This is why women feel the need to have sex!

This is why women feel the need to have sex! A recent study suggests that female sexual desire is not only triggered by hormones, but complex psychological factors such satisfaction in the relationship.

This is why women feel the need to have sex

These factors are more important as the effect of hormones. The study took part in many postmenopausal women. The research was done in 7 different clinics in the United States.

The study concludes that testosterone and other sex hormones play a minor role, limited in triggering sexual desire in these women.

John Randolph, of the University of Michigan, author of the study, says that psychological factors are most important in stimulating sexual desire, less testosterone, although it was often associated with erotic function.

Happiness emotional intimacy and relationship are essential for the sexual life of women. Those were happier more often felt the desire to have sex, as well as those that have a much higher level of testosterone in the blood.

The study took part in 3,302 women who responded to a questionnaire related to their intimate life and the desire to have sex. Then the researchers took their blood, to see the sex hormones.

The conclusion of the study was published in the Endocrine Society‘s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.


Fingers! What they say about sexual preference?

One of the most common associations related to parts of the human body is between penis size and foot size and height. These ideas are completely wrong, Inaa is a link between sexual organ size and the index finger, shown in two studies, one of Gachon University Hospital in South Korea, and the second conducted at the University of Geneva Medical Daily quoted.


Still no explanation for this link is unknown, but it may be caused by exposure to testosterone during pregnancy. Simultaneously, the ratio between the two fingers is related to the tone of voice, body odor and quality of sperm. Furthermore, the report could indicate sexual orientation, suggesting that homosexuality is not a personal choice but a genetic predisposition. Women and gay men have a smaller difference in size between the two fingers, suggesting exposure to a smaller amount of testosterone. Experts, however, good news for men who have a lower ratio between the ring finger and forefinger. They are more likely to survive prostate cancer. Korean researchers study demonstrated that patients with shorter ring fingers responded better to treatment for cancer.


What to do to have better sexual performance!

What to do to have better sexual performance! To keep the mind and body relaxed. It is recommended eating eggs for breakfast. Eggs made omelette, scrambled, boiled or soft-boiled eggs are a good source of vitamin B – a key nutrient to keep mind and body relaxed“, said experts.

What to do to have better sexual performance

Studies show that those who get enough vitamin A daily had a higher number of sperm and sexual performance better. And the liver is an excellent source of vitamin A and zinc. 5 milligrams of zinc body eliminate every ejaculation – a third of the RDA. Men who gives the body enough vitamin C produce a poorer quality sperm, and peaches are a good source of vitamin C.

Blueberries are among the best foods for men with erectile problems. They contain soluble fiber, which prevents the deposition of cholesterol on artery walls, said experts.

In addition, contain compounds that help relax blood vessels, improving circulation. Also, lean meat proteins naturally increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, two chemicals in the brain that increases the sensitivity during sex. In addition, the meat contains zinc, a mineral that stimulates the libido and, most importantly, the consumption of red meat can increase the level of testosterone.



Why are men have erection in morning?

Morning erections are spontaneous events that men are experiencing during sleep or awakening. Typically, a healthy individual is between 3 and 5 of these erections.

Why are men have erection in morning

Nocturnal penile tumescence first appeared in the womb and continues throughout the life of a man. And a woman which, in turn, clitoral erection (clitoris dilate and become louder) during the sleep, this phenomenon is also observed in other mammals, not only in humans. Although several theories have been proposed over the years to explain nocturnal penile tumescenţele, its causes remain uncertain. They, like the clitoral erections are associated with REM sleep stage, characterized by rapid eye movements under the eyelids are closed and the dream. One theory is that during REM sleep, noradrenergic cells (neurons that release the neurotransmitter noradrenaline), located in a region of the brainstem known as the locus coeruleus, are disabled. About these cells is believed to inhibit the penis, so that when their activity is reduced during REM sleep, the result is erect as a result of excitation induced by testosterone.

Scientists have also suggested that nocturnal tumescence related and nitrous oxide. This cell line is released within the blood vessels and then dispersed into the muscles, which relaxes them. This leads to dilation of blood vessels and therefore increase blood flow to the penis and erection. It is believed that the increased activity in the brain stem region during REM sleep wave trigger events eventually leading to the release of nitric oxide by the nerve fibers. This process is regulated and male sex hormones such as testosterone. A possible explanation for the purpose of morning erections is that they contribute to the health of the penis. Erections lead to swelling of erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa), and this leads to tissue oxygenation. This helps to prevent permanent oxygenation cavernous fibrosis, a condition that may lead to erectile dysfunction.



Find the key to sexual happiness of female!

Find the key to sexual happiness of female! As the older, the better? Yup! A recent study shows that as time elapses and the relationship progresses, women are becoming more satisfied with sex and men enjoy increasingly more relationship in general. It takes just 25 years of relationship that women reach their sexual peak in that relationship.

Find the key to sexual happiness of female.jpgThis information is based on new studies by the Kinsey Institute for Research on sexuality and reproduction. So what’s the deal with these 25 years? Even more so takes, on average, a woman to really enjoy at maximum sex?

Do not be impatient. Researchers say that women do not enjoy sex and are not satisfied within the first 25 years of relationship. But actually, this information explains that, in time, the sexual relationship in a stable torque improves.

There are some theories that try to explain why this happens. One is that after 25 years of dating, the woman reaches menopause and no longer have to worry about a possible pregnancy. There has relaxed restrictions and sex. Also, mature women no longer feel stressed and worried about their sexual performance. They do not stick around to read women’s magazines to find another 50 ways to satisfy man in bed. They already know very well already know what tricks men and go.

In men, things are a little different. After a quarter century, most are happy in their relationships, but not necessarily sexual component. Testosterone levels decrease as you get older and lightweight and can easily be content with simple things like cuddling before bedtime. And in addition, get to put first the needs of ladies and then their personal needs.

The study also revealed other interesting aspects:

1. The more sexual partners is a man in life, the less sexually satisfied.
2. The advantage for women – a man who is worried that his partner reach orgasm is more happy in the relationship.
3. Curiously, many kisses and hugs are the key men in the couple happiness is not true for women.

Here are many reasons why a long-term serious relationship really worth any effort!




Sex, as a treatment. When to take this “medicine”!?

British researchers have concluded that a game of love improves quality of life and functioning of body organs. When it happens it’s very important.

Sex as a treatmentDid you know that sex in the morning gives you more benefits? British researchers have concluded that a game of love into the day improves the quality of life and functioning of body organs. In the morning, the body is resting and therefore ready to pick. During sleep, various physiological processes which basically cleans your mind and concentration ability is huge and so are the biggest erotic feelings and fantasies record. Also, if you have erotic dreams at night, in the morning there are no desire for sex.

The benefits are:

1. Will increase the immune system sex in the morning strengthens your body’s defenses. It also has benefits for bones, muscles and joints.

2. Is good for the heart Sexual activity morning cardiovascular system improves performance, lowers blood pressure and risk of myocardial infarction.

3. Takes care of silhouette If you go to the gym before having a session of love with your lover, you’ll burn up to 300 extra calories.

4. Do you feel more beautiful the release of endorphins and increase estrogen levels after an orgasm, you will leave with glowing skin, shiny hair and clear eyes.

5. Improves mood Besides the obvious reasons, experts say that women who have sex in the morning has a lower risk of falling into depression.

6. Decreased testosterone levels By practicing sex in the morning, men additional benefit more testosterone. It helps to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

7. Is the best time of day to have an orgasm if you have sex in the morning you will feel satisfied all day!