7 Things You Did not Know about pornography!

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography! With a few billion annual industry, you might think that there are few things that people do not know about pornography. And yet, here are some shocking things that you might not have known about pornography and that recent studies have revealed specialty.

7 Things You Did not Know about pornography

Women are excited when they see the monkeys having sex

Do you think men can be excited by almost anything? In fact, things are slightly different. Researchers at Northwestern University have shown some men and women adult films. It was found that while men react in a positive images, women were not as receptive. They said they were excited after watching movies with monkeys having sex or images of women having sex with other women.

Utah is the most perverted state in the US

A study by Harvard University found that Utah has the most subscribers adult sites per thousand net users. (Montana is the state with the fewest such subscriptions).

Men who watch porn production focuses mainly on the face of the actresses from films

Surprisingly, eyes and lips but won the battle with tits and ass, according to a study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Researchers believe that men faces concerning actresses want to discover how excited they are in reality.

Birth control pills affect women’s desire

According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women who do not take contraceptive pills focused on genitals when they were shown films for adults. Instead, they are taking contraceptive pills Women who were more interested in contextual elements, such as scenery or actors wore. Researchers explanation: women not taking the pill had a stronger sex drive.

Absolutely all men look at porn

A researcher at the University of Montreal wanted to conduct a study to see the impact it has on child sexual life of men. For that needed a group of men between 20 and 30 years who never ate pornography, but did not find even one man to fulfill the requirement.

Most men have access to pornography before puberty

According to a study from the University of Montreal, boys begin to look at pornography 10 years.

Presidential elections are growing appetite for pornography

After George Bush won the election in 2004 increased people’s interest in sites for adults. The same thing happened in 2008 after Obama became US president. Researchers at universities Villanova and Rutgers believes that supporters of the winning team increase their testosterone levels and sex desire.


The strangest things you ever heard about sex!

The strangest things you ever heard about sex! About sex runs a number of legends that more or less funny. The correlation between the size of the already classic shoe size men and manhood to ideas such as the use of two condoms while providing more protection, there are dozens of strange myths you’ve heard about sex. Introducing a brief updated list of these myths about sex, to have any idea how many can charge in connection with a perfectly normal eventually.

The strangest things you ever heard about sex

Drink Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy
It is said that certain chemicals present in this refreshing drink has an effect on male sperm, which could result in the inability to procreate. The truth that doctors have found however is quite different: the drink causes more thirsty, how is consumed more.

Two condoms instead of one
Some men do their best not to become dads too early because still have much to do in life rather sway baby every whimper. So few men are not convinced that two condoms offer more protection. In reality, it is possible that because of the two objects friction plastic to break faster than one.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Heidi Reeder, from Boise State University in the USA 76% of cases of friendship between two people of the opposite sex there is room for parties amor friends are more durable.

Sperm are beneficial for beauty
That is the strangest of all the things you‘ve heard about sex! According to doctors, semen contains antioxidants that help reduce wrinkles and combat acne and pimples. In New York there are even spas where women are beauty treatments based sperm fee of $ 250. Actress Heather Locklear sperm ensure that treatment has a beneficial effect on skin health.



7 Things you should already know about sex!

7 Things you should already know about sex! You have probably read many articles about sex: about protection, what he likes, what would excite you etc, but at least 7 things you should know already.

7 Things you should already know about sex

Here are 7 things you should know already about sex:

This recommendation comes from doctors who found that an orgasm, heart pulsations can reach up to 180 per minute. Moreover, depending on each person’s response to sexual stimulation and orgasm can cause cardiovascular problems.

2. Ejaculation
During intercourse come to be ejaculated over 100 million sperm that traveling” at a speed of 18 kilometers per hour.

3. Faked orgasm
50% of women mimics orgasm, according to official data provided by experts in the field. The reason why women resort to this method is the fear of upsetting partner and to leave, many psychologists consider.

4. Men who masturbate A COUPLE MORE
That’s very strange and perhaps you have not taken this into account. Men who have a stable relationship masturbate more than singles and that’s because of how many sexual relations are maintained with both produce more testosterone. A vicious circle.

5. Erection
Men can have an erection in 10 seconds (average duration), while women need more time to be ready for intercourse.

According to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas, the main reasons people have sex and procreation are releasing tension.

7. And women watching porn
The Internet Filter Review, women enjoy their pornographic films. The figures show the following: 87% of women aged between 25 and 40 years looking porn on the Internet, and 70% of them deny it.




4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex!

4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex! Sex is very important for health, but it all starts with emotional balance, so is the mind which prevails in a sex. Find 4 things fleeing women when it comes to sex and you can watch them.

4 Things fleeing women when it comes to sex

4 things WOMEN fleeing when it comes to SEX :

1. Women fleeing sex toys
Especially if the first night of love with your partner. In general, women who want stability and they want to enjoy sex as should avoid using vibrators or other technological inventions sexual satisfaction. The Man Who Will Come First phone number of love with sex toys might receive their shoes in the second number 2, because women do not need objects, but living men (with protective feelings and presence).

2. WOMEN fanciful tale of the man fleeing
Men who try to get in bed deeply wrong if a woman proceeds to boast of their sexual fantasies fulfilled or unfulfilled. Even worse is if your boyfriend starts strung you a list of women who have crossed the threshold, even some friend of yours or knowledge. You will make big eyes because you think you might like gossip you to be the next woman that the man will have an affair.

3. Women fleeing men who act like daddy
Moreover, alinturi like “Mom” or “father daughter” would be likely to shock the ladies. This is because they already have a father, and what they need is a lover in the bedroom. Freudian language messages are not liking women in a sex.

4. Women fleeing men who abandon them after making SEX
Most men fall asleep immediately after sex, and instant depressed woman instead to relax after releasing hormones. While it is normal behavior, according to researchers after sleep and indifference can destroy the relationship partner in record time.




5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life!

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life! Sexual life should not be driven by fear, as would be any irresponsible and risky. To have a healthy sex life, fulfilling, supposed to fully enjoy both you and your spouse, intimate moments satisfactory to talk openly about all the problems, fantasies and needs.

5 things you should not do them if you want a healthy sex life

Here are five habits that would have to give if you want to improve your sex life.

1. Sex is something was wrong
Often, when sex is a bad result (unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, etc.), people say happened“. Sex would have to happen” but to be a choice, an option, as a result of decisions, not something that gets out of control.

2. Do you think that if you gave a misfire, you’re a loser
Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you have consumed too much alcohol and forgot to wear a condom or you did not live up to expectations partner can fix everything. It is important to realize what you did wrong and what to do to make things right next time.

3. You assume that you are healthy” free to do your analysis!
If you had unprotected sex in suspicious circumstances, you do not expect to be any symptoms. And if you do not appear, assume that you’re right. Do your analysis! Most sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic or they can be confused with other things. The safest way to find out whether or not you are a carrier of a virus is to do your tests. Also, do not engage in sexual relations with unknown partners without protection, following the principle that “clean” and smells good.

4. Confuse intimacy with unprotected sex
Many people give up protection after several months, weeks and even days because they say have reached a high level of privacy and trust feel like sex partner. But this “commitment” can be ominous if one partner is already sick. Some STDs do not occur until several months. Unprotected sex can not be a proof of the intimacy of the couple or monogamy unless both partners have made analyzes and evidence that they are okay. Otherwise the risk is too high.

5. Do not talk about sex
People like to have sex, but do not like to talk about sex. They consider embarrassing discussions about sex and not comfortable. But the beginning of a relationship, it is imperative to talk about protection, STDs and just about any testing that will declare healthy. Although at first glance such discussions “cut appetite“, are vital for sexual health.


8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys.

8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys. Sex toys like vibrators, dildos or lubricants can hardly shock anyone. Eventually, sex toys are sold in pharmacies as vitamins. So you might wonder what could be strange about sex toys.


8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys

Here are some things less known about sex toys:

Sex toys # 1: The vibrator was invented by a doctor to help women hysterical
Well yes, the first electric vibrator (invention weighed more than 18 kg and it took two people to handle it) was used by a British physician to treat hysterical women. Doctor use tool to produce female orgasm nervous or stressed. Fortunately, a few years later was created for the home version.

Sex Toys # 2: Rabbit vibrator is shaped like an animal for legal reasons
Bunny (which Charlotte from Sex and the City had become dependent) was invented in Japan, a country where it was against the law to create a sex toy like a penis. But why this toy was allowed to have components like a bunny ears, no one understood. However, many women are happy that the manufacturer did not give up despite the obstacles arising idea.

Sex Toys # 3: Sales increase during economic recessions
Women give up anything, except during the economic downturn sex toys. Sales of sexual products not only not reduced in times of economic crisis, rather an upward trend.

Sex Toys # 4: If you do not use it chances are to be used by roommate
According to an academic study on the use of the vibrator in the US – yes, American scientists are paid to do such research one of two women borrow vibrator.

Sex Toys # 5: Do not just help women reach orgasm vibrator
The belief that men are less afraid of vibrator could be false. 81% of women and brought the vibrator in the bedroom while they were with a man.

Sex Toys # 6: VDay stands for vibratory Day
Forget the flowers and chocolates gentlemen. Or, better yet, these traditional gifts you can opt for a sex toy for Valentine’s Day. According to a survey conducted in adults increases their stores doubles in February, 1 in 5 people said they had used a vibrator with partners on 14 February.

Sex Toys # 7: Women who use a vibrator have a healthier life
It is known that regular orgasms can lead to a longer life, and one study found that women who regularly use the vibrator have a very healthy genital apparatus.

Sex Toys # 8: The best-selling sex toy is
There is not a vibrator or dildo, as you would expect. Toy fastest disappearing from the shelves is lubricant.


15 things not recommended during sex.

Groans, pulled hair, slapped ass these little details make a real sensation during sex. But some things should be rather taboo and not ever experimented with any partner.

15 things not recommended during sex

See below things are prohibited during sex!

1. Trying to convince your girlfriend to have sex without a condom.

2. Do not give your bra off partner.

3. To hang a mirror near the bed to admire during the action.

4. screaming too loud during orgasm.

5. press your girlfriend to look at porn, even if they do not like.

6. To give orders in bed.

7. Be brutal with your partner, even if she asks you to stop.

8. To suggest that her best friend would be perfect for a menage-a-trois.

9. let her stay always on top.

10. Being too gentle. Your girlfriend is not porcelain, you can touch it a little louder!

11. It does not make oral sex even if you do it yourself.

12. Do not take a shower before!

13. Do not ask her what she likes in bed.

14. Let them penetrate, accidentally” anus.

15. Did you ask his girlfriend to masturbate, because you do not want to go to finish what you started.



Things to know about condoms

5 Things to know about condoms! You already know that it is a protection against unwanted pregnancy and while condom protects you from infection with sexually transmitted diseases have. But there are things less known about condoms.

5 Things to know about condoms

The packaging does not break the teeth
The condom is a device made of latex or other materials that applied to the erect penis before sexual contact prevents ejaculation of sperm into the vagina. But to be effective it must be under warranty and to use it correctly. Always check the expiry date, and if you notice that it is already expired, throw it. It is also contraindicated total package to break teeth, because you risk snapping it without you noticing. It is best to break the package with your fingers.

Air condom breaks
Make sure that when you run the condom there is no air inside it. To avoid this it is good to keep condoms peak before rolling through. In this way it avoids the risk of rupture. If by mistake, you run the condom inside out, no longer used. Throw it away and use a new one. Do not forget to run the condom all the way down, or it may come off during sex.

The latex effective
Latex is the material most commonly used for the manufacture of condoms, which are the most effective in protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, there are more resilient than other condoms that can be made of polyurethane and animal tests. The latter, however, can not guarantee a maximum protection against disease.

Attention storage!
Temperature checks that it is important to keep condoms. We must beware of heat for that damage latex and risking to break at any moment. Also, be careful not to hold in the vicinity of objects that can pierce. For example, in ruscaci or bags, condoms are not very well protected if they are not available separately in special pockets.

It dates from ancient times
The condom appears drawings in Egypt 3,000 years ago. But the oldest condom dates from 1640 and was made of animal gut. The first modern condom that looked like condoms on the market now present was conducted in 1855.


6 things that are stressing you during sex and men do not notice them.

Whenever you happen to refuse a game of love because you are not shaved or have a small irritation or a basket on the body? Well, is that you’re the only one who is stressing, and your partner does not care or do not notice these details. While women pay attention to all particulars, males are lost in the passion of the moment and the little things go unnoticed. Here are some things that obsess, but that does not matter to your lover.

6 things that are stressing you during sex and men do not notice them

Coils or cellulitis
Concerns about silhouette during sex will not do anything but decrease the chances of achieving orgasm. Relax! Lover enjoys the moment and will not notice even a moment that you took weight 2-3 kg. It will be so concerned to meet you and enjoy your body, that minor imperfections will go unnoticed.

Hair slightly increased
Do not have time or you forgot to shave? If you suffer from a condition causing excessive hair growth, then there’s no reason for concern. Usually, men do not notice the small peri neepilaţi, and if you noticed, will look in the next second. The reason? There are other “things” more interesting to draw their attention.

Sweating can be embarrassing, but not during intercourse. If you’re up to date with showers, then you have reason to worry. There will be no odor, but only “pheromone” with a powerful aphrodisiac.

Young couple

Sounds of vagina
There is a cause for embarrassment, but are normal. Do not stop mid-game to apologize. Movements back and forth in a tight and moist vagina produce such sounds. Ignore them and enjoy the moments spent with your lover.

Vaginal odor
If you give due attention to personal hygiene, you should not worry. And while you’re unhappy with this, remember that the vagina has its own smell and should not smell like flowers. Most men are attracted to the smell, and the rest do not care.

Shape or breast size
Small or large sizes, breasts are beautiful regardless of shape or size. Especially for men, who hunts” for when I know. If one of your concerns is that there is a slight difference in size between the breasts, you can be sure that only you notice. During sex, the males do not focus on minor details, but have an overall vision.

Relax and enjoy yourself in your skin if you want to have a satisfactory sexual life. A recent study showed that there is a close link between sexual satisfaction and how happy you are your body. Renouncing complex and learning to love your body as you reach orgasm more easily. Empty your mind when you’re with your lover and enjoy the beautiful moments.




These are things that every man and they want during sex!

In bed you have to do what you want, but you have to think and your partner might have something to say.

These are things that every man and they want during sexYour partner does not want to do anything weird or extreme, but there are a few things you would like to see and to hear more often from you.

1. Wants to talk dirty you‘d be surprised what they can do some dirty words for a man. To not get out of your comfort zone, try to use words such as “wet”, “what is good” or “cool”!

2. Wants to take control sometimes There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in bed. You can start with something simple like a slight push in bed. Or you can choose the next position.

3. Wants to initiate new positions If there is a new position that you found it and you want to try, put it into practice. There must be something very creative, but any change from the old routine is welcome.

4. Wants to surprise it is not necessarily about bringing sex toys in bed, but of gestures such as the initiation of sex when you did not expect. Also works great costumes.

5. Will you watch If you choose the position in which he can look, you’ll get a brilliant effect on him. Can I suggest to have sex in front of the mirror and let him watch you while you masturbate.