This is why women feel the need to have sex!

This is why women feel the need to have sex! A recent study suggests that female sexual desire is not only triggered by hormones, but complex psychological factors such satisfaction in the relationship.

This is why women feel the need to have sex

These factors are more important as the effect of hormones. The study took part in many postmenopausal women. The research was done in 7 different clinics in the United States.

The study concludes that testosterone and other sex hormones play a minor role, limited in triggering sexual desire in these women.

John Randolph, of the University of Michigan, author of the study, says that psychological factors are most important in stimulating sexual desire, less testosterone, although it was often associated with erotic function.

Happiness emotional intimacy and relationship are essential for the sexual life of women. Those were happier more often felt the desire to have sex, as well as those that have a much higher level of testosterone in the blood.

The study took part in 3,302 women who responded to a questionnaire related to their intimate life and the desire to have sex. Then the researchers took their blood, to see the sex hormones.

The conclusion of the study was published in the Endocrine Society‘s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.


The most dangerous sex position.

The most dangerous sex position. Results of a recent study published in the Journal of Urology in the United States have shown that one of the most popular sex positions for men is the most dangerous for them.

woman on top the most dangerous position

The position of woman on top” would appear to be responsible for almost half of the cases of sexual accidents, accidents from which men are suffering greatly, both physically and mentally. The explanation lies in the fact that this position puts the center of gravity of the woman exactly the penis, and any wrong move can lead to accidents.

Health experts recommend that couples prefer this position to adapt so as to avoid any possibility of injury: woman leaning lightly on the chest partner and movements will no longer be controlled only by her, but by both.

In this way, its center of gravity will be positioned somewhere on the abdomen of the man, not the penis, and it will help your partner to get easier and point G lover.


The French, the best sex.

The French, the best sex. Women in Europe have decided! The French were declared champions!

The best lovers are French. In the study, which was published by the newspaper “Bild”, were surveyed 13,000 women who gave notes 1 to 10 European countries for the benefit of men in bed, kiss talent, romance, humor and sex appeal. Romanians have not reached the top, being considered little concerned about sex. The French were declared champions and received note 7.5. The following places were located Spaniards and Swedes, Note 7.33. The worst in Europe in the sex were declared Finns, Note 6.5. Instead, the Italians were assessed as the most talented kissed, followed by Spanish, Swedish and French. Most romantic Germans were declared, followed by Norway. Brits are the most appreciated for his sense of humor, followed by Greeks and Portuguese. In the category of sex appeal (charm, sensuality person causing desire), the most appreciated are the French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

The French the best sex


Portrait of American XXX actresses: Brown, measure B bra.

An analysis of 10,000 actresses XXX porn starlets show that in the U.S., on average, 1.65 meters tall, are Brown, have so far B bra and weigh 53 pounds. Also, most porn actresses named Nikki.

xxx mouse logoBriton Jon Millward spent six months studying the profiles of 10,000 actresses porn site Internet Adult Film Database (adult equivalent of, gathering information on appearance, age and stage of their name.

Here are some statistics from the study results:

– Most actresses XXX B bra size is.

– The most common name among actresses porn scene is Nikki. For men, the name David is in high demand.

– The average U.S. porn actresses weigh 53 pounds, well below the national average.

– All average XXX actresses have a height of 1.65 meters.

– Most porn actresses are villagers (39.1%). Follow blondes (32.7%), brunettes (22.5%) and redheads (5.3%).

– 42% of American porn actresses have at least one tattoo.


Two American researchers have discovered that porn movies do well to erection!

 Nicholas Prause and James Pfaus, two scientists at universities in California concluded that men who watch porn regularly are less likely to have erection problems than those who do not have such habits.

funny logo

The study showed that male viewers who frequently visits XXX clips have a good sex life, thus contradicting the belief that porn would have a negative impact on the brain. Prause and Pfaus have selected a total of 280 men who have studied sexual yield after a cure porn. The researchers found that the best results were recorded in subjects who had watched at least two hours of porn a week. Results of the study were total opposites initial impression of the two researchers who had left that adult film viewers are prone to frequent erectile dysfunction.


You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

A study conducted at the request of Men’s Health magazine offered a surprising answer to the question What is the porn capital of the United States? You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

Well, according to the Huffington Post, this is neither cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Los Angeles, the soul of the film industry, including XXX, but Orlando, Disney World house, a town in sunny Florida, the state that is represented by the other two locations, Tampa and Miami in Top 12 of American urban pornography. On top novelty composition were taken into account several criteria such as the number of DVDs specialty” rented, sold or downloaded from the internet, based on the number of inhabitants, accessories XXX in adult stores or number of searches for the word porn” on Google.

porn capital of the United States


How many calories consumed when you have sex? But during a kiss?

How many calories consumed when you have sex? But during a kiss? It is quite known that sex during a game many calories are lost. The researchers did a study in which they calculated how many calories lose a night of love.

How many calories consumed when you have sex But during a kissFor an hour of sex, the body consumes caloric equivalent of a chocolate cake. For just 25 minutes from sexual games, losing only a pizza with fungi. And for an hour of French kissing, body loses heat content equivalent of a hamburger with fries 14. Preparing bedroom is not an easy thing to bear for the body. He released 42 calories just by turning off the bed and light. Even wine pouring into glass, translates into the loss of four valuable calories. If you take the first step and you’re shy, you lose only 15 calories. Nervousness costs you 43, and if you beg to have sex with your partner will release 100. If undress partner with his consent 12 calories not feel lost. If he resists, 187 can not go unnoticed.


Sex cure headaches.

Sex leads to the release of endorphins in the body through the central nervous system, so it can lead to calming the partial or total” in case of migraines, according to a study by a team of neuroscientists at the University of Munster in Germany.

According to research, more than half of those who had sex during such an episode reported an improvement in symptoms. Furthermore, one in five patients finished with no pain, while others – especially men – have used sex as therapy. The study was published in the journal Cephalalgia, published by the International Headache Society.

So now there are no excuses when his mistress refuses on the grounds that a headache

Sex cure headaches



Oral sex harmful to health or not?

While for some couples oral sex is taboo for others is one of the experiences necessary for normal sexual life. And when it comes to oral sex, the partners need to know they are at risk.

Oral sex harmful to health or not

According to a recent study, American scientists have claimed that oral sex can have serious consequences on health. Certain diseases and viruses that can be contracted through oral sex can have detrimental effect not only on physical health but also the mental. But all of these situations can be avoided if the sex act is protected.

HIV can be transmitted through oral sex
Experts in the field claim that there are many cases in which HIV was transmitted through oral sex. If one partner has sensitive gums or bleeding wounds, the risk of transmission is higher. Virus in the semen can come into contact with the blood of the gums. This virus can Ajuga blood circulation. To protect yourself use condom flavored fruits (raspberries, banana, strawberry).
Tip: Protection is especially needed in situations where the partner is foreign.

Beware of HPV and hepatitis!
Another virus that can be transmitted through unprotected oral sex and HPV or human papilloma virus. The virus can be transmitted if one partner is infected and suffer from genital warts, like warts. Attention must be paid in case one of the partners, suffering from genital herpes. It can ,, go ” all through oral sex. Once contacted, herpes (both at the mouth, but also the genital area) relapse, usually when the immune system is weakened. Partners need to be careful when it comes to one of them to suffer from gonorrhea, chlamydia (bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis) or hepatitis B or C and syphilis can be transmitted the same way. The disease is manifested by the presence of red spots on the penis.

Tip: Partners need to be more cautious because many of the infections that can be transmitted through oral sex was not immediately manifested.



Porn actresses are the happiest women in the world.

A recent scientific study found that women who play porn women are happier than usual women.

orgy“In psychological terms, porn actresses have high levels of self-confidence, positive feelings, social support, sexual and spiritual satisfaction. Porn actresses feel very good when I have sex, “according to the study. Researchers at Pennsylvania’s Shippensburg University, Texas Woman’s University and the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation conducted the study cited.

“It is said that porn actresses are drug addicts that have pets that have financial problems, they are desperate and are victims of sexual abuse. Moreover, some people claim that all the women in the porn industry were sexually abused in childhood “, says the study. The survey team argue that porn actresses have suffered more sexual abuse than other women who are not in the porn industry. The study entitled “Actresses Pornography: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis” says that stereotypes were adopted by activists who have no evidence to support the theory that porn actresses have more psychological problems than other women. The survey shows that porn stars start their sexual life between 15 and 17 years and have more partners on average 75 excluding men filming.

So far, not know a lot about porn actresses that has not been done such research. The study involved 177 women in the porn industry, aged between 18 and 50 years and women who are in this industry.