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How do you feel in Chile pornography?


How do you feel in Chile pornographyIn Chile consumed porn. And it is consumed in large quantities. But what the Chilean Porn think? The Special Report of the Chilean television program were introduced in the porn world shrouded in mystery in public, but frequently visited on condition of anonymity. Interestingly, differences of opinion and action that between a less profligate and more embarrassing as Chile and another as Spain, which has an industry and a much more open minded and evolved country. Interviews with Marlen Doll, Torbe, Conrad Son and Erika Lust among other representatives of Spanish porn.










From the abuse in the set to the false casting: actresses and porn actors denounce their working conditions!

Castings and fake ads for sex with actresses; Harassment on the set; Lack of information about the scene to be shot; Bargaining at the time of paying… We asked actresses, actors and directors about the existence of adult film abuse.

Nikki Benz, one of the most veteran

Nikki Benz, one of the most veteran and well-known actresses in the porn industry, has been the latest to report workplace abuses in the industry. Last December, the actress explained through social networks the bad practices of director Tony T.

Nikki Benz was telling a scene when the director began strangling her. Although she shouted to stop, the cameras continued with the recording.

But Nikki Benz is not the first actress to report abuse in the industry.

In Spain, the Torbe case, accused of sexual exploitation of minors, was one of the most money-changing industries in the world, putting producers and directors in the spotlight.

“The porn industry needs to be more ethical, but just like the food industry”
, explains Erika Lust, a leading adult film director who claims a change of vision in the industry.

Among the practices most denounced by actors and actresses in the porn industry, both nationally and internationally, are: false castings, harassment of actresses on the set, the difficulty in knowing the details of the The continuous bargaining in charge of a scene, the lack of protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or the lack of a union figure to which workers can come in case of deceit, abuse or bullying.

About all these occupational hazards we speak with different actors.

“They deceived me in a false casting, I did not know if I would get out of there alive”

To arrive at a casting and that who says to be a producer with many contacts is really a boy of twenty-two that all he wants is to sleep with the actresses: here is one of the most repeated and present scams in the girls who have just started in the industry.

“I was 22 years old. It just started and no one had explained anything about this world”, explains actress Rena Reinder. “I came to the casting and the uncle was not a producer, nor had contacts. He made me a nude book and then told me that we had to go to bed to see if it was good, come on, I had to try the merchandise. I refused and left. “

Especially in Spain, it is a fairly common practice: “I also happened to me, I did not know if I was going to get out of there” , says another young woman who prefers not to give her name. “Most of the time it is an uncle who does not eat a colin and hangs false ads to be able to sleep with actresses. Many do not exceed thirty. “

“It’s something very common, but you get more and more view of these things”, says actress Gala Brown. “Between us we usually help, and we always look for references, but it can happen to you. The problem comes when you are cheated and you see yourself in a situation where you do not know how to react. Many times the experience gives you tables to solve the situation, but the younger or more inexperienced girls are perhaps the most vulnerable. “

“I do not have to put up with having someone on the team ask me to fuck off”

“When I’m acting, I’m acting.When the director says cut it, the scene ends and the cameras go out, I do not have to endure or tolerate anyone from the team asking me to make a straw or put my penis in the Face “, says actress Paige Jennings in one of her videos on Youtube. The young woman, who left her Wall Street scholarship to pursue adult film making, was one of the first actresses to talk about why she left porn industry.

Several actresses have told similar moments in this video of “Ask a Pornstar” (ask a porn star).

“If there is professionalism, these things do not happen. But when you come across characters who do not know how to do their job, they are the order of the day. Since they bring their friends to see the filming and then they go around flirting with a partner or the cameras start to open cans of beer while I’m focused on recording a scene”,
explains actor Juan Lucho.

“Most producers and directors”
, concludes the actor, “have not been actors, do not know that is to spend several hours shooting a scene. They have no respect for the profession and it shows. I have recorded in places very unhygienic or at 40 degrees, in an open field and they did not even have a bottle of water to give us. I think it is necessary to change the model of the industry that takes care of its actors, so I have decided to set up my own production company, to give an example of what it is to make well-made films. “

“I was told that we would record with erotic toys.In the set I saw that the toy was a speculum Yes, the instrument used to make cytologies”

The scenes not agreed in the script is perhaps one of the most delicate issues in the porn industry because many actors and actresses have to insist the producers to explain what kind of scene they are going to record. “The producers should send the actresses and actors the script and the type of scene that is asked before shooting. But it does not happen. Most cite them in one location and they are the ones who have to go getting information on what is going to be recorded”, explains director Erika Lust.

Other times, despite having the script in advance, the director decides to “improvise”.

“It’s something that has happened to me sometimes, not really the truth, but it’s quite unpleasant,” another actress adds, who does not want to reveal her name either. ” Most girls, when we start, we do not want to do anal scenes until they are ready, but there are directors who try to convince you, without having previously agreed. When you are in that situation, naked, with all the equipment recording and stopped waiting for you to decide if you do or not the scene, you block. Also they start to pressure you that they will not hire you more directors and with the money that it will cost to stop filming without finishing the scene. You ended up accessing it, quite unsure whether it was what you wanted to do or not. Everyone has their limits and can do everything as long as you do not feel forced, but on that occasion, they took advantage of me because in the script did not appear at any time that scene.

“I remember one day I was called to record an anal scene with another girl. I was told they would be erotic toys. When I arrived at the set it turns out that the “toys” were a speculum … Yes, the metallic medical instrument they use to make us a cytology. I could’nt believe it. I refused to shoot the scene “, says actress Paige Jennings in her video. Why did I leave the porn?

“I heard that the actor had syphilis, so I asked for a condom. They laughed at me and forced me to pay 500 euros for losing one day of recording”

“The only people I’ve ever met who use condoms are the French,” says Gala. “If you ask to use a condom they laugh at you. Here it seems that once we do the tests once a month, nothing more is needed. I imagine there will be directors who have protection methods, but I have not worked with any of them yet. “

Gala has recorded in several countries of Europe and ensures that there are quite a few differences. “I remember a recording in Brussels where the producer gave us blood tests the night before filming to find out if we had any type of STD. It seemed to me a completely revolutionary and much needed system in this industry.”

Actress Paige Jennings claims that was one of the reasons that pushed her to quit porn. “I’m quite hypochondriac and I always asked my classmates to teach me the results of their medical tests. One day, one of them made a bad face, but finally he agreed to show it to me. I tested positive for syphilis and asked that they brought another actor. They said no, so I asked them to use a condom. They laughed at me. I did not do the scene and they made me pay 500 euros for having lost a day of recording”,says Jennings.

There is also no trade union protection nor a figure to which the actors can go in case of deception or abuse. “It’s true that when you engage in sex work you have more paperwork to get you bad experiences that have to do with the borders of consent and the management of your sexuality”, explains actress Amarna Miller.

“As an actress you are exposed to a work environment mostly directed by men and if you add to this the fact of being naked or preacting sex in front of the cameras with very few legal protections, porn becomes a breeding ground. Not the porn industry, but the people who manage it. We need protection and more resources to avoid abuses”, Miller concludes.

“There are lads that are pricked in the penis drugs that are normally administered to octogenarians”

Years ago, the use of viagra among the actors was taboo, now many young people are making an inappropriate use of this drug without taking into account the repercussions that may have in the long term.

“The vast majority of the actors use viagra or similar, not because they need it, but because when they are many hours of filming, you need to be spliced ​​for a long time and these drugs help”, one interviewee explains.

The problem arises when overuse of these drugs and without medical supervision. In the long run, it ends up taking its toll.

“There are kids who even prick the penis a medicine that is given to people with disabilities or people over 80. When they reach 35 they will not be able to have an erection naturally.”

“We all charge in black.What I do not understand is how the Hacienda does not get them”

In all industries there are gray areas and abuses: overtime that is not paid, charges in black, little professional ethics … But when you work with your sexuality and you do not have a union figure to go to, those gray areas can become darker . That is why actresses and actors agree on the need to improve their working conditions and to regulate and protect their rights in an industry that generates millions of dollars.

“Porn is not the source of all evil, nor does it have to disappear. But it is necessary for actresses and actors to be more protected in the workplace”, says actress Amarna Miller. “No one has forced me to do something that I did not want to do on screen and I certainly did not get raped during a shoot, but it is true that there are times when I have seen myself in uncomfortable positions in which I myself was not clear which When you work with your sexuality, if you are not with a professional team that does things right, there are times that you can block yourself and the line that you want to stop. Separates your limits from managing your sexuality can become very blurred.That’s why you need to be well protected. “