TESSA WEST, XXX star who was killed

TESSA WEST:  Photos with XXX star who was killed…

TESSA WEST was a highly rated XXX star. TESSA WEST was born on June 13, 1982 in Oklahoma, the American father and a Romanian mother (second generation in America), TESSA WEST (1.60 m, 52 kg) was known for her willingness to play in any kind of production erotica from S & M to solo pictorial, like the one made ​​on a lost island in the Pacific. He had several stage names, among them Sofia Blue, Sophie Scott and Paige Adams. Unfortunately, on July 11, 2009, TESSA WEST was found dead in her apartment. Her heart stopped beating and it is suspected that it had been a suicide, the autopsy has been identified as a large amount of antidepressants an hour before death…


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Alina Plugaru wanted to commit suicide

Alina Plugaru wanted to commit suicide: “She took pills…”. It was dubbed the “Queen of Porn“, and with every appearance of them manages to excite the imagination of all representatives hard sex. However, Alina Plugaru watershed moments was when she was on the brink of tragedy, because a man.

Alina Plugaru beautiful porn actress

It is famous, highly courted and fulfilling, but things were not always so, because some time ago, Alina Plugaru tried to take the life because of love. Giovanni, famous singer and former boyfriend of porn starlet, fire revealed details about his relationship with XXX actress.

When I met Alina she was a minor . I think it was 17, but never show her age. She was playing with me, telling me that it is major, it was quite developed. At the time I was married, had a rising music career. I’m tempted, is a beautiful woman. I divorced for her and I had a relationship for two years or so. She argued with my ex-wife for me, was very possessive and love. But there was a time beautiful confessed Giovanni, Elgi band member.

She tried to commit suicide

Back then, Alina was just a club hostess, and no one suspected what had plans for her life. Extremely singer in love with the young could not bear the thought of parting and tried to commit suicide, according to the statements of her former lover. When we parted, Alina could not bear the thought. Moreover, I divorce after I got married, and when she found out he tried to kill himself. She took pills, went through a period very hard. She slept through taxis, wanted to get back together.



Alyssa Funke committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

She starred in a porn film, then committed suicide. The family is in shock. What happened?

A young 19 year old committed suicide a few weeks after she starred in a porn movie, she is criticized for her decision.

Stella Ann

Alyssa Funke wanted to become an anesthesiologist, but decided to take part in a XXX film, with a stranger, in Las Vegas, the site CastingCouch-X, one for adults, under the pseudonym Stella Ann“. The shoot appeared online in March, and after a few days, a student from Stillwater, Minnesota, began receiving messages on social accounts that judgment was harsh for what he did. Most posts were written by former high school in his hometown.

In these messages, Alyssa Funke was billed as a “prostitute” and some of the fellow asked, Your father knows what you’re doing?”. “Nothing makes known a school than a porn star who graduated last year,” it wrote in another message.

The young woman has not faced the pressure and committed suicide with a gun.



Kacey Jordan wanted to commit suicide on webcam

Kacey Jordan,  porn actress wanted to commit suicide on webcam

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The porn industry is in shock after one of adult film stars, she tried to kill herself while talking to her boyfriend on webcam.

Kacey has made the gesture after her boyfriend announced that he wants to end the relationship. She swallowed a handful of drugs even while talking to her boyfriend on the internet, it recorded the whole scene.

When he saw what he thought to be the man to call an ambulance, which arrived on time at where is Kacey Jordan.

Besides starring porn, Kacey Jordan is famous for orgies attended with actor Charlie Sheen.

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Kacey Jordan tried to take her own life

Live suicide: Porn starlet Kacey Jordan tried to take her life by swallowing a handful of pills while speaking through webchat with her ​​boyfriend, who recorded the whole scene.

Kacey Jordan suicide

After his lover Kacey Jordan announces that he wants to divorce her, the young take more medicine bottles hand and begins to swallow pills fist. Then its goodbye to her boyfriend, who recorded the whole scene.

Luckily for Kacey Jordan, the man called the ambulance and rescue crew arrived in time to save her.

Besides starring porn, Kacey Jordan is famous for orgies attended with actor Charlie Sheen.


Pictures with Kacey Jordan:

Kacey Jordan face Kacey Jordan face2 Kacey Jordan porn star Kacey Jordan sexy Kacey Jordan


Mary Millington, porn star that scandalized the world, praised in a unique way!

Porn actress Mary Millington, who committed suicide in 1979, holds the record for the most played British film, which ran for four years. She will be praised by English Heritage blue plate, although scandalized Britain in the 70s.

Mary Millington

Blue commemorative plaque serves and is a sign permanently installed in a public place in the United Kingdom. Mary Millington was one of the richest and most successful women in the porn industry. The most popular film of her brought record and a world record!

Mary was one of the most famous porn actresses in the UK!

Although she was one of the most popular XXX actresses, the beautiful blonde had problems with drugs and struggling with depression. In 1979, just 33 years, Mary has ended days. Her famous porn film “Come Play With Me” has run continuously for four years at the old Moulin cinema in Soho (London).

David Sullivan, co-chairman of West Ham, revealed to The Sun that Mary Millington would have been proud of this tribute that she is.

Mary Millington at home, Britain - 1978

Mary took her life in 1979!

“I would have liked. It would have been very proud. It’s probably the first time that a woman in the British porn industry is recognized for the work. A world record that still has not been beaten, almost 40 years later. We are all very proud of it “
, said Sullivan.

Moulin site of the old cinema, where he ran the most successful film of Mary, is now a cocktail bar, while a Liverpool nightclub in her famous actresses.

Mary Millington, topless Downing Street 1978.

One of the most famous moments of her life was when she posed topless next to a policeman on Downing Street. A documentary called “Respectable-The Mary Millington Story” which follows the life of porn star, will premiere in the cinema Regent Street on Thursday (6 April).

The most successful film, “Come Play With Me” ran for four years in theaters!

Mary Millington outside Number 10 Downing Street, London, Britain  - 1978 Mary Millington