however, whole life was turned upside down.

The girl tried to soothe an amorous deception taking drugs. Drug to put her in the hospital, she was admitted to Psychiatry. However, Aisha could not bear to sit in a dark room under almost constant surveillance.

Source close to the actress say that she fled the hospital without money, without any act on it and dressed in pajamas. A man found her on the street and helped her to get home. “There was nothing to it. This gentleman gave him some food and water and sent it home by bus “, the same source told us the young entourage. Dramatic situation in which he was compromised and acting career. Because her condition does not allow him to play in movies, at least for now, the producers have canceled contracts. “We had to go to Budapest to film some scenes, but it is impossible to get there, so I canceled everything” he told us Zoltan Nagy, porn producer, who discovered Aisha Rouge.




A young from US has become ‘Legend’ of university after a dinner with a porn actress

A young man invited a US adult film actress to attend a formal dinner at a university and, surprisingly, she accepted.

When Patrick Goswitz, a member of a fraternity student from the University of Tennessee, learned that they must take part in a formal dinner with the parents of the other ‘brothers’, it was thought to have an original approach.

Thus, instead invite their parents, the young man decided to write on the internet XXX actress Cherry Morgan. Surprisingly, she has accepted the invitation and went along with Patrick formal table.

Since resorted to this act, Patrick is seen by faculty colleagues as’ a legend ” and ” hero ”! The student and porn actress seems to have felt very well each other’s company, sitting proof photos posted on social networks both.

Cherry Morgan and Patrick Goswitz 2

Cherry Morgan and Patrick Goswitz


A new student (Belle Knox) is taking the industry PORN XXX: I’m 18 and do what I love the most!

Knox Belle, a young woman of only 18 years in America, says she became a porn star because loves sex and wants to pay their own college to get a lawyer.

Knox Belle xxx adult

Young student at Duke University in Los Angeles, became a true celebrity in the pornography industry, starring in numerous films, even though the newly launched recently turned 18 years oldSo far already worked in two productions and on Wednesday attended a new selection.

Knox Belle xxx adult movie

I love sex and I always love to watch porn so it seemed a good way to pay my school by doing something you love. Was easy to become a porn actress. I sent some photos and everyone called me, “said the girl.

Knox Belle doggystyle

Although accessed, Belle Knox says that after graduating he wants to become a lawyer to fight for civil rights.

“I want to fight for women’s rights. Might make a foundation for women working in the sex industry, she added.



A young student invited a porn star to dinner with parents. Continuation is insane!

A brave young student became a legend among his friends, after parents out to dinner with a famous star of films for adults.

Patrick Goswitz, student of American University of Tennessee – sent a message on Facebook to actress Cherry Morgan. Apparently he was lucky, because the young woman answered yes to the invitation.

The two took part in Parents Weekend, an event created to give members a chance to socialize with fraternity parents.

Cherry Morgan and Patrick Goswitz